Friday, February 17, 2017

MIX A New Lipstick, Foundation, and Highlighter...You'll THANK Me

                         Ahh, happy Friday everyone! Instead of another makeup tutorial, in which I will explain some details tomorrow about my shift in style, hence why I haven't posted anything dramatic, I decided to do a blog post on mixing your own makeup products. With such a boom of cosmetics being made these past few years, it's getting quite annoying to continuously spend $20 bucks flat every other day. Right? I don't know about you loves, but besides greedy companies craving more and more cash flow, the colors they're producing just aren't phasing me. A true red...non-stop? A matte vanilla in every pallet with a token mauve? I think not. These colors are repetitive, and to be frank DO NOT flatter everyone. Look at me! I've been on the hunt for my perfect brown, and orange for MONTHS! With countless purchases, I finally came to realize last week it's never gonna' happen, for unless I PERSONALLY mix my perfect hue. A little brown there, a little red, a pinch of tangerine, and BOOM, I finally had my perfect color, with my perfect and desirable sheer texture. Point is, mixing your own products is actually the new thing...according to mwah. You not only save money in the long run, but you'll be happier.

                    Brands produce what will sell. What sells is either the extremely daring, or the demure. If you've noticed, the trends are just figments of one's imagination. How? They've turned shimmer eyeshadows, into metallic wonders by adding ONE active ingredient to mush the pigments together. At home, you could literally mix in coconut oil with any loose shadow, and get the same creamy, or metallic effect. They've also now "created" GLITTER LIPS! Ooooo, ahhh. Girl, if you don't know how to put on liquid lipstick, a sheer coat of glitter glue, and raw cosmetic glitter, rethink beauty. Beauty doesn't have a price tag, it's more of a creative way to enhance and express yourself! This all being said, let's STOP spending tons of money on products with each launch-- the only reason we buy, is because we're NOT satisfied. Sure, a name brand like Tom Ford is fun to delve into here, and there, but do you REALLY need 40 highlighters? Chances are you use 3 out of those 40, and the rest just don't meet your expectations. If you're mixing highlighters for a poppin' glow, rethink your products. I know I had to create my very own custom highlighter due to nothing striking me as glowing, or dewy. 

                          Now onto the mixing portion of things! When you hand mix products, this can even be just mixing in old foundations, and lip products you've had for a while, you're guaranteed a PERFECT match since the products you produce will be live tested on your complexion for adjustments. Also, you will be able to create the colors of your dreams! Above are some swatches of colors I've YET to see on the market that I've been on the hunt for. I'm no angel-- I've purchased about 2 shades of each custom color you see above, hoping to hit that "ideal" hue! For example, on the same lines as mixing my perfect orange, I had to mix my perfect bright pink. As being someone with a warmer complexion, I tried purchasing a mid-toned vibrant rose, and even just for the heck of it an electric hot pink. BOTH were completely wrong for my skin tone, and clashed terribly with my undertones. The fix? Mix a bit of berry, with a coral pink, and blush pink, and BOOM I had my perfect "vibrant" pink. It's really as simple as mixing what you think will collide best together, and will accent your undertones best. 

                   Here is a close up of the textures I mixed together. Some are whipped, others more of a cream! REMEMBER, USE what you have. I literally used about 12 different lipsticks ranging from mattes, to sheers-- if you desire spending money, invest in mica pigments that are USDA Organic certified on Etsy. Anyways, aside from color, think texture, too! As you mix, you'll have to add moisturizing bases such as coconut oil, and enriched primers to save product, and of course to form that ideal texture. If I wanted a pigmented color, I added LESS of a mixing base, and more pigment, and if I wanted less of a pigmented color, more of a sheer coating, I added MORE of a mixing base. Don't make this project a costly one. USE what you have! I had my Bobbi Brown Enriched Face Base handy, so for the thicker lipsticks, I added equal parts of the Face Base, with a teaspoon of solidified coconut oil. In my findings, the more enriched primer, the less coconut oil, the more liquid the formula! I also noticed, once the lipsticks are added, the coconut oil remains temperate and DOESN'T solidify, nor liquify...I suppose this is due to the condensed molecules and thicker pigments. 

More pigment - LESS of a mixing base
Less pigment - MORE of a mixing base
Creamy formula - more primer, less coconut oil
Liquid formula - more coconut oil, less primer
MATTE formula - add corn starch, or flower

                             To sum things up, here are a few other shades I mixed, that happen to be my faves! To the far right is that orange I mentioned before, and to the far left, second one in is that vibrant pink I was describing. Each color varies in texture, as well as undertone. Although I showed you love bunnies swatches prior to these, I wanted to show how far they streak, and how well they maintain their pigment! The first swatch is an initial pat, with an inch smudge, and the second swatch underneath is a well blended back and forth tug. I personally LOVE sheer coatings that are easy to build up, so these were PERFECT for me! Do take note at my findings above if you desire to create your own lipsticks. 

                        Now that you get the concept of mixing, I want to touch on mixing your own foundation, and highlighters! These two are trickier than you think, but easier then you might expect. For example, I noticed my original Cover Fx G20 product was WAY too golden, and dark for me! The fix? Mix it with N0 by Cover Fx, with G20...and a bit of liquid highlighter by Nars for a glowing finish. Of course, my mixing base was coconut oil, and I've found the foundation to not only work better than ANY other product I've tried before, it actually matches my skin tone, and adheres to my dry skin needs. Highlighter wise, I ground up some of my favorite shimmery glows, added a bit of liquid highlighter as a base with a Vitamin Enriched Face Primer, and voila, got my ideal DEWY glow! I used to use the RMS Living Luminizer, but I much prefer my custom blend as it's a finely milled shimmer, with just enough dew to give me a youthful glow. It also fits my undertone perfectly, and doesn't hinder my beauty. Keep in mind I have sensitive skin! This means I really can't pick and choose what products I want to use anyways. If you're in the same boat, mix a few of your foundations together, and see where it takes ya'. Do try to save money by emptying out old containers! I personally NEVER used my E.L.F. Cream shadows, so I sanitized the jars, and filled them up with pigment. I hope this was helpful, and could enlighten some of you out there. Will you be mixing your products any time soon? Let me known in the comments below loves! Kisses XOXO.