Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ice Queen & Fire Queen Halloween Glittery Makeup Tutorial

                              BEFORE you scream "HARLEY QUINN, AHHHH YESSS", no, please don't...tear :')! This my love bunnies is a melding of TWO extremes.  One being fire, and the other being ice! While in reality the idea came about when I couldn't decide on which to portray...let's just say it was always part of the plan, besides it fits my personality, mwahaha. A few things to keep in mind while replicating the makeup presented down below is you MUST blend evenly, thus having a ratio between glitter and powder products, and you must realize fall out is inevitable, even with coats of setting sprays and a glitter glue on top! Anything created from scratch yields inspiration, so what was mine you might ask? Well after examining ice, and examining fire portraits I took a few key elements out and transferred both to a glittery delight on my face.  Going a tad more in depth, ice is particularly cold, has a sheen to it and can be sculpted.  My interpretation of this was by adding a glittery highlight along with dramatic aquatic eyeliner! On the other hand, my fire inspiration was a bursting of colors perfectly gradiating into each other, hence vivid coppers, reds, and corals all splashed together. Hope you cuties enjoy! If so, leave a comment below on what you'd like to see next tutorial wise XOXO.

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

Icy Side
Aim for LIGHTER than your skin tone yet can still fit foundation (1-2 shades lighter)

*Morphe Brushes Eye Shadow Pan,  Breakfast At Tiffaneez 
Applied as the FIRST defining shade
*Mac Cosmetics Eye Shadow Pan(s): Moon's Reflection; Winkle
Applied second as a shimmering blue glow; cut crease definition 
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan, Mermaid
Applied in splotches for dimension; across lids

Patted onto highlighting zones in excess; on lips; across lids

*Morphe Brushes Cream Eyeshadow, Dusk 
*Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 

            Rather a HUGE and confusing products list, I shall be explaining each side in parts, beginning with the ICE side! First off, in order to yield an icy complexion you MUST use a foundation 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone.  Being I am the shade "Gobi" in Nars's Sheer Glow Foundation line, which is the third lightest, I opted in for the primary lightest shade, Siberia! Using exactly a pea-sized amount, since it is only meant for one half of my face, I picked up a freshly washed  Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer and began softly disbursing the product between the barrier of my right side, the center of my face, and my hairline.  Once a visibly glowy and clear skinned effect was achieved I popped out my blue custom eye shadow pallet and went to town blending wise! Interestingly the Elf Concealer brush doubles as a regular powder application tool, so as ya' might of guessed, this was used to properly blend each shadow out (talk about multi-purpose). Speaking of shadows, as a base I began by stippling Breakfast At Tiffaneez by Morphe Brushes across the outer third of my forehead blending gently inwards towards the center of my face, then down towards the natural high point of my cheekbone! Switching to a shimmering subtle blue, Moon's Reflection by Mac Cosmetics I faintly pricked this up against my skin to yield a shimmering effect, nothing more nothing less. The last color applied to the outer third of my face would be Mermaid by Makeup Geek! Once again FAINTLY, I softly stippled the product across ANY zones the sun would naturally hit, think of Mermaid as a contour shade, in blue form! Nowwwww for some glitter, yes I work backwards, oops. Dipping my Elf Concealer Brush right into N3 by Make Up For Ever, I firmly patted it across my cheekbones followed by splotches of Silver glitter and Platinum Glitter patted across my forehead, and onto my cheekbones for a strengthened glittery effect-- NO GLITTER GLUE WAS NEEEDED! 

            By this point I started building up the eye makeup, hopefully my sketchy mannerisms don't bother you loves too much, hehe! Cut creases do NOT always have to be sleek looking, nor desirable at that, for heavens sake YOU'RE AN ICE QUEEN, ICE IS NOT PERFECT. With that being said using Mac's 217 Blending Brush, I began by blending Moon's Reflection shadow 1 1/2 inches above my natural crease definition line to begin building up a dramatic icy drama filled eye makeup look. Once I had a basis of where I wanted my cut crease line, I firmly smudged Winkle by Mac Cosmetics RIGHT UNDER the shade to define the line just a tad more, then switching to a Mac 219 I molded out the cut crease line with a drastic blending of Mermaid shadow across my entire lid area flicking up towards the cut crease wing! As far as the eyeliner goes, I created several feathery flicks using my Sephora Collection Pro Angled Liner Brush #22 along with Dusk Morphe Brushes Cream Eyeshadow. DO NOT be fooled by the statement, "Cream Eyeshadow", this bad boy is pigmented enough to be a full blown gel! Anyhoo, with upper lash line liner, comes lower lash line liner.  Easily said, I heavily smudged Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil by Nyx Cosmetics straight across from my waterline to lower lash, then applied KoKo Lashes in 503 for a frosted eye widening outcome! Moving back above I dug my finger into mixture of N3 glitter, and Platinum glitter by Bh Cosmetics, then smudged the duo on top of my lids, and brushed excess onto the inner corners of my eye. The finishing touch includes and application of Huda Beauty's Classic False Eyelashes in Scarlett, and a coating of Bahama Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss onto onto HALF of my lips topped with a light tapping of glitter!

