Friday, July 22, 2016

Summery Gold and Apricot Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

                       There is something to be said about hues of coral that turn out appearing orange in tone...what ideal does this yield...ok rhyming, AHH SORRY? UNIQUE, duh! on the inside I HOPE this is somewhat your train of thought...hopefully. After receiving more of the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick collection lipsticks, I decided to whip out the shade 'Uptight', a warm nude, and build around it makeup look wise in the hopes of adding touches of glitter, you can NEVER steer wrong with glitz my loves!  In the midst of my Vice obsession I also kept in mind a few ground "Summertime concepts" involving light and airy coverage, and MELLOW vibrant colors that emphasize one's features, rather alter them.  IT seems the trends have changed thanks to Instagram Celebrities and Celebrity makeup artists.  Contouring, TANtouring; "chisel your cheeks in", "make your face appear smaller"...the list goes on! While for some these trends seem ABSOLUTELY incredible, "how can makeup work such wonders?!", for others such as myself who are GUILTY of using these trends for quite some became obsessive like I HAD to contour or HAD to shrink my face, until I realized all these products did was clog my pores and make my skin feel unbelievably heavy.  This shall be another formal blog post I get into, later on, however I would like to say, EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE, all you need love is a little warmth to your skin and a strong gleam! By the way, before getting into FULL details, be sure to check out my Vibrant Glittery Orange & Yellow Smokey Eye, it's a bit more dramatic than this look. 

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*Hourglass Ambient Bronzer, Luminous Bronze Light
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                                    In the Summer it is VERY easy for one to forget their skin care routine! Many believe hydration is given though the sun rays, but miss the fact the sun can actually DRY OUT your skin...just as bad as the Wintery freezing breezes brushing against your face. My quick fix as someone who dislikes spending more than 5 minutes of a specific task? An all in one ALL NIGHTER face mask you was off in the morning that is sensitive enough for EVERYDAY usage, though its not heavily recommend.  What might that product me you might ask? Perfectly Posh's Apricots Overnight mask, a complete blend of apricots, aloe vera, and argan oils work together to increase moisturize on one's skin and to improve the firmness surrounding the outer skin layers. I prefer keeping mine on from the time I got to sleep, normally 12AM, to the time I wake up, normally 8AM! This time span gives the deep hydrating mask a good 9 hours to absorb into my pores without clogging em' and allows my skin to fully reap ALL benefits provided. Once the mask is washed off I like to seal everything up, including my pores, with an extremely light coating of my Fresh Seaberry Oil, I say LIGHT because any amount more than a half beaker full will cause an over-hydration effect, not a good thing my love bunnies!  Primer is an absolute MUST, regardless if you have oily skin, dry skin, OR "normal" skin. Always be sure to choose a product fully accompanying your skin concern, in my case its dryness so I went for the Marc Jacobs Perfecting Coconut Primer, all that is needed is simply a pump of product! From that pump I went ahead and disbursed it onto my face starting from the center by my nose, massaging out towards my hairline for even coverage.  Although you might not be able to SEE the primer, its always best to have your full face covered because otherwise as the makeup wears during the day, you'll notice a change in the wear times and it'll look like a damn mask you're wearing, especially if you heavy contour!  Foundation wise I went for my ALL TIME favorite Cover Fx Cream Foundation in my shade G20.  For quick and easy coverage I picked up a freshly cleaned Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer and gently pricked into the cream foundation to only transfer the product onto my skin with firm buffing motions, mind you I made sure to blend out towards my hairline once again! Rather using a highlighting cream I decided to build-up coverage on those area's needing extra radiance and all over coverage, those areas being my under eyes and on my forehead, gentle stipples were used.

