Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Terra-cotta Copper Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial + My Summer Beauty Tips

                                     When it comes to the Summer ALL of us beauties hate wearing pounds of makeup due to the added force of heat melting us ALL like ice cream cones...even with tons of baking powder and setting spray! I decided to share my secret "everyday" Summer proof makeup tutorial with my loyal followers, since as you know there is a HUGE soft spot of each and every one of you in my heart. Not only does the eyeshadow adhere beautifully to all eye colors, not just blue and green, the facial makeup lasts a substantial 6 hours in seventy degree plus weather, through experiences that is! While it might seem the final product took over an hour, in reality in under 20 minutes for any intermediate OR PRO artist this is a piece of cake..not literally as the skin products are kept to a T, anyhow. You might be asking yourself, "what makes for a good Summer approved makeup look?" Simply replied, glowy clear skin and bronzy hues with a nice liquid lipstick to remain put all day-- these key factors are generally how I work around the summertime, and it has become a habit for ALL year around.  During this tutorial I was also able to test out a few new products I purchased such as from Gerard Cosmetics their 'Grace' Star Powder, and from Morphe their 35O pallet :)! Let's get into it beauties, I hope you enjoy--- be sure to check out my previous blog posts to keep in touch which are provided below. 

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*Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Contour & Highlight Duo, LIGHT

                           Alright cuties, make sure you not only get a good night's rest (helps one use less product as the skin appears awakened and fresh) BUT to wash your skin a total of two times a day, no more, and certainly no less (morning, nighttime).  To prevent a wearing down of my natural acid mantel I used a light bar soap, specifically the Perfectly Posh Pore-fect Big Face Bar Cleanser! Through a perfect melody of tea-tree oil and soothing aloe this is my holy grail product, it achieves a youthful clean canvas within seconds of applying.  Once the product foams to its full potential I then rinse my skin off with warm water and seal the deal using a beaker full of my Fresh Seaberry Oil, oil's are EXTREMELY important for the Summer as they do half the job of wearing makeup! Being my Fresh Seaberry Oil absorbs instantly into my pores, I moved straight along to the priming stage, today using my typical Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base that is.  Jar primers yield different application steps-- I personally prefer "dashing" the product across all zones of my face, high points, followed by circular blending motions using a gentle touch to evenly disburse the pre-placed formula across my face! As far as foundation goes I have been LOVING the new L'oreal Lumi Cushion Build-able Foundation...for once I actually found a product that doesn't give me red splotches AND thoroughly matches my skin tone, odd how a drugstore product compares heavily to high ends.  Anyhow, using the provided powder puff I gently patted the luminous foundation onto my skin starting from the center of my face working my way in stipples out towards my hairline, just like the primer AND facial oil instant pore absorption is guaranteed,  thus waiting time is out of the question ;)!

                        Ironically enough from this point forward things swoop by in the blink of a second, the way you APPLY each product weighs heavily on the accumulated total time, I want you all to forget that at home and just listen with an open mind for my preferred methods! First off, having STICK cream contour or highlighting products will alleviate the stress of finding a brush and sitting an extra five minute drawing on precise lines. With that being said, using my Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Contour stick in Nude (literally my skin tone a shade darker, used as a highlight) I firmly smudged thick lines across all highlighting zones of my face, which can be demonstrated if you view the photo provided to the right of this paragraph :). Not only does this provide me with the extra coverage I desire, it doesn't exactly "alter" my face shape as it's DARKER than my skin tone, thus light is not being drawn to these areas--anyhow for blending purposes I took a dampened Beauty Blender Pro and gently bounced the "fat" side across the areas containing Nude Contour Stick. Since I had my Beauty Blender out and ready to go, I went ahead and stippled Nyx's Cream Blush in Boho chic across my cheeks starting from the apples going up towards my hairline, I built up product TWICE for optimal pigment! Speaking of optimal pigment, I got the glow outta' the way quickly by smudging on the Revlon Highlighting Stick in Pink Light to my cheekbones, the bridge of nose, on my cupids bow, chin, and forehead.  Using my Beauty Blender I followed through with evenly disbursing the pearlescent hues out with firm stipples, don't stress adding a glow powder on yet, this shall come as a finalizing step as I wanted the pigment to be vibrant and opaque!

