Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Transition Into Autumn: Molten Copper Seduction Makeup Tutorial

                       Welcome back love bunnies! After deciding a few days ago posting my vamp tutorial was a poor choice of timing as the Fall season is amongst us, not here entirely, I felt extrapolating certain details the look held such as deep red lips and glowing healthy skin was a good combination mixed with the concept of "molten copper seduction".  Second to Spring, Autumn is my favorite season! Not only can one can explore the many textures, hues, and deep color melding's offered during this time of year, but one's natural beauty can truly shine through as colder months yield generally LESS makeup application since the goal at hand is to keep your skin moisturized and flake free. I don't know about you beauties, but I am TIRED of these contouring trends! Contouring is meant for high fashion photoshoots-- besides the amount used, the reasoning behind this is because contouring EVERYDAY causes the epidermis layer to become laden in gunk, thus causing more breakouts, dull looking complexions (ever wonder why some gurus use so many facial products?), and in some causes a need for the usage of MORE product due to such a shift in tides! The whole point of my Transition Into Autumn series is to promote NATURAL looking women through the gates of makeup, this does NOT mean lip injections, cheek fillers, nor botox, just pure makeup used in moderation to yield striking complexions. Anyhow, let's get into the full details, I hope you cuties enjoy XOXO!

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 27 Minutes
Notes: Lightweight, Long-Wearing, Glowy Finish, Healthy, Seductive, Classic Color Scheme

*NYX Cream Blush, Tickled
Quarter Sized Amount;  Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer
*Colourpop Avenue Liquid Lipstick 

                  The beginning of September predominately is boiling hot in temperature, more so than the Summer months as ironic as that might seem! Just like over moisturizing is unsatisfactory in terms of overall skin health, OVER washing is a faulty in many beauty routines out there. YOU CANNOT BEAT A DEAD HORSE, wash when your skin needs it the most! That means once in the morning, and ONCE at nighttime, not three times a day, nor four.  Exposing the skin to harsh chemicals, as gentle as they might be, tears the skin layers up causing a dryness, thus forth causing the skin to produce more skin cells which causes scabs, and in some cases undesirable oily like textures...think what an onslaught of moisturizer can cause paired with excess washing, oh boy! With ALL that being said, today I let the washing slide and dug right into priming using my Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Primer. Personally, I amp up the amount used primer wise (one and a half pumps/ 1 1/2 pumps spread evenly across all zones of my face, hairline included) this way it forms a hydrated and ample like complexion BEFORE foundation is applied, I find myself using less concentrated pigments than before with this method! Speaking of foundation, once I allowed the primer to adequately sink into my pores, I poured a quarter sized amount of Nars's Sheer Glow Foundation in my shade Gobi onto the back of my hand, then proceeded to disbursing it onto my skin using a Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer. As a quick tip, if you're in a rush, try combining a series of LARGE circular motions with gentle stippling jesters, this'll provide you with a TON of coverage in less than one minute! Being my Morphe M439 serves many purposes, blush being one of em', I swirled right into Tickled Cream Blush by Nyx Cosmetics and firmly patted it across the apples of my cheeks moving up towards my hairline in two light coatings-- applying your blush this way creates and uplifted effect, no dark powders needed ;).

