Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Perfectly Posh Skin Care and Bath Products Review PART 2 (face masks, shave gels, moisturizers, hair care)

                           I hope all of you beauties had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and Memorial Day! Being I posted my original Perfectly Posh review on the first of May, I felt it was only fair to do the same with part two, except the change is it is now the first of June.  As many of you know throughout the course of a month my skin has been through mannnnnny ups and downs! From horrid dry patches to hormonal acne and hives, it tis' been a trip, however Perfectly Posh has saved me, literally. Honestly speaking with the raving put aside, each product has PROVEN it's worth to me, and so has Leyna Kee, a beautiful and eloquent consultant for the brand! Although she has given me full sized products (aren't I lucky hehe) for reviewing purposes, I have gone out on my own to purchase a few items for myself that include the Strawberry Fields Forever Chunk Soap, and Hairy Beast Shave Gel-- point is you can trust my word, I never sugar coat the truth. One thing I will ask of you love bunnies before diving fully into the products received, and once more purchased, is to ONLY PURCHASE THROUGH THIS LINK, you'll receive rewards this way if you for example have 400 points you can actually purchase a product worth 400 points (cool, I know):

                              What exactly IS Perfectly Posh? Simply put they're a company that produces cruelty free, some vegan, products in the United States and caters to the masses in terms of pampering :)! Something I say in EVERY blog post goes along the lines of, "know your products, and your skin inside and out", and I truly do mean this.  Using the best of ingredients, natural substances found on the Earth, not only protects the acid mantel (many foamy cleansers ruin the acid mantel and wear it down) of one's skin, but overall improves one's being! For example, did you know MANY high end cleansers contain sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, and alcohols? I can assure you Perfectly Posh products steer clear of these harmful substances, each of which dry the skin out and rid it of natural oil's that are much needed.  Going back to how Perfectly Posh has revolutionized my skin care routine, and skin for that matter, I strongly feel there is a product for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin that react to EVERYTHING, yoo-hoo that'd be me!  Oooh also, my cuties there shall be a giveaway coming mid-June with some poshy products, be sure to follow myself, @thaeyeballqueen, for updates.

                Before you bombard me with "WHAT IN THE HECK IS THAT" comments, listen first! Pictured to the left is a texture photo of the Strawberry Fields Forever Chunk Soap.  Why is the texture unbelievably important? Well, for my sensitive followers out there every aspect of a product as simple as soap matters.  From how it foams, to how rough it is, I am here to tell YOU about my all time favorite wash, which is saying a lot since I tend to get CUT on soaps this rough with particles that stick up and exfoliate! According to Perfectly Posh's website, this chunk is formulated with "...strawberry seeds and zesty lime in a Rainforest Alliance Certified palm oil base." Truth be told these strawberry seeds, which are the beads popping out of the bar soap (reveal themselves after a few washes), exfoliate EXTREMELY well with leaving a clean feel left behind as well as a moisturized feel due to certain ingredients such as shea butter present! A major turn on to this product is the scent, oooooohh boy-- I literally could smell the strawberry lime bar soap from outside the package it shipped from. The interesting part to me is that as being someone more susceptible to smell, it actually didn't and DOESN'T (smell still lives on after 10+ washes) bother me, it's quite relaxing actually. While this product easily scores a 10/10, due to it's natural nature, which is why it's beyond fragrant, there is a staining left behind! Though this is NOT a downside for me, I know to many others it could be seen as a red flag, the fix is quite simple.  Once the bar soap is wet, put it down on a piece of saran wrap, easy pee-zee! To just exemplify the staining to you beauties here is the Snarky Bar AFTER one night with the Strawberry Fields Forever Chunk laid on top wet, do be noted it washes right of, hence why I didn't freak out. Speaking of the Snarky Bar, this is a product Leyna told me she personally LOVES-- yes we're not moving towards paid product, no you don't have to approach with caution silly :)!  

                   The Purifier Snarky Bar is a tad rougher in texture than the previous product reviewed above, however not only I loved it, my mom did too. "The Purifier features natural scrubbing beads, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus that cleanse and purify skin, resulting in one seriously extreme scrubby bar. Natural exfoliants remove dry, dead skin while simultaneously moisturizing with gentle shea butter. Revitalize your next shower or bath with the perfect pairing of aggressive exfoliation and unforgettable fragrance. Not recommended for face." Posh does not fool around when they say their Snarky Bar is extreme, by far the roughest I have come against, in a good way that is. Aside from being VERY scrubby, to the point I almost got cut (yeah, ouch, but SO worth it hehe), there are mannnnnny hydrating and revitalizing ingredients found in this product! For example, Eucalyptus Oil works as an anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial ingredient, it also works as a conditioning agent to alleviate skin irritation, an ingredient MUCH needed with such a rough bar of soap, FYI this does foam. If you're in it for the scents, you shall be pleased to know it smells like a minty delight, thanks to the peppermint oil and sugar provided! To my knowledge each Snarky Bar prices at $16.00, which if you think about it is an AMAZING price considering how many brands tax on the dollars. Here are some of the other Snarky Bars, each giving a good scrub after each use with just a scent variation: Classic Pink Snarky Bar (girly fresh scent),  Brazilian Bombshell Snarky Bar (fruity), Daily Grind Snarky Bar (coffee extracts), A Peel to Me! (bright orchard orange), Castaway Coconut (creamy island coconut), Naughty Snarky Bar ($6.00 and smells like pine, amber, and fresh air)-- THOUGH I could go on and on with the other snarky scents, we shall leave it at this bunch hehe! By the way, if you look closely at the pink stains, you'll get a better view at the texture of this Snarky Bar. 

