Saturday, March 25, 2017

Marvel's Power Infinity Stone #5 Inspired Makeup Look

           While the 'Power' Infinity Stone encompasses vivid shades of light magenta, to deep eggplant purple, I wanted to keep this makeup look minimalistic to showcase the aspects of a "powerful" woman. This means, embracing my natural bone structure, having dark lippies to emphasize the stone's color, and having a slight adjustment of mascara to add a feminine touch to the entire shebang! I hope you love bunnies enjoy, and remember, tomorrow is the LAST stone to be added to my "Infinity Stone Series". Stay tuned, XOXO. 

*Gives the owner access, and power to all energy that will, or has existed. 
*'Power' grant's its owner unlimited stamina and can increase the owner's strength. 
*There are 6 Infinity Stones: Space, Soul, Reality, Time, Power, Mind. 
*'Power' is found in an orb, and is kept by the Nova Corps (intergalactic police), but it was held
in Guardians of the Galaxy at the Collectors base.

Foundation is a custom blend, I produced 
2 parts of coconut oil, and foundation pigment.
Too Faced Cosmetics - Melted Liquid Lipstick, Melted Villain 
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Lip Gloss, Venom
I added the variation of deep venomous magenta purple to spice up a
 plain ol' eggplant lippie! Plus the fact, against my vintage
snake necklace, the contrast is beautiful. 

Mac Cosmetics - Eye Shadow Pro Pallet Refill Pan, Brun (brows)
Laura Mercier - Caviar Stick Eye Color, Cocoa 
 Used on my waterlines, then was smudged across my upper lash lines 
Hourglass Cosmetics - Ambient Lighting Strobe PowderIncandescent Light
Softly blended across my brow bones, and on the inner corners of my eyes.
L'Oreal Makeup - Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara 

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