Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Matte Mauve Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Ft. Tarte Tartlette In Bloom Pallet

                       Bonjour love bunnies! Sometimes taking a break from color, can be both relieving, and as a breath of fresh air. Let's face it, doing the same routine day in, and day out can become quite boring, hence why I am a huge supporter that change CAN be good! Contrary to this statement, one must be able to handle change in the gateways of CONFIDENCE. Makeup works both ways-- one, in looking fabulous physically, and two in FEELING fabulous! If you're uncomfortable in the makeup you're wearing, often times it can change the effect painted on, and cause the makeup to look unflattering. Luckily, mauves are universally flattering and look especially dashing on light to medium skin tones! Tarte's Tartlette In Bloom Pallet, is once again in the limelight, so as the beauty blogger I am, I pounced on an opportunity to enable you loves ta' try out some lighter, yet smokey shadow looks.  Hope all of you enjoy, XOXO, your Lilz!
Time to Complete This Tutorial: 18 1/2 Minutes 
Notes: Natural Skin Finish, Wearable, Universally Flattering, EASY to complete

*Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation, 14 Ivory Medium  
Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; One (1) Pump of Primer

             Yanno', as I started typing out this blog post, I came to the realization many women stick towards bronzes, and golds, without venturing out towards other possible combinations such as rose gold, and mauve! Just like my stance on color, specifically vibrancy, don't fear makeup, let alone follow trends. MAKE YOUR OWN, and diminish fear, by facing your foes! Wow, imagine me as a motivational speaker. Team Lilz. Anyhow, to begin today's makeup, I started by priming my skin using the Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer! This baby is one product I could NOT live without, simply because it's the only primer I've come across that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and provides optimal hydration for dry areas WITHOUT oil slicks being yielded. Taking a pump of the creamy base onto the center of my palms, I softly massaged the formula onto my skin starting from the center of my face, blending out towards my hairline! I suppose you could say I felt a bit MJ (Marc Jacobs) during the early hours, since for foundation I chose my Genius Gel. What can I say, Marc has superior products! With a pump and a half spread onto the back of my hand, I picked up Morphe's M439 Deluxe Buffer, softly swirled into the product, then began stippling the peachy tone across all planes of my face, starting from my left cheek working in, then out and clockwise towards my forehead. Dewy foundations NEVER dry down completely, so it's best to pair em' with cream blushes containing long wearing properties! Inglot's AMC Cream Blush is one of my all times favorites, especially the shade 91, which is a mid-toned mauvey pink. As you might of guessed, 91 was stippled across my cheeks using that same M439 as used priorly for foundation. Being I have an oval face shape, I find it best to apply the blush DIRECTLY on the apples of my cheeks, and too drag excess product up towards my hairline! Lifted effects, here we come.

                   Why have I never used Opal by Becca? A question I am seriously asking all of you beauties. While I adore my glimmering, and quite light highlights, at some point it becomes too much! Opal yields the perfect balance between bronziness and complimentary hues against my skin tone, without being overpowering...if ya' catch my drift.  Using a Mac Duo-Fibre 159 Brush, I softly dusted the highly pigmented powder across the tops of my cheeks bones, and lightly down the bridge of my nose! Before putting this brush down, however, I swirled into Dim Light by Hourglass and PATTED the peachy powder under my eyes, and on the sides of my nose as a natural effected setting powder. Finding the perfect mauve can be quite tricky, lipstick wise especially! The trick here, however is TO NOT chose a mauve lipstick, rather something rosy in tone such as Hitch Hike by Urban Decay. Trust me, a contrast between rose and mauve, is a match made in Heaven. I personally like to have a hydrated feel to my makeup, and the reassurance it'll last several hours until removal time surfaces, so I sprayed on Mac's Fix+! Setting spray depends on YOUR skin type, skin needs, and skin desires, think of it as the counterpart to primer. Choose it well, loves!
*Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Pallet: Sweetheart (all over lids); Rebel (inner v); Rocker (lower lash line)
Morphe G11 Brush 
*Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 
                      Do you ever look at your brows and go, "Oh. Joy to the world, my eyebrows look ungroomed. Perhaps no-one will notice since the trend is bush brows! Or not. I notice. UGH!" If so, I feel ya' my sweet strong sistah'. Literally, I didn't even notice I had a few stray brows hanging down, sending love to my eyeball! Guess who's grooming tooooonnnniiight.  Speaking of eyebrows, though I hold no place in telling you loves HOW to fill them in, as I have four pals hanging down, before applying any shadows, I quickly defined both brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade! As always, primer is optional. Being susceptible to break outs, and often times achieving the glorious pimple ball (eyelid pimples HURT), I tend to go off track with this topic. Shadow however, ha-ha-ha! Let's get into it. Generally speaking, the average beginner could easily pop out this look in the amount of time it took me, paired with the correct blending brush! With that being said, pulling out Morphe's M433 from my ever-growing brush collection, I swept softly into Sweetheart (Tarte's In Bloom Pallet), then swished the shade across my lids, as well as into my crease with side to side blending motions. View Sweetheart sorta' as an "all over" wash of color shade! For a bit of definition, Rebel was smudged into my crease with a series of small circular blends, and side to side light pressurized swirls. As you can see, not much expertise is needed, you just have to have the common knowledge of BLENDING! When it comes to the lower lash line, Rocker was brushed ever so slightly across both lines' in full, paired with Demolition by Urban Decay smeared onto my waterline's for a beautiful contrast. Now, eyeliner was done a tad different today, as opposed to other days! Rather thick black wings, or perhaps smudged brown liner, I dipped my Morphe G11 into Hitch Hike lipstick by Urban Decay, and proceeded to firmly lining my upper lash line with tiny strokes for precision. Interestingly, I experienced NO transferring within the 3 hours of wearing this makeup look out, in broad mid-Fall heat! To zip up the entire look, I coated my natural lashes with L'Oreal's Miss Manga Mascara, then applied my all time favorite Huda Beauty Scarlett falsies.  Enjoy cuties, hope you can take some tips from todays tutorial, as always, hugs and kisses XX!