Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wearable Golden AppleJack "Honesty" My Little Pony Inspired Makeup Tutorial

                          Aren't the My Little Pony characters the cutest?! I would like to begin this blog post with gracious remarks towards @tystarsthis on Instagram, thank you again for including me in the pony collaboration with some other beautiful ladies.  Ironically I was thinking of starting my OWN Pony inspired series, what do you love bunnies think, hehe?  Anyways, for those unaware, Applejack is the cowgirl of the bunch with honest qualities.  I find her to be the most valuable since without honesty, you cannot have loyalty, justice, or let alone a stable friendship! Sporting three super cute apples on her kaboose, replicated on my right cheekbone, she certainly is a keeper...annnnddd so am I ;).  The good news is this tutorial in full CAN be quite wearable with the simple removal of the tiny apple drawings-- gold smokey with a dashing cherry red lip sound fab? I thoought so! Let's get into the details lovies, when the full collage of all our makeup looks air's on Wednesday, I shall share it out towards the end of this post.

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 23 Minutes
Notes: Inspired, Sultry, Glamorous, Glowing Finish, Long Lasting, My Little Pony, Melt Proof

*Laura Mercier Luminous Foundation: Candleglow Soft, Ivory
*NYX Cream Blush, Tickled
 Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; 1 Pump of Primer
*Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick, Merlot
*Colourpop Creme Gel Liner, Teaspoon

              This tutorial was completed in less than 23 minutes, quite telling, don't ya' think? In theory as a cowgirl, Applejack's makeup should be easy to complete, free spirited, and quite glamorous with hues of gold, and pops of red. Before you think of blending shadow and applying lipstick, your main goal at this point is to achieve a clear complexion with glowing attributes dancing behind! What does that mean Lilz? Simply said, find a well skin fitting foundation paired with a condition accompanying primer, oh and, GET TOOOO WORK! I went with a combination of the Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer, and Laura Mercier's fairly new Luminous Candleglow Soft Foundation. Being the Candleglow Soft product in particular has a short measuring system, I decided applying my Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer first was my best bet, this way the foundation wouldn't cling to dry patches and WOULD apply smoothly! Taking exactly one pump of primer squeezed out center of my palm, I gently rubbed my hands together, then went ahead and massaged the primer in starting from the center of my face going out towards my hairline. Following this I squeezed one drop of foundation in full onto my skin directly too each zone of my face (cheeks, forehead, chin, nose), don't stress primer drying time, the dewier the better! Once I was satisfied with the amounts pumped out, I took a Morphe M439 and started softly buffing the creamy foundation in beginning from my chin working clockwise towards my left cheek using a series of stipples blanketing the perimeter of my face and sheering out towards my hairline. A common mistake among many is FORGETTING the hairline! MY loves, my bunnies, PLEASE do not disregard this portion of your face, especially with the humid weather still running high, the last thing you need is a white outline of your forehead, and masked face, all because you forgot. 

                  Who would of thought foundation and primer would take up a whole darn paragraph?! Alrighty, continuing from the foundation application, I went ahead and capped the product, then opened up Nyx's Cream Blush in Tickled.  I felt the luminous blush paired with a delightful pink flush with golden reflective pearls was a darling fit for the overall makeup look! Tickled was stippled across my cheeks starting from the apples moving straight up towards my hairline using the M439 Deluxe Buffer as used in the prior steps-- do be noted when you use a foundation brush, dually as blush brush you'll achieve a much more NATURAL outcome as the foundation blends with the blush hue.  Boy, I haven't used my Glamorous Life Highlighter in a few months! It tis' a shame since it is one of the most UNIQUE colored highlighters I have ever come across.  BeautyBarBaby's Pressed glow was blended across the high points of my face, mainly on my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose using Mac's Duo-Fibre 132 Brush! As far as the tiny apples go, I dotted the Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick in Merlot in a three triangle formation after applying the luxurious stick' to my lips with a coating of Candy Apple by Lime Crime.  For the leaves I used Teaspoon gel liner by Colourpop and GENTLY shaded two tiny lines peeking above the head of each apple-- if you desire texture, simply smudge white eyeliner towards the side of the apples to achieve a highlighted effect! To set my skin I VERY carefully dusted Besame's Brightening Vanilla Face Powder across my under eye area, and a bit on the sides of my nose using and E.L.F. Studio Stipple Brush, then sprayed on Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray to ensure a set, and budge proof finish would yield throughout all wear time hours.
(Havana, Espresso, Peaches & Cream, Nutmeg)
*BEAUTYBARBABY Glamorous Life Highlighter PRESSED (inner corners, lid)
*Violet Voss Glitter, Goldie 
*Mac Eye Kohl, Teddy
*Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 

          If you have a warm toned contour pallet handy, WHIP IT OUT, this in a nutshell shall encompass the entire eye makeup look! Lately I haven't been into applying eyeshadow primer, so I skipped right ahead and began defining my brows softly with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn using my Morphe G11 brush. The type of arch and the way you fill your brows in ultimately is YOUR choice! Right from the get go, I swapped the G11 by Morphe in for Morphe's E22 Pointed Blender and swirled right into Peaches & Cream contour pan by ABH. The shade was swished throughout my crease with a series of side to side blending motions, this is ONLY the transitional shade, so please do not stress building up pigment! For a bit of extra dimension, I single handedly went into Nutmeg, and with the M433 brush buffed the shade closer to the inner v of my eye following closely the natural creasing of my eye socket. With that same brush I dusted Havana from my crease down towards my lower lash line in one single blended swoop, this motion was continued until I achieved an evenly disbursed finish! The last contour color added to my eyes was Espresso, this really was to just deepen things up a tad in a non-effecting mannerism, in other words it ENHANCED, it didn't necessarily change the shadows at hand. Espresso was smudged into the inner v of my eye and once again taken under my lower lash line!

                    Many of you know I am VERY messy when it comes to glitter, and all things shimmer.  With that being said, once I was satisfied with the crease and how well blended it appeared, I dipped into Glamorous Life Highlighter once again by BeautyBarBaby, and with my ring finger smudged it from the inner corners of my eyes up across both my lids, this was later topped off with a light coating of Goldie by Violet Voss-- no glitter glue was needed SINCE this glitter sticks well enough on it's own.  Liner wise I lined my upper lash line with Stila's Waterproof Stay All Day Liner in Black, then smudged Teddy Eye Kohl by Mac Cosmetics onto my waterlines, the deep brown contrast against dark black liner was quite eye catching might I say! For mascara I coated my natural lashes using the L'Oreal Paris Feline Noir Waterproof Mascara, then applied Huda Beauty's Classic Falsies in Scarlett.  Stick within the range of dramatic volume, and spiked ends, this'll draw focus towards the center of your face and create the illusion of wider eyes, this includes LENGTH AND WIDTH.  Till' next time my loves, XOXOX your Lilz, hope you ALL enjoyed!