Saturday, October 1, 2016

Frozen Princess Anna Halloween Makeup Tutorial (Cosplay & Inspired Looks)

                               Elsa this, Elsa that! What about Princess Anna? Ya' know, the "love is an open door", character? Strawberry Blonde hair ring a bell?! HANS?! In my opinion this Norwegian beauty is forgotten by most, as her sister, Elsa, slays away stealing little girls hearts...being a role model, DUH. Despite her dresses being more traditional, thus it doesn't quite appeal the same as Elsa's wardrobe, she does encompass unique features I haven't seen on Disney Princesses yet! For example, the strawberry blonde hair, as mentioned before.  Many of the princesses either have blonde, black, brown, or straight red hair, a variation is pleasant to come across! Not to mention the fact, all Frozen, human characters, were drawn DIFFERENTLY than in earlier years, as they have rounder faces, longer necks, and svelte bodies that happen to be more lifelike.  Thinking back to the classics such as Snow White, and such, you will notice the Frozen characters set the stage for the fact a women DOES NOT need to depend on a man to yield happiness. Although it feels amazing to know someone out there cares deeply for you, dependence, is where most get left off! With allllll that being said, down below will be a DIRECT cosplay mimicking Princess Anna, as well as an inspired make up tutorial DIRECTLY inspired by her dress. Do be noted cosplay is what you make of it! If you have ravishing dark hair, and feel most comfortable rockin' it with flushed cheeks and freckled skin, GO FOR IT! Also, be sure to keep in mind you DO NOT need to contour your features, nor mold your face to resemble any character known to man. They're characters, cartoons.  Not HUMAN, nor lifelike. Let's not have any Barbie complexes, please!
Direct Cosplay 
Time to Complete This Tutorial: 22 1/2 Minutes
Notes: Freckled Natural Skin Finish, Halloween, Wearable, Inspired, Adorable

                   Taking a zoomed in view at Anna's facial features, and at whatever makeup she might be wearing, easily, ANYONE of any skill level could replicate her look! From rosy cheeks, being her land is an absolute tundra, to delicately spread freckles, who could not love Anna?! Besides Hanz. Screw him. Starting off with the complexion, I smoothed my Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer across all planes of my face using a pump sized amount! Be sure to NEVER neglect your hairline, nor under your chin.  Especially if you're planning on wearing this makeup more than 2 (two) hours, a primer is necessary.  For foundation I chose Nars's Sheer Glow simply because it yields build-able coverage, while still allowing one's natural skin to shine through! With that being said, pouring a quarter sized amount onto the back of my hand, I swirled Morphe's M439 Deluxe blender into the product, then began firmly buffing it across my skin starting from my left cheek with wide circular blends, smoothing inwards to my nose with brushed over motions. I continued the same method of "out and in" until my entire face was coated, and free of blemishes! Allow your imperfections TO SHINE THROUGH.  Anna is a free spirit! You can't cosplay half the part with an insecure personality. Have a mole? Allow it to be visible. Again, as said from earlier in this blog post, you do NOT have to always mimic something fully. Be you!

                        You probably are as eager as I am to add a bit of frecklage, but one most prevail, and realize, rosy flushes come first! Choose from an array of bright corals, to subdue magentas, these'll reflect a natural, yet extremely visible flush best. For me, I went with Hourglass's Ambient Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta, because it builds up quick and disburses BEAUTIFULLY! Unlike most days, the way you apply your blush MATTERS. Try sweeping your brush of choice (Sephora #73) from the direct apple of your cheek in a straight horizontal line towards your hairline, then up parallel to your eyes! In other words, make an upside down "L" shape. Flushes's naturally occur on the apples and the blood drives up under the eyes, and slightly back towards the hairline, thus why this is the most effective manner of applying blush, today! I happen to have faint freckles, so instead of creating new ones, I deepened em' up a bit by using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.  Freckles are taupe, brown, and sometimes even reddish! Since my skin naturally contrasts best with reds, I chose Auburn. Pricking gently into the pot with a medium sized stippling brush, I very softly patted, in quick motions, the brush in a straight light from right under my left eye, inwards to the center of my nose, and back out to under my right eye! If the freckles seem TOO HARSH, go over them with your foundation brush, or foundation sponge, product should still be left over on the bristles/sponge. Rose cheeks, ROSE LIPS! All you'll need is a simple rosy gloss, nothing fancy, my friends (YSL Rose Jersey is the closest match I've found). Although you can't quite see the glow, I noticed Anna has a slight shinning mark down the bridge of her nose! Instead of applying heavy shimmers, I firmly patted Fresh's Seaberry Oil onto the CENTER BRIDGE of my nose.  There is no need to apply a full lump sum of product! To set my skin I sprayed on Mac's Fix+, then moved along to the eye makeup ;).
*Bobbi Brown Cool Dusk Eye Pallet: Shade 1 (all over lid, crease); Shade 3 (across lids); Shade 4 (lower lash line)
*KoKo Lashes, Marilyn
*Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 
                   LOTS, and LOTS, of falsies! This relatively simple eye makeup look shouldn't stymie any of you since it's the fundamentals of makeup. Lashes, Liner, Shadow, BOOM! The difference between myself, and others is I believe applying more falsies drastically widens the eyes, as opposed to white liner on the waterline. Besides the fact, Anna has VERY voluminous lashes, and slightly smoked out black liner! As always, to begin the eye makeup I defined my brows using the same Dipbrow as used for creating freckles, then moved straight along to the shadows. Being generally PALE colors were endured, using a primer is in my opinion, a waste of time! Picking up my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender, I swirled into Shade 1 provided by Bobbi Brown's Cool Dusk Eye Pallet, and brushed it across my lids, as well as up into my crease, think of this as a wash of color. For a slight dazzling pop of color, I HEAVILY dug into Shade 3, then patted it across both my lids, dry, without any base needed! Before setting the pallet down, I quickly smudged Shade 4, closely, to my lower lash line as a widening mechanism. From this point on, the steps become tedious! All I did was line my upper lash line, heavily, with Revlon's Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner, smudged Mac's Kohl liner in Smolder across my waterlines, then applied L'Oreal's Voluminous Miss Mangas Mascara to my natural follicles paired with a stacked duo of KoKo Marilyn and Huda Beauty Scarlett Falsies!

