Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chic Frosty Shimmering Blue Makeup Tutorial

                    Welcome back cutie patooties! I am pleased to see MANY of you enjoyed my Enchanted Princess Giselle recreation tutorial.  If you create your OWN makeup look based off of my Giselle, be sure to tag me on Instagram with the tag #thaeyeballqueen, I love sharing out fun inspired looks! Speaking of Enchanted, that posting marked the end of the pink reign-- for about four blog posts in, I have incorporated a wide usage of pink as it tis' a beloved color of mine.  With realizing the world is simply not in all shades of pink, for today I've amped up a classic frosty smokey eye with a neutral peachy yet demure lip color! Easily, anyone of ANY skill level could replicate the makeup presented down below.  You must have patience. Steady aims (firm grip, focus on blending) are in all honesty unnecessary, since two crease colors were used-- not much definition is needed! Hope you beauties enjoy this tutorial as much as I did generating it, love ya XOXO. 
Time to Complete This Tutorial: 22 Minutes Total
Notes: Glowy Skin, Low End + High End, Simple Color Spectrum, Long-Lasting

Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; One (1) Pump of Primer
*Nars Blush, Gaiety
*Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Highlight, Pink Light
*Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick, Musk
                       Let's begin, shall we?! Primer, used as a preparatory coating base prior to actual product application, sadly is often forgotten or misused in many makeup routines. As said countless times by myself, ALWAYS choose a primer that'll benefit your overall skin conditions at that moment in time! If you'd take note, I typically ONLY use my Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer.  Being I have yet to find anything that cures my dry skin, as it is a family trait, this bad boy hydrates enough to yield a supple complexion sans dry patches! Proof? I'm able to use a combination to OILY skinned foundation.  How's that for hydration? Anyhow, back to the blog post tutorial.  Using a pump of the Marc Jacobs Coconut primer, squirted promptly onto the center of my left palm, I clenched my hands together this way a product disbursement would occur, then began softly smoothing the creamy formula onto my skin starting from the center of my face, evenly blending towards my hairline! After waiting a good 3 (three) minutes to see visible sinking in of the product, I picked up Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation in my shade Ivory, then went ahead and smudged tiny heart imprints across the 4 planes of my face. I happen to have a huge dry patch on my right cheek, so I coated the patch few times BEFORE blending in! Using a freshly washed Morphe Brushes M439, I softly, yet firmly, buffed the foundation into my skin using a variety of WIDE circular blends, and slight stipples for the dry patches. Wow, I didn't realize how SIMILAR the product list is between this blog post and my previous until now! Moving along to blusher, I chose Gaiety by Nars simply because the bright and powerful pink adds a sweet touch to the overall face makeup.  With my Sephora Collection #74 brush, I swiftly swirled, and blended, the build-able coverage blush across my cheeks beginning from the apples going up towards my hairline!

                      Just as said with my sneak peak post on Instagram, the Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder product is sensational! Though it holds up well staying power wise, and typically falls between a cream and powder, my dry skinned loves know the benefits TRUE cream products can bring prior to any powder application. With that being the case, I first smudged on Revlon's PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlight stick in Pick Light onto the main high points of my face, then blended Grace Star Powder across those exact zones with a Mac Duo-Fibre 159 Brush! I tend to concentrate my highlight down the center of my nose and on the APPLES of my cheeks. Finding an adequate lip color was a difficulty today, unfortunately! Red? Yeah...not gonna' cut it, unless you'd fancy an 80's look. Perhaps a light pink! Suitable...but too basic.  A brown-pink that's sorta' peachy? Never though of it, but whhhhewww-weeee, does it look hot against the frosty blue hues.  Bite Beauty's Luminous Creme Lipstick in the shade Musk, highly coveted, is one of my all time favorite colors, can't ya' tell by this wink ;)? To set my skin I quickly dusted Nars's Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder under my eyes, and on the sides of my nose with a Sephora Pro Large Teardrop Brush, thhheeeeennn sprayed on Mac's Fix+ to not only rejuvenate the makeup, but to prevent powdery and cakey finishes in future wear time.
*Morphe Brushes Eye Shadow Pan,  Breakfast At Tiffaneez (all over lid/crease color)
*Mac Cosmetics Eye ShadowElectric Eeel (inner v)
*Jesse's Girl Cosmetics 2016 Masquerade Pallet: Row 1, Column 3 (inner corners); Row 2, Column 3 (across lid)
*Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow Pigment, Grand Tiara (eyeliner)
*Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art, Cobalt Crystal (glitter side packed up under lower lash)
 *Mac Kohl Liner, Smolder
*KoKo Lashes, Bella
             Is it me, or do you beauties enjoy elaborate looks of this nature to a higher level than my dark smokey eyes? Despite many of you asking for a wider variety of neutral makeup looks, my colors always do the best, as far as reactions go. Anyhow, to begin the eye makeup I filled my brows in using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in my shade Auburn with a Morphe G11, then brushed over excess foundation left on my M439 bristles across my lids!  Always keep in mind, concealer acts as JUST a good priming base as primer itself. Interestingly, the overall "how-to" for the eye makeup lies restfully between a ton of washing over blends and a bit of precision glitter wise, other than that, as said earlier, a beginner COULD take this on! With that being said, swirling heavily into Breakfast At Tiffaneez by Morphe Brushes, I began softly blending the shade across my lids with side to side blending motions, then took the color down to my lower lash line with slight circling gestures, anddddd cradled everything back up towards my crease. Breakfast At Tiffaneez should be more or less a transitional and all over lid/crease shade! To maintain the fair color spectrum, I only went one shade in depth, that being Electric Eeel my Mac Cosmetics. Whether you choose to go vibrant as I did, or muted, the color should STILL be lightly smudged into the inner v, with considerable pressure, I used a M433 Morphe Brush to accomplish this. As you loves can see a bit of shimmer is prevalent! Being I just reviewed the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics 2016 Masquerade Pallet, I felt it was the prefect time to ACTUALLY use it. I first applied Row 1, Column 3 onto the inner corners of my eyes with my ring finger, surprisingly, then patted Row 2, Column 3 across my lids for a touch of icy blue shimmer! It's up to you in the mannerism of what tool you'd fancy using.  Fingers, with drugstore products, especially creamy shadow, comes naturally to me.

               Eyeliner is probably the easiest thing about this whole eye makeup look! Think about it.  All you must do is firmly pat in tiny systematic pushes a glittering silver, and all is set! I went for Sugarpill's Loose Eyeshadow Pigment in Grand Tiara, because this unlike other pigments DOES NOT require a base, and has instant pigment. As you might of guessed, I packed on the glimmering silver across my upper lash line, following the formation of a typical cat wing with the G11 as used in the prior steps! I haven't had a chance to use Revlon's PhotoReady Eye Art, that was gifted so graciously to me by my mommy, so today I got a bit of Cobalt Crystal action.  Simply said, using the glitter side ONLY, I gently packed on the glittering texture to my lower lash line until a noticeable amount was present! This actually takes time to dry, for future references. The last three steps include smudging Mac's Kohl Liner in Smolder across one's waterline, applying a mascara of your choice (L'Oreal Miss Manga), as well as falsies of your choice (KoKo Lashes Bella)! The reason why I always say "of your choice" when it comes to lashes is I realize many beauties have their preferences, its smarter realizing someone might pair more dramatic falsies with this shadow style, since everyone's face looks different depending on the lash style.  I hope you cuties enjoyed, love you all, XOXO, your Lilz!