Sunday, July 31, 2016

What Is WRONG With Society?

What is WRONG with Society?
Could it be our social impropriety? 
Or is it a building society,
encaged in unscrupulous beings, 
with the center defining at a single hold?

They brawl inside, yet have every chance to hide
What is WRONG with THEIR society?
Could it be their fellowship is for granted?
Or is it a chanted eruption waiting to implode,
encouraged by the weak, feared by the strong?

The pure now obscure, the experienced now innocent,
What have THEY done to their society?
Boastful at best, socially a pest,
Do THEY have a society?
The good tainted and persecuted,
The fellowship repaired,
How is THIS a society?

Built upon power,
Standing on wealth, 
Lead by the skewered minded,
How is THIS a society?

Dragged on by faith,
Set back by old mutiny,
When will man learn?
When will man evolve?
Oh wait, my mistake
You're above all, even the process of evolving itself

Doesn't take much,
Just a bunch, it is not segregated,
They're segregated

A wolf howls for freedom, equality, and integration,
yet fails to realize any breathing substance, MATTERS.
If this wasn't so,
Who are YOU in this society?

An internet troll? 
Perhaps a beauty maven!
Hidden behind an electronically,
musically ridden tapping board
full of hate, beauty, and well...
YOUR society.

What truly goes on in your mind?
A rush perhaps?
Oh wait, my mistake,
This is the "internet" we must bow down,
We must realize the good comes with the bad!
The innocent cry, the weak become angered, and the high above's laugh
This my friends, is what is WRONG with society.
YOUR society. 
THEIR society.
A society?

                 By: Lillee Jean Trueman, Thaeyeballqueen

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Watermelon Inspired Vibrant Glittery Green & Pink Makeup Tutorial | Fruit Series

                     After a while, us makeup artists get ART BLOCK, ironic isn't it?! Not for this beauty blogger however, wink wink. Today marks the first tutorial from my "Fruit Series", Watermelon inspired naturally because WATERMELONS ARE AMAZING and my all time favorite fruit to munch on. I am one to search through Google prior too doing a look this way I can be ensured blind copying from another artists' work is outta' the picture! From my findings, the typical "Watermelon" tutorial has the spectrum pinkish red with green accents (mine is green with pinkish red accents), features seed details, and is less on the "wearable" side as compared to my final product. Though I fully support all artwork and encourage you beauties to switch it up, I truly feel my combination is the most unique and separates from the bunch as I leaned towards pastel tiffany blues and electric magenta pinks! I can't wait to see your reactions as ALL of you have been beyond supportive these past few weeks, hugs and kisses XOXO.  If you fancy this series, feel free to comment below a few "fruits" you'd like me too replicate, Lillee style, be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as well for sneak peaks and full blown tutorials (scroll down for the quick links, or look towards the right side bar of my blog)! Oooh lastly I would like to add that the eye makeup is VERY easy to complete, especially for intermediate makeup lovers, just have a few blending brushes prepared and freshly washed.

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 27 Minutes
Notes: Lightweight, Glittery, Long Lasting, Glowy Finish, Vibrant, Colorful, EASY to Complete

