Sunday, February 19, 2017

Two BRANDS I Don't Support Anymore

                   You loves know I am ALL about love, and unity. That includes being kind to everyone despite their appearances, and that also includes having empathy for all. After what has occurred these past few days, there are two brands I just CANNOT support anymore, those being Zpallet, and Covergirl. Shocking as it might seem, both have endorsed despicable behavior, and prove they don't care about their customers. Starting from the top...literally with my verbal Instagram video above, Zpallet in my opinion has really let their customers down. From telling people they're TOO POOR to even purchase a Zpallet, to picking on their customers appearances (see screenshots below)...what type of company is this? How can I, someone who stands for being kind to all, support a company who did the very opposite? I UNDERSTAND having extreme passion for your products, but to be arrogant, and not willing to know what can be fixed such a prices is simply absurd, and not smart PR if you think about it. Zpallet is a small company, that has gradually outsourced to Makeup Geek, as well as Sephora stores. Started as a way to save space, and to be convenient...and now turned into a disastrous yelling match. If you read the companies apology, which is readily available on their Twitter, and Instagram you'll understand where I am coming from. The owner, states she has been working on their new product for years, and finally has perfected it. Clearly, the consumers are not phased. I GET how heartbreaking this can be, but as a business woman, you just have to start back to the drawing board. Telling people they're a hot mess...WHAT A COMPANY! One I SIMPLY cannot support. All of my eyeshadows will be moved to Make Up For Ever supreme pallets, of superior quality. Sorry Zpallet-- I don't have to call someone a cheap date to get my point across. I see proficiency is NOT the ZPallet way, but that's okay. It is my way-- they could of at least told people to DM them, or reassured them of WHY they need their product. That's what you call being SMART, and a business woman. Not shaming people into purchasing something, or making them feel less than themselves.

                    Bringing things to another level, the new Covergirl spokes boy, James Charles has REALLY let his fans down, and honestly me too! WE all were rooting for him, as it's an amazing opportunity to be in that position. The rooting ended as soon as his racist comments began circulating around. Let's make this clear. EVERY influencer out there, in my opinion, has said something of a disgusting, and degrading quality. No doubt about it. Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, you get my drift. However, what makes this unique is he physically touched a drugstore brand, and became their new face, unlike collaborating from time to time. See below these two tweets I managed to screenshot before the INSTAGRAMER decided to delete em'.

                       He wishes he was a CHUBBY black woman who sings in an acapella group. He also thinks Indian production companies are stupid because they don't have his size. Both targeted at specific and oppressed races. This week, he made a comment about EBOLA and AFRICA. To make things clear, just because one is African, doesn't mean they have Ebola! Ebola is not inherited by birth, unless of course you're in the realms of one who does have the epidemic. Not only has James let his fans down, he has made a FOOL of Covergirl. The company has kept their responses concise and short saying they don't condone his behavior. I have yet to see any action being done towards this, and I will NOT accept his written apology as we ALL have seen the real James. This stuff goes back years. This is not a ONE TIME slip up. EVERYONE, no matter their color deserves a place in this world, and deserves to be FREE of stereotypes. This type of chatter is childish, and distasteful. Not funny by the slightest bit. What's next-- the Jewish person next to you looks like they're going to a funeral? As you can see, this is NOT Covergirl behavior. I won't be spending another cent on the company until they fix their dilemmas. Not to mention the fact, their campaign is far from diverse. You have a bunch of skinny women of lighter skin tones who "coat" the different races. I'd like to see tall, skinny, plus sized, DARK skinned, LIGHT skinned, and everything else. Wouldn't you like something you could relate to, also? 

            Perhaps everything said here was a bit insensitive, but I must be me, and ME says everything that's occurred is just all wrong. The world is not one shade, it's a rainbow of diversity. Zpallet, and Covergirl FAIL to support this thought process. Don't tell me he's young and everyone messes up-- THIS is James Charles. We have seen him as far as 2013 back saying the same disgusting statements. Don't tell me you have to fight back to your clients when they're rude. This is not how you run something successful, and make women/men feel beautiful inside and out. Will you be spending on another product despite all this? Let me know in the comments below love bunnies.