Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shimmering Icy Winter Blue & Charcoal Grey Makeup Tutorial

                      Who says blue can't be elegant? Naturally a vibrant, rather obnoxious blue, isn't every one's cupcake topper, however when the correct tone mixture is selected such as a muted deep charcoal grey PAIRED with icy blue shadows, things can get a tad freaky ;). There is such things as COMPLEMENTARY hues! Over matching can be detrimental to the final look, thus forth making that "clown" and "obnoxious" vibe flow out, here is where complementary hues come into play. They're not exactly alike, but they ENHANCE each other through the usage of different color spectrum's.  Think of pink toppling over green, OR yellow fading into purple-- both colors are opposites, but bring out the best in each other! The question here is, how does one make icy blue "pop" without the typical blue/pink or blue/red combination? Well, I just started it above my friends, a similar yet complementary shade of grey, after all, silvers and icy blues fall in the same trap of "wintery hues". While you might be sittin' here thinking, "WINTER? Lilleeee, come on! We haven't even reached Halloween yet?!, why does wintery colors ONLY have to be worn during the snowy months? Here's a thought, BE YOU, and rock what feels best, that day, that moment, and that hour.

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 23 Minutes
Notes: Lightweight, Long Wearing, Natural Glowy Finish, Unique Color Scheme, Melt Proof

One Pump Foundation/Primer; Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer
*ABH Illuminator, Starlight
*ColourPop Cosmetics Ultra Satin Lip, Petit Four
*Lime Crime Carousel Gloss, Snowsicle

                         Just like any other makeup ridden day I began my morning with a light cleansing using Neutrogena's Oil Free Cleansing Towelette in the scent 'Pink Grapefruit'! This is one of my favorite "pick me ups" since the product is quick, effective, and gentle enough for my sensitive skin.  Anytime you use a product made to reduce oils on one's face, ALWAYS moisturize after. I chose my typical BodhiTreeNaturals Coconut Dry Face Cream simply because this bad boy absorbs deep into one's pores, INSTANTLY, without clogging em', thus it targets closer to damaged skin bases then typical store bought products! As you loves can see from the picture provided to your left, I STILL have residue from the Cheetah look on my neck, please disregard it, I scrubbed it away later today :).  Anyways, creating an even mixture of primer to foundation, rather the "perfect" ratio, that being one pump of the Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer and one pump of my Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation onto the back of my hand, I picked up a freshly cleaned Morphe M439, yes I invested in a second buffing brush, annnnndddd blended till essentially, my hand fell off, how attractive! Jokes aside, I am one who likes to make the MOST of whichever product at hand I am using. With that being said, since I have a SLIGHT breakout scabbing over as we speak, which as many of you know causes cakey effects and sometimes crocodile skin, I stippled the 2-in-1 onto larger parts of my face such as the cheeks followed by light dustings onto smaller parts such as my nose, and chin! If coverage was severely needed, I allowed the Guerlain foundation to THICKEN for 2 minutes (two minutes), then proceeded to spot correcting, quick and effective pro tip handed straight ta' you. To yield a natural yet visible flush, I whipped out the Bh Cosmetics Bombshell Blush in Vivacious, and using my Sephora Collection #74 Pro Small Blush and Contour Brush softly swirled the shimmering product across my cheeks starting from the apples moving up towards my hairline! 

