Monday, August 1, 2016

Matte Pin-Up Inspired Makeup Tutorial

                           You might be thinking to yourself, "there is only one version of pin-up makeup...another one Lilz?" While in some aspects I agree with this thought, I also disagree! If you take a step back in time not only was there a variety of lipstick colors, mainly different hues of red and light pinks, the eye makeup varied from wings to smoked shadow, and the complexion from rosy cheeks to creamy porcelain skin.  It's always been my philosophy to know the products you're using inside and out, as well as the techniques.  Not all are needed nor necessary like some popular Instagramers and YouTubers MIGHT lead you to believe! The same premise fits for the 20th century-- know all the trends, and styles INSIDE and OUT, as well as explore some popular icons of the era such as Grace Kelly and Lucille Ball, two beautiful women, two muses of makeup, both different styles, yet same time period. From the switch of a lip color this can easily be an everyday "glam" tutorial, however do be noted in order to rock a look of the such you MUST have the correct mindset! For example, when it comes to pin-ups I unleash my inner "sexy" with a flirty nature and a delicate touch.  When it comes to everyday makeup, well I put my game face on girl and rock the roads! What you feel inside, exudes out on camera, even when you put on a fake smile, this is what separates timeless beauties from todays beauty.  Have your blending brushes prepared, and stay tuned for the YouTube tutorials airing in just a few hours, love you all and THANK YOU for all the support love bunnies XOXOX!

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 20 Minutes
Notes: Lightweight, Classic Beauty, Long Lasting, Creamy Skin, Wearable, EASY to Complete, Lip Color= interchangeable 

*Cover Fx Cream FoundationN0 (highlight, extra coverage)
*Nars Liquid Illuminator, Copacabana 

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                                         Makeup can only enhance, and cover so much.  Let's face it, wearing caked on product is far from comfortable, and altering your features to where you're unrecognizable isn't the largest of confidence boosts, skin care is where it begins! You might have a pimple, you might even have scars, IT DOES NOT MATTER, embrace who you are, how strong you are, how AMAZING you are.  Though sometimes you might feel the need to cover your pimple completely knowing in your heart it must heal, follow your gut instincts, I do for that matter! In fact, if you take a closer look at my cover photo above, I have a visible blemish right above my eyebrow and a dry patch on my left cheek.  Do I edit it out? Heck no! That is not natural, plus a complete lie to your beauties.  Point is, skin care is important, but sometime's it is not the answer to everything, especially progress ridden skin conditions.  We can combat all the such with makeup, and that my friends is the mentality huge Hollywood stars had during that era, a confidence like no otha'! Anyhow, back to the actual "how-to" hehe.  I have REALLY been digging the Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil.  It leaves such a fresh flowery scent behind while removing excess makeup, skin oil from previous looks, and pore clogging substances in the air from environmental exposure! I used to top this bad boy up with a facial oil, but in all honesty none is needed, thats how hydrated my skin feels after a thorough massaging of the product onto my face.  Since the foundation I chose is thicker in coverage, to protect my skin from further dehydration damage I took a pump of the Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer and softly blended it onto my skin starting from the center moving out towards my hairline! I actually am running of my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in the shade Pearl, soo rather pumping a quarter sized amount of product out, I quickly dashed the pump tube itself across all zones of my face; one stroke against both cheeks, and another single stroke for my forehead and chin. Keep in mind we want FLAWLESS coverage, that is not cakey nor unnatural! With that being said, picking up my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer brush, I began by firmly stippling the foundation onto my skin starting from my left cheek working clockwise up towards my hairline. The finishing touches include a light buffing of Cover Fx's Cream Foundation in N0 under my eyes, on my chin, jawlines, and softly on my forehead for extra coverage and a dazzling eye brightening highlight!  

                        Did you know they contoured and bronzed EVEN in the olden days? Betcha didn't, I certainly thought otherwise. To give myself a soft sculpted glow, I swirled into the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light with a Mac 168, and starting from the temples of my face, I gently brushed the product down to the hollows of my cheeks, onto the sides of my nose, and under the perimeter of my face, do be noted this includes the jawline.  With a soft bronzy glow comes a beautiful flush! I haven't used the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in QUITE some time, so I figured why not give it a go?! Using that same Mac 168 I swished the product onto my cheeks starting from the apples moving up towards my hairline, then switched to my Mac Duo-Fibre 132 brush swiftly and firmly stippled Nars's Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana (pea-sized amount on the back of my hand) across the high points (cheekbones, bridge of my nose, center of forehead/chin) of my face sealed by Elf's Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls. Red lipstick can vary in tone, especially undertone! Red/yellow, red/orange, red/blue...the list goes on.  To be most accurate of the era, I chose a beautiful red/orange, specifically Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick in Temper. Once I had a decent coating of the product on my lips I set my skin using the Besame Cosmetics Brightening Vanilla Powder, highlighting zones privy with a Makeup Geek Stippling Foundation Brush, and finished everything up fully with one full spraying of Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray, ITS A MUST loves!
*Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Pallet: Heaven (all over eye); Nudie (crease, lower lash)
*Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 
                         The beauty of the eye makeup presented above is ANYONE of any skill level can complete it! From absolute beginners to pro's, this baby is a staple look, and for today I am going to explain the simple 5 minute steps of completing it in full.  First off, as we alllll know brows and primer are the primary steps in any tutorial, without em', there is nothing! I personally prefer defining my eyebrows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in my shade, Auburn. With only simple light strokes needed and handy fluffy edged spoolie, this process finishes in no time! As far as primer goes, I used a nude base, Bobbi Brown's Cream Eyeshadow in Bone, and taking a cleaned ring finger softly spread it across my entire lid area blending up towards my brow bone, and under my lower lash line! Please be aware during this time period bone eyeshadow paired with light taupey brown was all these muses had, that means no less than two shadows, no more than two shadows.   Taking my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender I picked up a hefty amount of Heaven eyeshadow from the Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Pallet and dusted it across my entire lid area, pigment build up is NOT necessary we just want a wash of color.  Now taking Nudie I lightly defined my crease AND lower lash line with soft side to side sweeps following the natural creasing of my eye socket, and the natural creasing of my lower lash! Dipping BACK into Heaven, I brushed the shade onto the tops of my brow bones, and gently in the inner corners of my eye for a brightening effect.  By this point the handy work is completed, it tis' now liner time girl! Eyeliner can be tricky, I will admit, that's why I opted in for a customizable blend, Mac's Creme Eyeliner in Black.  This cake like formula glides on like silk, especially with a Morphe G11 brush-- in fact, since the product is water activated, you can start LIGHT as an outline, then thicken the intensity as you desire, just make sure you have medium thick wings, and to ensure you lightly brush excess against your waterline for drama and definition! Too finish up the look coat your lashes numerous times with your favorite mascara, I went for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in Black, and be sure to apply your favorite dramatic medium volume lashes, my choice being Huda Beauty's Scarlett lashes.  Hope you cuties enjoy, stay tuned!

      By: Lillee Jean Trueman, Thaeyeballqueen