Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Weighing In On President Trump

                      Let it be said that I am neither for Trump, or against Trump, I am merely for the people, and the people who support the equality of all in the United Stated of America. I prefer positive vibes, and things that move forward in positive fashions, this includes, but does not hold accountable to everyday endeavors, and political differences.  Seeing as though President Donald J. Trump, and his most recent appearances, as well as quoted vocal lines have been quite the controversy, for not only the American people, but for the world, I felt compelled to do a blog post, a bit "left wing" as per usual! There are three things I want to make CLEAR to you love bunnies, as being my fans, and my supporters. Listing them out clearly, then going into detail is how I'd fancy organizing this post, simply because nowadays people embellish the truth, a little more than they should! 

              First off, I want to make it clear I am FOR the people. Neither a Democrat, nor a Republican...liberal, and all the other categories humans like to segregate themselves into. Why is this so significant, you might ask? Being as though this election has divided America severely, and even spitting out the words "I'm a Democrat", or "I'm a Republican" can spark a HUGE fight, I want to make it crystal, that I, Lillee Jean, am neither. I support loving all people sans their color, sans their race, sans their personal beliefs, and sans their cultures. I do NOT support picking on someone based on their looks just because they're not within your party. It always stymied me how if one cannot intellectually have a civilized argument, they start tearing people's ego's apart, which is pitiful in itself.  I want to say, I DO NOT support handpicking people out, and banning them from coming into America, since America, homeland of the free, was BUILT on Immigrants! My great grand mother, Deborah, ran from persecution in the Ukraine from the Tzar's men. Immigrants, founded America, and Immigrants FUEL America. 

                    Secondly, I want to make it clear I support being true to yourself, and loving who you are, even through the most avant guard of expressions. This ties closely into Mr. Trump, since he fancies picking on women and demeaning them, then believes creating an alternative reality of #fakefacts will wash away everything, caught on video that he's said. Listen, if you believe ONE straight source, in which doesn't even listen to central intelligence, and get's his briefings from Fox News, you need a head check. One source, which is a lot like a dictatorship, often is corrupt, and not accurate. What's next, the media warped his voice during recordings? I think not. Face REALITY. That said, LOVE YOURSELF to the bare bone. Without makeup, without squeezing into a size smaller, just be enamored with who you are! If you're a transgender person, if you're gay, if you're lesbian, LOVE YOURSELF. Don't let some man who thinks becoming President makes him a God tell you how to think, or how to act. God will love you, for being you. It sickens me to watch the #POTUS rant on about golfing, when time could be better spent dealing with the uproar in America. At least soothe the people, eh!

                Lastly, I want to make it clear that while I do support these people whom participate in marches, and what not, I don't support equally picking on someone. There are ways to get your point across, effectively, without acting just as terrible! Ugly is, as ugly does. Be kind, gentle, and STRONG. Rather saying he has a vagina on his head, more effectively target how mentally unstable the man is. Understand? I'm not one to fight based on physical appearance, what's on the inside REALLY is what matters, since he speaks a mile a minute. 

                 Summing this up, I am pro the people of the United States of America. I am also Pro safety for children, women, and men in the direct line of fire around the world. In Libya, LITTLE children instead of being in refugee camps, were put into prison like situations which caused rapes, famish, and other terrible instances to occur. Let's all come together as one America, and FIGHT evil. Evil does not have a color, nor a soul. Evil feeds off of uncertainty, and desires chaos.  

On topic ideas, not mentioned:
*Always be open to hearing other peoples perspectives, from a political stand point.
*Know that EVERYONE should be accepted, even you for your opinions. 
*Know the scales are to be made EVEN. You cannot create equality with one
race loved more than another. Black lives matter IS important, but ALL lives matter.
ALL people are to be treated as equals. EVERYONE is to be made to feel like they belong. 
*Casting spells, to provoke what you're not aware of WILL NOT create harmony. 
Don't play with fire.
*I don't care if you're a Republican, or Democrat. I care about WHO you are, and HOW
you act towards me, and others. 

Disney's Princess Ariel Inspired Everyday Glam Makeup Look

               As many of you love bunnies know, I am a HUGE Disney fan! Being a fond lover of the character Ariel, with Pocahontas, and Aurora trailing second, and third, I decided to do a rumination of her makeup style with a Lillee twist, which you all know means I took creative commons on this bad boy. This isn't necessarily cosplay, it's more of a direct take on Ariel's coral like pink lips, and naturally flushed complexion! If you think about it, her style, like many of the other princesses is very simple, and embraces her natural beauty. Remember what I said on my last blog post-- it's OKAY to love, an wear makeup, just don't use it to cover, use it to express, and embrace! Be sure to check out my official Ariel blog post makeup tutorial I did over the Summer, it has more of a artistic touch to it, with inspiration from the Little Mermaid's body wear, and fun personality.

              The makeup presented here, easily can be your new everyday "GLAM" look, and without the falsies, although the ones I chose are not dramatic, can be a simple everyday pop of color sorta' look! I hope you loves enjoy, and do let me know in the comments below if you'll be doing an Ariel inspired look anytime soon :)!!  

Cosplay + Regular Interpretation ➪ Disney's Princess Ariel Halloween Tutorial 

Foundation is a custom blend, I produced 
Equal parts of coconut oil, highlighter, and foundation pigment 
(it's VERY dewy, so it doubles as a glow)
NYX Cosmetics - Soft Matte Lip Cream, Buenos Aries
NYX Cosmetics - Butter Lipstick, Sweet Tart
Be sure to apply Sweet Tart FIRST, then carefully build up Buenos Aries.
Continue this until you achieve a coral pink lip!

