Thursday, September 15, 2016

Jesse's Girl 2016 Masquerade Pallet: Review, Dupes, and Swatches (3 eye makeup looks)

                    Gosh! Three weeks into September already, Fall truly has begun my friends. A lot of you love bunnies sent me private emails in leu of my Milani Cosmetics Earthy Elements Pallet review on products you'd fancy me giving a bit of my input on, or for plain out swatches and comparisons! While paroozing the drugstore last night, I came upon Jeese's Girl 2016 Masquerade Pallet, and boy, was I taken back by all the wonderful colors.  It's not often you see a drugstore pallet with minimal neutrals and tons of color, I personally search high and low for the most color possible, so this was a pleasant surprise! Below you shall endure a thorough review encompassing the concepts of pigment, versatility, and overall pallet structure. Due to me purchasing this pallet outright, without an endorsement, EVERYTHING happens to be my opinion, which mean those opinions are strictly based on previous experiences, and current observations, therefore, my review is as good as gold!

                      Despite beauty bloggers, and beauty lovers around the word never delving into what brands quite represent fully, this is why you have a Lilz, she let's ya' know a little bit about certain company's and what they bring too the table that separates them from most! According to, specifically their 'About' page, it states the following, "....Jesse’s Girl is a hit with women who value top-quality products but not necessarily department store prices. High-quality products combined with very attractive pricing are both keys to the company’s successes. In today’s economy, many department-store cosmetics fans are switching to drugstore budget brands." Clearly, a  30 colored bright eyeshadow pallet for $4.99, is more appealing then a $30.00 pallet featuring brights, but numerous dupable hues. Speaking of dupes, if you take a peak to the left of this paragraph, you shall see a few obvious dupes I discovered! Many come from the Bh Cosmetics 28 Foiled Eyeshadow Pallet, but some can even top over to high end low priced brands such as Makeup Geek Cosmetics-- the difference is simply price. There are NO WORDS to describe how buttery in pigment each color is! In fact, for being shimmers, it's amazing that these hues actually are distinct in their own ways.  Normally shimmers, though I consider these foiled shadows, lack pigment and go on rough, not Jesse's Girl! I personally believe the formulation of this product is impeccable, and I enjoy how short and sweet the list is, view the ingredients below to grasp an understanding of what truly is in your products, do be noted not all substances are good for your skin. 

Ingredients in Jesse's Girl 2016 Masquerade Pallet
Mica, Talc, Dimethyl Silicone, Magnesium Stearate, Mineral Oil, Polyethylene Waxes, Kaolin, Polyisobutene, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, BHT May Contain: CI 19140, CI 16035, CI 77891, CI 77742, CI 77007, CI 61570, CI 77510, CI 77491, CI 77492,CI 77499,CI 42090

Mica: Mineral Glimmer
Talc: Smooth application, no cakey finishes
Mineral Oil: Orderless oil made of petroleum (BAD FOR EARTH, AND SKIN)
Methyl Paraben: Preservative 

               Before moving forward I would like to shed light on the fact although mineral oil is terrible for the Earth, and in my opinion detrimental to the skin, since after all it tis' petroleum, the oil happens to be approved by the states, you just have to be aware it comes with toxins and pore clogging substances! Check out this article by Britta Aragon to find out more about Mineral Oil, and decipher what you truly feel towards the movement on banning this ingredient: 3 Key Reasons to Avoid Mineral Oil. ALRIGHTY, back to the actual pallet at hand! All swatches were done using my finger, and were completed without a primer handy! I am a fond believer that primers are only necessary if you're planning on wearing your makeup more than an hour, or if you're working with known, disastrous shadows.  Fortunately, as you can visually observe from the images above, and to the right of this paragraph, ALL colors exemplify professional quality pigment, with one swipe! I was intrigued after the first swatches, but after I realized all 30 colors exemplified the same buttery texture, it became apparent this pallet is a GEM in the drugstore. Typically foiled shadows, such as the infamous Makeup Geek ones as mentioned before, are very pigmented, require only one swiping of pigment, and add a beautiful touch to your overall makeup look! These break boundaries. From unique hues of pink, to interesting foiled tropical colors, it's an impossibility for someone to say they aren't in love!

                 Just because a pallet is not a mixture of mattes and shimmers, which some might say makes it incomplete, doesn't mean you can't use it as an everyday go to! For example, I managed to create these three beautiful, and quite differently styled, eye makeup looks using JUST the Jesse's Girl 2016 Masquerade mattes needed ;). Cut creases have always been defined by mattes, but guess what, as long as the shadow is buttery and creamy, the matte part shouldn't phase you! As you blend you'll find a lot of these shades truly turn into foils, NOT shimmers, thus making them much more workable with than typical drugstore shadow brands. Overall, I would completely recommend this pallet to ANYONE, that includes beginners and intermediate beauty users-- better getcha' paws on this one, I happened to grab the last one my local CVS carried yesterday night! Till' next time love bunnies, kisses XOXO, Your Lilz.

Pigment: 5/5
(very pigmented; vivid)
Texture: 4/5
(if you SCRUB the shadows, it is chalky)
Compact: 5/5
(travel friendly)
Overall: 5/5