Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to Create Plump Lips WITHOUT Injections

                       Happy Thursday love bunnies! It has come to my attention that many women, and men, feel lip injections is something of the ordinary as it's become widely popular. Not only does an injection to the lips change your overall face, putting a foreign substance into the skin cannot be a healthy matter, despite what any surgeon will tell ya'.   Now, what stymies me is the fact all these makeup lovers turn to surgery when with the simple addition of measurement one can create the SAME thickening effect, on their lips! Isn't the point of makeup TO HAVE FUN? What fun is it if you create an alternative reality? This tutorial is to promote the art of cosmetics, and to NOT promote surgery - makeup is temporary, and can be fit to your needs based on your mood in the moment, lip injections have made many a person unhappy and dissatisfied, the pros weigh out the cons. Anyhow, if you have thin lips, or perhaps wide lips, hopefully this can help ya' out a bit since I do know how uncomfortable it can be when you want to wear your favorite lip shade, and it barley shows up! Always embrace who you are. Thin lips, plump lips, it doesn't matter, that's what makes YOU, you! I just felt this tutorial could be beneficial to those who hold the same principals of NOT altering the face permanently.  Please be aware that the overlining I do is NOT drastic, it's about .5 inches out of my natural lip shape, hence more natural than most makeup artists make it out to be! Read the disclaimers and concise information I typed pout below for a to the point explanation. 

                        Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch ups of a lighting change, sharpness enhancement or a saturation enhancement. These factors DO NOT physically change the construct of each photo, they make it so you loves can see em' clearly! 

                  Overlining is temporary, and can be customized. Injections last a few months, but you must entrust someone to give you an ideal shape.  Many walk out displeased.  Overlining is pain free, and simple to do.  Although injections yield a plump shape all year around, you must live with the final outcome, and live with the fact due to insecurity, you changed. The difference between overlining and injections when it comes to insecurity, is the overlining is done in a natural, if even noticeable plumping manner.  Injections are done on purpose to increase the collagen in one's lips, for a plumper effect, hence think of it like getting a brow lift, it's done to CHANGE the shape, while overlining is done to IMPROVE the shape.

                           Starting off with your bare lips, begin to analyze what you'd like to see. I find it easier when I apply chapstick beforehand as the full lip shape appears defined! Do you want thicker lips (inches bigger on the upper and lower lips)? Or, would you rather a natural increase (perhaps a half an inch larger completely)? Besides figuring out your wants, take into account your FACE SHAPE. You could either do a trial and error task, which is continue defining until you're satisfied, or realize if your lips are pin straight, top and bottom, perhaps a natural lift with gloss would be beneficial to you! Viewing above to my collage, and to the left of this paragraph, you shall see my natural lips have a sorta' flip on the top, thus making it a bit easier for me to gauge the thickness I desire, NO this is not a mustachio (HAHA), it's a bit more prominent from the darker lipstick I wore a few days ago, and this terrible Winter chill comin' in.  ANYHOW, my upper lip is a bit thinner than my lower lip, so I decided an overall increase in size would be beneficial to me! Starting out with a bit of lip liner (Tarte Moodring), I carefully traced my entire lip shape with a color identical to the lip shade I was aiming to apply, overlining is not done on this step, it's simply a guide to know where my natural lips extend out to. Switching to the actual lip color (ColourPop LBB), I carefully traced about .5 inches outside of my natural shape, not worrying if frayed lines appear, and gradually colored in both lips! Once I fully applied LBB on, and increased the size, I pulled out my lip brush and cleaned up any lines to yield a crispness. As you can see, the pout I created is not overpowering, and still can be taken for my natural lips since I simply widened the edges, and plumped up my upper lip! 

                            Besides overlining you can endure a few other steps to increase size through lighting tricks! You've probably heard of applying highlighter to your Cupid's bow, and to the center of your lips topped with a lighter lip gloss. Yes, this can increase the size drastically, but be aware the goal isn't to look like a frosted snowflake, the goal is to yield plumper effects. Trust me, a pinch of highlighter with the right lighting can make any one's lips, POP! Hopefully this helped some you out, please stay tuned for the Instagram video that'll demonstrate everything presented here a bit better. Also, check out my Photo Series, specifically the "How to Find Your Best Selfie Angle" post, since I feel it ties into lips quite well. HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEN, XOXO, your Lilz.