Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sultry Metallic Fall Copper Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Morphe Brushes 35OS Pallet

                  It's Sunday love bunnies! You know what that means-- a new start to the week, and a fresh new interface of makeup tutorials. As per popular request, I decided to pop out my Morphe 35OS Pallet, despite many purchasing the matte option (the shades are practically the same, just different finishes), one could still replicate the final look! In comparison to my other "sultry" and warm toned tutorials, this happens to give off the most molten of vibes, in which are yielded from the clashing yellow toned red lipstick, and vibrant yet wearable orangish rose metallic eyeshadow. Do be noted my skin is healing from an outbreak of dry patches, so I kept the face makeup EXTREMELY light, with this you could either follow my lead, or take the crystal staff and apply as much cake as you desire.  I truly hope you cuties enjoy, XOXO, your Lilz!

           Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch ups of a lighting change, sharpness enhancement or a saturation enhancement. These factors DO NOT physically change the construct of each photo, they make it so you loves can see em' clearly!
Time to complete this tutorial: 14 Minutes (professionals/myself)
                                                    21 Minutes (beginners/ intermediate)

Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; One (1) Pump of Primer
Nars Cosmetics - Sheer Glow Foundation, Gobi
Becca Cosmetics - Shimmering Skin Perfector, Champagne Pop
ColourPop Cosmetics - Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick, Avenue

                       Yes, most beauty bloggers prefer to apply tons of contour, blush, and bronzer, but as much as I love makeup, I am a realist. Photo finished makeup isn't universal, despite popular belief! For example, heavy contour makes my skin look near perfection, but it looks, to me at least, too close to a doll, and almost weird as my features DO NOT shine through. My nose is not meant to be a stick, it doesn't fit my overall facial structure. My cheekbones are perfect the way they are!  Makeup is to enhance, and as long as you exude your happiest of facial features, the rest will follow! Think about it.  A smile, brightens the face and lightens the eyes. Model esc poses are too strenuous and often times make one look nowhere near their typical self! I also have found heavy makeup to break my sensitive skin out terribly, even if I used tiny amounts.  Point is, do what works best for you, but be aware changing yourself to "fit in", with an ever-changing TREND, is ridiculous. What a pep talk, ONWARDS to the tutorial! Dry patches, say bonjour to Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer. I've said this once, and now for the hundredth time, IF you have dry skin, specifically patches of dry skin, INVEST in this product. Within one swoop of a pump of primer disbursed evenly across all zones of my face, a revitalized complexion without a dry patch in site followed thoroughly along! To continue up the hydrated feel, I opted in for Nars's Sheer Glow Foundation in my shade Gobi. Pouring a tiny quarter sized amount directly onto Morphe's M439 brush bristles (enough to cover redness), I softly blended the creamy product onto my skin starting from areas concerning me most, those being the sides of my nose and areas on my cheeks containing mild redness! Typically I DO NOT recommend this method of application as it's spotty, but for times I want light coverage, it is handy. 

              The glow you choose could easily MAKE or BREAK your final makeup look! How? White gold, on a fair complexion could make the skin seem ghostly. Deep bronze on a chocolate skin tone, could make the finish seem too dark, rather sensual. An easy trick is choosing in between shades, such as Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics! This peachy gold not only towers into medium skin tones, and slightly hinges on caramel skinned beauties, it can be quite stunning on richer tones of chocolate. The lovely powder was softly smudged with my ring finger across the high points of my face with a main emphasis on my cheekbones, and down the bridge of my nose! For my lips Avenue by ColourPop Cosmetics was whipped on a two light coatings.  Take note at the gradual wear you can see from the outer and inner parts of my lips -- this is within a THREE HOUR time difference from application, to photograph time! While the lipstick holds up well, it is a bit uneven, I find it odd how the center of my lips STILL looked darker even with a lip brush blending and finger patting to smooth things in. Setting powder and setting spray were not needed, I felt the lesser used, the better! Interestingly, throughout the day my makeup DID NOT fade away, this could be due to the brisk air, and possibly the power of my MJ primer. 
 Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dipbrow Pomade, Auburn
Morphe Brushes - 35OS Color Shimmer Nature Glow Eyeshadow Pallet: Row 5, Column 6 (lids); Row 5, Column 5 (lower lash line; crease); Row 5, Column 3 (inner thirds of lower lash line); Row 1, Column 5 (inner corners); Row 5, Column 1 (inner v)
Mac Cosmetics - Eye Kohl, Smolder 
Huda Beauty - Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 

            Complex as it might seem, in a pinch the eye makeup will soon be sealed with your favorite falsies! Unlike most times, I kept my brows a bit more relaxed today with easily defining brow strokes that didn't QUITE thicken my brows, instead it darkened em' up just enough they became visible, and more pronounced. As a tip, try stroking your brush UPWARDS with optimal pressure, you shall see before your eyes the magic occur *insert spooky sound effects here*! Morphe Brushes is KNOWN for their high impact eyeshadows, and professional quality products, so I opted out of applying a priming base, just because I figured it would not be needed (it wasn't, anyways). Looking at the 35OS pallet is absolute heaven.  So many shades, SO LITTLE TIME! The one color that stuck out to me most is Row 5, Column 6. The deep orange with rose and copper tones struck me as SUCH a unique color, I couldn't resist patting it across my eyes! Being foiled shadows apply the best with one's finger, or a stiff brush, I opted in for the messier method, and streaked the color across both eyes starting from the inner corners pulling out towards the outer third of my lid. Since I already had a messy outlook, I dug right in a popped Row 1, Column 5 towards the tear ducts of my eyes using a cleaned, and previously sanitized pinky finger! Nowwwww time to bring brushes into the game. With a Morphe E22, I softly swirled into Row 5, Column 5, and blended the shade from my lower lash line up into the creasing of my eye socket in one fluent swoop of a blend. For added depth and dimension I took Row 5, Column 1 into the inner v by using slight circular blends this way color and shimmer would be concentrated, soft, yet impactful! Please be aware makeup has NO LIMITS. Shimmer's can work beautifully into one's crease for as long as one blends, and blends some more! The more you blend, the more the shimmer particles disburse, and become deceased. Before setting the pallet down, be sure to brush Row 5, Column 3 across the inner thirds of your lower lash line-- from this circle the entire eye with gentle blending motions to ensure everything is nicely melded together, I suggest choosing a firmer and longer haired brush such as Morphe's famous M433.  

                   The finishing touches include a pinch of Eye Kohl by Mac smudged across the upper lash line, and lower lash line, followed by several coatings of L'Oreal's Miss Manga Mascara, and a setting of one's favorite false lashes, mine happen to be Scarlett by Huda Beauty! Especially with such a contrast of orange and deep brown hues, it's best to continue up the same vibe with near carbon extra add on products. Trust me, the different between soft black, and carbon is vivid when seen up close! Then again, black is defining, and a soft black is for slight definition. Anyhow, I hope you cuties could take a few tips off of this blog post, and could get a few more ideas as to what your "go-to" glam look could resemble! Not everyone prefers beige, and not everyone ideals color, I understand that, and heard you all. Have a good start to your week, and stay tuned for a NYMPHY beginning...oh, that was quite the pun, but my Meadow Nymph is nearing.