Monday, December 12, 2016

New Years Eve: Glittering White Gold Smokey Eye With Red Lips Makeup Tutorial

                         Happpppppyyy Monday, love bunnies! Mondays are typically not the most grand days of the week, but being the optimist I am, that shall have to do, because I have in store for you cuties a sensual glittering delight for New Years Eve, and even perhaps Christmas day. White gold, paired with red lips is a such a classic combination, and frankly one of my favorites! Anyone from the snowiest of skin colors, to the darkest of ebony's will be able to pull this off in style. In fact, to all my beginners out there, give this tutorial a go! Warm smokey eyes tend to be the easiest handling wise for those just learning :). Hope you loves enjoy, XOXO!

       Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch ups of a lighting change, sharpness enhancement or a saturation enhancement. These factors DO NOT physically change the construct of each photo, they make it so you loves can see em' clearly! Acts of "blurring" are NEVER done. Skin, is skin. If my makeup is not up to par on the lens, then it is not something I shall introduce to you beauties, though this has never, and will be never the case. Information stated below is both cited, and from my own studies. NOTHING has been copied, everything is my ideas, or shared concepts.

                   To not include imagery of FALSE advertisement my skin type is dry/senstive, and any redness, or scabs happen to be hives from nerves. With that being said, product recommendations, and your ability to relate might fluctuation, so feel free to ALWAYS ask me questions, this way you don't end up spending money on the wrong items (for example, I use coconut oil as a base to sooth my hives, but for others this can be too oily, and NOT affective in curing one's acne, in which I don't have. Hives come, and go, and can sometimes last only 3 hours, so again, always ask before actually investing in products).
Time to complete this tutorial: 25 (professionals/myself)
                                        33 (beginners/ intermediate)

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Stick Foundation, Ivory
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Illuminator, Starlight
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Liquid Lipstick, American Doll

                            Remember the days of my constant rotation of products? Yanno where I used a different foundation each day, a different blush...a different mask? Funny how I've narrowed things down to just 3 constant products on the daily that truly work for me! With all that being said, and now simmering down to the actual tutorial, to kick off the face makeup I pulled out Shea Mositure's huge Coconut Oil container. From there, I dipped my ring finger into the soft oily substance, to only apply the product directly onto my skin with soothing massaging motions! Make sure with whichever primer you use, your entire face is coated, and set. To even out my complexion since red lipstick emphasis any redness, I firmly smudged Anastasia's Stick Foundation in Ivory onto areas of problematic causes, then with my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer, I blended the formula into seamless perfection using a variety of smooth stippling motions, and clockwise pats! It's the holidays my loves, add a bit of glimmer with a universal white gold glow-- it won't hurt to shimmer...just don't become the disco ball of the party. Sadly, Anastasia DOES NOT produce the shade "Starlight" any longer, but I have been eyeballing Becca Cosmetics's Pearl Shimmering Skin Perfector, simply because these two look identical! Anyhow, with my Mac 132 Brush, I softly brushed the glow across my cheekbones, and down the bridge of my nose, by using side to side blends. As far as my lippies go, I kept things simple with a thorough coating of American Doll Liquid Lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Blue reds tend to yield more "holiday vibes" then orange reds, so my best advice is to choose a liquid lipstick thats darker in tone, and stick with it (orange reds are NORMALLY light, however Avenue by ColourPop, in example, is a suitable shade since the undertones are yellow, not a bright orange)
 Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dipbrow Pomade, Auburn 
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Pallet, Cyprus Umber (inner c)
Ciate London - Chloe Morello Beauty Haul (eyeshadow pallet): Skinny Dip (transitional shade); On Fire (crease); Queen Bee (crease, lower lash line)
Violet Voss Cosmetics - Glitter, Goldie 
Mac Cosmetics - Eye Kohl, Smolder 
Revlon - PhotoReady Eye Art Lid + Line + Lash, Black Brilliance 
Revlon - ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner, Black Out
Ciate London - Wonderland Mascara
Huda Beauty - Classic False Lashes, Sasha 

                      While I could stand here and brag about HOW easy creating this glittered smokey eye was, you loves know I am not of that level. I will however, brag about how sensational my two new eyeshadow pallets are! Not only do they have cool tones, they feature warm tones, shimmer textures, MATTE textures, and even glitter textures. Can't wait to post my gift guide next week. I mean...what? Just after defining my brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade product in Auburn, I flipped open the Ciate London X Chloe Morello Beauty Haul Eyeshadow pallet, and went to town! Each color ties into each other, so really all you will need is one sturdy blending brush, and one flat shader brush. Speaking of a blending brush, picking up Morphe's M433, I softly swirled into Skinny Dip, and proceeded to buffing it into my crease with gentle circular blends disbursing upwards, and under my lower lash lines. From there I switched to On Fire, which features a warmer tone, and with ample pressure I blended it into my crease starting from the inner corners of my eyes, rainbowing to the outer thirds-- this is meant to be a ROUNDED smokey eye, not a sharp cut blend. To further the definition my outer c yielded, I mixed Queen Bee, with Cyprus Umber from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renissance Eyeshadow Pallet, and with a Sephora #18 brush, I carefully patted my custom shade onto the outer thirds of my lids, then I began dragging the color inwards following the natural creasing of my eye socket. Excess product was taken onto my lower lash lines, followed by a smooth gliding of Mac's Smolder Eye Kohl to my Waterlines! I find using the ABH brush helpful to buff things out further!

                         You loves MIGHT want to think about using a glitter base, or a liquid glitter simply because the goal here is to achieve CLEAN glitter patches, not a glitter bomb mess! With that being said, using Black Brilliance by Revlon, specifically the liquid glitter side, I coated the inner thirds, and centers of my lids until a sticky base surfaced, then I quickly switched to Sephora #18 brush once again, and packed Goldie glitter by Violet Voss Cosmetics straight across, and a bit on my lower lash lines. Remember this is holiday makeup, so pack up the glitter to be as pigmented, and reflective as you desire! To redefine my upper lash lines I applied Revlon's ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black Out directly to the roots of my lashes, and then I made sure to create soft flicks this way the eyeliner would compliment the smokey eye effect better, as opposed to liner stumps. For my lashes I coated Ciate London's Wonderland Mascara across both my upper, and lower lashes, then I applied a soft dramatic style of falsies by Huda Beauty called Sasha! Of course, any lash style will do, but I felt using the sparser lash style to be best, because the glitter is most visible.