*Stila Watercolor BlushWater Lily

Instagram: Thaeyeballqueen
Twitter: Thaeyeballqueen
YouTube: Lilz Trueman 

                        Watermelons happen to be one of the sweetest and freshest of fruits.  Going along that concept, your skin should follow the same path! Wether you invest in tons of skincare products, or use a simple gentle cleanser daily, removing excess oils and dirt PRIOR to makeup application can actually benefit your skin more than the reverse.  Since my skin is highly irritated from a slight hormonal break out, once again I opted in for using the Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil! If you review my previous tutorial I described a wide range of benefits the cleansing oil yields, as well as oils in general-- I have been quite cautious however on the amount I use oil wise as it MIGHT clog your pores, like anything else.  With that being said, I massaged my skin with the Neutrogena Cleansing Oil, washed it off with luke warm water, and gently pat dried my face, no finishing creams used because my primer happens to be a moisturizer built into one! Marc Jacobs SCORES one-hundred (100) times over with his Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer.  As being one who suffers from sporadic dryness, this baby goes through it all...even oily textures, my friends! With exactly a pump of the product onto the back of my hand, AND a pea-sized amount of L'Oreal's Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation, I picked up my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer brush and first mixed the two formulas together, then firmly began stippling the dewy texture onto my skin, starting from the center moving out towards my hairline.  I noticed L'Oreal's Infallible line is VERY popular...just not by me in all honesty. I truly feel the product is NOT worth the hype as literally no coverage is yielded, you must build it up profusely, and the glow factor isn't all that great...not to mention the range of colors is hideous, 201 is LIGHTER than me and leans slightly pink toned. Seeeee this is why you beauties should read my blog posts from the top, to the bottom! You miss out on my personal reviews, not worth separate blog posts.  

                         When I think of watermelons I feel the complexion should be prim and proper, no bronzer, no contour, just clear glimmering porcelain doll skin! Switching to a Mac Duo-Fibre 132 brush I softly pushed into the netting of Stila's Watercolor Blush in Water Lily, then proceeded to downward stoking it onto my cheeks starting from the apples moving up towards my hairline. Despite what people might think, blush is just as good as a deep contour, it gives depth and dimension to one's face through the aspects of flushed skin--- oh and by the way, the hollowing of my cheeks is just my face.  I have deep dimples, this is in reply to those who say I "over contour", even though I DONT CONTOUR PERIOD, and to those who say "she sucks in her cheeks"...jealously kills loves, jealousy kills.  For a bit of radiance I picked up Cover Fx's Enhance Click Illuminator in the shade Bubbly, and firmly smudged it across the high points of my face (cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupids bow of lips, forehead, chin); the cream product was enhanced and "set" with a light dusting of Urban Decay's Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder in Luminous.  I suggest wetting your brush FIRST before dusting on the shimmering powder as it'll yield a more reflective finish! As far as the lips go I coated them twice in Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor, then took my Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder, dusted along the highlighting points of my face (under eyes, t-zone, chin, jawlines) annnnnnnnd finished off with a few spritzes of Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray.
*Morphe Single Eyeshadow Pan(s): Nature's Calling (lid, transitional shade); Breakfast At Tiffaneez (outer third of lid, inner third of lid, lower lash); Tokyo Tea (center of lid, center of lower lash line)
*Bh Cosmetics Glitter Collection, Lime Green
*Colourpop Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner: Boots (center of waterline), Teaspoon (outer third of waterline, inner third of waterline)
*Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 
                                   I do apologize for the lack of photos, I exerted every inch of my effort on forming the comprehensive pictorial above...oopsie?! You beauties told me you prefer the pictorials, and I shall be certain to deliver each time I publish a NON-YouTube makeup tutorial.  Anyhow, just as exemplified with the very first photo to your left, I began by defining my eyebrows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Auburn AND prepping my eyelids with my Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study!  Do be noted the primer you choose should either be pearlescent and sheer in hue, OR a flat white such as Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.  The goal here is to achieve the MOST pigmented shadow effects possible without a ton of shadow can get quite annoying building up pigment on your 11th try, better safe than sorry! Speaking of eyeshadow, the first color up is Nature's Calling by Morphe Brushes. Taking my fluffy blender, M433 Morphe Brush, I softly swirled into the deep green and proceeded to buffing it across my lids up into the creasing of my eye socket, this will act as a lid AND transitional shade for the colors to come! If you take a view at image 3, you shall see the final product of blending Breakfast At Tiffaneez onto the outer third of my lid and inner third (halo formation, try following the natural creasing of your eye socket for the best results), and taking Tokyo Tea eyeshadow straight down the center of my lid (firm drags down towards the upper lash line will yield the most pigmented effects)...later both shades were softened under my lower lash line for a reverse gradience.

