Friday, October 28, 2016

How I Deal With Hate

                         This will be a short blog post loves, I just want to address a few things I've come across in the past few hours due to my lip tutorial going viral on Instagram. First off, hate is inevitable, but the negativity can also turn to positivity! For example, from all these people tagging their friends, and making fun of my lips, they actually increased my views, and landed the post on Instagram's first page. From that page landing, I've also gained 100+ followers, within the few hours my lip tutorial has been live! Funny how things work. Below is a few anon quotes, and statements on how I divert hate, and deal with it head on! Please, if someone has torn you down, KNOW that many people support you, for YOU. Often times we focus more on the bad, then the good.  I see both sides. By the way, a TRUE makeup artist does not respond to hate with ignorant actions such as being spiteful with applying more makeup, to make that clear. Also, this blog post was done to HELP others out there experiencing the same thing, not because I am upset, those days are long gone. 

Psychologically why does one hate?
Jealousy - What they CAN'T do, or have. 
Ignorance/Pettiness- Doesn't see the full picture out.
Anger - Inside, they're upset.
Insecurities - They feed off of negativity.

Here is how I respond to hate:
Jealousy - Block, they will continue bantering.
Ignorance/Pettiness- Don't bother educating, they will also continue proving their "point".
Anger - I'd rather not have to transform into a tiger, this shall get a block.
Insecurities - Fragile people who speak big words, I'd rather not upset them further. 

"Your work is sloppy."
                        Number one, this is a classic "let me hate" statement. Ironically the woman was a makeup artist, this just told me she is angry with the amount of views, and likes I get. Jealous, rather. With someone like this, I simply block em', end of story, because they're the types who will continue bashing you with no care in the world, and TWIST everything to make it seem as if YOU are the bad guy. While I wanted to say I work sloppy first, then clean up frayed lines, truly wasn't worth my time. Can't have a discussion with ignorance, nor one who name calls.

"This is horrible. Overlining is so obvious."
                To just sum up the broader amount of comments, although 500 people, in counting seemed to really enjoy my tutorial...THOSE BAD APPLES, YOUUU! Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but those opinions can be rather harsh at times, thus making it a smarter idea to zip tha' lip. Do you really think no-one will reply, or to some more sensitive take it to heart? I have seen A TON of makeup artists discontinue posting their looks due to hate. Congrats, but you can never tare down Thaeyeballqueen ;). It actually is quite hysterical when someone comments this, to me at-least, because if you view the captions, and even my accompanying blog posts, you shall always see, and read, the meaning behind the things I do! Pity on them for not delving in, what a loss, wink. This too, results in a blocking, too much negative energy. Besides, these types of people are usually passive aggressive, thus making it ridiculous to reply. 

"You should embrace who you are, small lips too."
                           Yes, I totally agree, but once again someone didn't do their homewwwooooork! Number one, my message is positive, so all these hate comments, have nothin' on me. 
Number two, I NEVER wrote to not embrace who you are. In fact on the blog post, if of course you looked thoroughly before making a statement, it said to EMBRACE your natural lips, but give em' and oomph if needed, and if wanted. Again, something worth blocking, but this one got under my skin a tinge, because the person was 100% ignorant. Funny part is my manager began commenting, and she started complying to what Rene had to say. Insecure people, make fun of others. 

"Why do you hold your face like this? Unnatural and creepy."
                        Now, having the username Cheesy Meatballs without ANY followers, is quite telling, but I shall prevail, and not tear this las/lad a new....holding my French in. This person tried taking a calm approach telling me, essentially my face is unnatural, weird, and that she means NO HARM. Huh? The person, also went into detail to prove their point! For example, they said my brows are TOO ARCHED, my eyes TOO BULGED OUT, and my lips, TOO UNNATURAL. I see someone had a bad day looking at me, wink wink. Interestingly, my eyes are just huge, and my brows just arch up when I smile. I guess my unique look isn't ideal to a meatball, granted I have a feeling the person is a teenager, hence why I proceeded to blocking on the third comment IT had to say. Do be sure to view my posing guide, loves: "How to Find Your Best Selfie Angle".

"Cake face. Too much makeup."
                                   Really? I find it hysterical how I only apply foundation, blush, glow, eye makeup, lipstick, and setting spray, and that is still too much.  What is the correct amount ever? I use what I want to use, and what I feel is necessary. Unlike most I do not contour, nor bronze which takes out a huge chunk of the products used. Call me cake face all ya' want, and tell me I wear too much makeup until the cows ride home, because at the end of the day I can breath in the products I wear, and one can see my natural skin underneath. Point blank, onto the NEXT. 

"SMH, overlining too much. White people these days."
                               For those confused, as I was at first, "SMH" apparently means shaking my head, although ironically while reading this I did just the same. Man, aside from her opinion, why bring race into this? Why? Nowhere did I write I am plumping my lips up to look like the ___ race. In fact, I excel off of my unique look, hence why with this comment I believe everyone can tell it is pure ignorance. Just like Cheesy ovah' there, I shant attack because she was a little girl in grade 7. I will, however address the absurdity that the younger generation thinks this way. 

                  My ending message is actually THANK YOU. Thank you all for increasing my followers, or as I call em' my love bunny count. Kim K has the correct idea, she has the millions, those commenting hate, DON'T. Anyhow, getting into the cosmetic business ALWAYS yields some form of hate. Whether they think your face is too squashed (yes, someone has said this), or that your lips are TOO BIG, you'll never be perfect even when you are inside and out. Getting made fun of because my eyes are huge? Most people wear contacts to get my eye color, and eye shape, so please. Making fun of my pose, because unlike most I'm happy? Huh? You gotta' take this all with a grain of salt, and realize the supporter count is much larger than the hate.  Please check out my "This is ME, who are you?" posting to find out a bit more on my thoughts about this! Have a good day my cuties, stay tuned for my navy cut crease posting.