Saturday, February 18, 2017

A NEW Lillee, and Eyeball Queen

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                   Hey, hey, hey my cuties! Just like I mentioned, and promised over live video a few days back, and on blog post yesterday, here is a post explaining my evolution, and my new goals for the future. Really this is to prevent any confusion, and too guide you loves towards ways to remain updated on yours truly! For example, with the new introduction of my website, you'll be able to see where I am (events), and what is coming up (movies, etc). The last thing I want is for my fan base (you guys/love bunnies) to be confused, and not sure what to follow, and or too share out! From the start, to make things clear, LILLEEJEAN is my media page which encompasses personal endeavors, and perhaps any movies, or radio shows I'd be in. THAEYEBALLQUEEN, this blog, is for cosmetics, and all things positive! While Thaeyeballqueen used to be just a place for makeup, I have branched out into another woman, one who respects the art of makeup, rather one who uses use it. Here we can chat about anything you want! That includes do it yourself projects, political issues, body positivity, and stuff of that nature. Loving yourself is key, and something I fondly believe in. 

                 As you loves might of noticed I don't do YouTube anymore, nor fully written out blog posts on makeup looks. Why? Between you, me, and the four walls, it's not my thing. I'm more of a spontaneous on the fly chick-- editing, and all that stuff? Not really what I'm about. Life is not perfect. The difference between here, and being an actor is I actually have fun on set, while YouTube, though I did it stag was too blank of a canvas for me. Another thing is I have pulled back on applying heavy makeup on the daily. Here is where Alicia Keys is truly an inspiration! GUYS! You can LOVE makeup, I know I do, but you don't have to cake it on everyday. Love yourself, to the bare bone. You'll feel better, look better, and gain more confidence as people will notice your unique attitude, and unique appearance. Makeup shouldn't hinder your beauty, it should embrace it! Sure, I like to wear glam looks when photoshoots are done, but realize I also don't contour, highlight, or apply 6 pumps of foundation-- point being, again, you can love makeup and color, just don't be reliant on it. Let yourself breathe a bit. Have freckles? Let em' show. Have a little pimple? You don't need a full base of foundation, use a spot corrector. Desire a glow? You don't need 10 highlighters, be natural and try coconut oil, or perhaps an oil of your choice. Glam, doesn't have to mean a new face. Understand the new Lillee here? Of course you can expect makeup looks that are out of this world here, and there, but that's permittable for when I do photoshoots, carpet events, OR just when I wanna' have fun. Remember, you can still wear makeup, just always known embracing your natural skin textures and what not is KEY! Even when I wear dark smokey eyes, with false lashes I let my freckles show. Why? THAT'S WHAT MAKES ME, me. 
              On another note, I do have a few events coming up! With that being said, check into "" when we go live, for those locations, and perhaps events where you can see photos on Instagram, and the web. As a little throw back, above is a video I did with makeup removal 50 weeks back from today. You can see how how coated my skin is with cosmetics-- being one with sensitive skin, and dry skin this never worked. I was trying to fit into a community I just didn't really belong to. Now, I am happier. Being able to speak out about my feelings, and being able to express natural beauty to all with a bit of spice (glam makeup). Hope this update was helpful to you all...and do stay tuned around the 24th-28th for my radio shows...and early April for a photoshoot. KISSES XOXO!