Friday, June 10, 2016

Retro Periwinkle Blue and Electric Orangey Red Summer Colourpop Makeup Tutorial

                      Goooooooood morning love bunnies! Today's look is EXTRA fancy and has a hint of retro leading behind, thanks to the periwinkle blue and vibrant reddish orange lips that is ;). Interestingly enough, ALL the makeup besides the highlight, blush, brow gel, foundation, bronzer, and contour power is attributed to using Colourpop Cosmetics products! For the longest of time I have been their HUGEST fan, from sleek cup like shadow containers with massive pigment to extreme and unique lippie shades + formulas, I just knew today had to be a CP day. I actually got a new package today featuring their new gel eyeliners and satin liquid lipsticks, both of which I have iffy reviews of, but for the most part came out to a solid 8/10! Just for some quick links, here is my January Haul (some products from this haul were used such as Erotic) and my original Colourpop Haul (one of the highlighters was used, super amazed with the pigment yet again). Do be noted this tutorial is not exactly "a walk in the park"'ll need to get messy UNLESS you find some mastermind way of getting pigment from the shadows else wise.  For example, to apply my highlighter I used my fingers, same scenario went for applying Erotic to my lids! These formulas just work better with fingers due to the nature of their quick drying silky formulas, fear not it actually fastened up my tutorial to 36 minutes, pretty damn good for a dramatic look.  Oh and fyi, I got tons of lookers wearing this ;)! 


*Nars Radiant Concealer, Chantilly (highlighting shade)
*Make Up Forever Pro>Bronze Fusion, 10M Natural Matte Honey
*Inglot Cosmetics - Face & Body AMC Cream Blush, 81
*Nars Liquid Illuminator, Copacabana + Colourpop Highlighter, Smoke N' Whistles 
*Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick, Cozy

                Lately I've been REALLY into the no cream contour method! Though I see NO significant difference in my skin texture wise, it's a visual thing, I feel more like "me" as less of a drastic sculpting is completed. Speaking of skin texture, prior to applying my makeup I took a lovely steamy shower, which as all us beauties know opens up the pores tremendously, thus indefinitely unclogging pores and revealing a radiant, and clean complexion! To help that process along I scrubbed my skin with my holy grail cleanser, Perfectly Posh's Pore-fect big face bar cleanser, due to its NON FOAMING nature (natural PH, won't harm the acid mantle) it leaves an extremely clean base behind, almost squeaky clean, hehe! To ensure much needed moisture was given back to my dry skin I applied a beaker full of Fresh's Seaberry Oil to all zones of my skin, the under eyes and under neck areas included.  Generally speaking, oil's and moisturizers should be allowed to set for a good 10 minutes BEFORE applying makeup this way the nutrients absorb into the pores! Ironically enough, one of my favorite primers is Dr Brandts Pores No More, something formulated for oilier to normal skin. It just seems to silk across my skin beautifully, SANS making dry patches visible! With that being said, using a pea-sized amount of the product poured onto my fingertips, I gently smoothed it against my skin starting from the center of my face out towards my hairline. Unlike my last tutorial, Under 10 Minutes Glam, we shall be using a full coverage foundation ;)! I opted in for the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Porcelain, the medium-full coverage helps blur out any imperfections, when wearing such a vibrant red to blue combination the slightest blemish will become noticeable. Using ONLY two squirts (running low on product, two squirts is half a pump) of the product onto the back of my hand, I picked up my Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush and went to blending town! I personally prefer using downward strokes as opposed to stipples because the product adheres best to my skin that way, dry patches AND peach fuzz?! BAH,  invisible.

                        No contouring, contouring, let's get em'! I haven't used Nars's Radiant Concealer in the LONGEST of time, was an interesting switch up to say the least.  Moreover, I brushed the product under ALL highlighting zones of my face! These zones include my under eye area, down the bridge of my nose, on my jaw line, and a tad on my chin/forehead-- keep in mind highlighting zones vary from beauty to beauty.  Some highlight their forehead, some don't, some highlight their under nose area, and some simply do not! Highlights are meant to bring light to an area, OR in my case to add a bit of extra coverage, try not to overthink the idea, many of us forget the groundwork of concepts after some time. Once I had the placement set I took a cleaned Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and began to gently stippled the concealer in starting from my under eye area, working with the largest of area's first helps, trust me!  After the product was blended to a silky delight I moved forward to bronzing up my skin using Make Up Forever's Pro>Bronze Fusion in 10M, Natural Matte Honey.  With my Mac 168 I brushed the warm bronzer across the temples of my face down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jawline-- IF you watch the video tutorial you'll take notice on the stippling method I used for application purposes.  Being I NEVER let my cream highlight/contour set I morphed into a stippler, oops ;)! Rather swishing the cream's below around, if you actually "prick" your brush against your skin the most FLAWLESS and airbrushed finish will form. For example, to add drama and extra definition to my skin I took the deep bronze shade from Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powders in Mirage Filter. For application purposes I gently brushed the bristles of my 168 against the powder and proceeded to stippling it a tad lower than Make Up Forever's Pro>Bronze Fusion gel powder, manipulate your products lovies! Take a peek at the picture to the right, you've been made privy to my blush application...that went rogue, not rouge, ROUGE.  For some reason I started off with 0 pigment and then I pressed my brush the wrong way and BAM! Tons of purple pigment to blend, not fun. For the most part however, using an Elf Ultimate Blending Brush once more I stippled into Inglot's AMC Cream Blush in 81 and gently (oh so gently) stippled it across my cheeks starting from the apples up to my hairline! Blush application varies from person to person just like contouring and highlighting, however as a rule applying it at an angle will form the illusion of higher pulled up cheekbones :).