Fire Side

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: Mango TangoRazzleberry
Splotches across highlighting zones; transitional shade;
 inner v; lower lash line
Added for depth and gradience; crease

*Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 
*Violet Voss Glitter: Rose GlitterCopperellaElectric Caroline 
Patted on top of shadows; across lids

*Katy Kat Matte LipstickCrimson Cat

                 To your surprise the fire side is MUCH easier to complete, but with all grand colors comes some work ahead! Just like with ice, you must have an even complexion prior to applying glitters or shadows.  Being I used the Nars Sheer Glow previously, I decided it made the most sense of grabbing a shade in my skin tone, Gobi! With exactly a 1/2 sized amount (of a quarter), I picked up my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer and started smoothly disbursing the yellow toned hue across my skin beginning for the bottom of my jaw line circulating upwards with side to side systematic motions (hairline-half side of face).  Once I had a glowy skin effect I proceeded to cleansing my Elf Concealer brush this way I could easily stipple away the red splotches! Speaking of red splotches, I began by patting Mango Tango across the left side of my forehead moving down towards my cheekbones with excess pigments, then gradually build up the pigment to yield a tangerine like base. For spot pigment to represent a fiery complexion, I swirled into a hefty amount of Razzleberry shadow, then with light pressure pressed the product in random spots across my forehead MAINLY, and gently on my cheekbones. Following this shade is Orange by Mac! Orange was simply taken across the outer third of my forehead to yield a highlighted effect with tads of bright radiance peeping through. Since pigmented glitters CAN be a difficulty to work with I instead started from the lightest shade I had and worked my way up to a pure red color, this also created a fiery effect! With that being said, the first glitter applied from my cheekbones up towards my forehead was Electric Caroline followed by Copperella spread evenly on top, and tiny shining's of Rose glitter by Violet Voss blended evenly with side to side motions onto my forehead this way the glitters would not clump and form a pigmented red glitter area - Glitter glue was NOT needed since all glitters stuck to my skin well. 

              The eye makeup if you really tear it apart is VERY simple and quite classic as the Arabian eyeliner effect is one many are fond of! Unlike the Ice Queen who has frosted brows, the Fire Queen is a VERY defined and strong women, thus I filled my brows in thoroughly using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in my shade Auburn. Primer truly is NOT a necessity with these shades as each happen to be very pigmented and blend like a dream, however if you feel the need to add a primer, go for it girl :)! With just one blending brush, my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender, I took care of the crease in a straight shoot.  In other words, beginning with Mango Tango, I brushed the shade across my crease with fluent side to side motions, then quickly swirled into Orange by Mac Cosmetics and smudged it into the creasing of my eye socket for a bit of vibrancy, followed by Barcelona Beach stippled towards my inner v with a few pats then a major swoop inwards towards the inner third of my lid to yield depth and dimension. Taking whatever excess was left on my E.L.F. Concealer Brush, I proceeded to patting it across my lids in great amounts! As far as the eyeliner goes, rather a pen style I chose Mac's Creme Eyeliner simply because the product is easy to manipulate and glides over glitter smoothly. Using a Morphe G11 brush, I activated the cake product with a drop of water, then began gently lining my upper lash line with a bold medium thick line extending just about under the tail end of my eyebrow, and inwards towards the sides of my nose in terms of the inner corner triangle effect! For the lower lash line I first heavily lined my waterline, then starting from my the outer corner of my LLL I extended a thin line upwards towards the upper lash line flick to connect both and form a single unit.  Before setting the brush down, I smudged into Flame Thrower by Makeup Geek and accented the smoldering eye makeup by stroking the foiled shadow across the inner to center of my lower lash! Speaking of lashes, I coated my natural follicles using the L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara, then plopped on Huda Beauties Falsies in Scarlett.  The goal here is to USE the same exact lashes as the Ice Queen, this way the face looks as one, but to play up the eye makeup and placement differently! Swirling downwards for an hour of hard work the LAST few things you must do is apply a red lipstick of your choice, mine being the Katy Kat Matte Crimson Kat Lipstick, top it off with a few glitter particles, then spray away with the setting spray catching EVERY SINGLE ANGLE your face encompasses.  Especially party goers-- don't be a fool, set your skin!
              After seeing the positive reaction achieved from my sneak peak photo posted onto Instagram, view the photo to your left, I believe it is safe to say there shall be a few Ice & Fire Queens roaming around on Halloween, mwahahahah! Till' next time my love bunnies, stay safe and always innovate...oh, that rhymed-- XOXOX, your Lilz!