Mac Cosmetics - Eye Shadow Pro Pallet Refill PanBrun (brows)
I like to do a fair dusting to keep my natural brow texture.
Ariel has auburn brows, in most designs, but what looks best on me is Brun by Mac!
This isn't a cosplay, remember!
Mac Cosmetics - Eye Kohl, Teddy 
L'Oreal Makeup - Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara 
Kiss Products - Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection, Boudoir
Keep the eye makeup simple, and defining. Fluffy lashes, with a bit of bronze liner should do it!

Here is a look at my dress! I've had this forever, and thought it looked perfect in leu of Ariel's pink ball gown.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

How To Create YOUR OWN Metallic Lipstick

               I can't believe it's Sunday already, last week was definitely a BLAST! Over the course of Monday to Friday, I happened to of obtained Milani Cosmetic's Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme in the shade 'Mattely In Love', which I'd describe as a garnet red, with a pink frost to it. This product had me swooning from day one, but also had me thinking about the trends! Metallic lips, and liquid lipstick STILL happen to be the "thing", two years later. What makes this obsession so amazing, and is it really worth it? Find out below my thoughts, along with inexpensive ways to improvise if you're just not convinced on needing a metallic lippie!

            First things first, what does "metallic" REALLY mean? In the most concise way of mannerisms, metallic is a cross between two shades-- not quite duo-chrome, but a frost with a sheen that resembles the appearance of metal. In example, a penny, which is made of copper, has a low shift of a dark bronze when picked up! This doesn't translate to duo-chrome, because duo-chrome is specifically a cross between two shades such as white, and blue. Silver, and copper are the two best known examples of metallics! These highly reflective colors can double as eye shadows, for a slight pop of color, and highlighters to be blinding. 

              Metallic, is within the same family, and has a slight sheen! Understand? Putting this together with lipstick, you get a beautiful range of molten colors that can assort from purple, to even the darkest of browns. Our DIY here is that ANY liquid lipstick, with a coating of pigment on top can become a metallic lipstick-- it's like saying contouring heavily isn't derived from drag makeup. Metallic lips, derived just from a sheen of pigment, that's a frost, are easy, and just require a bit of effort, if you don't fancy spending money! Above is an example with a matte liquid lipstick on top, Dose Of Colors Truffle, with the same liquid lipstick swiped on the bottom for comparison purposes. The second swatch is to show what METALLIC means, and can look like with just a pigment swiping! I smudged Asylum, by Sugarpill Cosmetics across, which is a deep rustic red. Scroll through the Instagram slideshow to see RAW, unedited photos of a quickly done metallic lip, to prove it's truly as simple as that!

            Getting into texture, if you're more into spending the cash, it seems the liquid lipstick trend has stayed, understandably so. The lipstick will remain put, won't fade, and is sure to be vibrant as can be! With this all being said, your chances of purchasing a liquid METALLIC lipstick are higher than an actual molded lipstick product in a bullet tube, this however isn't too much of a problem, because standard lipsticks tend to have transferring, as well as smudging issues, and boy o' boy, you do not want your metallic lip to transfer, it's extremely messy. Even in the video, there was some smudging, although I don't mind! Two brands I recommend off the bat, is of course Milani Cosmetics, see the photo above of "Mattely In Love", and Sephora Collection with their metallic bronze shade in Magnetism! Both have been spectacular, and receive an A++ from me. Both formula's, though different are superb in their own ways and glide on just like silk! You won't be disappointed. Hope this little "do it yourself" could be of some help to you cuties, as not all of us want to spend $30.00 flat on a product we aren't even sure we'll like!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Soft & Peachy Glamorous Makeup Look

                 Boy, has it been some time since I've done a relatively dramatic makeup look! Since my man and I planned on a fun night out yesterday, I decided to recreate one of my FAVORITE looks I've ever done, with a peachier, more tonal chestnut twist.  Click HERE for a direct link to the blog post! This is definitely perfect for those who love makeup, but still want themselves to shine through (only foundation was used, in example, and the bare minimal shadows). Feel free the interchange the lip color in with a darker rosewood hue, or perhaps even a red! Peachy reds are difficult to pull off across all skin tones, moreso for fairer women with cool undertones-- thus be smart, and plan ahead. Hope you cuties enjoy :)! OOH, almost forgot-- do follow my media page, @lilleejean on Instagram, since I update it almost every other day. If you have been unsure on why I've been M.I.A. on @thaeyeballqueen, that's why! It's my blog Instagram. Kisses, XOXO! 

Foundation is a custom blend, I produced 
Equal parts of coconut oil, highlighter, and foundation pigment 
(it's VERY dewy, so it doubles as a glow)
Yves Saint Laurent - Rogue Pur Contour Lipstick, 214 Wood On Fire
(a warm chestnut rose with peachy undertones) 

Mac Cosmetics - Eye Shadow Pro Pallet Refill PanBrun (brows)
I like to do a fair dusting to keep my natural brow texture
Makeup Geek Cosmetics - Eyeshadow Pan(s):
 Peach Smoothie (lids, crease), Razzleberry (crease, lower lash lines)
Laura Mercier - Caviar Stick Eye Color, Cocoa (upper lash lines, waterlines)
L'Oreal Makeup - Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara 
KoKo Lashes - Amore

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hair Evolution + WHY I Embraced My NATURAL Coloring

