Thursday, August 18, 2016

Transition Into Autumn: Day to Night Olive Smokes Makeup Tutorial

                      After given thought, I realized it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to have a transitioning series without the master of transition itself, that being ONE dawn to evening makeup look consisting of one face, few products, two makeup looks, and one MAJOR rush! Day makeup is much trickier handling wise than night itself interestingly as broad daylight emphasizes fine lines, patchy skin, and harsh clashing hues while nighttime illuminates features, this is why you love bunnies have a Lillee :).  Though I'd love too throw another neutral look your way, I wanted to PROVE color can be wearable, even green my friends! For those unaware, or new to this idea, day to night makeup essentially means you put on a full face in the morning, pack the same eyeshadow pallet, perhaps some falsies and a change of lipstick in your purse, then reapply at nighttime for whatever event you might have scheduled. I personally LOVE the concept, however it does have its downfalls! For example, if done incorrectly, shadow application can turn powdery, or can feel heavy, going along with that same idea, this is WHY I have not included a transitioned face look for those wondering ahead of time-- I keep my glow vibrant, and my face set daily thus no touch ups were needed on that side of town! Do be noted MANY bloggers associate nighttime looks with heavy blush, heavy contouring and all of the above, I do not, this is #thaeyeballqueen's interpretation. Hope this can be of help to those in need of unusual everyday looks with a twist!
*Laura Mercier Luminous Foundation: Candleglow Soft, Ivory
*Mac Cosmetics Blush, Well Dressed
Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; Four (4) Pumps of Foundation; One (1) Pump of Primer
*Wet N' Wild Lip Gel, This Too Shall Glass 310A

*Urban Decay Ammo Pallet: Chopper (lid); Mildew (lower lash line); 
Smog (crease); Sin (inner corners)
 *Mac Kohl Liner, Smolder

                            Generally my blog post tutorials have the order of face makeup first, then eye makeup, but in lieu of this two part aspect, the eye makeup shall be broken up into two separate categories, one being "Day", and the other sanctioned as "Night", refer too my explanation above for reasoning as to why. Onto the actual tutorial, shall we?! Just as always completed prior to ANY makeup application, and really as a morning routine on the daily, I cleansed my face using the Perfectly Posh Pore-fect Big Face Bar Cleanser and set my skin using the BodhiTreeNaturals Coconut Dry Face Cream, always leave a ten minute air pocket between moisturizing and priming stages this way your products of choice have time to sink deep into your pores. A few days ago I received my Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation in the shade Ivory, so naturally I HAD too test this bad boy out! As a precaution, I took one pump of my Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer onto the back of my hand, then several of the Candleglow since this product has a tiny measure tube, you can say I had a gut feeling the outcome wouldn't be too splendid; literally 1 inch sprouts come out, which for someone with sensitive skin like myself riddled with dry patches, this creates a struggle to build up product and evenly apply. Anyhow, once I had a good balance between foundation and primer (PLEASE do not forget including a primer, especially for long-wearing looks transitioning), I took my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer, and softly began mixing the products gradually together as I pricked into the pile of makeup to coat all zones of my face, don't forget your hairline! First impression wise, I wasn't quite feelin' the formula...where's the glow? This my friends is WHY I ensured a ratio of primer to foundation was present too break up clamped creamy formula's, sorta reminds me of Becca's Coverage Complexion Creme, just tougher to handle. On the ups, I am IN LOVE with my Morphe M439! Not only does it apply foundation beautifully and blend to perfection, it also makes for an amazing on the fly blush application tool.  Yup, you heard me, BLUSH application tool! Most people actually FEAR larger brushes when it comes to blush, but I find the bigger and denser the bristles, the prettier the flush to be achieved! With that being said, swirling into my Mac Cosmetics Well Dressed Blush, I swished the powdery formula from the apples of my cheeks up towards my hairline with gentle stippling motions.  As a tip, keeping your foundation on the bristles will TURN ANY blush into a skin toned cream hue!

