Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wolfy Fox Inspired Theatrical Halloween Makeup Tutorial (Intermediate)

                                  After reading the title in my head a few times, it finally registered what exactly it reminded me of! That my friends would be Wolfie from Barbie's Princess and the Pauper movie...which is still to this day, one of my favorites! Since I couldn't decide whether the final outcome appeared more wolf, or more fox, I sorta' morphed em' together. As you can see from the images depicted below this paragraph, I have the coloring of a wolf pup, yet the eye definition of a true red haired fox! Although unlike most artists I kept the face makeup undefined, in terms of forming a muzzle, and such, I do feel it is still appropriate for those of intermediate levels irking on professional stances. Keep in mind, makeup is what you make it! If you wanna' throw on actual faux fur for a real life effect, GO FOR IT. One thing I will recommend is getting fox/wolf ears, that would truly make the final outcome spectacular! Hope you love bunnies enjoy, let's get to it.
Time to Complete This Tutorial: 54 Minutes Total
Notes: Animalistic, Inspired, Halloween, 
Eye Catching, Wearable (for parties), Long-Lasting

Orange mainly was used as a skin base.
White shade used for tonal fur appearances.
*Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid LipstickAmerican Doll

*Lime Crime Venus Pallet: Venus (lids);
 Muse (crease, lower lash line); Icon (inner v, lower lash line)
*Makeup Geek Gel Liner, Immortal
*Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 

              Eight products sound good? I realize Halloween has become an extremely overhyped, and expensive holiday. No-one, of normal stance goes out to purchase a $500.00 costume with makeup products to boot! With that being said, each product listed above is a MUST, although some can interchange with drugstore products such as the shadow pallet, and eyeliner used. Do be noted, I work with things that react well to my own complexion, sometimes you must put a bit of money forward, as an investment, too seek the results you desire! One of the first steps you should take to achieving a foxy/wolfy appearance is washing your skin thoroughly. Makeup of this nature has pore clogging properties, thus you should take certain steps to prevent these downfalls beforehand with a gentle cleanser, and thick moisturizer attaining to YOUR needs.  Unlike most of my blog posts, today I am HIGHLY stressing the fact you must cater to what your skin condition is, because theatrical makeup, as amazing as it is, can often times slick off during the day, thus your dry patches might become uncovered, and your oily skin will...well, slip away. A quick fix, if you're on a  tight time schedule is choosing a multi-action primer!  I suggest choosing one that creates a barrier between your actual skin, and the makeup to come, since this'll once again prevent PORE CLOGGING.  For me, I went with the Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, simply because this bad boy hydrates my complexion in one straight shot, and prolongs makeup wear by forming a slick layer on top of my natural skin, which as you beauties know disguises MOST skin conditions! As far as forming a base goes, I picked up my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush, swirled into the orange shade provided in Wet N' Wild's Beauty Fantasy Makers pallet, and began evenly disbursing it across all planes of my face with fluent circular and stippling motions. After fully covering my face, I took excess product and smudged it across my neck, moving just above my breasts stretched horizontally to both shoulders. A flat base, is a boring base! For a bit of foxy definition, I picked up a STIFF fan brush, lightly brushed against the pure white mixing base, and softly pricked it onto my skin, and chest, until a believable texture was yielded! As far as my nose goes, I kinda' wanted something unique. Who walks around with a furry nose? MWAAHHH! Using Makeup Geek's Gel Liner in Immortal, I went ahead and created a circular object center of my nose, then started flicking out tiny hairs beginning from the top of the circle, and working clockwise to the start again! To settle the makeup in, I coated my lips ONCE with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in American Doll (my lips had product em' already, thus American Doll was very subdue), then spritz on a bit of Mac's Fix+ to ALL angles of my face (try moving your head around as you spray). Setting powder is optional, as I didn't use it since it'll mattify down the makeup and make it seem animalistic!

                 Onto the eye makeup we go! This probably will be the easiest of steps, because the shades I used blend nicely into my new orange skin tone, thus you can be obtuse in your blends without worrying if your line are sharp or not. With only one brush, and one pallet, we can do this! Picking up my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender, I began by swishing into Venus a few times until optimal pigment transfered to my E22 bristles. Once noticeable opaqueness was seen, I softly smudged the shimmering pinkish red onto my lids and slighting into my crease with side to side blending motions! With ALL shadows used, everything will be transferred from the lids, to the crease, and finally to the lower lash line. To yield a tremendous amount of vibrancy, and definition, I switched forces to the color Muse, and as you might of guessed, blended it throughout my crease with tiny circular motions while brushing down under my lower lash line! Icon, from the same Lime Crime Venus Pallet was scarcely used, but still prevalent in this tutorial. I mainly smudged the deep reddened brown onto the inner v of my eye socket, and brought excess down to the outer third of my lower lash line for added drama! Today's eyeliner was a full coating.  As you can see, I aimed for not only lining my waterlines, and lower lash lines, I formed an Arabian sort of effect by connecting both to a straight wing flicking out from the outer corners of my eyes! For the lashes, the thicker, the better. I paired L'Oreal's Voluminous Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara with Huda Beauty's Scarlett just because the duo widens my eyes, thus giving it more of a FOX look. Till' next time my love bunnies, XOXO, your Lilz!