Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wearable Halloween: Vibrant Candy Corn Inspired Glittery Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial

                              Over these past few days it is safe to say I have been quite the tease! Finally the unveiling has begun, and now it can be revealed, Candy Corn is the food concept, while warm yellow and orange tones hinder behind. The funny part is one of you love bunnies suggested an orangish yellow smokey eye via Instagram the other night, interesting how some minds connect, isn't it?! For starters, this isn't necessarily a walk in the part tutorial, eye makeup wise. It'll require blending skills, and application logos, however as being the optimist I am, I formally believe ANYONE can achieve a likewise outcome if they put their mind to it, and remain patient.  With uber simple, and breathable face makeup the focus shifts to the eyes, and the lips! Make sure the colors you choose are contrasting, YET in the same spectrum if you're unable to obtain the products listed below. By the way, I shall be beginning a WEARABLE Halloween series starting with this tutorial! All in all, it'll entail tutorials anyone can do, that happen to double as normal glam makeup looks, without the heavy face paint and scary concepts. Hope all of you enjoy, annnnnndddd Happy Friday :)!
Time to Complete This Tutorial: 22 1/2 Minutes
Notes: Natural Skin Finish, Vibrant, Eye Catching, Halloween, Wearable, Daring

*NYX Cream Blush, Boho Chic
Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; One (1) Pump of Primer
*ColourPop Cosmetics Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick, Dohee

                     As many of you have noticed, lately, face makeup has been a thing of the past for me! Since I am a free spirit, you can only imagine how being worn down by cosmetics, something I love, can feel. You shouldn't apply makeup, to wanna' remove it within an hour, and honestly, last year, that's how I felt! With a touch of glow, and a hint of color to my skin, it's lifted my mood drastically as I LOOK like myself, and it's increased my patience level, as I'm not sitting at my vanity for an hour trying to mold myself into someone...SOMETHING, I'm not. While I realize the Wearable Halloween series, perhaps, isn't fitting for some who dig high glam looks, I do think for people whom share the same airy concept as mine it'll work well! Besides the fact, makeup is what YOU make of it.  If you want too add a setting powder, go for it girl! Skin care, is key.  Especially for wanting to rock minimalist inspired makeup looks, despite ANY skin condition you have, indulging in a bit of care doesn't hurt! Keep in mind anyone, even those with blemishes, or dry skin, can rock this look, you just have to manipulate your products. For example, if you have a huge patch of breakouts, and ALWAYS use high coveraged' foundations, try opting in for high coverage, concentrated pigment CONCEALERS, as they spot correct, and still make one look as if they have skin, not a mask on! For myself, I went with a combination of my Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation, because easily I could form any intensity of coverage I wanted while still yielding a life like appearance.  Anyhow, enough with my gibber gabber! To being the makeup I pumped a full squeezing of the Marc Jacobs Primer onto the center of my palm, then began smoothing the creamy formula across all planes of my face starting from the center, managing out towards my hairline.  Although it is around that time of year where cold weather is beginning to kick in, it's always a smart idea to use a primer before hand, especially if you have skin concerns, since in the long run you could actually USE LESS product then intended! As far as the foundation goes, I smudged tiny dashes of my ABH Stick onto the 4 (four) high points of my face, those being onto the tops of my cheeks, and on the center of my chin and forehead, then with a Morphe M439 began softly buffing the product in with a series of wide circular blends, and small stipples for areas needing coverage. 

