Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Weighing In On President Trump

                      Let it be said that I am neither for Trump, or against Trump, I am merely for the people, and the people who support the equality of all in the United Stated of America. I prefer positive vibes, and things that move forward in positive fashions, this includes, but does not hold accountable to everyday endeavors, and political differences.  Seeing as though President Donald J. Trump, and his most recent appearances, as well as quoted vocal lines have been quite the controversy, for not only the American people, but for the world, I felt compelled to do a blog post, a bit "left wing" as per usual! There are three things I want to make CLEAR to you love bunnies, as being my fans, and my supporters. Listing them out clearly, then going into detail is how I'd fancy organizing this post, simply because nowadays people embellish the truth, a little more than they should! 

              First off, I want to make it clear I am FOR the people. Neither a Democrat, nor a Republican...liberal, and all the other categories humans like to segregate themselves into. Why is this so significant, you might ask? Being as though this election has divided America severely, and even spitting out the words "I'm a Democrat", or "I'm a Republican" can spark a HUGE fight, I want to make it crystal, that I, Lillee Jean, am neither. I support loving all people sans their color, sans their race, sans their personal beliefs, and sans their cultures. I do NOT support picking on someone based on their looks just because they're not within your party. It always stymied me how if one cannot intellectually have a civilized argument, they start tearing people's ego's apart, which is pitiful in itself.  I want to say, I DO NOT support handpicking people out, and banning them from coming into America, since America, homeland of the free, was BUILT on Immigrants! My great grand mother, Deborah, ran from persecution in the Ukraine from the Tzar's men. Immigrants, founded America, and Immigrants FUEL America. 

                    Secondly, I want to make it clear I support being true to yourself, and loving who you are, even through the most avant guard of expressions. This ties closely into Mr. Trump, since he fancies picking on women and demeaning them, then believes creating an alternative reality of #fakefacts will wash away everything, caught on video that he's said. Listen, if you believe ONE straight source, in which doesn't even listen to central intelligence, and get's his briefings from Fox News, you need a head check. One source, which is a lot like a dictatorship, often is corrupt, and not accurate. What's next, the media warped his voice during recordings? I think not. Face REALITY. That said, LOVE YOURSELF to the bare bone. Without makeup, without squeezing into a size smaller, just be enamored with who you are! If you're a transgender person, if you're gay, if you're lesbian, LOVE YOURSELF. Don't let some man who thinks becoming President makes him a God tell you how to think, or how to act. God will love you, for being you. It sickens me to watch the #POTUS rant on about golfing, when time could be better spent dealing with the uproar in America. At least soothe the people, eh!

                Lastly, I want to make it clear that while I do support these people whom participate in marches, and what not, I don't support equally picking on someone. There are ways to get your point across, effectively, without acting just as terrible! Ugly is, as ugly does. Be kind, gentle, and STRONG. Rather saying he has a vagina on his head, more effectively target how mentally unstable the man is. Understand? I'm not one to fight based on physical appearance, what's on the inside REALLY is what matters, since he speaks a mile a minute. 

                 Summing this up, I am pro the people of the United States of America. I am also Pro safety for children, women, and men in the direct line of fire around the world. In Libya, LITTLE children instead of being in refugee camps, were put into prison like situations which caused rapes, famish, and other terrible instances to occur. Let's all come together as one America, and FIGHT evil. Evil does not have a color, nor a soul. Evil feeds off of uncertainty, and desires chaos.  

On topic ideas, not mentioned:
*Always be open to hearing other peoples perspectives, from a political stand point.
*Know that EVERYONE should be accepted, even you for your opinions. 
*Know the scales are to be made EVEN. You cannot create equality with one
race loved more than another. Black lives matter IS important, but ALL lives matter.
ALL people are to be treated as equals. EVERYONE is to be made to feel like they belong. 
*Casting spells, to provoke what you're not aware of WILL NOT create harmony. 
Don't play with fire.
*I don't care if you're a Republican, or Democrat. I care about WHO you are, and HOW
you act towards me, and others.