Monday, August 22, 2016

Transition Into Autumn: Vibrant Colorful Summer Warmth Makeup Tutorial

                      While I did tease you beauties on Instagram last night with an EXTREMELY dark and vampy makeup tutorial, I felt posting it would be ridiculous as my mood is through the roof, in a good way, haha! This more than likely plays true for most, but whenever I am generally happy, dark colors do not draw towards me, thus in tern making myself sabotage each photo taken subconsciously, IF of course I were too use the different just doesn't flow.  Instead, I have an extremely bright, almost Spring like tutorial that fits the transition of Summer to Fall beautifully!  Although some associate the transition with warm molten coppers, and deep bronzes with a pop of color, perhaps, I myself feel the spectrum is ENDLESS.  Think about it! Summer, means vibrancy, Fall means depth and warmness...put the two together and ya' got a super smokey yet wearable look encompassing both color (purples, deep blues; cool tones), and a sense of warmness (yellows, pinks; warm tones). Never fear working outside of your comfort zone, you might find color is EASIER to manipulate than neutral colors as color is easily built up and when paired correctly can contrast hues in unique ways! If, however, you crave darker yet STILL vibrant colors, take a peak at my Vibrant Mulberry & Muted Citrus tutorial ;).

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 32 Minutes
Notes: Lightweight, Long Wearing, Natural Glowy Finish, Unique Color Scheme, Melt Proof

*NYX Cream Blush, Boho Chic
Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; One and a Half (1 1/2) Pump of Foundation; One and a Half (1 1/2) Pump of Primer
*YSL Glass Volupte, 202 Rose Jersey 

                    Skipping your morning cleaning routine is a skin suicide mission in itself, but I shall prevail and not internally freak out that I, thaeyeballqueen, Lillee Jean Trueman...didn't wash my skin this morning, THOUGH I have a good reasoning behind it as too why! First off, when you complete a skin peel the night before, shave off excess hairs, and then get 5 hours of sleep, unrestfully, your skin becomes highly sensitive to not only the sun (I hardly burn), but to itself as the products layered on top of it can cause larger issues than intended. With that being said, I first applied a very sheer yet generous coating of the BodhiTreeNaturals Coconut Dry Face Cream, then to prevent over usage of brushing against my skin, I melded the priming and foundation stage together by taking a pump and a half of my Marc Jaocbs Under Cover Perfecting Face Primer, and a pump and a half of my Becca Coverage Complexion Creme Foundation onto the back of my hand! Being I have dry skin, the worst thing that could occur is a major tugging against the damaged areas due to insufficient coverage, worst case scenario I'd have to pour excess back into the bottle.  Anyhow, picking up my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer, I began by swirling the two formulas together (made Becca's foundation very smooth and creamy), then from that swirling softly blended the product combination onto my face starting from my left cheek working counter clock wise down towards my chin-- circular motions were stuck with mainly as stipples can be quit abrasive! With little time left for the creamy formula to settle into my pores, I quickly applied Nyx's Cream Blush in Boho Chic across the apples of my cheeks moving up towards my hairline using that same M439 brush, do be noted the longer you wait for drying time, the more the product settles in, thus leaving a craved upon glowy finish...out the door. 

