Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Quick Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial FT. Too Faced Cat Eyes Pallet

                 MEEEEYOW! In all the years I've owned my Too Faced Cat Eyes Pallet, I believe there has only been three occasions in which I have actually picked it up, and physically used the shadows. Isn't it odd since I myself LOVE kitties?! For today, being I've become fascinated once more by the beautiful array of hues, I put together a stunning and easy to complete dramatic purple smokey with slight traces of pink glitter for a girly touch. You shall find the face makeup to be VERY simple, too! Remember, oil's are your best friend, whether your skin is oily, or quenching for hydration. Manipulating certain products, and using them either as a mixing base, OR a glow product can be quite beneficial to your overall skin health! Read below to find out more on how to complete this tutorial, XOXO.
Time to Complete This Tutorial: 16 Minutes
Notes: Sensual, Long Lasting, Natural Glowy Finish

*NYX Cream Blush, Tickled
*Mac Lipstick, Creme De La Femme

                   See, I told ya' the face makeup was zippidy quick! Personally, I was on the go today, and seeing as many of you beauties have literally 15 (fifteen) minutes or less in the morning hours, I felt this smokey glam was my perfect way in on showing you loves a favorite combination of mine constrained to this time period. Anyhow, yielding a well standing primer is an absolute must! Try opting in for a priming potion catering most to your skin conditions. In my case, I have entered a huge dehydration circle of love...sadly! With that being said, I chose Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Face Base, since it provides an adequate barrier between facial makeup, and future makeup to come, while releasing tons of hydrates to one's epidermis layer. Digging up exactly a pea sized amount with my ring finger, I smeared in full the primer across my left cheek, then taking my left HAND, began smoothing the creamy substance in with a variety of large circular and massaging motions! As far as foundation goes, I wanted to remain in the dewy spectrum of things, as dewy foundations tend to make one seem as though they're wearing a made up face, when they truly aren't. Pricking my Morphe M439 firmly into the spongy cushion L'oreal's Lumi Cushion Foundation contains, I softly brushed the bristles across my chin in simultaneous patting motions, until I achieved a full beat and pattern of tiny stippling motions! The more you stipple, the higher coverage that shall be achieved. Do be noted DEWY FOUNDATIONS, and DEWY PRIMERS, never dry down completely, although you will see a visible sinking in! If you happen to have oily skin, by this point I'd advise you to apply a decent setting powder before applying facial oil as a highlight, since it'll hold your makeup in place for longer bouts of time, as opposed to no setting powder. For a slight pop of color, and before setting my M439 brush down, I swirled into Ticked Cream Blush by Nyx, swished excess across the back of my hand, then proceeded to firmly patting the shimmering pink with gold notes across my cheeks starting from the apples moving up towards my hairline! 

                Facial oil can be tricky, especially when mixed with highly concentrated pigments such as those found in foundation and blush. Instead of going through the obstacle of reapplication, I chose a rather thick, yet slightly dense oil, that being Fresh's Seaberry Oil, and DIRECTLY dropped single droplets onto the high points of my face, with my head tilted back to prevent leaking, then with my ring plus index finger stuck together went ahead and patted the oily substance in until a youthful, yet natural dew appeared. The beauty of oil, unlike creams, is you can create your own highlighting products! For example, let's say you have a powder highlighter, but would much rather it as a creamy glow. How does one do this? Simply scrape off a few particles of the powder, mix it in with one drop of oil, and viola, creamy perfection! In my studies this combination creates a much more long-lasting finish, in comparison to straight highlighters in pot or stick form. Lip wise, I chose Creme De La Femme by Mac Cosmetics, because the plumish hues complimented the shadow well! Try sticking within the range of plums, to frosted pinks. Lastly, to set my skin, I sprayed on Mac's Fix + in grand quantities to ensure a few hours of wear would occur!
*Too Faced Cat Eyes Pallet: Kitten (inner corners); Pussy Cat (lid, crease); Jungle Love (crease, lower lash line); Panther (lower lash line, inner v)
*KoKo Lashes, Marilyn
           Considering most people are NOT thrifty in the terms of makeup, today I shall introduce a known, but often forgotten method of creating eyeliner, from eyeshadows! First off, it's always smart taking care of one's brows as they frame the face and set the stage for all eye makeup to come. As always, I took my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, and softly filled in both of my brows with soft flicks to mimic REAL brow hair! Using a primer in the morning is obviously and keen factor as to why most people's shadows remain on all day long, but being Too Faced normally formulates their shadows WITH PRIMER, it's unnecessary. The first color applied all over my lids, sorta' as a wash of color is Pussy Cat! Using a super fluffy blender, my Morphe E22, I swished the iridescent purple across my lids and slightly into the creasing of my eye sockets with side to side blends. For a bit of added dimension, I not only switched brushes, but I also switched colors to Jungle Love, and a Morphe M433 for precision! Jungle Love is NOT a shade to mess with-- work in light layers, or preferably soft and gentle smudges situated mainly near the outer creasing, since one can easily run into an issue of black panda eyeballs. Smokey eyes plague most, but once you get the hang of em', they truly are a women's best friend since they're quick, and sexy! Speaking of sexy, to open the eyes up, I dragged Jungle Love under my lower lash line, followed by a pinch of Kitten, then swirling with light pressure into Panther deepened up Jungle Love in both my crease (inner v), and lower lash line with a few dark black smudges. 

               Here is where oil comes in handy, once again! Scrapping a bit of Panther's particles onto the back of my hand (you can use the back of your brush, it'll waste LESS product as opposed to an actual spatula), and using one drop of Fresh's Seaberry Oil, I swirled Morphe's G11 brush into the newly oiled substance, then proceeded to smoothly lining my upper lash line with thick black flicks! Excess was taken across my waterlines, and smudged thoroughly across my lower lash line, this time, however closer to the roots of my lashes to yield a smokier effect.  Lash wise I coated my natural follicles with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, then applied KoKo Lashes in Marilyn! Always keep in the back of your head the idea withheld throughout this entire tutorial is "makeup with ease".  That means, if falsies stress you, FORGET EM', glam up your natural lashes with super lengthening and thickening scara'! IF purple eyeshadow is too much out of your comfort zone, that's okay, go for an Egyptian gold hue, which might I add IS provided in the pallet.  What works for me, might not work for you, I can only impose the knowledge I have amongst you beauties and try to help those afraid shimmer out of their comfort zones! Hope you love bunnies enjoyed, stay tuned, XOXO, your Lilz.