                              The next few steps will require some patience and coordination skills! Why you might ask? Well simply put, a switch up of colors occurs systematically in one straight shoot. For example, after applying Bh Cosmetics Lime Green Glitter onto Tokyo Tea eyeshadow, no glitter adhesive needed, I picked up Boots liner by Colourpop and FIRST smudged it onto the center of my waterline and finished with Teaspoon lining the outer third and inner third of my can get confusing for some, take your time, at first as a habit I smudged Boots straight across my waterline-- point is accidents happen! As far as the upper lash line eyeliner goes, I first thickly winged both with Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Temptation using a Sephora Collection Pro Angled Liner Brush #22 , two coatings were needed, then switching brushes FLICKED Tokyo Tea eyeshadow out as a "double" wing effect, a touch of glitter was added for a sparkly effect. Too finish things up, I coated my lower lashes ESPECIALLY with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, and sealed the deal with Huda Beauty's Scarlett falsies, these are absolutely beautiful by the way! Incase you were wondering, to the left is some color inspiration, it's Lush's Guardian of the Forest bath bomb, my fave, hehe.  Hope you cuties enjoy and are fond of my fruit series, cheers :). 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Shimmering Tropical Peacock Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

                                Is it me or do I have an abnormal amount of peacock inspired tutorials?! What can I say...the bird is absolutely stunning.  From an array of vibrant green to exotic teal, and in some cases elegant snow white, these birdies deserve a medal for simply existing...well perhaps for their sassy and flirtatious attitudes as well, hehe! I will forwarn you loves that the eyeshadow presented above and to the right of this introductory paragraph will take some time, especially since numerous shades were manipulated in more than one manner (powder, to foiled in example). Hopefully that doesn't frighten you away! Do be noted my aim for this look happened to be a minimalistic glam approach, that means not many face products used with a heavy focus on the highlight to "brighten" one's skin naturally, sans a heavy highlight and contour. Be my guest on altering ANYTHING you want, makeup should make you feel beautiful, free, and at home! If perhaps a method I use you're not fond of, or perhaps even a product, switch it up my loves and email me a photo of your recreation, I always post em' to my Instagram too inspire others :) ( Lastly, speaking of Instagram, be sure to stay tuned for my short mini tutorial of how to recreate the eye makeup, I made sure to record it this time around! Let's get into it love bunnies.

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 30 Minutes
Notes: Lightweight, Shimmery, Long Lasting, Glowy Finish, Minimal Fall Out

*Milani Cosmetics Lipstick, Naturally Chic

Instagram: Thaeyeballqueen
Twitter: Thaeyeballqueen
YouTube: Lilz Trueman 

                             When it comes to facial oil, TONS of makeup lovers and beauty aficionados fear for their lives.  The thing is, oil actually can FIGHT ACNE, COMBAT OILINESS, and hydrate the skin better than any moisturizing cream is able to do! Instead of going through a harsh regiment this morning, I opted in for using the Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil, this product helps remove excess makeup from the night before as well clean throughly dirt from surface skin layers...kinda piggy about removing my eye makeup, so this baby saves me as it trudges through waterproof products instantly.  Oh, did I mention the left over finish is completely hydrated and matte, not greasy?! Yeah, I could go on and on annnnnd on about this product, it's changed my routine. Anyhow, over-hydrating is equally as bad as not moisturizing your skin, so I moved straight along to the priming stage once I fully washed off the cleansing oil! Taking my ring finger, I swooped right into Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Face Base and smeared the product onto my left cheek, the full amount I grabbed that is.  From that hefty smear I began softly moisturizing it into my skin with soft massaging motions, I made sure to disburse it across ALL ZONES of my face, especially out towards my hairline to prevent and un-even wear time, with this humidity New York has been hit with, its better safe than sorry! To yield a radiant finish that bursts out into dew within seconds of contact with one's skin, I pulled out my L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation in my shade W2 Light Ivory, and using the powder puff provided I pushed firmly into the product's sponge netting then proceeded to softly patting it across my skin, stipples and pats and different my loves. While stipples are quick and effective in building up pigment, pats push the product into one's skin for the most natural finish! Just as pictured the the left, once the foundation process was completed I took my E.L.F Studio Stipple Brush and began softly brushing RMS Beauty's Living Luminizer across the high points of my face, main focus kept on the bridge of my nose and cheekbones.  Using the same brush I gently pricked into Stila's Watercolor Blush and VERY cautiously stippled the formula onto my cheeks starting from the apples working up towards my hairline, I went through the blending process twice for a diffused finish!  

