Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fourth of July Glittery Red White & Blue WEARABLE Makeup Tutorial

                          Happy Saturday cuties :)! While most see Fourth of July weekend as a method of relaxation, to really kick back and enjoy family, in Lillee language it translates to one taking extra time beautifying and one having substantial patience for errors to come, no if's and's or but's! All jokes aside, I truly hope all of you can rock out and realize the true meaning of freedom, it is NOT just a word...nor song for that matter. As many of you know, the American flag is made up of quiet overpowering shades such as blue and red, both of which can topple over each other! To prevent this mishap from occurring PLEASE follow my lead closely, there is a certain meticulous application method that'll form a beautiful gradience of hues rather a lump sum of color. I personally went for a turquoise glitter, rose glitter, and silver glitter, all of which are not quite primaries, but moldable and easy to manipulate! Now, I do realize vibrant colors especially primaries can be very difficult to work with blending wise, as long as you choose toned down crease shades, or blend them out to washed out hues, and apply intensive glitter pigments, all shall go fine, trust me! Speaking of blending, you should have a few blending brushes handy as well as a paper towel and or dampened beauty blender/fan brush for enviable glitter fallout. Anyhow, let's get into it!!

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                     First things first, keep in mind the facial makeup was kept to a minimum as I wanted the eyes and lips to truly shine against my dazzling highlight, this means you must have an extremely clean canvas to begin with, otherwise you'll end up using more product than expected! For a super quick rinse and inexpensive remedy I decided to rub a chilled ice cube against my skin for around 3 minutes until all problematic areas were numb and appeared "brighter"-- for those with huge pores, TRY THIS OUT ASAP, the cold will shrink em' instantly.  I sealed the deal with a gentle patting against my skin using a cleaned towel, and a beaker full of my beloved Fresh Seaberry Oil! Being my moisturizer of choice is notable for absorbing into ones pores immediately, I quickly scurried along to the priming stage, and no I did not use my typical Bobbi Brown Enriched Face Base, instead the Marc Jacobs Coconut Water Infused Primer, change is good lovies. With that being said, using exactly a pump of the product applied to the back of my hand, I gently swiped fingertip sized amounts across the high points of my face (cheekbones, bridge of nose, chin and forehead) and proceeded to blending them in with circular motions starting from the center working my way out towards my hairline, especially with humid weather conditions surfacing in July DO NOT neglect the perimeter of your face when it comes to priming potions and serums!  The same concept follows through with foundation, try to choose a foundation with light to medium coverage, heaviness plagues most of us beauties come the warmer months, why be plagued? Simply alter your routine. Using my better judgment, I poured out a nickel sized amount of the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in the shade Gobi to the back of my hand and with a dampened Beauty Blender Pro gently bounced the product off my skin starting from my lower jaw line working counter clock wise up to the center of my face! This process is a piece of cake...not literally hehe ;).

                 My apologies for speeding through the "contour" process as opposed to my usual timing, I find applying a skin tone highlight MUCH more effective dimension wise as opposed to hideously pale whites and dark browns! Using my "product of the month", Revlon's Photoready Insta-Fix Contour Stick in Nude, I firmly streaked the product under my eyes in extended inverted triangles, on my jawlines in two huge swoops, down the bridge of my nose, and in singular lines on the center of my forehead/chin.  To blend the products in I picked up my Beauty Blender Pro, and using the "fat" side I gently stippled, or bounced, the sponge against my skin starting from my under eye area! Being I already had one stick down, I figured ONE MORE TO BOOT. With Nars's Multiple Stick in Copacabana, I gently smudged the shimmering pearl shade across the high points of my face, which include the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and my cupids bow, to only blend each section in with that same BBP :)! Many are scared of blush-- no matter how light, or how sheer there is that hidden though of, "will I look like a clown, gahh?!" Today you MUST break through your mold girl, because Stila's Poppy Watercolor Blush is comin' your way. This blush can go from vibrant pop of color to the sheerest of the sheerest, the trick you might ask? Welllll, using the fat side of the Beauty Blender Pro I gently stippled into the cap of Poppy and followed through with patting it onto the back of my hand, this let alone tones down the vibrant coral hue. From that tone down I moved along to bouncing the blush onto my cheeks starting from the apples going up towards my hairline, simple enough huh :)?

