Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vibrant Glittery Orange & Yellow Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Ft. My Makeup Brush Set

                                 Welcome back love bunnies!  I have been longing to do a sunny makeup tutorial for over three months now, that's a significant time considering how when a thought pops into my head, I execute it.  Anytime I seem to incorporate yellow the look either turns out tropical, peacock like, or less yellow than expected-- today however, I shined like the sun :)! This makeup tutorial was actually primarily done to form a demo/first impression of the My Makeup Brush Set brushes, a separate blog post will be posted Monday night, but for now you shall get a sneaky peak of my personal opinions (view photo to the right). Although this was given to me free for review, you loves know my honest opinions shine through as I am incapable of lying, while a flawless finish is achieved, perhaps not the best alternative for newbies or even intermediate beauty lovers. Anyhow, prior to getting into the actual application process please have handy a paper towel, perhaps some makeup removing wipes, and most of all blending brushes you feel most comfortable using! Blending vibrant hues can be QUITE the toughie, but just as I always say as long as you put your mind to it and focus on tiny build-able motions, all shall work out fine-- besides the fact any form of yellow-red hue will have an eye awakening effect, thus you can practically do NO WRONG. 

Doing My Moms Makeup Tutorial
My Makeup Brush Set Blog Post REVIEW

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*Cover Fx Cream FoundationN100 to contour and N0 to highlight
*KVD Shade+Light Pallet: Lyric, Shadowplay
*NYX Cream Blush, Boho Chic 
*Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallet: Incandescent Light
*Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick: Spicy + Colourpop Ultra Satin, Dohee

                                         Alright, between you and I face cleansing wise...there was none that occurred, bad girl Lillee, I know, I know, wink ;). I had ZERO intentions of doing a tutorial today, just as said above, so I removed my previous everyday makeup with Neutrogena'a Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover Wipes-- these babies remove even the stubbornest of waterproof makeup! To ensure my skin was fully cleared of any product, although the makeup remover wipes claim rinsing is unnecessary, I then proceeded to splashing steaming hot water against my skin (opens up the pores) numerous times followed by a last splash of ice cold water (closes pores) and a beaker full of my Fresh Seaberry Oil to hydrate. Being my facial oil takes only around five minutes absorption time, I quickly moved along to the next step, which is the most important in my opinion, priming! Without a decent primer that either counteracts redness, smoothes dryness, prevents oiliness, or even adds radiance, your makeup look to come will not be as fantastic, nor as long lasting. I chose my typical Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base simply because the lightweight cream instantly sinks into one's skin forming a perfect non-greasy canvas-- pre-placing tiny dashes of the product disbursed across all zones of my face (cheeks, forehead, nose, chin) I took my cleaned cleaned hand and with gentle massaging motions blended the formula in, there really is not much to this step other than finding the RIGHT primer for YOU. Here is where the magic beings using the FIRST My Makeup Brush Set brush (Brush A).  With exactly ONE PUMP of the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation poured onto the center of Brush A, I began to gently tug the product across my skin starting from the center blending out towards my hairline! Though this is not typically how I prefer applying my foundation, all in all optimal coverage was achieved within ONE pump product and minimal hand strokes :).

                                         I truly was unaware each brush had a letter accompanying I sorta formed my own meaning and multi-purpose actions for each A-J product! With that being said, using Brush E, notable for concealer, blush and foundation applications, I smudged into Cover Fx's Cream Foundation in N0 and began highlighting my skin starting from my under eye area reaching over to down the bridge of my nose (other areas include the forehead, chin, jawlines, and tops of my lips). I then slanted the brush to the side and picked up N100 by Cover Fx for contouring purposes, if you view the photo provided to the left you shall see the full blown contour placement (hollows of cheeks, sides of nose, jawline). Moving a size up, Brush D, I began to blend the creamy foundation in using medium to rough blending motions, I'm not quite used to being abrasive on my skin, however beauty is pain...right? Once more, there really is no explaining to be done as the brushes are self explanatory, you use circular blends and perhaps upward strokes and all shall be well. For a bronzy glow I picked up my Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder in the shade 4 and with Brush C circularly blended the powder across the outer three of my face (temples, hollows of cheeks, jawline) followed by Kat Von D's Shadowplay positioned more so under the perimeter of my face, in the hollows of my cheeks and on the sides of my nose. As an added tip, you might want to use a smaller brush nose contouring wise, I opted in for Brush F as it worked best to highlight (shade Lyric) as well! As we all know the eyeshadow and lips truly steal the show, this means blush wise you must tone it down and keep it as natural as possible.  I opted in for Nyx's Cream Blush in Boho Chic! Switching back to Brush D, I gently swirled into the creamy blush and proceeded to UPWARD flicking it from the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline-- stipples are extremely hard to come by, especially with thicker dense bristles, so one must conform sadly to what is provided. 