                                     Ever hear someone say, or comment on social media posts, "imagine what that makeup looks like in real life, better yet up close?" If not, now ya' have! The relevance of this comment ties closely into the standards of Instagram makeup, and real life makeup. Strong glows, arched brows, heavily coated faces, the list goes on! Point is, while your skin might look dazzling on camera, in real life it more than likely blinds tiny bacteria floating around you, and emphasizes your pores to no end, there is such things as TOO MUCH, which is why for a sleek glow I chose Laura Mercier's Matte Radiance powder in Highlight 1. I'm one to enjoy a glowy finish that has natural properties behind it, especially in broad morning daylight! The product was dusted across the high points of my face (cheekbones, bridge of nose mainly), gracefully, with a Mac Duo-Fibre 159 brush. Though not long wearing, the Wet N' Wild Lip Gels hold my heart, I love em'! This Too Shall Glass holds wonderful shimmer and color for up to one and a half hours, but yields a stunning and unique color accenting olive tones well (eye makeup, helllloooo). Setting your skin should be the FIRST thing on your mind once your eye makeup is completed, seriously! Without a proper setting, you'll be sitting there all night in either your car or the bathroom trying to fix creases, lost coverage, and broken up appearances. I chose the Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder paired with Mac's Prep + Prime Fix+, this power duo is assured a good 7+ hours ;)! 

                  Looking refreshed in the morning is something MANY beauties love to achieve.  From winged eyeliner to falsies to EVEN glitter, all a Lillee desires is a complementary duo of hues to bring out her eyes, simple! As a primary step I defined my brows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Auburn, try to aim for an arch that suits YOU and will complement a later dated smokey eye well.  I TOTALLY forgot to add a primer in this, but PLEASE do not make my mistake, primer is your best friend! Not quite positive on why I went with Urban Decays Ammo Pallet since it is no longer sold, but I'm gonna' go with the concept many tones are present. Picking up my Morphe M433 brush, I began by smudging Chopper across my lids with side to side sweeps followed by Smog blended into my crease! Before settling down the M433, I quickly went ahead and dusted Mildew across my lower lash line, followed by Sin smeared into the inner corners of my eyes too stand as a brightening highlight.  All was blended once over using a Morphe E22, the last thing you need is harsh unblended lines :)!  The last two finishing steps include a heavy smoking of Mac's Kohl Liner in Smolder across one's waterlines, and an application of your favorite mascara, in this case mine being Tarte's Lash Paint Mascara.

*Urban Decay Ammo Pallet: Oil Slick (lid, lower lash); 
Mildew (lower lash, center of lid); Polyester Bride (brow bone, inner corners)
*KoKo Lashes, Amore

           Hooray, you've made it this far! Your makeup is set, and you're ready for the transition. The best part about each product suggested for carrying along is ALL can double as somethin' else...besides the lashes! For example, eyeshadow can be doubled as a highlight enhancer, a contour hue, or even a lip color. Today, this was not done, but it tis' just a passing idea! Instead,  I started out by blending Oil Slick eyeshadow across both my lids using a M433 Morphe Brush, the idea here is all over color.  Excess product left on the bristles was applied to my lower lash line, barley touching Mildew! Speaking of Mildew and switching to a denser blending brush, E22, I swirled into the olive green shade then applied it to the center of my lids, as well as once more to my lower lash lines, pigment intensity is a must for night makeup. In case you loves were unaware, by blending a shade to perfection you actually can create a transitional all by yourself! In other words, using Oil Slick as an example, by blending Oil Slick out completely with side to side motions following the natural creasing of your eye socket, a grey hue will appear AND a deep black, cool, right? Getting a tad off topic here, oopsie, hehe! The last color applied to my eyes is Polyester Bride, naturally to the inner corners and tops of my brow bones to gather attention center of my face. 

                    Adding falsies is optional, however what women wouldn't wear falsies with such dark eyeshadow? Well, okay don't answer that. I went for my all time favorites, KoKo Lashes in Amore! These babies apply EXTREMELY quick as I customized the cut, and remain still all day long while giving that extra "oomph" and dimension desired.  For those that watch my Instagram story, you'd be aware of the fact along with Laura Mercier's foundation, I also received Chanel's Velvet Matte Lip Color in 51 La Bouleversante, a purchase I shant ever regret! This deep red color is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and from my findings lasts a good 5 hours without fading, shifting, or even creating little vein lines at that. Red, purple, pink, and even nude make wonderful transitioning colors, you just have to find one that makes the inner vixen in you POP out, without compromising your overall personality of course, yes lipstick can do that ;)!
Truly hope you beauties enjoyed, and can take note of the products used, and which ways they were manipulated. How do you transition from day, to night? Kisses, XOXOX, Lillee Jean Trueman.