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                Hair is a major thing. It can make one look older, younger, and the right color can even make those tiny blemishes you might have fade from the beauty of its shade! Now, for while you cuties know I wanted to be a platinum blonde. God knows why, because honestly now being back to a more natural spectrum, it makes me cringe. My stylist did an AMAZING job, regardless, but from this point of view, the color really washed my neutral to warm skin tone out! That being said, over the Summer, I made the big change to get reddish strawberry highlights, that in turn coated over the platinum dye from before. IT IS a huge and stark difference, however my hair is naturally a warm gold with copper highlights, so really going back to my roots was the best thing for me possible. Red does fade quickly, and I still had that blondish residue, so today I went back for my LAST treatment, although I might want a spruce up the ends here and there! LOVE BUNNIES, I have never been happier. My stylist, who styles me during shoots and what not, Sam, executed my wishes so perfectly, I feel as though I'm flying. I asked him to cover up the excess blonde with a darker copper, that had a slighter red tinge compared to my natural color, since my natural hue is so unique-- that said, this shade of red intertwined with my golden hair locks, LOOKS AMAZING against my skin tone, and really makes all my features POP! The blonde, just sorta' faded in, and made my features look not as unique as they are.

             Above is a collage starting from my FIRST ever color dye job, to today's beautiful masterpiece! Mind you again, this is my natural color with a bit of flare to remove that blonde.

                  I suppose for the longest time I wanted to be blonde just because it actually looks amazing on many women out there, and it's sorta a "go to" for many. Overtime, with finding myself, and really understanding who I am, I grew out of that ideology, and began embracing ME! ME, myself, and I, might be a golden beauty, but I'm not a platinum sunrise-- I'm warm, not cool. Point is, I changed myself SO MUCH into someone I wasn't, I guess even I got bored of it-- HEY, 4 hours for highlights is not fun. Always embrace who you are, and know change is good! For me, getting a new hairstyle, or even color done can lift even the sourest of moods. Do know also, trying to fit in because everyone is blonde isn't smart either, mentally, and physically. For example, I love Kim Kardashian since she is business savvy, though I might not agree with other things she does, however the light blonde shade she had against her warmer Armenian coloring's a few months back just didn't fit-- the caramel blonde looked beautiful, however that she was rocking in the early 2010's! Point being, if you wanna do something, base it off of YOU! If you're cool toned, a cool toned blonde (platinum, ash), or cool toned red (more of a blue base), brown, you name it will work. A warm tone will wash you out. If you're warm toned, like me, a warm toned blonde (caramel, honey, gold), a warm red (copper, auburn), or textured brown hair color (chocolate) will work best. Try to play up on your natural coloring! Personally, I'm not a fan of that out of the bottle one shade hair color-- be dimensional, and be you, unless there is gray coming out and you feel not as confident that way! ALSO do know treating yourself from time to time is a good thing, just like change :).

                As a little "additive" of information, the blonde hair actually made my hair much coarser, and much more frizzy than usual. Once I went red, my hair became soft, and much healthier! Bleach, darn you!! I would also like to say, without makeup, the blonde washed my skin out so much, you couldn't see ME, all you saw was a poor blending of blonde to fair-netural-warm skin. Once I went to a red, which faded to a caramel, which now will fade to my natural golden blonde w/ copper highlights, it brought out a beautiful contrast between my skin tone, and the warmth the hair gives off. Don't be afraid of color, it can be changed within a months time :)! BE DARING. From me being daring, I feel more like myself. Fiery, with a classy edge. The blonde, just so not me personality wise, to boot! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Skin Care 101: Dry Skin Targeted Skin Care Products

                      You probably have heard your favorite blogger RAVE about their skin care routine, and you probably have seen countless bloggers shove products in your face convincing you of NEEDING the products, despite your skin type. Setting myself apart from this, and being as though my dry skinned video on YouTube did so well, I decided to share my AFFILIATE FREE (you will never see and affiliate link from miss. Lillee Jean) routine that has been amazing so far (about 2 months) for my sensitive to dry skin. If you too are desperate at finding something hydrating enough for those pesky dry patches, try the products mentioned below! Anyone of them is hydrating, and safe for the skin. 

To Remove My Makeup: Neutrogena - Fragrance Free & Oil Free Makeup Removing Wipes

        These are QUICK, and leave no residue behind! I prefer the fragrance free type since it is more compliant with my sensitive skin, however the regular type works too. The best part is these wipes come in lavender and many more types based on your skin texture, and skin needs! 
(all the wipes are hydrating, but they do sell a specific remover aided for hydrated removals)

Exfoliating/Pore Freeing Purposes: Biore - Pore Unclogging Scrub

        These two exfoliators are meant to free the pores of impurities such as black heads, and all that icky goop! I generally alternate the two, between TWO uses twice a week. That means one day (Tuesday) I use the Biore, and on the second day (Saturday) I used the Perfectly Posh, which is again NOT an affiliate link-- I bought the product outright. You MIGHT experience a purge the first usage, but after your skin gets used to the charcoal, you'll see a tighter, and brighter complexion! Both have been perfect for my dry skin, and haven't worsened conditions. You can try the Peter Thomas Roth Firm X Enzyme infused scrub, but I just didn't feel the product worked well enough for a repurchase-- it is hyped, however.