                 We're nearing the end of the face makeup, saying this just as a marker for you loves to know; with my Mac 168 and Givenchy's Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder, I softly dusted the deep bronze onto the outer three of my face and on the sides of my nose for a healthy glow, I finished up with a firm dusting of Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder in Grace onto the high points of my face (Mac Duo-Fibre 132 brush), moreover any areas Living Luminizer touched.  Red and deep maroon lip colors sadly don't fit the makeup today, on the bright side whip out your rosy brown's, it's go time! I opted in for Milani Cosmetics Naturally Chic lip color, it glides on smoothly and lasts for hours with a tinted stain left behind ;). For a soft focus glow, and insurance my makeup would last all day long, I brushed Nars's Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder across any highlighting zones of my face (under eyes, forehead, jawline, chin, sides of nose) using a Makeup Geek Stippling Foundation Brush, the flat top makes for easy application.  Being powders can leave a dull finish behind, I sealed everything with a few spritzes of Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray and went on my merry way to food shop (profusely "l o l ing" while saying the following haha)!
*Sugarpill Cosmetics Eyeshadow, Subterranean
*Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow Pan(s): Caramelized (crease); Red Head (inner v)
*Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadow, Amber Lights (lower lash line)
*Inglot Cosmetics AMC Pure Pigment, #42 (inner corners, inner third of lid)
*Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes, Scarlett 
                             Eyes are the windows to the souls so they say. Partially correct, however ya' forgot "brows" in there too missies! Eyebrows not only frame one's face, they help accentuate the present eye makeup in a way like no otha' product can, or piece of hair can if you'd like to get technical. I personally despise all these Instagram trends, they simply form clones rather embrace unique styles such as brow arches and definition! As you can tell, no feathering nor fading is done, just a bold effect that defines my features (Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, Auburn). The same principal goes forth in my primer application (Mac Pro Longwear Pain Pot in Bare Study) apparently, "Instagram Baddies" apply primer a certain way, completely unheard of, but anyhow my main message here is BROWS AND PRIMER ARE TEDIOUS STEPS, DO WHAT MAKES YOU STAND OUT AND MAKES YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE, NOT WHAT MAKES YOU APPEAR LIKE THE LAST ONE! Okay, enough of my ranting, you loves get the picture. After throughly glamming up my eyebrows and priming my eyelids I began the shadow process with Sugarpill's Subterranean, a beautiful peacock green with blue shifts! Using a standard fluffy eyeshadow brush I heavily smudged into the eyeshadow and proceeded to softly blending it across both my eyelids with side to side sweeps. Stressing pigment at this point is foolish as this color in specific will become a foiled pigment! Anyhow, as far as the crease goes I used Caramelized eyeshadow by Morphe Brushes, and using a Morphe E22 Pointed Blender firmly blended it into the creasing of my natural eye socket with tiny circular motions, this acts as a transitional shade. To bring a sense of vibrancy and different color notes to my eyes I switched brushes to a more defining M433 Morphe Brush and smudged Red Head eyeshadow right into the inner V of my eye starting from the outer third of my lids moving inwards towards the eye socket, if needed go back to your fluffy blender to meld colors together! With that same M433 I dusted Amber Lights eyeshadow by Mac Cosmetics under my lower lash line, then switched brushes once more to a Mac 224 flat shader eyeshadow brush.  Dipping into Inglot Cosmetics AMC Pure Pigment in #42, I softly blended it onto the inner corners of my eyes as well as slightly on the inner third of both my lids.  This gold beauty shifts green, imagine that ontop of a teal/blue shift shadow! Absolutely stunning.  Since I had my Mac brush handy, I dipped it into a CLEAN bottle of water, non contaminated, then patted into Subterranean once more to only smudge the wet foiled effected shadow onto my lids!

