Friday, June 9, 2017

Warm Golden Bronze Smokey Eyes with Spicy Terracotta Lipstick

                        Good afternoon, love bunnies! We're going to begin today with STORY TIME. As many of you are aware of, I am highly influenced by the weather, and what I wear when it comes to makeup inspiration. Basically, for over a month, a beautiful silk olive tank-top has been hanging in my closet! Never worn, nor touched. After messing around with today's complimentary warm toned makeup look, I am in AWE on why I never wore this color before. Olive has always been a color I thought was gorgeous against my yellowish cream skin, but, never a color I went out to wear simply because a year and a half ago I was platinum blonde...and I was wearing colors that were NOT in my toned autumn color palette. That said, this warm golden delight of a makeup look will flatter many women in the neutral to warm skinned category, and will flatter a bunch of different clothing colors, too! I hope you loves enjoy, and please DO check out my next singing video for the Little Mermaid's Part of Your World song.  The fourth park is linked in below :)! 

Foundation is a custom blend, I produced 
(used to spot conceal, not as an all over base)
Beauty Bakerie - Lip Whip, Gingersnap
            Any WARM nude will work, even peachy nudes! Test out what looks best on you, and remember to coordinate the lipstick against your clothing color. For example, I chose a terracotta nude brown, to compliment my skin, hair, eyes, and SHIRT. You can also choose a warm nude such as Shy Girl by Mac to complement your skin and eye makeup, or a peachy nude to accent the shirt color of your choice! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dipbrow Pomade, Auburn
Too Faced - Cat Eyes Palette: Tiger's Eye (all over lids, and in the crease; applied DAMP once everything was blended), Leopard (smudged from the upper lash lines towards the lower lash lines), Purr (brow bones, inner corners)
Laura Mercier - Caviar Stick Eye Color, Cocoa (waterlines, and on the upper lash lines smudged)
L'Oreal Makeup - Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara 
Ciate London - Wonderwand Mascara
(L'oreal builds length, Ciate builds extreme volume)

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