                     Pictured above is my inspired makeup look! I shall skip ahead to the eye makeup, since the face makeup is EXACTLY the same from my Cosplay tutorial. Perhaps for those who don't wanna' dress up completely, this would be a better option! Be aware, this does require a certain skill level. Presume the eyebrows, falsies, and mascara were NOT wiped off, nor taken off! I actually transitioned quite smoothly into the featured look below.  Find out how, by readin' along!
** means the product was NOT removed from the Cosplay tutorial
*Morphe Brushes Singular Eyeshadow Pan(s): Sassy (lid, lower lash line); Breakfast At Tiffaneez (cut crease smoke); B.A.M. (cut crease definition)
*Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliner, ACDC (lower lash line)
*Colourpop Creme Gel Liner, Teaspoon
**KoKo Lashes, Marilyn
                       It's been quite some time since I've done a full blown cut crease, love bunnies! Much like yourselves, I was equally squealing when the thought popped into my mind. Before explaining the deets, in full, I want to describe what exactly I MEAN by not removing certain products! I personally despise tutorials that take more than 20 (twenty) minutes, so rather starting fresh, I removed one pair of falsies, kept the mascara on, and sculpt removed around my brows this way those tedious steps, wouldn't plague me further.  You might find this method to be MUCH simpler in the long run when you do more than one makeup look a day! With all that being said, let's talk shadow, once again. Ever see beauty bloggers apply tape to the outer corners of their eyes for sharp cut creases? Or people carefully creating tiny lines inches above their creases, before smoking out ANY shadow? Yeah, that's the hard way around things.  As long as you have handy a full coveraged concealer, or foundation, you can actually apply your crease shades, as you would normally, without the stress of, "is my line sharp enough?! In fact, using my Morphe E22, I heavily swirled into Breakfast At Tiffaneez, by Morphe, and smudged it from the inner corners of my eyes up and out in a normal smokey eye formation. This shade was followed by B.A.M. to achieve a tad more of definition-- unlike most times where one applies the darkest shade first, easily, you can sculpt the cut crease line using a smaller brush (Mac Cosmetics 231) by smudging from the outer third of your lids up into the inner corners! Here is where the magic occurs. Make sure all your blending is completed, and everything is disbursed, because it tis' go time! With a cleaned Mac 231 brush, I coated the bristles with Cover Fx's G20 Cream Foundation, then began forming a clean, cut crease lid formation by outlining the shade closest to my lids and following through in up, and out motions. You shall see the shades that were ONCE, smokey hues, are now sharp definition lines!

             Let's seeeee. Teal, black, blue...what's missing?! OH, right, PURPLE. After I was certain the cut crease line made was clean, I switched brushes back to a Morphe E22, and dusted Sassy across my lids, as well as on my lower lash line until a fully pigmented reflective purple surfaced. IF you must, don't fear apply the shade with your finger! As i've discovered, often times the best makeup looks are done by hand...literally. A tutorial without ME?! SERIOUSLY?! For a pop of MUCH NEEDED sparkle, I patted ACDC Glitter Eyeliner by Urban Decay across my lower lash line. No further coatings were needed since the bottle, and applicator pick up a ton of product! We're now surfacing the end, sadly of today's blog post. On a lighter note, ta' finish up, I applied Teaspoon Creme Gel Liner by Colourpop across my waterlines, then proceeded to relining my upper lash line with the same Revlon ColorStay liner, as used in the Cosplay tutorial. I hope you love bunnies enjoyed, XOXO, your Lilz!