                    Why in the world would you wanna' look like a disco ball when achieving a healthy sheen is much more desirable, and simpler too?! Though I know mannnny of you prefer high shine appearances, keep in mind when the weather turns below zero, the pores become MORE noticeable, thus making your sheens look like slabs of ice stuck to the high points of your face...not cute.  I prefer using a tiny pea-sized amount of Nars's Liquid Illuminator paired with my Natasha Denona All Over Glow Face & Body Shimmer because both work to SET each other and to achieve an actual skin like glow! As you might of guessed, both were applied mainly to the tops of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose using a freshly cleaned Mac Duo-Fibre 159 Brush. There is something SO sexy about deep burgundy! Could it be that the color looks stellar on ANY skin tone? Or the fact it tis' simply amazing? I'll let you deiced that one yourself, for now be content in knowing I first applied ColourPop's Avenue Liquid Lipstick to my lips, then topped it over with Revlon's Infatuation Matte Lipcolor. This pairing forms a unique deep blue toned red with peaks of yellow that is ASSURED a long lasting finish! When it's 80 degrees outside, most of us go to setting powder heaven, but sadly in the Fall brisk breezes shatter powdery finishes, you miiiiight wanna' include a setting spray in this. For me, I dusted Nars's Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder across my under eye area and on the sides of my nose using a Sephora Pro Large Teardrop Pointed Powder Brush, then sprayed on my Urban Decay All Nighter Spray as this product in particular rejuvenates the complexion and removes powdery appearances! 
*Morphe Brushes Individual Eyeshadow Pan(s): Spice (transitional); Trouble (inner v, lower lash line)
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan(s): Cocoa Bear (crease); Rapunzel (tear ducts); Creme Brûlée (crease); Flame Thrower (lower lash line, lid)
*Sugarpill Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow, Penelope (lid)
*KoKo Lashes, Amore
       Am I the only person that goes to do their brows and ends up with a tiny piece of brow definer flying out of the container? Hopefully not, because goodness me, I didn't realize my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Auburn was almost up, thanks for reminding me, old...pal?! Aside from this wonderfulness, once I had my brows somewhat filled in, I went STRAIGHT into applying eyeshadow, no primer was needed as Makeup Geek and Morphe shadows have a tendency to apply best without sticky bases, at least from my findings. With that being said, I began by first swirling into Spice eyeshadow by Morphe Brushes using an E22 Pointed Blender this way on the spot pigment could be dealt with, ALTHOUGH I always recommend starting small, then building up! From that swirling I blended the vibrant pumpkin orange across my crease with side to side motions disbursing out towards the wee end tail of my brows, try aiming for SMOKEY effects, and always keep in mind this is ONLY the transitional hue, thus added pigment build-up is truly un-needed. To form a bit of drama, and definition, I switched brushes to a Morphe M433 as well as shadows to Makeup Geek's Creme Brûlée, and dusted the color into my crease using a series of tiny circular blends, and form fitting side sweeps molding against the natural creasing of my eye socket. Once I had Creme Brûlée worked in beautifully, I picked up Cocoa Bear and proceeded to using the SAME form fitting blending motions as used previously, this color is EXTREMELY important since it creates a sense of warmth and blends Spice + Creme Brûlée together while forming a contrast. While a usage of black is typically what I'd go for when it comes to smokey eyes, I felt Trouble by Morphe was best suiting as this deep brown toned black isn't too intensive! The shade was softly smudged across my lower lash line and into the inner v of my eye socket with quick upward blending motions-- I thoroughly went though my crease using a Mac 224 Tapered Blending brush after to ensure an even and gradient blend was achieved. 

               As far as the lids go, I applied Flame Thrower foiled eyeshadow by Makeup Geek DIRECTLY to my lids, and to the inner third of my lower lash line using a Mac 231 Brush followed by a light patting of Sugarpill's Penelope Loose Eyeshadow on top to yield a glittery finish! For inner corner highlights stick with yellow toned shades such as Rapunzel by MUG Cosmetics, OR Ricepaper by Mac Cosmetics, opting in for neutral or pink tones will drag one's focus outwards rather inwards to the deep explosion of pigment. Noowwww onto the eyeliner! I first began by smudging Mac's Creme Eyeliner in standard black across my upper lash line forming two straight medium thick wings while doing so using my Mac 242 Shader Brush, then began smudging excess product across my waterline using downward side to side motions, try sticking within the bounds of HEAVY black liner melting down over the foiled shadows applied to your lower lash line. The mascara you choose is just as important as the eyeliner! A good mascara will never flake, nor clump, but WILL allow you to achieve smokey and full lashes.  MY pick? Tarte's Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara. If you wiggle the brush across your lower lash line while closely monitoring it, a deeper black effect will occur, no liner needed ;). This shall be one of the LAST days of using KoKo Lashes in Amore, sadly my babies are one step away from the trash, but on the ups my order from LMB (Lady Moss Beauty) should arrive shortly! Have a splendid evening lovies, have a good end to your week, kisses XOXO, Thaeyeballqueen, Lillee Jean Trueman.