Thursday, August 4, 2016

X-Men 90's Jean Grey/Phoenix Inspired Wearable Makeup Tutorial

                                     Happy Wednesday everyone, hope your day has gone well, and if it hasn't I wish for it too lighten up! Not sure if any of you recall, BUT a few months ago I had begun the "Superhero/Villain" series, Batman Vs. Superman: Dark Wonder Woman  and Marvel Infinity Stones Tutorial ring a bell?! If it doesn't, fear not the series only had one tutorial slotted in, and now two as of today :). Jean Grey is such an inspirational strong character in the Marvel universe! From possessing telepathic powers "...enabling her to read minds, [being able too] project her thoughts into the minds of others, initiate astral travel, and mentally stun opponents with pure psionic force..." ( she truly is amazing, thus I had to recreate a makeup look featuring her 90's blue and yellow costume, view the photo to your right! Phoenix is definitely a complex women inhibiting extremely strong willed qualities not many have, making her unique...sadly she is one of which that switched sides due to her evil inured overriding her...but c'est la vie I LOVE HER COSTUME HAHA. To really demonstrate these qualities while making the look still wearable I added hints of glitter, representing her telekinetic nature, and a bright vibrant lip to emphasize her quick changing intellectual side! Do be noted this tutorial will take a bit of patience to complete, but the final product is priceless, I think this will rank number one on your all month October Halloween inspired looks ;)...oh am I the only person who does that...and is thinking of Halloween already? Oops.

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 27 Minutes
Notes: Vibrant, Long Lasting, Natural Glowy Finish, Colorful, Wearable, Inspired 

*Dose of Colors Lipstick, Play Date

Instagram: Thaeyeballqueen
Twitter: Thaeyeballqueen
YouTube: Lilz Trueman 

                                        I can't believe BodhiTreeNaturals is a brand many are unaware of...even I was blinded at some point! As being one with extremely sensitive skin, I always have to be one step ahead at choosing my skin care products, even if that means paying a lil' extra. Fortunately for me, BodhiTreeNaturals offers a wide range of products! From under eye brightening serums, to CUSTOMIZABLE, yes I said customizable infused moisturizers at affordable prices, this my friends is a brand worth it's while.  Speaking of infused moisturizers, before applying any makeup to my bare skin I smoothed their Dry Face Cream (scent I chose is Lavender, preservative I chose is Apple Cider Vinegar) across all zones of my face starting from the center (my nose), massaging out towards my hairline! This bad boy absorbs directly into my pores within seconds, thus no wait time was needed, I proceeded right onto the priming stage.  Using exactly two pumps of the Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer (pumped directly into my palm), I rubbed my hands together and just as I applied the moisturizer above, spread it evenly across all zones of my face, this leaves my skin uber hydrated and ready to be tinted! Holding my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer brush steadily, I plopped a pump of the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation in 14 Ivory Medium straight to the center of my bristles, then began blending it onto my skin with large circular motions. Do be noted stipples, pats, and all the above are used ONLY when one needs extra coverage and intends on manipulating the amount given at hand; large circular blends disburse the product evenly in light sheer layers, it's the opposite rather, use whatever works best for you :)! I love how I gave you beauties a song and a dance on stipples yet the next step involves this very action, crying out loud.  For a subtle flush of color I pricked the E.L.F Studio Stipple Brush straight into Mac's Relaxation Cream Color, and from that pricking began softly blending it onto the apple of my cheeks gently stippling up towards my hairline! Blush can create just as much of a contoured look as contoured powders let alone, however if you desire adding a warm surge of color, be my guest, I personally opted out of this step as I like my coverage light and airy.