                          Funky eyeliners will detract attention away from the shimmering pigments at hand, I stuck with simple ol' black, in specific Mac's Creme Eyeliner! With a cleaned Sephora Collection Pro Angled Liner Brush #22 I gently dipped into water, then smudged into the water-activated creamy formula Mac has created for Pro Users (now available to the general public, yippie), and proceeded to lining my upper lash line with symmetrical cat wings, as well as my waterline for added drama and definition. I wasn't quite sure how I'd fancy Huda Beauty eyelashes, SOO I went cray cray on the mascara...thank the Lord Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is clump free haha! I'm one who HATES spending more than 12 bucks on a pair of flashes...but the Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes in Scarlett have me at Scar...absolutely AMAZING product that is truly worth the price. Hope all of you enjoyed this blog post, been meaning to type it for a few days now, cheers, and best of wishes cuties!

Lillee Jean Trueman

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fresh Faced Dewy Everyday Makeup Tutorial With a Pop of Color | DRUGSTORE & HIGH END

                                   Drugstore tutorials happen to be something I am quite fond personality has evolved drastically over the past year since I began my blog.  If you beauties recall I talked flack about every single product the drugstore had to offer!  How might this tie into the jist of things? Well, after doing some thinking, and reviewing over any "Everyday Makeup Tutorial's" present on my blog, I came to realize NONE focused on a fresh faced vibe, NONE were affordable, and NONE encompassed color in an elegant, high fashion manner, until today, July 27th. This look isn't for everyone, however with the change of a lip color to perhaps a vibrant poppy or dazzling nude, anything is possible, analyze & adapt rather follow! Dewy makeup is meant to look as if you splashed oil on your skin after moisturizing, but this time around the shine is in specific areas to enhance features...dew does not include glitter, nor shimmer, thus why RMS's Living Luminzier is an absolute MUST, unless of course you have another product that works amazingly for you. Think BB Cream, light coverage for blemishes, skin benefits, and natural living, as weird as it might sound haha! You must have the RIGHT mindset in order to pull off any drastically simple makeup look, otherwise what you feel internally pops right out...literally. Many women are overly obsessed with this airbrushed makeup trend that it's come to the point this beauty blogger is taking a stand and saying, ENOUGH! You don't have to look like a doll every single day, sometimes a fresh vibe is good "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"; if you take notice, most super models keep their makeup minimal anyways (Victorias Secret, in example), THAT is natural beauty. 

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 10 Minutes
Notes: Lightweight, Dewy, Natural, High Fashion, Everyday Wear, Interchangeable Lip Color, Easy on Sensitive Skin, Quick to Compelte

*Revlon PhotoReady Concealer, Light (on BLEMISHES, not as a highlight)

                               No setting powder, nor a setting spray...freaking you out yet? Hahah only fooling love bunnies! Generally when you apply a powder foundation onto select concern areas a setting powder is NOT necessary, people gravitate towards setting powders nowadays simply because it yields photo-finished appearances.  Unfortunately the goal is to have skin that looks like skin, not a porcelain doll, though do not mistaken me, I love my uber glammied looks here and there! By the way, before getting into any details, for anyone with OILY skin that still would love yielding a dewy finish like presented above choose an oil free demi-matte primer, the RMS Living Luminizer fits all skin textures, annnnndddd just amp it up on the powder foundation, specifically on any typical shine zones (t-zone, chin, under eyes, by the hairline). 

