Monday, October 17, 2016

Mythology: Summery Ocean Nymph Halloween Makeup Tutorial

                             Happy Monday love bunnies! Although Monday's are typically bummers, allow me to shed light on the beginning of this week, with a new addition to my Nymph/Mythology series, the Ocean Nymph. Being some people out there might not know what a nymph exactly is, and confuse this look with a mermaid, here is reinstated facts from my original Woodsy Nymph tutorial, "Nymphs are apart of Greek mythology and are said to inhabit rivers, woods, meadows, seas, oceans, and other locations along with their striking beauty, to boot." Unlike with wood nymphs, ocean nymphs come from the broad oceans, and are characterized by exotic metallic blues, and light pearlescent whites. Instead of creating something ethernal, I kept up my artsy spirit high, and put a bit of "me" in the final outcome with props such as starfish and tiny stick on gems! Yes, this can be perceived as a mermaid, but that's not a bad thing either. This tutorial in specific should be a bit easier for you loves to complete as under 10 (ten) products are used, and each can be found either in the drugstore, the craft store, or at a local Ulta/Sephora. Enjoy!

                     Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch ups of a lighting change, or saturation enhancement. My Mythology Series will inhibit more edits than a typical tutorial, but this is filtration, not literal face morphing!
Time to Complete This Tutorial: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes 
(A beginnier will take 1 hour extra, as a reference point)

Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; One (1) Pump  of Primer
*L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Pocket Pallet, Avant Garde Azure (skin hue)
*Morphe Brushes Cream Eyeshadow(s): Blew; Dusk (scales around body, definition)
*Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder, Aura (only down bridge of nose)
*Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art, Cobalt Crystal 
*Violet Voss Glitter, Teresa Glitter (sprinkled on body/scales)

*U.S. Shell Flat Starfish (6 used: 3 tiny, 1 medium,  2 large)

          Dramatic makeup can drastically clog even the tightest of pores! The only way to prevent this from occurring where the extent of breakouts do not appear, is by washing your skin thoroughly beforehand with cold AND hot water.  Cold water closes the pores, while hot water OPENS the pores up and unclogs them! Once the skin has been washed, and inspected for impurities, one should invest in a high end primer that creates a barrier between the skin layer, and makeup layer. A trusty one of mine is the Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer! You see, while the men were sailing the seven seas, they happened to drop this treasure in the deep blue ocean, and boy did it improve my skin and make me stand out from the other merfolk...some even asked what my secret was. After examining the container, I came to the conclusion only a pump was needed since vital vitamins and enriching moisturizers would be released upon impact! From that analysis, one pump was softly massaged across my skin starting from the center of my face moving out towards my hairline - everything you plan to cover in makeup should be coated, even your chest. To yield an even complexion I smudged on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation in Ivory across the 4 (four) main planes of my face, then with a Morphe M439 Brush firmly buffed the product in with a series of stippling motions, and wide circular blends! My merpeople and I specialize in creating brushes, and thick foundations. Seaweed and ink splatter work wonders!

                  Now it's time to create a skin hue.  Humans are naturally golden, pink, and sometimes blue in tone...oh I was talking about myself...oops! One trick to achieving quick scales that are dimensional is by blending a soft shimmering blue across the contours of one's face, paired with a stippling of metallic creams in two shades across those exact areas. May I explain? Using L'Oreal's Pocket Pallet, I swirled into the first blue shade and with E.L.F's Studio Stipple Brush blended the color from the outer three of my face down under my chin -- neglect the chest for now. I continued blending the color in with periodic pigment build up's until I was satisfied with the definition achieved! Pulling out Morphe's Cream Eyeshadow in Blew, I dipped my stippling brush into the product, then softly pricked the bristles across any areas the pocket pallet shadows hit, with the exception of my lower body. Blew is actually quite metallic, so no shade toppers were needed, however I did go back in with Dusk, a darker blue to form dimension and drama! Before moving any further, I glued on a few starfish, as modeled in the picture provided to your right, followed by tiny gem embellisments. I feel everyone is unique in their own way, hence why I'm not directing the exact places to apply the miscellaneous. On the flip side of things, I will direct where to highlight as well as bedazzle! For example, taking Morphe's Cream Eyeshadow jar in Blew, once more, I lightly defined the RIGHT side of my nose and popped Aura Illuminating Powder by Urban Decay straight down the bridge of my nose using a cleaned ring finger. Obviously, you can define the other side of your nose, but I feel the one side definition creates character! As far as the glitter effect goes I created a select sticky base by patting Cobalt Crystal liquid glitter onto the scale centers, then sprinkled on Teresa Glitter by Violet Voss for an eye catching effect. For those wondering, my lips are shade 1 from L'Oreal's shadow pallet paired with a touch of Revlon glitter! Setting powder, and setting spray are not used down here in the ocean, but I can see how it would be beneficial to humans spending a few hours wearing this mertastic look.

*Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art, Cobalt Crystal (brows)
*L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Pocket Pallet, Avant Garde Azure: Shade 1 (lower lash, lids); Shade 2 (crease); Shade 3 (crease); Shade 4 (lower lash, inner v)
*Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow Pigment, Grand Tiara (inner corners)
*Mac Kohl Liner, Smolder
*Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 

                       I knew when I picked up L'Oreal's Pocket Pallet things would get a bit crazy. Isn't it funny how one can do so much with 4 (four) colors? Rather working from the brows down as I typically do, today I jumped right into the shadow. Some people out there might feel inclined to add a primer, with that being said, be my guest! I happen to brush over my lids with the given foundation and primer used for my face, thus in my studies it's unnecessary and just another load of product. Swirling into Shade 1 from the Avant Garde Azure pallet with my Morphe M433 brush, I swished the color across my lids, up into my crease and down below my lower lash line with fluent circular blends! Think of shade 1 as the wash of color. For a bit of extra color, and dimension, shade 2 was taken into my crease specifically with shade 3 following behind! These two colors in combination create a beautiful yet vivid ocean blue that can easily work into the creasing of anyones eye socket while still being noticable.  The last shade provided in this quad is a dark almost navy blue! With a Morphe E22 pointed blender, I surfaced the inner v of my eye socket with light pressure to APPLY the color, then went right into the blending process by using side to side window shield wiper motions! Excess product was taken under my lower lash line, concentrated towards the outer third. Speaking of the lower lash line, as you loves know I enjoy a bit of dazzle and shimmer! To create a light surfacing that would attract towards the center of my face, I popped a HIGHLY pigmented silver shade (Grand Tiara by Sugarpill) onto the inner corners, or tear ducts of both my eyes.

                Whipping out Revlon's PhotoReady Eye Art Duo once more, I brushed the glitter side across both my brows in grooming methods, then flicked the brow hairs up once they were coated thoroughly in the liquid glitter! This forms a free spirited effect and doesn't detract attention away from the eye makeup, as bold brows would. To finish up the eye makeup I applied Revlon's ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner in Black Out onto my upper lash line with thick wing flicks in fish tail styles, then coated both waterline's with Smolder by Mac Cosmetics! Using a blue waterline color would be beautiful, but I wanted my nymph to be sensual, and smoldering. For the lashes I wiggled L'Oreal's Miss Manga mascara brush across my natural lashes with an emphasis on my lower lash line, then applied Huda Beauty's Classic Falsies in Scarlett! Do keep in mind the embellishments of starfish and gems are OPTIONAL, this makeup on it's own is just as stunning, hence why in the final product count up I didn't include those items. Hope you love bunnies enjoyed, XOXO, your Lilz!