                           Mwahahaha now onto the part that will confuse you all, however it's been a question circulating around all my videos lately, "how do you get such a flawless contour...it doesn't look to be there but... it is?" To answer this in the EASIEST form I can think of the trick is having a deep bronzing shade and warm toned contour shade, though cool tones contour wise look hideous on me. Right after blending in the Revlon Highlighting Stick I opened up my Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder in shade 4, and using my Mac 168 gently STIPPLED the product across the outer three of my face-- you shall all see this method does not give a "sharp" contour THUS result wise one's face looks completely naturally and perhaps sunkissed! To add a smidge of definition and drama I followed through in blending Macchiato powder by Anastasia Beverly Hills across those same zones Givenchy's Healthy Glow Powder originally touched, the only difference is excess was dragged under my chin and on the sides of my nose. Before applying my new liquid lipstick I lightly patted Bobbi Brown's Powder Foundation in Warm Ivory under my eyes and on the sides of my nose, this helps lock creamy products in place :)! Nowwwwww onto the lippies. I applied two coats of the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick in Serenity all over my lips, and I must say as first impression, I LOVE THE FORMULA! Prior to applying Grace Star Powder I sprayed on the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray in Lemongrass to my skin AND THEN dusted the product onto the high points of my face with a Morphe M143 Deluxe Soft Fan brush, this once more boosts the pigment and provides a long lasting finish. The finnnnnal product, yes you can breathe, is Nars's Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder-- it was dusted under my eyes, on my jawlines/forehead/ and chin with that same Deluxe Fan Brush by Morphe...talk about multi-purpose ;)! If you seek extra protection, no pun intended, simply spray more of the Setting Spray on, that tis' what I opted in for. 
*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Strawberry Milk
*Morphe Brushes 35 Color Shimmer Nature Glow Eyeshadow Pallet 35OS: Column 7. Row 3 (lid); Column 5. Row 4 (crease); Column 4. Row 3 (inner V, lower lash line); Column 7. Row 5 (center of lid); Column 2. Row 1 (inner corners)
*Mac Kohl Liner, Smolder
*Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproofing Mascara 
                                      Eye makeup seem a tad difficult? Fear not my loves, with the help of TWO sturdy blending brushes, you shall be on your way as each color coincides with each other. What the heck does that even mean Lilz? Sans the fluff, the best example I could cook up is the following: without the transitional shade, you wouldn't have the deeper inner v shade; without the lid shades, there'd be no dimension. Anyhoooooooooo, the first step up is to achieve defined, and well groomed eyebrows! To do so I took my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Caramel and began by spoolieing through each brow, this helps one gauge the brow shape they'd prefer. From that I began drawing firms lines under and above my brows (guided shape) and finished up with a light filling in :), not much done here or to explain as everyone differs brow wise! My all time favorite Summer approved priming base is Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in the color Strawberry Milk-- it fits an array of eyeshadow hues. To apply I simply smudged the stick across both my eyelids and blended the product in using a cleaned ring finger, once again saving time as opposed to pot primers OR squeezy tube primers! If you take a peak above you will see a step by step image displaying EVERYTHING done eye makeup wise, hopefully it helps soothe any fears or in some cases visually show what was done. Last weekend I received my Morphe Brushes 35 Color Shimmer Nature Glow Eyeshadow Pallet, I am still ABSOLUTELY in love with each shade...it was quite difficult even coming up with todays makeup look as I wanted to use them alllll! The first shade I settled on is Column 7. Row 3, with my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender I washed the shade across both my lids irking slightly into the creasing of my eye with side to side motions-- pigment is not a MAJOR deal here, we just want a basic shade on the lids. Now going into Column 5. Row 4, I began really amping up the drama factor with concentrated blending motions specifically in the crease, I find following the natural creasing of my eye socket as a guide best for disbursing hues evenly! Switching to a fluffier yet more defining blending brush, a M433 Morphe Brush, I picked up Column 4. Row 3 which is a stunning coppered red, and smudged it smoothly with medium pressure into the inner V of my eyes, don't be afraid to pack up a bit' of pigment with this baby. Since I had excess on the brush I simply smudged it across my lower lash lines a few times building up pigment with each swipe-- I then took Column 7. Row 5 and patted it gently onto the center of my lids for a beautiful radiance of color! To really finish up and add a dazzling touch, I applied Column 2. Row 1 to the inner corners of my eyes AND on my brow bones with a freshly cleaned M433 Morphe Brush (Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner works INSTANTLY). 

                     If you couldn't tell, much of the eye makeup situates around extremely smokey eyeliner and plush eyelashes! To achieve a long lasted waterline finish I used my Mac Kohl Liner in Smolder and smudged it across both waterlines, in the same motion my smudging was taken SLIGHTLY on my lower lash line for added depth. For super smokey and spiked up lashes I coated my eyelashes numerous times with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara followed by two light coatings of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproofing Mascara...which they no longer sell which makes me BEYOND SAD, BOO. This is the ending of my everyday Summer tutorial, I hope all you beauties enjoyed and could take something out of the riddled tips weaved throughout each step; the main concepts to know is reinstated here: waterproof, smokey liner, glowy and bronzed skin, sealed wit LIQUID MATTE lipstick... do all this and you shall be set beach bunny :). Till' next time!