                           Anyways, now onto the meat of this tutorial! First off, I was a bad girl and forgot to wash my face, OOPSIE. Mentally it sounded great..."well, mixing my regular facial oil with more oily stuff isn't good...right?", frontal cortex "YEAH LILLEE RIGHT GO FOR IT GIRL", subconscious, "ohhhh brothhaaaaa, you'll regret it and have to start over again." HAH HAH subconsciousness I have defeated you atlas! Interestingly not washing my face gave me the BEST outcome since my natural oils were able to shine through, in a positive way. With that being said, the primary step includes applying the Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, a pump shall do, and blending in Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream, alternatives for acne sufferers is present on the Maybelline New York website (direct link to bb creams)! When it comes to facial primer, please be sure to evenly disburse the given product out towards your hairline, it'll prevent an un-even wear time from occurring, the same principle goes for the BB Cream.  I personally took a tiny pea-sized amount of product and with my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer brush softly buffed the hydrating formula in starting from the center of my face (nose) swirling out towards the outskirts of my face! This baby is LOADED with skin benefits, hence the call line "8-in-1". From blurring imperfections (generally light coverage), to providing protection from the harmful sun rays (SPF 30, oil free), this is an unknown go-to product of mine! Being I still had tiny blemishes present I smudged on Revlon's PhotoReady Concealer in the shade "Light" onto any problematic areas (mostly on my forehead, and a bit on the side of my cheek), and using that same Morphe M439 VERY carefully pricked the product in with light pressurized stipples, the goal is to use LESS product, not more due to carelessness.  To prevent shifting I swirled into Bobbi Brown's Powder Foundation using an Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation Brush by Tarte and firmly blended it onto the creamy concealer, excess was applied under my eyes to prevent creasing! I DO NOT recommend baking, this will yield MATTE finishes and will not form a natural outcome. 

                                   As the final finishing touches, and most important frankly, I picked up my RMS Living Luminizer and with my freshly cleaned  Mac Duo-Fibre 132 brush softly swirled into the product until I had a decent amount to cover select areas of my face, from that swirling I began stroking the product onto the high points (cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupids bow, chin, forehead, brow bones, inner corners) consistently until a complete and beautiful glow was achieved! If you play close attention the glow looks like a natural oily sheen, not a shimmering disco ball sheen, hence why I avoided applying a powder on top.  Now of course the lips, ahhhh yes! Not sure if you beauties have seen, but Maybelline came out with a new Color Sensational lipstick line called "the Loaded Bolds Lipstick" a few weeks ago, and letttt me tell ya', these are superior to any other "long lasting, 24HR" creamy matte lipstick...yep liquid lipstick companies I am looking at you. Being I have always wanted to try a dark navy blue shade, Midnight Blue was my perfect match! Within the range of three swipes (I prefer a movable lip color, one swipe has pigment BUT is not as creamy), my bold pop of color was achieved ;). FYI, no eye makeup was done other than doing my eyebrows with my typical Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in the shade Auburn! At most I played around with glow tricks and using my pinky finger smeared the RMS Living Luminizer onto the brow bones and inner corners for a brightened effect.  Hope all you cuties enjoyed this "change up" in tutorials, stay tuned for Friday, a peacock inspired tutorial awaits!

Lillee Jean Trueman

Monday, July 25, 2016

Iridescent Soft Magenta & Light Lilac Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

                     Welcome back love bunnies! Now I was planning on doing a new tutorial come Tuesday, but after my mom said the following, "ahaha probably the colors you use to wear won't look good anymore due to your natural coloring change such as lilac and magenta"... this look occurred within 28 minutes. You might be wondering "how the heck did Lillee create such an elaborate look within that time span?!" Well, ever since realizing loving yourself does not include the art of contouring nor baking routine runs swiftly! In fact, I find the non-contouring look to be much more natural, beautiful, and radiant as it shows your natural skin...nothing altered, all ENHANCED. Anyhow, I have never done a magenta look before (thanks mum for the drive to do the such), with notes of neon purple, so I am hopeful my happiness about the outcome exudes out as you watch my YouTube tutorial and read this blog post! Please have a few blending brushes prepared, and know what works for me MIGHT NOT work for you, so adjust whatcha' need cuties. For example, while I just bronze over my nose, you might prefer contouring it, which is perfectly fine-- I'm not saying DON'T do what makes you happy, just know fully the procedures you're taking on! Radiant bronzed skin and dashing lips with a touch of a "fresh face" feel is all you need to make statement ;).

