Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Series: Glamorous Warm Bronze Glittery Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

                       Happy Monday love bunnies! Yes, Monday's are a drag at times, but when your Lilz comes to town, TURN THOSE FROWNS UPSIDE DOWN...or else I will...uhh...okay, never mind. For today I have in store a super holiday like makeup tutorial featuring not only multi-dimensional glitter (has a base of bronze, but a variety of glitter flecks), but warm toned colors that in my opinion would flatter a wide variety of beauties, skin tone wise! Keeping in mind it's not exactly Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa yet, I made sure all the products used are classic cult favorites, and products many have used, or have in their makeup caddy as of now. I hope you loves enjoy!!

                  Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch ups of a lighting change, sharpness enhancement or a saturation enhancement. These factors DO NOT physically change the construct of each photo, they make it so you loves can see em' clearly! Acts of "blurring" are NEVER done. Skin, is skin. If my makeup is not up to par on the lens, then it is not something I shall introduce to you beauties, though this has never, and will be never the case. Information stated below is both cited, and from my own studies. NOTHING has been copied, everything is my ideas, or shared concepts. 

Time to complete this tutorial: 25 (professionals/myself)
                                        30 (beginners/ intermediate)

Nars Cosmetics - Sheer Glow Foundation, Gobi 
Laura Mercier - Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact, Highlight 1
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Lipgloss, Warm Bronze 
Nyx Cosmetics - Soft Matte Lip Cream, Rome

               Nars is either a brand you LOVE, or strongly hate. There truly is never an in-between, sadly, but their foundation seems to be a favorite amongst many beauty enthusiasts, and makeup artists (woohoo, happy medium achieved)! With that being said, I ditched my typical ABH Stick Foundation, and went right into the Sheer Glow product by pouring out a quarter sized amount onto the back of my hand, and taking a dense Morphe M439 brush to head on to blending heaven by softly stippling the creamy foundation across my skin starting from areas needing the most coverage, sheering out to areas needing less coverage (hairline, jawline). This foundation does have a tendency to cake up if you don't blend it out correctly, so make sure your skin is supple, and moisturized beforehand either by a primer, or an actual lotion! For a beautiful, and eye catching glow I smudged on Laura Mericer's Matte Radiance Powder in Highlight 1 onto my cheekbones, and down the bridge of my nose with an E.L.F. Concealer Brush-- do work in light layers until you build up a desirable finish, keep in mind the goal is NOT to achieve a disco-ball finish, the goal is to look ethereal, and high glam. As far as my lips go, I first applied Nyx's Rome Lip Cream as a base, then topped it off with Anastasia's Lipgloss in Warm Bronze. I found by adding a cream base, the gloss lasts longer! Just to close up any open doors, for those wondering of course, I personally DID NOT need any setting powder, and I proved this to myself in the 5 hours wear time, but I do know some you beauties have different skin conditions, so please help yourself, and do what works best for you, simply use my works as a guide :).
 Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dipbrow Pomade, Auburn
Tarte Cosmetics - Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Pallet: Force of Nature (crease); Dreamer (definition shade); Multi-Tasker (definition shade); Fashionista (definition shade)
Glitter Injections- Loose Glitter, Cheetah Print (lids)
Cover Fx - Total Cover Cream Foundation, G20 (cut crease outline)
Mac Cosmetics - Eye Kohl, Smolder 
Revlon - ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner, Black Out
Huda Beauty - Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett  

            This has to be one of my FAVORITE glam tutorials I have done yet simply because I got to use Cheetah Print glitter once more, and it's been calling me for quite some time! Interestingly, the last time I EVER laid eyes on this glitter was back in March with my Sexy Bronze & Black Cheetah Smokey Eye-- the look is VERY similar to this, just more intensive, and more on the verge of club styled makeup. Alright, alright, aside from my little Lilleeism going on, to kick off the eye makeup I began by filling both brows in with the Anastasia Bev. Hills Dipbrow Pomade product! Nothing special was done, however, like most times I aimed for super bold arches to accent the glittery hues best. To begin prepping for glitter application, I sculpted out my crease by blending Force of Nature across with a Morphe M433 brush. Side sweeping motions flicking up towards the hairline would be best suited, especially for this cut crease style! To increase the definition I applied Dreamer closer to my natural crease line, and focused most on concentrated blends with super tiny side to side, even circular motions. Dreamer was followed by Multi-Tasker, and Fashionista, although these colors were blended sparingly-- you CAN amp up the pigment, but again, I wanted this to be glam, and not too POW where it looks like half the eye is black! If you take a peak at the image provided to your left you shall understand what I am talking about. 

                   To yield a clean cut crease, I went ahead and carved out my lids with a combination of Cover Fx's G20 Foundation, and Mac's 239 Eye Shader Brush! Normally, with cut crease's one would flick the brush COMPLETELY upwards, thus leaving that elevating crease style, but I instead inverted the line this way it looked natural, and more of like a neat smokey eye. When you loves can, aim for cream products. Why? Well, Cover Fx's Cream Foundation NEVER dries down, thus it acts as the perfect sticky base for glitter. Ta-da, how fantastic is that?! Loading up my Mac 239 brush in Cheetah Print glitter, I tilted my head back, and patted the beautiful shade across both my lids making sure to keep in the lines, while still adding a ton of pigment. I recommend starting from the inner corners, and dragging the shade outwards, for some reason it makes the glitter fall out better off then with straight non-guided motions! To begin finishing up, I glided on Mac's Eye Kohl in Smolder across my waterlines, then I applied Revlon's ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black Out across my upper lash lines in straight flicks. For my lashes, I applied L'Oreal's Miss Manga Mascara, and topped things off with Huda Beauty Scarlett Falsies! Yay for brand new lashes-- they make ALL the difference.