Saturday, December 17, 2016

Snowy Wintery Blue Cut Crease w/ Nude Lips Makeup Tutorial

                           Inspired by nature, here is my snowy blue cut crease makeup tutorial, love bunnies! Normally I actually draw most of my inspo from the weather itself, and today as it snowed a few hours, naturally snowy blue came to mind, but my other inspiration was the name marked on Suva Beauty's Matte Hydra Liner, in Snow Queen. Get your blending brushes out, and let's get into it cuties! I would like to say my lips are STILL healing after that whole allergic reaction lip fiasco, so do excuse the wonky fill-in, I tried my best to hurdle over the scab. 

    Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch ups of a lighting change, sharpness enhancement or a saturation enhancement. These factors DO NOT physically change the construct of each photo, they make it so you loves can see em' clearly! Acts of "blurring" are NEVER done. Skin, is skin. If my makeup is not up to par on the lens, then it is not something I shall introduce to you beauties, though this has never, and will be never the case. Information stated below is both cited, and from my own studies. NOTHING has been copied, everything is my ideas, or shared concepts.

                   To not include imagery of FALSE advertisement my skin type is dry/senstive, and any redness, or scabs happen to be hives from nerves. With that being said, product recommendations, and your ability to relate might fluctuation, so feel free to ALWAYS ask me questions, this way you don't end up spending money on the wrong items (for example, I use coconut oil as a base to sooth my hives, but for others this can be too oily, and NOT affective in curing one's acne, in which I don't have. Hives come, and go, and can sometimes last only 3 hours, so again, always ask before actually investing in products).

Time to complete this tutorial: 27 (professionals/myself)
                                        35 (beginners/ intermediate)

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Stick Foundation, Ivory
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Illuminator, Starlight
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Liquid LipstickPure Hollywood

                             I hope no-one is sitting around thinking to themselves,"who the heck comes up with the 'time to complete this tutorial' time?!" Because...uhh, I DO!  I don't believe I've ever explained this, but while it might seem irrational to some, I realize beginners take extra time to blend, and apply product, so I pack on a few minutes based off of the skill level required to complete each tutorial. It's not done at a random silly bunnies! Anyhow, swishing that concept outta' the way, to begin I started off by moisturizing, as well as prepping my skin with a warm coating of Shea Moisture's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil onto all the main planes of my face, with a main emphasis on the center zones as I get most dry here. I actually stepped out into the freezing cold as it was raining, and snowing, so I would say the coconut oil acts as a rather good repellant to the cold, because we all know how annoying it is to step outside, and return home with dry patches! To even out my skin-tone just a bit, I smudged on Anastasia's Stick Foundation in Ivory onto any areas containing redness, then with my Morphe M439 brush I proceeded to softly buffing in the given product with medium pressured stippling motions. As far as a glow goes, I wanted to keep things PIGMENTED, and noticeable, so I dusted on Starlight by Anastasia Beverly Hills with my Mac 132 brush slightly dampened to yield a flashy highlight! Being my lips are still healing, I've found liquid lipsticks to be the best option for covering up the scab, and for causing the least amount of irritation, so I glided on Pure Hollywood by ABH, just to keep the scheme wearable, yet still frosty.
Mac Cosmetics - Eye Shadow: Brun (EYEBROWS)
Urban Decay Cosmetics - Electric Pallet: Revolt (inner thirds); Chaos (cut crease)
Too Faced - Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Pallet, Nougat (crease)
Suva Beauty - Matte Hydra Liner, Snow Queen (cut crease, lower lash line)
Cover Fx - Total Cover Cream Foundation, G20 (tiny accent mark above cut crease)
Mac Cosmetics - Eye Kohl, Smolder 
Revlon - ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner, Black Out
Ciate London - Wonderland Mascara
Huda Beauty - Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 

                             As complex as the eye makeup above appears, I am here to set the record straight that all one shall need is a silver shadow, an electric blue that's easily toned down, AND a beautifully pigmented blue liner. Now, I personally feel the only liner fit for the eye makeup above is Suva Beauty's Snow Queen, because it can be turned into a dark blue, a blueberry, or the shade it's meant to be, a snow blue, but c'est la vie, use what works for you! Getting to the actual tutorial, right after giving my brows a light fill in with Brun eyeshadow by Mac Cosmetics, I transitioned into the eyeshadow by dusting Nougat from the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Pallet into my crease with a Morphe M433 Brush. This pinkish brown is PURRRFECT against the blue tones, simply because it adds a softer note to the overall eye makeup, in comparison to a true taupe, or true warm brown. From there, I opened up Urban Decay's Electric Pallet, and switched to a Sephora #18 brush to only gently swirl into Chaos, and apply the vivid blue into my crease, this time around using soft rocking motions with a flick aiming out toward the tail end of my brow. Chaos can easily be turned into a blueberry hue, so fear not on the intensive pigment you shall yield at first! I suggest working in light layers, and sticking to very quaint side shifting blends. Make sure you have your ideal cut crease ready, because here come Snow Queen! Dipping my #18 brush into some water, I patted into Snow Queen Hydra Liner by Suva Beauty, and with a few swishes got a beautiful vivid blue, then applied it to my lids, dragging out into a straight wing, cleaning up any excess Chaos left behind. Snow Queen despite it having such a vivid pigment IS the parallel of applying a skin tone concealer for clean up, don't let the color trick you! Before adding liner, and lashes, I quickly blended Revolt onto the inner thirds of my lids by using a cleaned ring finger, then with my pinky nail, I streaked G20 by Cover Fx RIGHT ABOVE where Chaos naturally blends out into, this is considered an accent line. For defining purposes I began finishing up by gliding Mac's Eye Kohl in Smolder across my waterlines, and by applying Revlon's ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black Out across my upper lash lines in straight wings. Do make sure all the lines made connect at one ending point, it makes for a cleaner finish! Lash wise I coated my natural beauties with Ciate's Wonderland Mascara, then I applied Huda Beauty's Scarlett, as I felt the extra drama was needed. Lastly, to sum things up I enhanced the silver applied to my inner thirds of my lids once more, and smudged a bit of snow queen across my lower lash lines. I felt these two aspects tied things together perfectly :)! Stay warm loves!!