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 28 Minutes
Notes: Lightweight, Dewy, Long Lasting, Quick to Complete

*Inglot Cosmetics - Face & Body AMC Cream Blush, 81
*Too Faced Bronzer, Snow Bunny
 *Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, Bubbly (That Glow Kit)

Instagram: Thaeyeballqueen
Twitter: Thaeyeballqueen
YouTube: Lilz Trueman 

                   As always, skin care comes first, forget about the glammieing up at this point! I personally prefer changing up my skincare routine every 1-2 days, in other words I recycle the products used. Being I did a few dramatic looks these previous days that required SERIOUS TLC care, I decided to go with a natural earthy occurrence by using different temperatures of water splashing against my skin! This method not only OPENS clogged pores, it helps "decongest" and free them of any impurities-- start with steamy hot water, finish with cold splashes too tighten the pores up. It's a habit of mine to use the Fresh Seaberry Oil after EVERY single wash my face undergoes, so to add a bit of hydration (ironic part is my skin is dry in this humid weather) I used a beaker full of product and gently disbursed it across all zones of my face starting from the center (nose), massaging out towards my hairline! As far as primer goes I chose my typical Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, and using exactly a pump of the product poured onto the center of my palm, I smoothed my hands together and proceeded to softening it onto my skin with fluent moisturizing motions-- this baby absorbs immediately into one's pores...wait time? What wait time?! I truly wasn't in the mood for building up coverage with a highlighting cream NOR sitting there for an hour spot concealing, so I brought out the big guns, Becca's Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme Foundation in my shade, Sand! Just as pictured to the left of this paragraph, I picked up my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer and softly buffed the creamy foundation into my skin starting from my left cheek working clockwise in light stipples up to my forehead....creams are easier to work with using added oils OR a sponge, but I prefer my M439 and the thicker, breathable formula that is budge proof ;). For a gentle awakening of color to my skin, I took the Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer and using a Mac 168 swirled right into the shimmering powder too only blend the bronzy delight onto the "outer three" of my face and slightly down the sides of my nose! In case you're unaware, the outer three refers to areas the sun naturally hits such as one's temples, cheeks, and jawline...optionally you can dust the product onto the nose, forehead, and chin for added warmth and radiance. 