                  With such overpowering colors, you don't want the blush to be clownish! Save that for October 31st, wink ;). I chose Nyx's Cream Blush in Boho Chic. Baby pinks work for a variety of skin tones, and give just the right balance between "flush" and "blush"! Flush, means a skin tone, blush means color. Of course, if baby pink doesn't agree with your deep skin, go with what looks most natural! Being I had my M439 handy, I went ahead and swirled into the oiled product, then proceeded to stippling it onto my cheeks starting from the apples moving up towards my hairline.  By using the SAME brush that was used for your foundation, or even sponge, you gradually soothe the color down to a more natural hue ("flush"), while still achieving some color, that's where the "blush" idea comes in handy! Glow wise, I've been lovin' using my Fresh Seaberry Oil as a light reflective coating onto the 4 (four) high zones of my face. The truth of why I switched from the heavy glow effect I had current for quite some time, is I had tiny bumps across those EXACT areas any glow product was applied...despite how lightly I applied the products, and even the type of product I used! It seems the Fresh Seaberry Oil works better as an illuminizer, than an actual hydrant for my skin. I personally, like squeezing a drop onto my fingers, rubbing the tips together, then lightly patting it amongst those reflective areas. Interestingly, paired with a setting spray, such as Mac's Fix+, it's rather long lasting, too! A demure orange is your best bet to achieving a balance between vibrancy...and more vibrancy. I mixed ColourPop's Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Dohee, with a light coating of Melon Lipgloss by Anastasia Beverly Hills softly disbursed onto the center of my lips to achieve a plumped effect!
*Morphe 35U Multi-Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Pallet: Row 2, Column 6 (outer corners, inner corners, lower lash line); Row 2, Column 5 (transitional crease shade); Row 5, Column 4 (center of lid, lower lash line); Row 1, Column 1 (inner corners)
*Morphe Brushes 35 Color Shimmer Nature Glow Eyeshadow Pallet 35OS: Row 3, Column 7 (outer corners, inner corners, lower lash line)
*Violet Voss Glitter, Goldie 
*OCC Glitter,  Gold
*Colourpop Creme Gel Liner, Puppy
*KoKo Lashes, Marilyn

              Let's get down to business ladies! When I fill my eyebrows in, typically I keep them VERY thin, yet noticeably thick. Being I am competing against other orangish yellow hues, and my eyebrow shade in Anastasia colors is Auburn, I decided to make them a tad thicker than usual, this way they'd stand out! Once I had that taken care of, I scooted along to the shadow application, IF you want to apply primer, go for it :). Why don't I? Well, it's darn inconvenient when you're eager to apply colors, and since my lids aren't overly oily, my shadows remain the same as applied during the morning hours, throughout the evening long. All you shall need is THREE brushes, one fluffy blender, one flat shader, and one mini shader! Nothing less, nothing more. Swirling into Row 2, Column 6 from the 35U pallet Morphe produces, I softly fluffed the color from the outer corners of my eyes into the inner corners, and finally onto my lower lash line using a Morphe E22! Think of this orange as our blueprint to where the other shades shall go. Before adding depth, I swept Row 2, Column 5 into my crease to ensure a disbursed out effect would occur when Row 3, Column 7 was added for extra dimension! Halo Eyes tend to be trickier than typical smokey's simply because the color disbursement is unusual, yet VERY flattering to the human eye.  Don't give up! 

              Candy Corns, as we all know have a gradual color range from white, to yellow, to orange.  I took this concept down below to my lower lash line by smudging Row 3, Column 7 across the outer third with a Mac 231, followed by Row 5, Column 4 posing as a yellow onto the center of my lower lash line, and Row 1, Column 1 onto the tear ducts to mimic a white.  I actually wanted this shade to drastically POP against the other colors, so I took Goldie, a loose glitter by Violet Voss and with my pinky finger patted it directly onto the tear ducts of my eyes!  Since we're already gettin' messy, I smudged my finger into Row 5, Column 4 once more, and thickly smudged it straight down the center of my lids, then with a 231 softly blended the shade in. As you might of guessed, this beautiful yellow was topped off with OCC's Glitter in Gold! Ever try mixing an oil with glitter, instead of a glitter glue? TRY IT! Trust me. Black and orange have always been a Halloween color scheme, so pop out that black liner and get busy! I chose Mac's Creme Liner since I wanted precision, and heavy, true black winged lines.  Unlike most times, I DIDN'T line my waterline with excess product left on the brush (Mac 242 Shader Brush was used to apply the thick cream activated with water), instead I smudged ColourPop's Creme Gel Liner in Puppy straight across for a beautiful melody of hues. After this point, EVERYTHING should be simple! Literally, all I did was coat my lashes with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, then applied my KoKo Lashes in Marilyn.  Phew, was that a tutorial, or what?! IF you have any more suggestions, feel free to comment below em', or personally write them to me! Love you all, XOXO, your Lilz!