Regular Washing: Perfectly Posh - Pore-Fect Big Face Bar
              Cliche, I know, but this huge chunk of hunk is AMAZING! It not only deep cleans the pores gentle enough for daily use, it also tightens the skin, and works to form a brighter complexion overtime. This baby has tea tree oil, and eucalyptus thus you're assured a squeaky clean wash EACH time! I use enough facial oil, and such to keep my skins PH perfect, so the bar doesn't dry my skin out, however if you're at your wits end, try using an oil wash. It is gentle, and effective. I personally have just never liked the way my skin feels after, and I feel my pores always get clogged! 

                 A LOT of dry skinned beauties fear toner, which in all honesty they shouldn't! Toner in general when wiped across the skin with a cotton ball/pad removes surface dirt, and refines the pores. You'd be SHOCKED at what'll come off the cotton ball your first rubbing-- I know I was! Think deep foundation stuck under the pores, that elevate instantly. 

              Instead of a toner with alcohol, which can dry the skin out, opt in for something FREE of the ingredient such as this hydrating one which I have become extremely fond of. While STILL removing impurities, and keeping my skin fresh, the formula hydrates with aloe, and witch hazel. As a bonus, witch hazel is PERFECT to apply over when you get hormonal breakouts! Once the pimple comes to a head, hold a saturated cotton ball onto the bloody blemish, and ZAP! Just like that, the next day the pimple will be scabbed over. You'll find the infection (pimple), to heal a lot quicker, and you'll find it to hurt A LOT less! 

Hydration: BodhiTreeNaturals Dry Face Cream - Natural Face Moisturizer, Coconut Oil

               One of the reasons why I began getting into Etsy is because of BodhiTreeNaturals! The owner is a sweetie, and really takes pride in her work. Speaking for ALL dry skinned people, IF you have yet to be phased by an expensive cream found at Ulta, or Sephora, TRY this brand out! You get your choice of preservative, AND scent! I went with lavender, and apple cider vinegar to start. As a result, all my dry patches that cracked upon my skin within 2 weeks started to fade, and began forming new, and repaired skin FREE of the patches! Of course, from time to time I do get minor dryness, but this product is truly what SAVED ME. It leaves a beautiful glow, and lasts months (do watch the EXP. date though). As an added bonus, it's not pore clogging either. BOOO-YAH! 

Extra "pick me up": Shea Moisture - 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

               When I say "extra pick me up", I'm referring to when I need severe hydration! During the Winter, like anyone else, my lips and specifically for me, the tip of my nose become totally gross, and dry. When my face cream, and lip balms are not working, I glide on some coconut oil! After two uses the problematic areas are on their way! Coconut oil has a tendency to penetrate deeper into the pores then other types of oils, so it's highly effective. I use it as a daily moisturizer, too! The only downfall is you MUST be careful with the amount used. For example, although I use it as a primer for makeup, I use only a finger tip swiped amount-- anymore, and I'd have clogged pores. 

All In 1 Oil: Oil Essentials - Lavender & Rose Hip Soothing Facial Oil

              WE ALL need one oil we can count on! Whether you have a favorite or not, an all in one is the best it gets. Apply this after your routine, on your hair, in your bath-- ANYWHERE! My favorite, and the most effective for me is Oil Essentials "Lavender & Rose Hip" Soothing Facial Oil. You can purchase this at any drugstore; look towards the bottom shelves, they tend to hide it! This oil in specific is perfect for dry skin as it prevents impurities from reaching the epidermis level (if your PH is too low, dry skin, you can actually FORM bacteria), reduces redness, and hydrates from head to toe. I love applying this to my cuticles, too! 

            Hopefully this little "updated" blog post could help some of you out there desperate, and looking to cure your dry skin! 

Remember this order:
Exfoliate (2X week), Wash, Toner, Moisturizer, Oil

          Even though some "Pinterest" posts might say otherwise, this is the most effective way in MY OPINION to help drier skin! It worked for me, and I had extremely chronic, and stubborn dry patches across my four main zones. One other thing I want you cuties to know is using too much toner can bring the skin down to an unsafe PH level, and can actually from being too dry, form a whole other issue of oiliness since the skin naturally (and the body) will produce oils to bring your PH level back up! Strive for being clean, not a prune. Do strive to be confident in your own skin, too! Skin care first, makeup and all that other stuff can come after. Don't be surprised if your favorite concealer, or foundation is actually the culprit of your dry skin. Test things out, be your own scientist ;)! 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Two BRANDS I Don't Support Anymore

                   You loves know I am ALL about love, and unity. That includes being kind to everyone despite their appearances, and that also includes having empathy for all. After what has occurred these past few days, there are two brands I just CANNOT support anymore, those being Zpallet, and Covergirl. Shocking as it might seem, both have endorsed despicable behavior, and prove they don't care about their customers. Starting from the top...literally with my verbal Instagram video above, Zpallet in my opinion has really let their customers down. From telling people they're TOO POOR to even purchase a Zpallet, to picking on their customers appearances (see screenshots below)...what type of company is this? How can I, someone who stands for being kind to all, support a company who did the very opposite? I UNDERSTAND having extreme passion for your products, but to be arrogant, and not willing to know what can be fixed such a prices is simply absurd, and not smart PR if you think about it. Zpallet is a small company, that has gradually outsourced to Makeup Geek, as well as Sephora stores. Started as a way to save space, and to be convenient...and now turned into a disastrous yelling match. If you read the companies apology, which is readily available on their Twitter, and Instagram you'll understand where I am coming from. The owner, states she has been working on their new product for years, and finally has perfected it. Clearly, the consumers are not phased. I GET how heartbreaking this can be, but as a business woman, you just have to start back to the drawing board. Telling people they're a hot mess...WHAT A COMPANY! One I SIMPLY cannot support. All of my eyeshadows will be moved to Make Up For Ever supreme pallets, of superior quality. Sorry Zpallet-- I don't have to call someone a cheap date to get my point across. I see proficiency is NOT the ZPallet way, but that's okay. It is my way-- they could of at least told people to DM them, or reassured them of WHY they need their product. That's what you call being SMART, and a business woman. Not shaming people into purchasing something, or making them feel less than themselves.

