Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Glamorous Matte & Metallic Smokey Eye Autumn Makeup Tutorial

                       Boy, is the air crisp outside, or what?! Good morning everyone, hope all of you had a restful sleep. After picking up a few products from the drugstore primarily bought for review a few days ago, I had the epiphany to work around Wet N' Wild's Cherry Bomb Matte Lipstick, and to create a beautiful mixture of fall hues ranging from deep berry, to brunt orange!  This completely glam tutorial is PERFECT for special events, and even works well for occasions where you wish to be dazzling. With that being said, get your blending brushes ready, it's go time. Ooo almost forgot, the mermaid tutorial will have an upload date that tis' postponed. For now stay content with a few much waited for reviews and trendy makeup looks...I think it makes up for it ;)!

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 22 Total
Notes: Glowy Skin, Fall Forward,  Smokey Eye, Metallic, Long-Lasting

*Nars Multiple(s): Portofino; Copacabana
Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; One (1) Pump of Primer

                 The idea here is QUICK, to the point glam.  That means when you awaken, get your butt to the sink, splash a few cold and hot water amounts to your skin, moisturize, then make way to your vanity! Inadequate skin care often causes, the inevitable, horrid skin conditions of dry patches, and oiliness-- by taming these two prevalent, and frankly undesirable skin effects, you instantly shorten the amount of time it takes to apply makeup, since your stress shifts from, "OH GOSH, I CANT COVER THIS PATCH, UGH"; "UGH, even with all the powder in the world, still, a slick", to "ahhh, that's the way I like it, smooth applications, baby!" Yes, I have a way with words.  Anyhow, after I personally went through the ropes of declogging my pores, I went right ahead and applied a pump of my Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Cococnut Face Primer onto all zones of my face beginning from the center, evenly disbursing out towards my hairline with soothing massaging motions. This primer in specific, you loves know, I have RAVED about! Especially if you have dry skin, that worsens with the colder weather, this is truly an investment of a product. Foundation wise I smudged the Anastasia Beverly Hill's Stick Foundation in my shade Ivory with a few slashes onto each zone of my face, then with my Morphe M439 brush began softly buffing the product in with a series of WIDE circular blends, and slight stipples for areas needing extra coverage! As a quick tip, keeping your primer supple and not allowing it to dry down completely, makes foundation application MUCH easier, and allows even the toughest of creams to shell out like silk. 

                 Let's face it (no pun intended), sticks make life a dream to live in during the morning hours. Less tools need to be equipped, and less effort needs to be exerted! With that being the case, after fully blending in my foundation, I pulled out my Nars Multiple Sticks in Portofino, and Copacabana, then smudged BOTH across either highlighting zones, or onto the apples of my cheeks streaking up towards my hairline. Pairing the two together creates an ease for blending, once again! Speaking of blending, I actually used my Morphe M439 once more since it contains dense bristles, and stippled ALL the product together in one straight shoot with slight pricking motions-- Copacabana and Portofino should NOT mix during this process, if needed be creative and use sides of the M439 to yield perfect finishes. I personally dig high glowing finishes, so I dusted on Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder in Grace onto the high points of my face (any areas Copacabana was smudged onto) using a Mac Duo-Fibre 132 brush! Cherry Bomb is such a stunning shade, it actually dupes Mac Cosmetics Diva lipstick quite well too.  The shade was applied to my lips in two coatings--the first coating was an outline as this isn't a sharp bullet, and the second coating was to create a full coverage dark lip. Many of you know, I'm not fond of using an excess of product, unless it is necessary! Generally in the fall you can let go of ALL that setting powder, and rock light powder foundations, with ease. With that being the case, using my all time favorite Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation, I firmly patted the warm ivory color across all highlighting zones of my face with a semi-damp Beauty Blender Pro, a main emphasis was kept on my under eye area. It's always a smart idea to have handy a setting spray, so as always I spritz on a few pumps of Mac's Prep + Prime Fix+, this product works perfectly for my sensitive skin! 
*Morphe Brushes Individual Eyeshadow Pan(s): Toasted Hazelnut (all over lid, in crease); Caramelized (all over lid, in crease); Cafe Macchiato (lower lash line, lid); Trouble (inner v); Mysterious (lower lash line); Crystal (inner corners)
*Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadow Pan, Bitten (crease)
*Violet Voss Glitter, Copperella
 *Mac Kohl Liner, Smolder
*KoKo Lashes, Marilyn
                 As long as you have some sort of gradience of hues present, that means a burnt orange, reddish brown, and deep brown black, the rest truly doesn't matter.  Point is, NEVER stress trying to collect all the products I used for a certain tutorial, dupes are a thing of the future my friends! Kickstarting the eye makeup right into action, I began by softly filling my eyebrows in using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn. Though some of you MIGHT wanna' include a primer, I felt these shades were pigmented on their own and didn't need an extra layer pasting underneath em'.   Unfortunately, many of the Morphe Brushes eye shadows used for this tutorial are no longer sold.  This might be attributed to a liquidation sale since the shadows are cheap, but quite a few classics have vanished from the website, odd! Moving past that, I started off the shadows with Toasted Hazelnut, a warm taupey hue.  The color was brushed across my lids and up into my crease with a series of side to side blending motions using a fluffy Morphe E22 Pointed Blender! Continuing with the same blending idea, I swapped brushes for a M433 brush, swirled into Caramelized, then proceeded to concentrating the deep golden orange across my lids, and specifically into the creasing of my eye socket with fluent circular blends. Before building up the crease any further, I transitioned into Cafe Macchiato and smudged the beautiful color across my lower lash line up and up onto my lid-- view it as a reversed check mark! Since we're now down below, I finished up the lower lash line work by smudging Mysterious across the inner third, and Crystal into the tear ducts of my eyes with a tiny Mac 231 precision shader brush.  If you desire a full blown metallic effect, spray Fix+ onto your 231 brush, and the rest shall follow ;)!

                        See, look how quick and simple that was! For as long as you stick to a beat and path of side blends with tiny circular motions peaking out, this should't take more than 8 minutes, tops, to fully complete. The last two eyeshadows applied to my eyes is Bitten by Makeup Geek, and Trouble by Morphe Brushes! Concisely said, as I know redundant speech is QUITE ANNOYING, I smudged Bitten into the creasing of my eye socket to yield a sense of vibrancy, then deepened things up and created drama by softly swirling Trouble towards the inner v of my eye. Liner wise, I first applied Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner in Trooper, then went over the line made, fully, using the liquid foil side apart of Touch In Sol's Metallist Eyeshadow Duo in Margaret.  Don't be afraid to build up pigment on this color, or even apply a secondary glitter shade on top such as what I did by firmly patting Copperella by Violet Voss onto Margaret.  All that will do is bring out your eyes more! Top drama is great, but sometimes a bit of definition is NEEDED for the lower parts, this way a balance occurs. To yield a balance I smudged Mac's Kohl Liner in Smolder across my waterlines, then went ahead and coated my lashes numerous times using L'Oreal's Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara. BEHOLD, the FINAL step...applying falsies! I had an itch to use my Huda Beauty Scarlett lashes again, but then realized my mood shifted oh so Marilyn.  Hope you beauties enjoyed, love you all XOXOX, Your Lilz!