                                             I happened to of picked up Nyx's Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam earlier today on my typical drugstore run, so I figured what better time to use it THAN NOW! With exactly a pea-sized amount poured onto the back of my hand, I picked up Brush E and proceeded to gently disbursing the glowy product onto the high points of my face starting from the tops of my cheekbones-- be careful, these brushes eat up product like no otha' it might be best to directly apply the liquid TO the bristles rather the demonstrated way I used in my YouTube video (will be up soooooon). To set the glow and amp things up I smudged into Incandescent Light from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallet and applied it to all areas Nyx's Liquid Illuminator originally touched, applying the product over a setting spray will REALLY get you glowin'! As far as the lips go I first applied Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Spicy straight from the doe-tip applicator stick, and followed up by smudging Colourpop's Ultra Satin Lipstick in Dohee centered with Brush I.  The funniest part, interestingly, was applying a butt-load of setting powder to my skin with Brush A (11.9 CM)! With that being the case, using Nars's Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder, I heavily BRUSHED the product onto all highlighting zones of my face (under eyes, bridge of nose, forehead, jawline, chin) and after give or take 3 minutes brushed all remaining product off.  To set my skin thoroughly for this terrible heat I applied 6 sprays of the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to my skin starting from the left angle of my face going toward the center and right angle-- everything must be sprayed beauties! 
*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Strawberry Milk
*Sugarpill's Burning Heart Pallet: Buttercupcake (lid, transitional shade), Flamepoint (crease 2), Love+ (inner v)
*Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Pan(s): Lemon Drop (lower lash line, center)
*Morphe Single Eyeshadow Pan(s): Magical Magenta ES58 (crease 1)
*Colourpop Gel Liner Stick, Puppy
*Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick: Spicy 
                                       Once more positioned near the edge of 10000000 products used, however this time around, it is quite doable and takes under 15 minutes completion time :)! To kick things off I began by defining my brows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Caramel, all thats needed is a little definition and spoolieing to follow. Might I say, I am BEYOND relieved I purchased the Brow Definer back in March, without it honestly I think I'd still have muppet brows...but that's for another time and day! Being I lost my Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk I opted in for the alternative Strawberry Milk which is a shimmering light pink hue.  I smudged the shade onto both my lids straight from the stick and proceeded to gently blending it in using a cleaned ring finger, the shade was dragged up to my brow bones and around my lower lash lines for full coverage and insurance. The first shade up, just like yesterday, happened to be Sugarpill's Buttercupcake! With a dense Mac Cosmetics 239 brush I firmly packed the color onto my lids starting from the inner third working my way left, or right, to the outer thirds. From that shade I picked up Lemon Drop by Makeup Geek and smudged it across my lower lash line, excess product was applied to the center of my lids for an added shimmery effect! Going into a freshly cleaned Morphe E22 Pointed Blender is THE BEST feeling ever as the bristles are beyond soft-- I took the liberty of blending Buttercupcake up into the creasing of my eyelid with soft side to side motions, this shall act as a transitional shade for the colors to come. Speaking of colors to come, the next shade up is Magical Magenta, ES58, by Morphe Burshes! With a denser and more defining blending brush, the M433 Morphe Brush, I lightly swirled into the magenta shadow then proceeded to lightly patting it onto the outer third of my lid. From the gentle patting I began bringing the color into the creasing of my eye socket with medium pressure and firm blending motions! To really "smoke" things up I took Flamepoint and began once more applying it into the creasing of my eye socket with side to side fluffy blending motions, Love+ was later added for drama and definition purposes :). 

                                        To start wrapping up the eye makeup I took a cleaned pinky finger and pressed it right into OCC's Gold Glitter, from that pressing I patted it onto the inner corners of my eyes slightly in the tear ducts! Here is where a paper towel MIGHT come in handy or perhaps a glitter glue, I didn't need either as the OCC sticks on rather well by itself. Siinnnnnceee stick's have been brought into the picture frame, I lined my waterline using Colourpop's Gel Liner Stick in Puppy, a true light orange shade! This was RATHER interesting for me, but using Brush H from the Midas Touch 10 Piece Oval Brush set, I managed to line my eyes with Anastasia Beverly Hill's Liquid Lipstick in Spicy...was difficult in all honesty, BUT came out wonderful and 0 stains were left behind removal wise.  To really seal the deal I coated my lashes with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara numerous times (mainly lower lashes) and applied my favorite KoKo False Lashes in Amore with their KoKo lash glue :). Hope you beauties enjoy and have a kickass week to come, kisses and lots of love xoxox!