                    Bringing things to another level, the new Covergirl spokes boy, James Charles has REALLY let his fans down, and honestly me too! WE all were rooting for him, as it's an amazing opportunity to be in that position. The rooting ended as soon as his racist comments began circulating around. Let's make this clear. EVERY influencer out there, in my opinion, has said something of a disgusting, and degrading quality. No doubt about it. Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, you get my drift. However, what makes this unique is he physically touched a drugstore brand, and became their new face, unlike collaborating from time to time. See below these two tweets I managed to screenshot before the INSTAGRAMER decided to delete em'.

                       He wishes he was a CHUBBY black woman who sings in an acapella group. He also thinks Indian production companies are stupid because they don't have his size. Both targeted at specific and oppressed races. This week, he made a comment about EBOLA and AFRICA. To make things clear, just because one is African, doesn't mean they have Ebola! Ebola is not inherited by birth, unless of course you're in the realms of one who does have the epidemic. Not only has James let his fans down, he has made a FOOL of Covergirl. The company has kept their responses concise and short saying they don't condone his behavior. I have yet to see any action being done towards this, and I will NOT accept his written apology as we ALL have seen the real James. This stuff goes back years. This is not a ONE TIME slip up. EVERYONE, no matter their color deserves a place in this world, and deserves to be FREE of stereotypes. This type of chatter is childish, and distasteful. Not funny by the slightest bit. What's next-- the Jewish person next to you looks like they're going to a funeral? As you can see, this is NOT Covergirl behavior. I won't be spending another cent on the company until they fix their dilemmas. Not to mention the fact, their campaign is far from diverse. You have a bunch of skinny women of lighter skin tones who "coat" the different races. I'd like to see tall, skinny, plus sized, DARK skinned, LIGHT skinned, and everything else. Wouldn't you like something you could relate to, also? 

            Perhaps everything said here was a bit insensitive, but I must be me, and ME says everything that's occurred is just all wrong. The world is not one shade, it's a rainbow of diversity. Zpallet, and Covergirl FAIL to support this thought process. Don't tell me he's young and everyone messes up-- THIS is James Charles. We have seen him as far as 2013 back saying the same disgusting statements. Don't tell me you have to fight back to your clients when they're rude. This is not how you run something successful, and make women/men feel beautiful inside and out. Will you be spending on another product despite all this? Let me know in the comments below love bunnies. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

A NEW Lillee, and Eyeball Queen

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                   Hey, hey, hey my cuties! Just like I mentioned, and promised over live video a few days back, and on blog post yesterday, here is a post explaining my evolution, and my new goals for the future. Really this is to prevent any confusion, and too guide you loves towards ways to remain updated on yours truly! For example, with the new introduction of my Lilleejean.com website, you'll be able to see where I am (events), and what is coming up (movies, etc). The last thing I want is for my fan base (you guys/love bunnies) to be confused, and not sure what to follow, and or too share out! From the start, to make things clear, LILLEEJEAN is my media page which encompasses personal endeavors, and perhaps any movies, or radio shows I'd be in. THAEYEBALLQUEEN, this blog, is for cosmetics, and all things positive! While Thaeyeballqueen used to be just a place for makeup, I have branched out into another woman, one who respects the art of makeup, rather one who uses it...to use it. Here we can chat about anything you want! That includes do it yourself projects, political issues, body positivity, and stuff of that nature. Loving yourself is key, and something I fondly believe in. 

                 As you loves might of noticed I don't do YouTube anymore, nor fully written out blog posts on makeup looks. Why? Between you, me, and the four walls, it's not my thing. I'm more of a spontaneous on the fly chick-- editing, and all that stuff? Not really what I'm about. Life is not perfect. The difference between here, and being an actor is I actually have fun on set, while YouTube, though I did it stag was too blank of a canvas for me. Another thing is I have pulled back on applying heavy makeup on the daily. Here is where Alicia Keys is truly an inspiration! GUYS! You can LOVE makeup, I know I do, but you don't have to cake it on everyday. Love yourself, to the bare bone. You'll feel better, look better, and gain more confidence as people will notice your unique attitude, and unique appearance. Makeup shouldn't hinder your beauty, it should embrace it! Sure, I like to wear glam looks when photoshoots are done, but realize I also don't contour, highlight, or apply 6 pumps of foundation-- point being, again, you can love makeup and color, just don't be reliant on it. Let yourself breathe a bit. Have freckles? Let em' show. Have a little pimple? You don't need a full base of foundation, use a spot corrector. Desire a glow? You don't need 10 highlighters, be natural and try coconut oil, or perhaps an oil of your choice. Glam, doesn't have to mean a new face. Understand the new Lillee here? Of course you can expect makeup looks that are out of this world here, and there, but that's permittable for when I do photoshoots, carpet events, OR just when I wanna' have fun. Remember, you can still wear makeup, just always known embracing your natural skin textures and what not is KEY! Even when I wear dark smokey eyes, with false lashes I let my freckles show. Why? THAT'S WHAT MAKES ME, me. 
              On another note, I do have a few events coming up! With that being said, check into "Lilleejean.com" when we go live, for those locations, and perhaps events where you can see photos on Instagram, and the web. As a little throw back, above is a video I did with makeup removal 50 weeks back from today. You can see how how coated my skin is with cosmetics-- being one with sensitive skin, and dry skin this never worked. I was trying to fit into a community I just didn't really belong to. Now, I am happier. Being able to speak out about my feelings, and being able to express natural beauty to all with a bit of spice (glam makeup). Hope this update was helpful to you all...and do stay tuned around the 24th-28th for my radio shows...and early April for a photoshoot. KISSES XOXO! 

