Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fresh Faced Dewy Everyday Makeup Tutorial With a Pop of Color | DRUGSTORE & HIGH END

                                   Drugstore tutorials happen to be something I am quite fond personality has evolved drastically over the past year since I began my blog.  If you beauties recall I talked flack about every single product the drugstore had to offer!  How might this tie into the jist of things? Well, after doing some thinking, and reviewing over any "Everyday Makeup Tutorial's" present on my blog, I came to realize NONE focused on a fresh faced vibe, NONE were affordable, and NONE encompassed color in an elegant, high fashion manner, until today, July 27th. This look isn't for everyone, however with the change of a lip color to perhaps a vibrant poppy or dazzling nude, anything is possible, analyze & adapt rather follow! Dewy makeup is meant to look as if you splashed oil on your skin after moisturizing, but this time around the shine is in specific areas to enhance features...dew does not include glitter, nor shimmer, thus why RMS's Living Luminzier is an absolute MUST, unless of course you have another product that works amazingly for you. Think BB Cream, light coverage for blemishes, skin benefits, and natural living, as weird as it might sound haha! You must have the RIGHT mindset in order to pull off any drastically simple makeup look, otherwise what you feel internally pops right out...literally. Many women are overly obsessed with this airbrushed makeup trend that it's come to the point this beauty blogger is taking a stand and saying, ENOUGH! You don't have to look like a doll every single day, sometimes a fresh vibe is good "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"; if you take notice, most super models keep their makeup minimal anyways (Victorias Secret, in example), THAT is natural beauty. 

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 10 Minutes
Notes: Lightweight, Dewy, Natural, High Fashion, Everyday Wear, Interchangeable Lip Color, Easy on Sensitive Skin, Quick to Compelte

*Revlon PhotoReady Concealer, Light (on BLEMISHES, not as a highlight)

                               No setting powder, nor a setting spray...freaking you out yet? Hahah only fooling love bunnies! Generally when you apply a powder foundation onto select concern areas a setting powder is NOT necessary, people gravitate towards setting powders nowadays simply because it yields photo-finished appearances.  Unfortunately the goal is to have skin that looks like skin, not a porcelain doll, though do not mistaken me, I love my uber glammied looks here and there! By the way, before getting into any details, for anyone with OILY skin that still would love yielding a dewy finish like presented above choose an oil free demi-matte primer, the RMS Living Luminizer fits all skin textures, annnnndddd just amp it up on the powder foundation, specifically on any typical shine zones (t-zone, chin, under eyes, by the hairline). 

                           Anyways, now onto the meat of this tutorial! First off, I was a bad girl and forgot to wash my face, OOPSIE. Mentally it sounded great..."well, mixing my regular facial oil with more oily stuff isn't good...right?", frontal cortex "YEAH LILLEE RIGHT GO FOR IT GIRL", subconscious, "ohhhh brothhaaaaa, you'll regret it and have to start over again." HAH HAH subconsciousness I have defeated you atlas! Interestingly not washing my face gave me the BEST outcome since my natural oils were able to shine through, in a positive way. With that being said, the primary step includes applying the Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, a pump shall do, and blending in Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream, alternatives for acne sufferers is present on the Maybelline New York website (direct link to bb creams)! When it comes to facial primer, please be sure to evenly disburse the given product out towards your hairline, it'll prevent an un-even wear time from occurring, the same principle goes for the BB Cream.  I personally took a tiny pea-sized amount of product and with my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer brush softly buffed the hydrating formula in starting from the center of my face (nose) swirling out towards the outskirts of my face! This baby is LOADED with skin benefits, hence the call line "8-in-1". From blurring imperfections (generally light coverage), to providing protection from the harmful sun rays (SPF 30, oil free), this is an unknown go-to product of mine! Being I still had tiny blemishes present I smudged on Revlon's PhotoReady Concealer in the shade "Light" onto any problematic areas (mostly on my forehead, and a bit on the side of my cheek), and using that same Morphe M439 VERY carefully pricked the product in with light pressurized stipples, the goal is to use LESS product, not more due to carelessness.  To prevent shifting I swirled into Bobbi Brown's Powder Foundation using an Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation Brush by Tarte and firmly blended it onto the creamy concealer, excess was applied under my eyes to prevent creasing! I DO NOT recommend baking, this will yield MATTE finishes and will not form a natural outcome. 

                                   As the final finishing touches, and most important frankly, I picked up my RMS Living Luminizer and with my freshly cleaned  Mac Duo-Fibre 132 brush softly swirled into the product until I had a decent amount to cover select areas of my face, from that swirling I began stroking the product onto the high points (cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupids bow, chin, forehead, brow bones, inner corners) consistently until a complete and beautiful glow was achieved! If you play close attention the glow looks like a natural oily sheen, not a shimmering disco ball sheen, hence why I avoided applying a powder on top.  Now of course the lips, ahhhh yes! Not sure if you beauties have seen, but Maybelline came out with a new Color Sensational lipstick line called "the Loaded Bolds Lipstick" a few weeks ago, and letttt me tell ya', these are superior to any other "long lasting, 24HR" creamy matte lipstick...yep liquid lipstick companies I am looking at you. Being I have always wanted to try a dark navy blue shade, Midnight Blue was my perfect match! Within the range of three swipes (I prefer a movable lip color, one swipe has pigment BUT is not as creamy), my bold pop of color was achieved ;). FYI, no eye makeup was done other than doing my eyebrows with my typical Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in the shade Auburn! At most I played around with glow tricks and using my pinky finger smeared the RMS Living Luminizer onto the brow bones and inner corners for a brightened effect.  Hope all you cuties enjoyed this "change up" in tutorials, stay tuned for Friday, a peacock inspired tutorial awaits!

Lillee Jean Trueman