Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hair Evolution + WHY I Embraced My NATURAL Coloring

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                Hair is a major thing. It can make one look older, younger, and the right color can even make those tiny blemishes you might have fade from the beauty of its shade! Now, for while you cuties know I wanted to be a platinum blonde. God knows why, because honestly now being back to a more natural spectrum, it makes me cringe. My stylist did an AMAZING job, regardless, but from this point of view, the color really washed my neutral to warm skin tone out! That being said, over the Summer, I made the big change to get reddish strawberry highlights, that in turn coated over the platinum dye from before. IT IS a huge and stark difference, however my hair is naturally a warm gold with copper highlights, so really going back to my roots was the best thing for me possible. Red does fade quickly, and I still had that blondish residue, so today I went back for my LAST treatment, although I might want a spruce up the ends here and there! LOVE BUNNIES, I have never been happier. My stylist, who styles me during shoots and what not, Sam, executed my wishes so perfectly, I feel as though I'm flying. I asked him to cover up the excess blonde with a darker copper, that had a slighter red tinge compared to my natural color, since my natural hue is so unique-- that said, this shade of red intertwined with my golden hair locks, LOOKS AMAZING against my skin tone, and really makes all my features POP! The blonde, just sorta' faded in, and made my features look not as unique as they are.

             Above is a collage starting from my FIRST ever color dye job, to today's beautiful masterpiece! Mind you again, this is my natural color with a bit of flare to remove that blonde.

                  I suppose for the longest time I wanted to be blonde just because it actually looks amazing on many women out there, and it's sorta a "go to" for many. Overtime, with finding myself, and really understanding who I am, I grew out of that ideology, and began embracing ME! ME, myself, and I, might be a golden beauty, but I'm not a platinum sunrise-- I'm warm, not cool. Point is, I changed myself SO MUCH into someone I wasn't, I guess even I got bored of it-- HEY, 4 hours for highlights is not fun. Always embrace who you are, and know change is good! For me, getting a new hairstyle, or even color done can lift even the sourest of moods. Do know also, trying to fit in because everyone is blonde isn't smart either, mentally, and physically. For example, I love Kim Kardashian since she is business savvy, though I might not agree with other things she does, however the light blonde shade she had against her warmer Armenian coloring's a few months back just didn't fit-- the caramel blonde looked beautiful, however that she was rocking in the early 2010's! Point being, if you wanna do something, base it off of YOU! If you're cool toned, a cool toned blonde (platinum, ash), or cool toned red (more of a blue base), brown, you name it will work. A warm tone will wash you out. If you're warm toned, like me, a warm toned blonde (caramel, honey, gold), a warm red (copper, auburn), or textured brown hair color (chocolate) will work best. Try to play up on your natural coloring! Personally, I'm not a fan of that out of the bottle one shade hair color-- be dimensional, and be you, unless there is gray coming out and you feel not as confident that way! ALSO do know treating yourself from time to time is a good thing, just like change :).

                As a little "additive" of information, the blonde hair actually made my hair much coarser, and much more frizzy than usual. Once I went red, my hair became soft, and much healthier! Bleach, darn you!! I would also like to say, without makeup, the blonde washed my skin out so much, you couldn't see ME, all you saw was a poor blending of blonde to fair-netural-warm skin. Once I went to a red, which faded to a caramel, which now will fade to my natural golden blonde w/ copper highlights, it brought out a beautiful contrast between my skin tone, and the warmth the hair gives off. Don't be afraid of color, it can be changed within a months time :)! BE DARING. From me being daring, I feel more like myself. Fiery, with a classy edge. The blonde, just so not me personality wise, to boot!