Friday, February 17, 2017

MIX A New Lipstick, Foundation, and Highlighter...You'll THANK Me

                         Ahh, happy Friday everyone! Instead of another makeup tutorial, in which I will explain some details tomorrow about my shift in style, hence why I haven't posted anything dramatic, I decided to do a blog post on mixing your own makeup products. With such a boom of cosmetics being made these past few years, it's getting quite annoying to continuously spend $20 bucks flat every other day. Right? I don't know about you loves, but besides greedy companies craving more and more cash flow, the colors they're producing just aren't phasing me. A true red...non-stop? A matte vanilla in every pallet with a token mauve? I think not. These colors are repetitive, and to be frank DO NOT flatter everyone. Look at me! I've been on the hunt for my perfect brown, and orange for MONTHS! With countless purchases, I finally came to realize last week it's never gonna' happen, for unless I PERSONALLY mix my perfect hue. A little brown there, a little red, a pinch of tangerine, and BOOM, I finally had my perfect color, with my perfect and desirable sheer texture. Point is, mixing your own products is actually the new thing...according to mwah. You not only save money in the long run, but you'll be happier.

                    Brands produce what will sell. What sells is either the extremely daring, or the demure. If you've noticed, the trends are just figments of one's imagination. How? They've turned shimmer eyeshadows, into metallic wonders by adding ONE active ingredient to mush the pigments together. At home, you could literally mix in coconut oil with any loose shadow, and get the same creamy, or metallic effect. They've also now "created" GLITTER LIPS! Ooooo, ahhh. Girl, if you don't know how to put on liquid lipstick, a sheer coat of glitter glue, and raw cosmetic glitter, rethink beauty. Beauty doesn't have a price tag, it's more of a creative way to enhance and express yourself! This all being said, let's STOP spending tons of money on products with each launch-- the only reason we buy, is because we're NOT satisfied. Sure, a name brand like Tom Ford is fun to delve into here, and there, but do you REALLY need 40 highlighters? Chances are you use 3 out of those 40, and the rest just don't meet your expectations. If you're mixing highlighters for a poppin' glow, rethink your products. I know I had to create my very own custom highlighter due to nothing striking me as glowing, or dewy. 

                          Now onto the mixing portion of things! When you hand mix products, this can even be just mixing in old foundations, and lip products you've had for a while, you're guaranteed a PERFECT match since the products you produce will be live tested on your complexion for adjustments. Also, you will be able to create the colors of your dreams! Above are some swatches of colors I've YET to see on the market that I've been on the hunt for. I'm no angel-- I've purchased about 2 shades of each custom color you see above, hoping to hit that "ideal" hue! For example, on the same lines as mixing my perfect orange, I had to mix my perfect bright pink. As being someone with a warmer complexion, I tried purchasing a mid-toned vibrant rose, and even just for the heck of it an electric hot pink. BOTH were completely wrong for my skin tone, and clashed terribly with my undertones. The fix? Mix a bit of berry, with a coral pink, and blush pink, and BOOM I had my perfect "vibrant" pink. It's really as simple as mixing what you think will collide best together, and will accent your undertones best. 

                   Here is a close up of the textures I mixed together. Some are whipped, others more of a cream! REMEMBER, USE what you have. I literally used about 12 different lipsticks ranging from mattes, to sheers-- if you desire spending money, invest in mica pigments that are USDA Organic certified on Etsy. Anyways, aside from color, think texture, too! As you mix, you'll have to add moisturizing bases such as coconut oil, and enriched primers to save product, and of course to form that ideal texture. If I wanted a pigmented color, I added LESS of a mixing base, and more pigment, and if I wanted less of a pigmented color, more of a sheer coating, I added MORE of a mixing base. Don't make this project a costly one. USE what you have! I had my Bobbi Brown Enriched Face Base handy, so for the thicker lipsticks, I added equal parts of the Face Base, with a teaspoon of solidified coconut oil. In my findings, the more enriched primer, the less coconut oil, the more liquid the formula! I also noticed, once the lipsticks are added, the coconut oil remains temperate and DOESN'T solidify, nor liquify...I suppose this is due to the condensed molecules and thicker pigments. 

More pigment - LESS of a mixing base
Less pigment - MORE of a mixing base
Creamy formula - more primer, less coconut oil
Liquid formula - more coconut oil, less primer
MATTE formula - add corn starch, or flower

                             To sum things up, here are a few other shades I mixed, that happen to be my faves! To the far right is that orange I mentioned before, and to the far left, second one in is that vibrant pink I was describing. Each color varies in texture, as well as undertone. Although I showed you love bunnies swatches prior to these, I wanted to show how far they streak, and how well they maintain their pigment! The first swatch is an initial pat, with an inch smudge, and the second swatch underneath is a well blended back and forth tug. I personally LOVE sheer coatings that are easy to build up, so these were PERFECT for me! Do take note at my findings above if you desire to create your own lipsticks. 