                   Speaking of glow finishes, to achieve a natural yet noticeable radiance I smudged Cover Fx's Enhance Click Highlighter in Bubbly across the high points of my face (cheekbones, bridge of my nose, cupid's bow, forehead, chin), blended it in gradually using Mac's 132 Brush, then set the glow using Moonstone by Becca Cosmetics! Let's not forget, even during the early days of September, weather can BEAMING hot, the last thing you'd want is a melting highlight, tear. As far as the lips go, I applied Milani's Color Statement Lipstick in 26 Nude Creme, then topped it off with YSL's 202 Rose Jersey, this formed a gorgeous melody of hues between the eye makeup, and lippies! To set my skin I began by dusting the bareMinerals Mineral Veil powder across all highlighting zones of my face (mainly under eyes, and on the jawline) using the Sephora Collection #73 brush, then firmly patted Bobbi Brown's Skin Weightless Powder Foundation in my shade 1 Warm Ivory under my eyes and on the sides of my nose using a Beauty Blender Pro too ensure a matte finish would yield here all day long, this works effectively in covering blemishes as well. As a finishing touch I sprayed Mac's Fix+ across all zones of my face, as well as angles, and wah-lah, set for life ;)!
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans/ Foiled Shadows: Day Dreamer (inner third); Pixie Dust (center)
*Morphe Brushes Single Eyeshadow Pan(s): Glow For Me (transitional); Brick (crease); Grape Day (inner v)
*Lime Crime Venus Pallet: Muse (inner V)
*KoKo Lashes, Amore
            Sometimes having a light, and soft smokey eye riddled with shimmer is all you need, drama will follow after, no pun intended. Just as always I began by defining my brows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Auburn, followed by a gentle filling in to achieve natural definition, then I smudged on Cashmere Jumbo Eye Pencil by Nyx Cosmetics too form a shimmering sticky base! Tedious work is over my loves, time ta' shadow it up. Rather in my last tutorial where I worked from the crease inwards, today we shall work "normally" by handling the lids first! With that being said, picking up my Mac 231 Brush, I brushed against Day Dreamer eyeshadow by Makeup Geek then proceeded to firmly patting/smudging it onto the inner third of lids, be sure to build up adequate pigment as I went back ONCE for touch ups. Using that same brush, I picked up Pixie Dust and once again applied it to my lids, this time the center with wider spread side to side smudges! Being Pixie Dust is EXTREMELY similar in tone to Sour Lemon by Mac Cosmetics, thus there was no need to wipe my brush off, I decided to take care of my lower lash line by smudgin' this bad boy across in two fluent swoops. Moving back above, I began handling the crease by dusting Glow For Me eye shadow by Morphe Brushes straight into the natural definition my eye socket holds using a Morphe E22 Pointed Blender Brush, stick with side to side motions for an evenly disbursed finish! Switching brushes to a denser, and thinner packed bristled formation, in specific my Morphe M433 Brush, I swirled into Brick eyeshadow by once again Morphe, and softly blended the muted red into the creasing of my eye using gentle side sweeps, the goal here is too achieve extreme color with faint touches. For a bit of depth, I went into Muse from Lime Crime's Venus Pallet and proceeded to circularly blending this inwards towards the outer third of my lid moving up and out above the inner third of my lid, this shade was followed by Grape Day eyeshadow, be noted BOTH were HEAVILY smoked in my inner v, without it there'd be no contrast! 

                            Before finishing up, I swished my Mac 224 Tapered Blending Brush throughout my crease with a series of side to side and circular blending motions this way I could ensure a perfectly blended finish was achieved! For quite some time I thought my Anastasia Beverly Hills Creme Color in Jet was...well, dead, so to speak, until I found out this is a natural occurrence of the product and by adding an oil or as I did Fix+ the product becomes good as new. Simply said, using the #3 brush by Anastasia I not only lined my upper lash line with medium thick wings (view image above that showcases my eyelids closed as a reference point), I also thickly smudged Jet across my waterline with short side stroke motions! To yield a finish that almost "smokes" downwards toppling over the lower lash line hue, I prefer using the short stoke motions along with slight shimmings of the brush with side to side movements to ensure a heavy black color appears. For volumous and extremely defined lashes, I first coated my natural follicles using the Tarte Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara, then applied my KoKo Lashes in Amore! Apologies for going on a huge streak using these falsies, I am waiting for my Lady Moss Beauty order too process, in it withholds any available falsies...they seem to be sold out on my typical, so expect new and unique looks to come down the pipe.  Hope you love bunnies enjoyed XOXO, Lillee!