                   Just as I explained in my tutorial, there is a way to manipulate your contour and bronzers in a way they'll adhere perfectly to your skin in a non-harsh way. The trick? One must have handy an angled contour brush such as the Mac 168 as well as one bronzer and one contour shade. Right after my blush application was set, I picked up the Mac 168 and proceeded to stippling Make Up Forever's Pro>Bronze Fusion bronzer across the outer three of my face, the stipples disburse the product out while mixing the gel formula into a creamy texture from previously applied products. For added warmth I took Macchiato by Anastasia Beverly Hills and applied it directly to the sides of my nose with a much smaller brush,  Morphe E22 Pointed Blender, as well as in the hollows of my cheeks and around the perimeter of my face with gentle pricking motions! Prior to setting my face (view the photo to the left, a screenshot from my tutorial) I dusted Urban Decay's Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder across the high points of my face using a freshly cleaned Morphe M143 Deluxe Soft Fan brush-- if you seek a highly reflective finish simply apply a setting spray of sorts to your brush or skin and reapply your product of choice. Noww getting to the setting part which sorta mimics baking, but is much quicker and effective in my opinion! Dousing my BBP in Nars's Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder, I firmly streaked it across all highlighting zones of my face (under eye, jawlines, sides of my nose, forehead, chin) with fluent dragging motions. After around give or take 2 minutes I then dusted all the loose, excess, powder away with a Sephora #74 brush! Once completed, I filled my lips in with Milani's Color Statement Lipstick in Tuscan Toast as well as Colourpop's Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Succulent centered for drama-- demure yet a powerful red. To fully set my skin I sprayed Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray in Lemongrass onto my skin and waaaaa-laah, all is sealed and complete :)!
*Urban Decay Electric Pallet: Chaos (crease), Gonzo (inner V), Revolt (inner corners)
*Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow@#$%! (crease)
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan, Corrupt (inner V)
*Violet Voss Glitter: Rose (rosy pink), Teresa Glitter (soft teal)
*BH Cosmetics Glitter Collection, Silver, Dark Blue  
*KoKo Lashes, Amore
                              The eye makeup is EXTREMELY complex, more of an intermediate to professional level look, however if you put your mind to it I believe any one of you beauties could pull through :). Besides, all it is a few blends and patting motions jam-packed into one! To kick things off, I began by filling in my brows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Caramel, I prefer to spoolie through each brow beforehand to gauge how much product will need to be applied, then I proceed onto defining lines and gentle filling in motions. As far as an eyeshadow primer goes, stick with opaque whites! I went for my typical Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk simply because it adheres to glitters EXTREMELY well and helps eyeshadows appear very vibrant due to the white base. Anyhow, straight from the stick I smudged the product across both my lids and followed through with firmly blending the product up towards my brow bones and under my lower lash line! The eye makeup truly stands from a point of building up from the bottom, so for those afraid of color FEAR NOT, I applied Elf's Hd Pressed Setting Powder across both my lids first using a firm Mac Cosmetics 239 brush.  Please do not stress adding a ton of pigment to this hue, or spend time on it rather, as you'll soon come to realize the white is nearly impossible to see by the naked eye after the fourth step! The next step, hahaha, now this shall be a challenge for most as Sugarpill shadows have a high streak tolerance.  Using my cleaned Morphe E22 Pointed Blender I went into @#$%!, any red will do loves! With a series of side to side blending motions and tiny circular strokes, I ensured this sparkly red would live up to it's full potential-- if you view the photo above you shall see I did not fret on the splotchy blend, all was fixed with concealer, at this point I just wanted to get the gradience of color on. Next up is Chaos by Urban Decay, with a much thinner yet fluffier blending brush (M433 Morphe Brush) I lightly patted this bright blue onto the outer third of my lid and proceeded to blending it inwards towards the inner third of my lid following the natural creasing of my eye socket, substantial pressure would work best! For added definition and drama, I began finishing up the crease work with Corrupt by Makeup Geek, the deep black was smudged it into the inner V; Gonzo was later added to spruce up the blue pigment. 

                            Glitter awaits, YAY! Here is where a paper towel will be much needed, otherwise have your fan brushes ready to dust away a tremendous bout of glitter girl. Using that same Mac Cosmetics 239 brush used prior in the beginning steps, I began by smudging Chaos + @#$%! + Revlot across my lower lash line, Chaos was "flicked" outwards almost like a lower lash line eyeliner cat wing. The present hues were then covered with Violet Voss's Glitters in Rose, Teresa, as well as the Bh Cosmetics Glitter in Silver-- this required NO glitter glue as the particles adhered well to the lower lash! Since one blinks numerous times throughout the day, the lids have a better chance at fallout then the lower lash line-- using a pea-sized amount of the Too Faced Glitter Bonding Glue (lash glue works too) I firmly patted it across my entire lid area, and then proceeded to applying a gradience of silver-blue hues (this time the Bh Cosmetics Dark Blue Glitter) on top of the glitter glue with both my fingers and a Mac 239 brush. When it comes to glitter, eyeliner can be QUITE difficult to handle, try sticking to water activated formula's such as Mac's Creme Liner in black as they trudge through ANY formula, even glosses! As you can see from the photo to the left the liner was applied in thick solid lines to my upper lash line and in one swoop to my waterline, be sure to smudge this baby out ;). To finish up the eye makeup (yes you've made it this far, hoorah) I coated my lashes several times with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and applied my all time favorite KoKo lashes in Amore to my upper lash line--one must choose dramatic lashes to be "up to par" with the glitter effects! Hope you love bunnies enjoy, be sure to share with your friends, and most of all if you recreate this tutorial email me the photos at, I'll be sure to shout you out on my Instagram!