                        Now that you get the concept of mixing, I want to touch on mixing your own foundation, and highlighters! These two are trickier than you think, but easier then you might expect. For example, I noticed my original Cover Fx G20 product was WAY too golden, and dark for me! The fix? Mix it with N0 by Cover Fx, with G20...and a bit of liquid highlighter by Nars for a glowing finish. Of course, my mixing base was coconut oil, and I've found the foundation to not only work better than ANY other product I've tried before, it actually matches my skin tone, and adheres to my dry skin needs. Highlighter wise, I ground up some of my favorite shimmery glows, added a bit of liquid highlighter as a base with a Vitamin Enriched Face Primer, and voila, got my ideal DEWY glow! I used to use the RMS Living Luminizer, but I much prefer my custom blend as it's a finely milled shimmer, with just enough dew to give me a youthful glow. It also fits my undertone perfectly, and doesn't hinder my beauty. Keep in mind I have sensitive skin! This means I really can't pick and choose what products I want to use anyways. If you're in the same boat, mix a few of your foundations together, and see where it takes ya'. Do try to save money by emptying out old containers! I personally NEVER used my E.L.F. Cream shadows, so I sanitized the jars, and filled them up with pigment. I hope this was helpful, and could enlighten some of you out there. Will you be mixing your products any time soon? Let me known in the comments below loves! Kisses XOXO.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Naturally Smokey Everyday Makeup Look

                    Are you tired of poppin' out the falsies, and doing a full faced routine that just doesn't meet your needs, nor expectations? IF perhaps you desire a makeup look inspired by natural effects, with hints of smokeyness riddled with light roses' and smokey taupes, thennnnn you've met your destination. This look will give you that "barely there" effect, WHILE still perfecting your complexion, and making you look of course, ultra sexy! I myself after discovering the method of mixing (don't laugh), have really explored makeup in the ways of having fun with it, and not just doing stuff to well...do it. This look in particular has branched me out, because I was able to apply a custom highlight in specific spots, along with being able to toy with cream shadows, which is something I've never done! Creams really give a dimensional look, when used correctly. Cutting down the gibber, think Victoria's Secret, with a more wearable, less bronzy twist! This is perfect for everyday wears, and this look also is perfect for when you need a quick "pick me up". Not sure what it is, but lately I've been digging the "ME" effect. Remember, makeup is something one should have fun with, and something one should use to enhance, or to make art with. Makeup shouldn't be a drag, nor a routine my loves! If it is, you're doin' it WRONG. 

                   Lastly, you can switch things up by defining the brows, perhaps adding a more intensive cream shadow, or even changing the lip color to your liking! I personally mixed something that would be 2 shades deeper than my natural lip color, with a rosier hue, since my lips are a pinkish red. However, don't let things such as what was mentioned above pull you back! If you dare to wear a vivid red, or even a bold blue, GO FOR IT. Be you :)! I applied the mixture with a frayed Mac 217 brush, this way it wouldn't be necessarily matte, it would be a light dusting of color. Do be noted, in a different sense, I was pretty SHOCKED at how amazing L'Oreal's Voluminous Carbon Black mascara is. L'Oreal is a fabulous brand, but seeing as though the Carbon Black mascara it's not quite as hyped as their other products, I was pulled back by the results. Full volume, instant definition, and lot's of WOW! It even lasted 5 hours before fading off, or even smudging against my dewy foundation. Money well spent! 

Foundation, and highlight is a custom blend 
Equal parts of coconut oil, highlighter, and pigment
(everyone is different, I made my foundation
for my skin type, and my skin tone)

Lipstick is a custom blend of...
Dose Of Colors - Matte Liquid Lipstick: Bare With Me, Truffle
Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Velour Liquid Lipstick, Unicorn Blood

Morphe Brushes - Cream Eyeshadow, Slick 
Laura Mercier - Caviar Stick Eye Color:
 Rose Gold (inner corners), Cocoa (lower lashes, waterlines)
L'Oreal Makeup - Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Sadness...WHAT TO DO!

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                        Happy Valentine's Day my love bunnies! Today is a day of celebrating friendships, love, and all over self-appreciation. Even if you're single, that doesn't mean you cannot express yourself in ways more than sharing love with another! Perhaps you can treat yourself to new cosmetics, doing a makeup look you LOVE, sporting a super adorable outfit on the go, and even treating yourself to a relaxation day of Netflix. For guys, do what makes you happy! Maybe it's playing video games, or maybe it's as simple as working out! Always remember there is hope, and when one has hope, good things will follow! For example, even if you're feeling a bit down today, and cringe at couples making out, do be on the prowl for cuties that might be surrounding you, and might be eyeballing you (no pun intended, haha). Nothing is more of a turn-off than a women who lacks confidence-- so OWN who you are, and ROCK the heck out of whatever you're wearing today! Who knows, maybe you'll find the one ;). 