                                Nope, we have not moved outside of the shower juuuust yet! As being someone who does shave their face for reasons being I break out if I don't, I decided to take on the Hairy Beast Man Shave Gel, a product that has many claims, fulfilled :)! A majorly important key factor to me is this is formulated SANS sulfates, a harmful substance found in many face washes, shampoos, and such-- who wants synthetic material brushing against their NATURAL skin barrier? Euuuuwww! AS being someone who used Vaseline as a shaving base, this was a major change up, and yes I purchased this with my own money due to curiosity, many shave gels make me break out. The ingredients go as follows: "Water/Aqua, Sodium Laurel Methyl Isethionate Acrylates Copolymer...Elettaria Cardamomum Seed Extract, Gardenia Tahitensis Flower Extract, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit Extract, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Hibiscus Abelmoschus Seed Extract, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Extract, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Flower/Leaf Extract...Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract..." Each of these ingredients work to not only detoxify the skin from harmful radicals (Cardamom Seed Extract), they moisturize (monoi oil) and bring anti-inflammatory (lavender exact) properties into the picture, which is amazing for someone like me very sensitive. Let's get onto my actual experience! Straight off the bat a little goes a looooong way, this is jam packed with product to the very top of the nozzle, a good 4 fl oz/ 118 mL worth at only $15.00.  Not only did this product provided a VERY close shave it left my skin feeling clean, detoxified, breathable, and most importantly NOT BROKEN OUT *cheers*! This by far is a product I'd recommend not only to men but ladies as well, the packaging and fresh woody scent make it a cute trinket to keep in the bathroom cabinet, no questions asked.  Also, I did use this on my body, and no rashes surfaced, only smoooooth skin!

                           Face masks are very iffy, however Leyna once more talked me through EVERYTHING and even went the extra mile of sending me a surprise gifts as a thank you for being equally as awesome as her :)! Some of you will recognize this image since it has been posted on my Instagram already-- I COULDN'T WAIT to share how amazing the Stay Gold Face Mask is.  According to the website, in short this is a skin-brightening mask with hydrating benefits thanks to the turmeric, milk, honey, and lemon extracts! This has SUCH a sweet and faint scent left behind that I almost want to use it on the daily, which actually isn't harming to my skin since the product contains many anti-infllamtory's such as aloe vera, argan oil, and beeswax! The face mask retails at only $18.00 for a whopping 2 oz/ 57 g, let's not forget how expensive Sephora brand face masks can be at a fraction of the natural:synthetic ingredients ratio, thing is this face mask is completely natural and made in the United States, no phony baloney...that rhymed, oh man.  What should you keep in mind when applying this mask? Concisely said, your skin will be tinted yellow, but smell delectable; your skin will become VERY hydrated (some of my dry patches peeled off even) thus it's important to remove excess oils with washing off using hot water after; and lastly to remember this only should be left on for 10-20 minutes with avoidance to the eye area...I left it on for 30 but HEY WHATS A GIRL GOTTA DO!

                The next handy dandy face product up is the Whole Lava Love Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, a product that felt beyond amazing on my skin and shed way for a clear complexion. Before getting fully into this product I would like to make it a point the charcoal present in this exfoliator had zero negative reactions to my skin, like most charcoal based products do.  Not sure if this is attributed to NATURAL charcoal being used as opposed to processed/synthetic minerals, however this sucked all of my blackhead to the surface within two washes, any skin care item that does that is now my baby!  The key ingredients present in this ashy delight feature, "Bisabolol, Charcoal, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E", all of which draws bacteria to the surface of one's skin while hydrating and cleansing the outer layers.  A few benefits I happened to reap sans the blackheads popping out of no-where is redness reduction, acne inflammation eased down, and a brighter skin appearance! I will warn you loves this can get quite messy if you don't wash it off in a closed area, the black tends to go everywhere, however washes off. Not sure if any of you are knowledgable about this factor, but most exfoliators contain plastic beads "microbeads" that not only affect the Earth, your skin as well. The harsh beads dissolve and clog pores, something the Whole Lava Love DOES NOT do, in fact it is beyond gentle on the skin with the beads visibly staying above surface! This is safe for everyday use, that's tellin' you somethin'.