              Nowwwww onto bronzing matters! Do be noted I used bronzing as mechanism of adding WAMRTH and radiance to one's skin, rather contouring methods. Using my Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light, I took my Mac 168 Angled Contour Brush and gently swept the shimmering powder against the outer three of my face (temples, cheeks, jawline) and slightly on the sides of my nose. For a coral flush that accented my lip color to come I went for Mac's Mineralized Blush in Uplifting, a limited edition from their 2014 Spring collection, and blended the color from the apples of my cheeks up towards my hairline! I was BEYOND excited to try out my brand new Cover Fx Enhance Click Illuminator in Bubbly today. The weird part is this baby is 1, 2 , 3, SUPER simple to apply, no blends needed. With that being said, I smudged the product onto the high points of my face, these including the cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, on my cupid's bow, and a little on the center of my forehead/chin! I personally enjoy a radiant glow, so I topped the creamy product off with a few dustings of the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder in Aura, such a stunning pink shift. Before applying my lipstick I quickly blended the Bareminerals Mineral Veil powder across all highlighting zones of my face using a Morphe M143 Deluxe Soft Fan brush SANS the baking method, then applied Uptight, and a few spritzes of Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray for insurance that my makeup will last ALLLL day long!
*Morphe Brushes 35 Color Shimmer Nature Glow Eyeshadow Pallet 35OS: Column 7, Row 2 (transitional shade); Column 7, Row 1 (crease shade TWO); Column 5, Row 4 (inner V)
*Lime Crime Venus Pallet: Rebirth (all over lid); Aura (brow bone)
*Violet Voss Glitter, Goldie (inner corners, inner third of lid)
*Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow Pigments: Goldilux (lower lash line)
*KoKo Lashes, Amore
                                Thank you Instagramies for responding to my recent post on wether you prefer these "step-by-step pictorials" OR would prefer me to just...stop! Heard ya' loud and clear, the pictorials continue on as many of you said you find them inspirational and EASIER to follow as opposed to just reading the fine print. Anyhow, every makeup look, especially eye makeup creations, need base products! From eyebrow formulas (Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, Auburn), to priming serums (Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Strawberry Milk) they're necessary and take place on the NEED list rather WANT, you cannot have a glittery shadow look without some form of sticky base. Since I have become very fond of my Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil collection I learned the ways of manipulating the stick formula to actually be creamy and have a glitter glue like base! The trick? Using my Strawberry Milk pencil by example, I prefer smudging the product straight onto the center of my lids FROM the stick, then with a clean ring finger I blend the product up towards my brow bone and underneath my lower lash line, the stretching of this product disburses the pearl minerals and reacts with the eyelid oils thus creating a stick like texture, comfortable, but sticky enough for glitter pigments. If you happen to own the Morphe 35OS eyeshadow pallet, whip it out girl, its go time! Using my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender I dipped right into Column 7, Row 2 and proceeded to smudging the shade across my lids up into my crease with fluent side to side blending motions.  This method is NOT commonly used, although it tis' easiest, however if you focus on your side to side blends really disbursing upwards all shall go swell! To add some depth and dimension and sorta form the "apricot" effect, I switched to the shade Column 7, Row 1 and blended it gently into my crease using very slight pressurized circular motions, build up pigment as needed! Now using my M433 Morphe Brush I took Rebirth from the Lime Crime Venus Pallet and HEAVILY smudged/patted this across my lids, in the midst of smudging the shade was evenly disbursed into the creasing of my eye socket, do be noted this is a very SLIGHT smudging inwards. Being I had the pallet out I decided to take Aura and brush it against my brow bones and the inner corners of my eyes, I kept this slight however BECAUSE glitter will be applied soon, we need the stick like base!

                                        To prevent confusion, you should now take a peak at image three, by this point most of the shadow work is through, just a few more shades follow! Going into Column 5, Row 4 from the 35OS Nature Glow Pallet by Morphe, and using my M433 Morphe Brush as used pior, I softly blended the color into the inner V of my eye socket with side to side blends until I received the drama I wanted, don't be afraid to build up pigment, the Morphe shadows are soft and disburse out beautifully. For a pop of gold on my lower lash line I dipped into Goldilux eyeshadow pigment by Sugarpill and with my Sephora Collection Pro Angled Liner Brush #22 FIRMLY patted the color under my lower lash without stopping, I had my head at a downward tilt to prevent fall out! Keeping my head at the same tilt, I then picked up 'Goldie' by Violet Voss and patted it onto the inner third of my lid and the inner corners of my eye.  IF it helps, you can actually use your pinky as opposed to a brush, you'll find better packing up of product will be received! As far as eyeliner goes, I lined my upper lash line with Mac's Creme Eyeliner, activated with water, using medium thick cat wings and applied excess product HEAVILY to my waterline. I then coated my lashes with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, mainly my lower lashes, and applied my favorite falsies in Amore by KoKo Lash Company! As a guide, many eyeshadow looks seem MUCH more difficult than they really are, same goes for the full picture, face and eye makeup included.  My advice for you is to not be intimidated, just get right into it, makeup yields mistakes, fix em'!