                 If perhaps you're still feeling a bit on the empty side love tank wise, and don't sense any hope coming your way, the BEST WAY to have something great occur, and in your favor, is to of course believe in yourself, but to appreciate who you are! When you strut down the street with confidence, that means with your head high, and owning the sidewalk like a runway, people will notice, and heads will turn. Even if you have insecurities of being a bit heavy set, or if you hate that mole on your cheek, do know many models of this generation are UNIQUE. Look at Cindy Crawford-- they told her for YEARS to get her adorable mole removed. Did she? NOPE, Cindy showed them who is boss, and rocked tons of runways in her hay-day, although she still is beautiful to me, and quite intelligent as being a chemical engineer. Another example is Ashley Graham, who by the way I DO NOT think is plus sized, she looks like a real women! Graham has graced the covers of Sports Illustrated, and now Vogue as recent as 2 days ago. How's that for women power? The funny part here, is that both have the epitome of what most women are insecure of, but do you see them self pitying? NOPE, they OWN who they are, and make do with what is in front of them. A more relatable example is me! I have gaps in my teeth, and every-time I go to the dentist I'm told to get braces, although I'm praised for having no cavities and extremely white teeth naturally. What irony. The point here is despite what you might look like, or what you might feel like inspire, being who you are is the best version of YOU. You don't have to be a Cindy, or an Ashley, you have to be what feels right, and what always will feel right is expressing yourself.

                     If you want to wear giant hearts on your eyeballs today, GO FOR IT. I'm more than positive some man out there will praise those blending skills girlie, just remain hopeful. If you want tooooooo, wear an avant guard clothing piece, just because it makes you feel FREE, and confident, DO IT! I guarantee you, someone will say "gosh, where did you get that garment from?!". Even if it's not a man, or a women, whatever your preference is, some sort of love makes one feel good, right? Spend today exploring yourself. Again, even if you have some sadness, and crave that amazing feeling of being in love, just remain hopeful that your counterpart is out there somewhere. Good things happen to those who wait! 

              One thing I will NOT condone is weeping in bed crying, or just eating your life away because "it must suck". Listen, you're in the flesh, and you're living. You're not the little girl in St. Jude's Children's Hospital struggling with cancer, nor are you the one who rushed into relationship "just because". You're also not the couple that must be "goals" because they portray a fake image to society, and evidently break up within a few weeks. Know what's real, and what's not. Perhaps today is a good day to STAY OFF social media! Yes, you can text friends, and what not, and even mingle, but perhaps viewing Instagram which will be FLOODED with "bae", and "goals" pictures won't be the best mental health wise. Sometimes not knowing is better than knowing, especially if you're depressive. Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who is less than what you'd expected?  Before meeting Philippe I was always disappointed, and upset, hence why I took a break from dating a good 4 years, although in that time section I was talking to him. Being with someone who is attentive, loving, and knows you like the back of your hand is worth waiting a few months, or even years. Would you rather be with someone you're always fighting with, or with someone who breaks up with you within a week? Of course NOT!

                  With all that being said, perhaps being single is in your path right now, and that's okay. You must love yourself, before you can love others. Using me as an example, I was quite to myself, and was desperate to find love. Did I? NOPE, I had a bunch of sadness come my way. That sadness, is not worth crying every day. So appreciate that the Lord has protected you, and has put everything in your path that'll satisfy you. The decisions you make such as seeking a random lover, is not his fault, it is yours. Perhaps it doesn't make sense now, but it will. Ever wonder why so many relationships failed? Was it REALLY you, or was it that that person who wasn't for you, and the universe concurred? 

                  Below is a little graphic I made to sum up this holiday. It lists some fool proof methods to lift your spirits, for both MEN, and WOMEN! Trust me girls, men do feel the sadness too. A man is not man, for unless he shows emotion. An emotionless PERSON, is not a person at all. Feel free to comment below your own methods...it might help someone! 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dramatic Teal Smokey Eyes With Pop of Gold

                        Welcome back love bunnies! How was everyone's weekend? Buy anything good ;)? While you're thinking up that answer, let's get into the makeup look. Today I decided to shift gears to a tertiary color, TEAL. Normally I don't use teal simply because it's such a powerful color, and does take some time to master blending wise, but I was so entranced in Deep End from Urban Decay's Spectrum Pallet, I JUST HAD to cook somethin' up! Paired with a glittery gold, and simple glossy lips, anyone who replicates this bad boy of a look is sure to turn heads. Due to the delicate nature of tertiary colors (blue-green, in this case), one must keep their pallor in sync, and muted in the terms of contrast. Although the white gold contrasts the teal, the gold isn't pure, and still has a white shift to it, understand?

                      Anyways, moving along, I hope all of you loves enjoy! Would you wear a dramatic look as daring as this? Let me known in the comments below!! Just in case one of you actually do like this look, but wouldn't pull it off, for ways to tone this down, try choosing less dramatic lashes, and shifting the teal on the lower lash lines with a bit of gold on the lids! It'll give you that perfect hint of color, without "overdoing" it.

Foundation, and highlight is a custom blend 
Equal parts of coconut oil, highlighter, and pigment
Nars Cosmetics - Lipgloss, Striptease

Mac Cosmetics - Eye Shadow Pro Pallet Refill Pan, Brun (brows)
I kept the fill-in light to keep focus on the eyes
Morphe Brushes - Cream Eyeshadow, Blew  
Smoked out all over lids, and in crease
Morphe Brushes - Single Eyeshadow Pan(s):
 Nature's Calling (crease, lower lash), Wilderness (inner v, lower lash lines)
Mac Cosmetics - Eye Shadow Pan, Kelly (applied firstly in the crease)
Urban Decay Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Pallet, Deep End (across lids applied WET)
Urban Decay Cosmetics - Heavy Metal Glitter, Midnight Cowboy (inner corners)
NYX Cosmetics - Jumbo Eye Pencil, Black Bean
Ciate London - Wonderwand Mascara
Huda Beauty - Classic False Eyelashes, Sasha