Saturday, August 27, 2016

Transition Into Autumn: Glamorous Flirty Dark Burgundy and Vibrant Raspberry Makeup Tutorial

               Often times you will see sandy washes of color with pops of bronze during a viewing through numerous social media websites. Although this color scheme is timeless and quite beautiful on many women, no matter their coloring, what about pink? Pink can be just as stunning as it exudes notes of flirtatiousness and sensual womanly traits forth! With that being said, today I have in store for you love bunnies a vibrant raspberry tutorial with hints of dark burgundy and a splash of rosy pink. Before I get bombarded with comments correlating to "this appears more so like a Valentines day look than a glamorous transitioning tutorial", be noted there truly is nothing wrong with being a bit out of season! Going back to what I say pretty much every blog post, on embracing who YOU are through the gates of makeup, there truly are no barrier's.  Wanna be extra icy but it's practically Summer? GO FOR IT.  Wanna be flirty and in all shades of pink...but its October and around Halloween time? GO FOR IT.  You set your own trends, and trust me by doing the such, you'll be much happier as the world becomes a much smaller, and dealable place. Fall makeup trends are categorized by means of dark lips, metallic copper smokey eyes, and in some cases pops of color such as deep blue and deep purple mixed with natural eye makeup! Living a world of beige is frankly boring. Changing up your makeup methods, style, and color scheme is a good way to remain relevant and IN SEASON, if you catch my drift! Let's get into the full details, I hope you all enjoy, do be noted the tutorial shall be posted at a later day due to decoding processes.

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 18 Minutes
Notes: Lightweight, Long-Wearing, Glowy Finish, Seductive, Smokey, Glittery Liner

*LA Girl Velvet Blush Contour Stick, Plume 
 Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; 1 1/2 Pumps of Primer
*Nyx Butter Lipstick, Sweet Tart 

             Poor hygiene shows within any makeup look! Whether it be dry skin from not moisturizing, oily skin from OVER moisturizing, or plain out clogged dirty pores, it effects the way your makeup applies, and in some cases can cause one to apply MORE product due to false reality. Do ya' self a favor and at least splash cold/hot water onto your skin prior to makeup application this way the pores are opened and relived of any makeup, environmental gunk, and naturally occurring skin oils! Promptly be sure to either set your skin with a light coating of moisturizer, OR a beyond hydrating primer such as the Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer. Being I used my new Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation, I made sure to apply a hardy amount of my primer, 1 1/2 pumps (one and a half pumps) BEFORE any stick was smudged across my face. The primer was evenly disbursed across ALL zones followed by four minutes of setting in to ensure an adequate and ample complexion was ready for this natural matte finish foundation (view my review here: Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review & Swatches). For all my dried skin beauties out there pay CLOSE attention to the following sentences above, especially if you're eager on trying this product out and would rather a non caked or dry patch illuminating foundation! Anyhow, after I visibly saw the primer absorb into my pores I began by smudging tiny dashes of the product across all HIGH POINTS of my face this way when blending I can drag downwards thus forth not highlighting peach fuzz nor patches, the goal is to glide righhhht over. Taking my cleaned Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer, I adopted a series of WIDE circular motions as well as gentle yet firm stippling motions across zones needing a bit more coverage! Speaking of coverage, IF you happen to have redness on your cheeks, or perhaps dry patches, avoid building up coverage with this product, aim for cream blushes as they tend to be thicker and easier to cover over these symptoms. I personally went with Plume Contour Blush Stick by L.A. Girl and smudged it right across the apples of my cheeks in a swoop motion aiming up towards my hairline-- to yield decent coverage I smudged the stick back and forth in the same motion THEN picked up my M439 once more to softly blend the creamy blush in, DO NOT set this with a powder, and PLEASE do not sheer things out to the point it's invisible, the product will gradually tone down from the usage of setting powder and highlighting powder/liquid. 

              The trick with blush is to apply a buttload, then tone it down with highlighter. How is this done? Well, simply said, I begin by brushing dot amounts of Benefit's High Beam across the main 3 high points of my face (cheekbones, bridge of nose, Cupid's bow), blended the product in using a Mac Duo-Fibre 159 Brush, then using the highlighting shade from Make Up For Ever's Pro Sculpting Duo softly brushed it upon the exact areas High Beam originally touched, while layering every so SLIGHTLY over the tops of my apples this way the product is more reflective and once more, tones the blush down. For the lips I applied a combination of Nyx's Butter Lipstick in Sweet Tart with Buxom's Full-On Lip Polish in Zoe glided right on top! In the video I actually wear a deeper hue, scroll down to get a sneak peak at that, but I felt this was more flattering and high fashioned than the fun vibrant magenta. Setting wise, I brushed the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Powder across all highlighting zones of my face, mainly my under eye area and the sides of my nose using a Sephora Pro Large Teardrop Pointed Powder Brush, then sprayed on a decent amount of Fix+ by Mac Cosmetics to rejuvenate my complexion and remove powdery finishes! Especially if you're using this stick foundation out of the factor the color match is stellar be sure to have a setting spray equipped and ready to go at all times of the day, you will need it to prevent a shifting in product and to prevent a cakey like appearance. 
*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Strawberry Milk
*Lorac Unzipped Pallet: Unbridled (lid), Unreal (inner corners)
*Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pan(s)/ Eyeshadow,  Mu Mu Bloom (transitional shade)
*Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Pallet: Rebel (crease); Leader (inner V)
 *Mac Kohl Liner, Smolder
*KoKo Lashes, Amore
          Dealing with darker colors translates into a fear of colorful hue blending as well, hence forth why I melded the two categories together in an effort to tear down some walls you beauties have! Do excuse my thicker brow formation, I myself am rather proud because I was working off of a tiny stick of product left in my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, not too shabby if ya' ask me ;). After all the tedious steps were completed, that includes brow defining and primer application (Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Strawberry Milk), I moved straight along to the first shadow, that being Unbridled from Lorac's Unzipped Pallet! The eyeshadow was blended across my lid using a Mac 239 shader brush with firm patting motions, don't stress building up pigment at this point, just get the shadow on your lid in a clean cut manner. Switching brushes to a Morphe E22 Pointed Blender, I firmly swirled into Mu Mu Bloom shadow by Mac Cosmetics and proceeded to softly disbursing it throughout my crease with tiny circular blending motions, this color was followed by Rebel brushed through the creasing of my eye socket and Leader dusted towards my inner v using a Morphe M433 for added depth and dimension--excess product left on the bristles was brushed across my lower lash line with a pop of Unreal towards the inner corners to add a brightening effect and draw attention CENTER of my face. 

                   For a smoldering appearance I went ahead and smudged Mac's Kohl Liner HEAVILY across my waterline, then lined my upper lash line thickly using the Kat Von D Ink Liner in Trooper! The star of the show is of course GLITTER.  Normally I incorporate this aspect of makeup into EVERY single tutorial by applying a pop of glitz onto my lids, across my lower lash lines, or towards the inner corners, but for today I opted in for using Urban Decay's Glitter Eyeliner in ACDC and firmly PATTED the glittery purple across Kat Von D's Ink Liner line until a thick purple glitter appeared the brushed any remaining glitter left on the applicator across my lower lash line! I found the glitter was much more reflective from afar than up close, so do be noted more= better glitter concentration. As far as the lashes go I coated my natural follicles using Tarte's Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara, then applied KoKo Lashes in Amore close to my natural lash line for a voluminous effect! That's it for today cuties, stay tuned for over the weekend surprises await :).