Saturday, May 27, 2017

Neutral Mauve Spring Makeup Look

                   I for one LOVE to wear color. Whether it be a warm magenta, or a sizziling maze, living in color is the way to be, cuties! Though that might be true, sometimes it's best to rock a neutral face, paired with a complimentary, and dashing clothing color to prevent a clashing of hues. Clothing should speak for itself, but it shouldn't upstand one's facial featues in ANY way. I always believe attention should remain on the face, but should return to your seasonal color palette shades (what you're wearing)! With that all being said, today, rocking a lilac/mauve dress, I kept my lips Spring ready, yet demure, and my shadow shimmery, yet muted. This neutral, and easily done look is PURRFECT for any clothing color combination that leans warm/clear/ or fresh, and easily works for the warmer months since each product used is long wearing, and smudge proof! I hope you love bunnies enjoy, and I hope especially all of you are having an AMAZING Memorial Day Weekend XOXO.

No foundation, nor primer was used!
(you can add whatever you like here)
Turns out all my "hormonal" breakouts from last year
were due to the foundations/methods I was using on my face.
Seems ALL manufactured products caused severe breakouts for me...
hence why I make my own foundation nowadays, if it's needed!
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Liquid LipstickPure Hollywood
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dipbrow Pomade, Auburn              
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette: Primavera + Vermeer (highlight shade - side of nose, brow bones, inner corners)
Too Faced Cosmetics - Chocolate Bon Bons Palette: Almond Truffle (all over color, kept in the crease), Satin Sheets (applied damp on the lids), 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette: Androgyny (crease), Safe World (soften up any harsh lines)
Laura Mercier - Caviar Stick Eye Color, Cocoa 
Applied on the waterlines, and smudged slightly onto the upper lash lines
L'Oreal Makeup - Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara 
       Ciate London - Wonderwand Mascara
(Loreal builds length, Ciate builds extreme volume)

See part two of my the Little Mermaid "Part of Your World" song above! Enjoy!