               Ahh we're reaching the end, much is still awaiting a review! First off, in the original review I forgot to put my Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme in I Scream for Ice Cream in, so along with The "IT" Girl we shall go through both, one of which belongs to my mom now :). Being both are of the same version, just with different scents present they'll be reviewed as ONE! A key claim Perfectly Posh likes to make about their hand creme's is they moisturize dry tired hands without leaving oily, or greasy touches. As being one who never really needed hand creme due to not having dry hands, it's always nice to once and a while moisturize up, and that I definitely did with my I Scream for Ice Cream creme! I personally loveeeeeeeee sweet vanilla scenes, if you do too SPLURGE MY LOVE THESE ARE $9.00 A POP. Anyhoo back to the review-- in comparison to the Bath & Body Works moisturizers, one's I used to be very fond of, these truly do live up to the non-greasy touch and in my opinion smell MUCH better! Not to mention the fact "sparkling champagne" sounds a bit...un-natural as opposed to "Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil"...but hey Bath & Body doesn't want to list their ingredients anymore SO I cannot compare that way, sorry my loves.  

                      Posh hair care is something I have been DYING to try for the longest time ever, this past week I had the luxury of not only using the Tea Tree & Neem Hair Mask, but a sample of the Vitamin Sea Shampoo, and a sample of the Enchant Tress Hair Serum (check Instagram for a mini review and video).  As you can see from the photo depicted to your right my hair went from straggly and weighed down, to voluminous and shiny, albeit the first photo is with the hair mask saturated on top of my head. The hair mask supposedly is formulated with "Tea tree and neem [to] moisturize and deep clean both hair and scalp. This unique combination of natural ingredients enriches with a light, minty tingle."  The website highlights certain ingredients such as Glycerine, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil, all of which form shine to the hair naturally and hydrate follicles needing and extra "oomph".  I personally LOVE to wear hair masks, sadly my old go to was priced at a hefty $50.00, and honestly speaking it was NOT packed with antioxidant rich ingredients thus making it a hoax-- $16.00 is economically friendly, and a bargain considering you get 6 fl oz/177 mL of product! Once I let the hair mask stimulate my scalp for a good 5-10 minutes I rinsed it out and proceeded onto washing my hair using the Vitamin Sea Shampoo, a very fragrant sea salt wash.  This sulfate-free shampoo smells of musky sandalwood and brisk floral, heavily reminding me of the beach, just in time for Summer ;)! I suffer from dandruff and psoriasis, as you can formulate that means shampoos and conditioners must be chosen carefully.  This is HUGE to stay, however the shampoo "lifted" the dry skin off of my scalp leaving me with body full hair, felt weightless.  To keep up with the weightless vibes, once dry I took two pumps of the Enchant Tress Hair Serum into the palm of my hand and gently smoothed the product throughout my curls-- argan oils, palm oil lipids, and jojoba oils work together to not only tame flyaway's but to safeguard against heat, that includes the sun lovie! This by far is my ALL TIME holy grail favorite product to use, the best part is unlike most oily substances this works perfect for damp hair-- point is, buy it, you won't regret it, especially for the sunnier months ahead.

            The last two products up include the Impish Eyes serum and La Playa Lip Balm, one purchased by myself and the other gifted by Leyna who so generously thought of me during testing season. Let's get through the lip balm first since its a rather simple product that I've reviewed in short before! La Playa is my FAVORITE balm to use, even opposed to the popular EOS balms.  Perhaps its the sweet citrusy and chilled grape scent, or the plumping effect I get after a few minutes of application-- I dunno but this $4.00 grab is a MUST have for any beauty lover, plus the fact you get .08oz of product. ALRIGHT NOW ONTO THE SHOW STOPPER! Leyna personally told me how she fell in love with this life saving product as puffiness disappeared before her eyes, literally hehe. Perfectly Posh describes their product in depth with this short paragraph stating the following, "Too many late nights getting you down? Lift and brighten those peepers with our clever concoction of caffeine, cucumber, CoQ10, white tea, and other powerful ingredients that de-puff eyes and improve the appearance of dark under-eye circles. Like a full night’s sleep in a bottle, Impish Eyes soothes, hydrates, tightens, and brightens delicate skin around the eyes. Apply a small amount to puffy, tired eyes to make them appear more lively and alert." This costs a total of $16.00, or 160 points earned, 1,600 to purchase :). Besides that, after two usages I noticed the area around my skin became less reddened, and the swelling I had from a reaction to a glitter follicle getting inside my eye drastically decreased! I wish I would of taken a photo of the before & after however being SUPER caught up with the results I forgot...opppppsie. All makeup users should have a depuffer in their kit, wether it be high end or low end, makeup can cause some downsides, though I painstakingly mention such!

                           WELP this is now officially the end of the Perfectly Posh Skin Care and Bath Products Part 2 review, sad I know. Sadness in the makeup and beauty word leads to shopping...which honestly sounds PRETTY DAMN GOOD right now! Be sure to ONLY purchase through Leyna's consultant link. Why? She not only receives benefits of herself to become a top consultant, you as the buyer reap rewards and get the chance to be apart of events her and I collaborate on :). When you purchase, or if you parooze around be sure to tell her thaeyeballqueen, or Lillee sent you!