                  Glowing is the highlight of my day...haha get it? No, alrighty then. I wasn't sure on HOW pigmented the Colourpop Highlighter would be considering I used it once in a year, so I decided to apply a liquid base prior, Nars's Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana! I gradually took tiny amounts onto my fingertips rather a lump sum, and patted it against the high points of my face, these include the cheekbones, bridge of one's nose, cupid's bow, and forehead + chin.  THEN using my ring finger I blended Smoke N' Whistles across those same areas the liquid touched, two coatings of product was needed for each zone!  I found using my fingers to be MUCH more effective in receiving a highly reflective glow.  Now onto the lippies, yay! Cozy is SUCH a stunning orange toned red, it truly fits well with the light blue waterline and exotic reflective lids eye makeup, steer clear of blue toned reds, it'll create an icky clashing.  To set my skin, finally, I dusted Nars's Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder onto ALL highlighting zones of my face using a Morphe M143 Deluxe Soft Fan brush and sealed the deal with a few spritzes of Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray :)! This duo will ensure the longevity of your makeup wear time, plus vibrancy. 
*Colourpop Super Shock Shadow(s): Erotic (lids), Melrose (inner V), Crimper (inner corners), Boy Band (lower lash line),  As If (transitional shade), Birthday Boy (lower lash line)
*Colourpop Gel Liner Stick, Prance 
*KoKo Lashes, Goddess
                     The best part about the eye makeup presented above is how complex it appears BUT how simple it really is! That my friends is the power of color, those of you out their who're afraid to try it, just go for it, in the long run it sharpens your makeup skills AND lessens the amount of product used in total.  To begin I pick up my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Caramel and gently defined both brows! Just as said in the video tutorial not much of a dramatic effect was done here, try to stay as close to your natural arching's as possible rather thick drawn on mustaches, unless that's your thing hehe. When it comes to a priming base the BEST for Colourpop shadows as i've found is Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, white bases work best moreover! Straight from the stick I smudged the liner across both my eyelids and gently blended the product in using a cleaned ring finger, be sure to evenly distribute the formula up towards your brow bones and under your lower lash lines. Sadly most of the colors used for this tutorial are either sold out or were discontinued, makes me sad because EACH happen to be my June everyday go to's! Anyhow, the first color up is As If, it came with the back to school set mid-August. Using a DENSE blending brush, specifically the Morphe E22 Pointed Blender I gently brushed across the matte shadow to pick up decent pigment and moved forth in blending the matte taupe into my crease! I find using side to side blending motions best as it "flares" the product naturally out towards the tail end of one's brow. For added definition I switched to Melrose (another favorite of mine) and with a firmer and fluffier blender, the M433 Morphe Brush, I eased it right into the inner V of my eye! Using upward flicks and following the natural creasing of your eye socket are two sworn ways for you to achieve the PERFECT natural smokey effect. 

                   Now onto greater things in this world like the shade Erotic! Ever notice a hidden sexual innuendo is worded SOMEWHERE on Colourpop's website? Hmmm, I have. Once the crease is completed move straight along to prepping for messy fingers! Swirling my ring finger across the shadow Erotic numerous times, I reached a point where decent pigment was achieved and move forward to TUGGING it across both my lids. Tugging refers to literally starting from the inner corners of my eyelids and smearing it out towards the outer third! Continue the smearing method until you receive pigment, sheen, and color most desirable to you :). For a bit of a golden glow I smudged my pinky into Crimper (back to school collection) and smeared it onto the inner corners of my eyes, tear ducts! Ever since I laid eyes on Birthday Boy's packaging I just want to use it in ALL MY LOOKS, OMG.  The beautiful taupey violet was smudged across my lower lash line using a cleaned ring finger followed by Boy Band smeared onto the outer third of my lash line slightly up into the inner V of my eye! Boy, was that a mouthful. If you want, you may run over the crease ONCE using a fluffy blending brush, I encourage adding a bit of Smoke N' Whistles to the brow bones as well!

                      Start finishing up the eye makeup by lining your eyes. The waterline OBVIOUSLY was Prance (I've been calling it Prancer...oopsie), it only took two coatings for vibrant pigment that lasted 5 hours straight, and the upper lash line was Stila's All Day Waterproof Liquid Pen Liner in Black, thick wings are in! You know what's also "in" according to Lillee standards? LASHES, TONS OF LASHES! You might be asking yourself, "how the hell do I get lashes, and Lillee standards, WHAT?!", relax Lillee standards only include having spikey lashes. To get this effect without layering tons' of falsies on I first coated my eyelashes with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and topped it off with my ALL TIME favorite KoKo lashes in Goddess, for $6.00 these surly do pack a punch and last a LONG time! I hope you cuties at home enjoy, the FULL review and swatching video will be posted quite soon, I just couldn't leave you guy's hanging without a regular tutorial.  Ooh before letting ya' go, PLEASE check out my new eBay store (click here for the STORE front), it'll consist of materialistic items I DO NOT want anymore at discounted prices, all name brand such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Steve Madden, and Victoria's Secret :)!