                                 To add a natural radiance, I smudged Cover Fx's Click Highlighter stick in Bubbly onto any high points of my face-- these include the tops of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, a tad on my cupids bow and on the center of my chin/forehead!  Switching back to the E.L.F. Studio Stipple Brush I then lightly brushed Grace Star Powder by Gerard Cosmetics on those EXACT areas Bubbly originally touched.  Adding the highly reflective powder not only emphasizes the glow, but it enhance one's features to a greater extent! Red lipstick and purple lipstick sadly are two shades that DID NOT fit the eye makeup well, it took away from the shimmering and fun loving nature the glittery hues brought. Instead I chose my Dose of Color Lipstick in Play Date and coated my lips twice over until I had a vibrant yet wearable unique pink color visible! Too begin finishing up I dusted Bobbi Brown's Skin Weightless Powder Foundation in 1 Warm Ivory under highlighting zones of my face (under eyes, sides of nose, ect.), then sprayed on Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray for ensured wear time...after all, Jean Grey has a long day ;).
*Morphe Brushes Individual Eyeshadow Pan(s): Ocean Frost (lower lash line, center-third of lid) 
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan/ Foiled Eyeshadow Pan(s):  Center Stage (inner v); Poolside (lower lash line)
*Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Pallet, Revolt (inner corners); Chaos (crease)
*Violet Voss Glitter, Goldie 
*Glitter Injections Pressed Glitter: Baby Tears
*Morphe Brushes Cream Eyeshadow, Blew
 *Mac Kohl Liner, Smolder
*KoKo Lashes, Amore
                               Alright love bunnies, let's begin the eye makeup! Brows are extremely important.  From framing one's face beautifully, to emphasizing the makeup at hand in a defining manner, having at least a splash of color to fill in sparse areas is a MUST. I personally like to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in my shade Auburn since it quickly zooms through both brows in a timely fashion! The slanted tip is sooooo much better than the more popular "Brow Wiz" which contains a rounded bullet like point.  Anyhow, enough with the brows onto the priming! The primer you choose isn't quite a concern today, just make sure it yields a vibrant finish AND remains rather sticky for glitter particles to come.  My pick? Mac's Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study! I softly smudged the shimmery beige across both my lids and made sure to blend excess up toward my brow bones and under my lower lash lines, this will come in handy for the foiled colors too. The first color applied to my lids is Wish List from the Too Faced Le Grand Palais Eyeshadow Pallet-- do be noted this pallet is no longer sold, however any warm toned gold shall do! Using my Mac 224 flat shader eyeshadow brush I firmly smudged into the golden color, then began patting it onto the inner third my lid with gentle up and down motions.  With the same brush present, I then took Ocean Frost by Morphe Brushes and applied it to the other half of my eyelid, the center and outer third! I suggest using side to side sweeps for this intensive blue as it'll build pigment up faster as opposed to tiny pats. If you have excess product left on your brush, smoke Ocean Frost across your lower lash line, then pick up Poolside by Makeup Geek and smudge it onto the outer third and inner third of your lower lash line, this shall build up drama and dimension for Baby Tears by Glitter Injections! Speaking of Baby Tears, dipping my pinky in the pressed glitter pigment I gently smeared it onto the center of my lower lash line, specifically onto of Ocean Frost.  

                      Moving back above, I began to work on the crease with Chaos being my first shade! Taking my highly defusing Morphe E22 Pointed Blender, I firmly patted the bright blue pigment onto the outer third of my lid, then gradually blended the shade in with side to side motions until I reached just below my brow bone. For added depth while still keeping a vibrant vibe abreast, I switched to a more defining blender, the M433 Morphe Brush, then took Center Stage Foiled Eyeshadow by Makeup Geek and softly smudged it into the inner V of my eye-- I prefer starting from the outer third of my lid and working inwards following the NATURAL creasing of my eye socket.  If needed, you can always dip back into Chaos and blend it back in to soften the crease up! Since I had the Electric Pallet out, I took my cleaned pinky finger once more and smudged Revolt into the inner corners of my eyes, any shimmering color shall do. The finishing up steps include; an applying of Baby Tears onto Ocean Frost, on my lids of course, then and application of Goldie by Violet Voss straight onto Wish List, or the inner third of my lid.  As far as eyeliner goes I used the Morphe Brushes Cream Eyeshadow in Blew and formed medium thick winged lines extended out towards my hairline using a Sephora Collection Pro Angled Liner Brush #22; my waterline consists of Mac's Smolder Kohl liner, and lastly the lashes happen to be a mixture of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and KoKo falsies in Amore.  Hope you cuties enjoyed, sit tight, more tutorials will be posted up hehe!