                   The type of glow you choose ultimately determines which direction you'd like to take the final finish. For example, if bronzy hues are chosen, the look shall be less "elegant" and more sensual.  If my path is chosen, an extremely LIGHT highlight hue, the elegant effect will follow! Taking RMS's Living Luminizer, I began by first stippling the product across all the high points of my face, those being MAINLY my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose using a Mac Duo-Fibre 159 Brush, followed by a hearty dusting of Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Starlight to not only enhance the sheen, but make it appear more vibrant. Although the Ultra Satin Lip product by ColourPop is generally matte, just a bit more free form, IF you build up adequate pigment such as I did with Petit Four, it becomes a beautiful highly concentrated glossy finish! I couldn't resist glossing over with Lime Crime's Snowsicle, however, soooooooo deal with it ;). Setting wise I firmly patted my Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation in 1 Warm Ivory under all highlighting zones of my face (under eyes, sides of nose, forehead-- mainly used to BRIGHTEN) using a Beauty Blender Pro, then sprayed on Mac's Prep + Prime Fix+ to ensure a supple appearance would follow me throughout a day long of makeup wearing time! 
*Mac Cosmetics Eye Shadow Pan, Moon's Reflection (crease) 
*Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Pan, Ocean Breeze (inner v, lower lash)
*Morphe Brushes Eye Shadow Pan,  Breakfast At Tiffaneez (crease, eyeliner)
*Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow, Glitterati (lid)
*Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow Pigment, Grand Tiara (lid)
 *Mac Kohl Liner, Smolder
*KoKo Lashes, Amore
                If you're not a fan of using your fingers during application processes, I am pre-warning you before hand, this is the method I TOOK! I typically recommend for you beauties to choose your own beat and path, but being some eyeshadows mentioned above such as the ColourPop one really only have intensive pigment WITH your fingers, I am urging and softly nudging you towards the less sanitary method...sorry, hehe. Before anyone freaks out, let's talk brows! When it comes to eyebrows I either choose VERY strong definition paired with a thick filling, or VERY light definition with a gentle and natural filling, there is never an "in between", however today...there was. Dunno what it was but my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer was speaking to me, "noo, stop here, use the spoolie", and might I say, I LOVED the final outcome, it looks wonderful with my face shape! Every tutorial a beauty blogger posts includes primer, but not every beauty lover enjoys using primer, some prefer bare product. Today I've decided to put my priming parade on hold, and allow the true beauty of each product too shine through, literally! With that being the case, one of the first colors applied to my eyes is Nougat from the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Pallet. It doesn't quite matter that the undertone is pink, the goal is to achieve subtle definition thus we have a guide for the shimmering products to come-- Nougat was softly blended throughout my crease as a transitional hue using using my Morphe E22 Blender, side to side motions in upward disbursing gestures were taken. I am truly sick of people saying you CAN'T have a shimmer in the crease! Of course you can, anything is possible with makeup! Right after smudging Breakfast At Tiffaneez through my crease, I swirled into Moon's Reflection by Mac Cosmetics, and using a Morphe M433 firmly smudged the color with circular blends into the inner v of my eye socket, this shade was later followed by Ocean Breeze to yield a soft dramatic appearance. Do be noted EXCESS product left on my brush was smudged across my lower lash line! I tend to work systematically, sooooo since the lower lash line was being taken care of, I decided a smudging of Mac's Smolder Kohl Liner across my waterline was quite suiting.

                  ColourPop has received a ton of negative reviews overtime because their eyeshadows can be difficult to work with, this doesn't stop your Lilz however! Being the crease and lower lash line are BASICALLY finished, I smudged my finger right into Glitterati Super Shock Eyeshadow and proceeded to softly blending it across my lids with DOWNWARD stroking motions (starting from the top of your lid dragging down to your lash line, you can opt in for side smudged as well). Once I built up pigment, I took my pinky finger and lightly placed Grand Tiara by Sugarpill into the inner corners of my eye for a brightening highlighted effect! As far as the eyeliner goes, I wet my Morphe G11 brush using Mac's Fix+, firmly stroked the wet bristles onto Breakfast At Tiffaneez, then began applying it to my upper lash line in firm tugging motions this way the most pigmented finish could be achieved, who needs colored liner when you have the world at your feet via eyeshadows and Fix+?! To begin sealing the deal, so to speak, I coated my natural lashes with Tarte's Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara, then applied my favorite KoKo Lashes in Amore.  Good NEWS! My Lady Moss Beauty order should be arriving in a day from now, thus you can expect a different variety of falsies to be used.  Hope you beauties enjoyed XOXO, Lillee Jean Trueman!