                  Blush colors can be tricky! From a neutral pink to vibrant purple, there are many options, but it withstands with YOU to choose the best pick. My advice is to NEVER match your blush too your eyeshadow colors, opt in for a few shades darker or a completely mellow color in the same spectrum! For today I went with my all time favorite Inglot Cosmetics Face & Body AMC Cream Blush in the shade 81. Pricking softly into the creamy formula with a Mac Duo-Fibre 132 brush, I proceeded to softly blending the product onto my cheeks starting from the apples moving up toward my hairline-- this forms the illusion of higher pulled up features!  Fresh faced makeup tutorials ALWAYS get paired with stunning glows darlings... you shall not escape this one!!  Using my Cover Fx Enhance Click Stick in Bubbly, I FIRMLY smudged the product onto the high points of my face (cheekbones, bridge of nose, chin, forehead) and using my ring finger lightly blended the product in. To ensure the glow would remain vibrant and dewy all day long I picked up a freshly deppotted Bubbly powder from Anastasia Beverly Hill's That Glow Kit and dusted it right onto the exact areas Bubbly from Cover Fx originally touched! How ironic that both shades are named Bubble...coincidental? Hmmm. The lips are quite simple, all that must be performed is the application of Lime Crime's RAVE Velevetine! I have yet to find any dupe for this shade, SO if you have one let me know-- be aware this color is NOT lavender, nor lilac, it is a NEON purple/pink. For setting purposes I dusted the Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder across all highlighting zones of my face using a Makeup Geek Stippling Foundation Brush, then sealed the deal with a few spritzes of Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray! The makeup look presented above felt extremely light weight, sooooo if you do recreate it give me a message at, perfect for the Summertime heat. 
*Urban Decay Ammo Pallet, Grifter (lid, lower lash line)
*Morphe Brushes Singular Eyeshadow Pan, Sassy (crease)
*Urban Decay Electric Pallet, Savage (inner v)
*Mac Cosmetics Eye Shadow Pan, Passionate (inner v)
*Sugarpill Cosmetics, PaperDoll (lid)
*Colourpop Gel Eyeliner, Cry Baby
*KoKo Lashes, Amore
                           Remember how with my last "everyday" tutorial I just sort of dusted each eyeshadow across my lids? Yep, same premise, this time just vibrant. To get the tedious mannerisms out of the way, the beginning steps include the following: I defined my eyebrows using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Auburn (absolute favorite), then smudged Mac's Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study across both my eyelids using a cleaned ring finger.  Excess product was taken up towards my brow bone and under my lower lash line! I feel everyone does their eyebrows differently and primer is a given, please cut me slack there hehe. Nowwwww onto the fun part, shadow! The first color up is Grifter provided by the Urban Decay Ammo Eyeshadow Pallet.  Though this pallet is no longer sold, I left a workable link to purchase the individual eyeshadow color through Urban Decay's official website! Anyhow, using a standard fluffy shadow brush, I picked up a decent amount of color then moved forth in smudging it across both my eyelids, be sure to build up pigment this way shimmer particles are visible. For a defined crease that DID NOT lean smokey in terms of dark hues, I next up took Sassy by Morphe and with my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender brush gently blended the shade into my crease using soft and fluent side to side motions, this shall be disbursed upwards through tiny circular motions as well. For a touch of vibrancy, I swirled into Savage pressed pigment by Urban Decay, and very carefully blended the vibrant pink into the inner V of my eye using slight side to side smudging motions; start from the outer third and work inwards towards the natural creasing of your eye socket.  If you're anything like me and dig a super smoked out effect, opt in for a deep fuchsia pink RATHER a deep pick was Passionate eyeshadow by Mac, blended into my inner v of course ;)! There truly is no right or wrong when it comes to blending eyeshadow, just make sure everything is evenly disbursed-- this is my interpretation of how the look should appear, your might prefer a sharper approach. 

                      Before going any further, I took my ring finger and dipped right into Paperdoll Loose Eyeshadow by Sugarpill; tipping my head back, I began firmly pressing the pigment onto my entire lid area continuously until my finger had just a tinge of lilac left! Picking my standard fluffy eyeshadow brush back up I swirled once more into Grifter and smudged it across my lower lash lines followed by "Bubbly" by Anastasia Beverly Hills applied straight onto the inner corners of my eyes and on my brow bones as a dashing highlight! The finalizing steps include smudging Colourpop's Gel Eyeliner in Cry Baby across both my water lines, lining my upper lash line with medium thick wings using Bobbi Brown's Black Ink Liner, coating my lashes with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in standard black, and applying KoKo Lashes in Amore. Quite the mouthful, isn't it? Be sure to check out my recent tutorials via blog post and via YouTube by scrolling back a few postings (YouTube hooked into the right side of my blog) OR by clicking the following WORKABLE links: Vibrant Ocean Grape Smokey Eye; Summery Gold and Apricot Smokey Eye; Mossy Green Shimmering Smokey Eye; Makeup for Those With Glasses: Shimmering Earthy Sienna Tutorial.

Lillee Jean Trueman