Sunday, June 12, 2016

June Makeup Haul: Colourpop Cosmetics, Wet N Wild Beauty, and Katy Perry for Covergirl Lipstick Collection REVIEW + SWATCHES

                         It's been over THREE months since I've done an assorted haul, between you and I it WAS AMAZING getting back to the live swatchin' business! As many of you loves know yesterday I received my Colourpop Cosmetics order which featured their new gel eyeliners, Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks, and the limited edition Birthday Boy Super Shock Shadow created for their "2nd" birthday. While on my Instagram I promised ONLY a Colourpop haul, I have a slight surprise for ALL you beauties as I picked up a few drugstore products! I was lucky enough to snag the FULL (sans three shades, they were VERY similar anyways) Katy Perry for Covergirl Collection, Katy Kat Matte, and a few unique nail polishes by Wet N Wild costing only $0.99 cents each!  EVERYTHING IN THIS HAUL WAS PURCHASED WITH MY OWN MONEY, THEREFORE THE REVIEW IS AS GOOD AS GOLD-- I like to push this factor out of the way prior to the actual details because I know how disheartening it can be to separate the truth from "this chick was bought", ya feel? 

               For the most part ALL the items featured above and to the side ranked higher than a 7/10, for products under $10.00 that is simply remarkable!  Another key factor you beauties should be aware before the swatches is Colourpop Cosmetics happens to be CRUELTY FREE, "PS. We are 100% fur baby friendly, bunny approved, and only test our products on humans..." this obtained from their About section, viewable to anyone. The same concept goes towards Wet N Wild Beauty "As a Peta-certified, cruelty-free brand, we're proud to say we have never and will never test on animals. We also make it a point to work with cruelty-free, third-party vendors..." and Covergirl Cosmetics.  Cruelty Free products are EXTREMELY important to me as testing on an animal, who is harmless and unaware is simply inhumane-- do be noted some of these brands carry Vegan options, but non of the which I purchased today :)!  
                        Due to me NOT live swatching the Katy Perry, Katy Kat Matte Collection on my lips (they were BURNING) we shall start off here, besides these lipsticks were exceptionally good, not quite sure why they have such mixed reviews! Depicted above from left to right features the shades Cosmo Kitty, Coral Cat, Magenta Minx, Pink Paws, Cat Call, Kitty Purry, Crimson Cat, and Perry Panther.  According to Covergirl's website they claim the following, "Our new Katy Kat Demi-Matte Lipstick is a purr-fect collection of velvety soft and luscious-feeling lipsticks with a demi-matte finish created by the one-and-only Katy Perry.  With 11 shades in all, discover a new matte lip look you’ll love that’s not flat or dry." Straight off the bat I am here to say CG fully LIVES UP to those key claims of velvety soft finishes and moisturizing textures, each was consistent in these factors and held AMAZING pigment that wasn't dry nor flat! Besides the formula, something many beauties out there will be looking at is the unique and adorable packaging. For reference, the container feels a tad like Nars's packages (matte, sleek) but on the more plastic side-- trust me, this'll help prevent your lipstick from opening up randomly, especially with the lower down opening closure! Another feature that I personally love the best is the cat ears on the lipstick color/name side, talk about CUTE FOR DISPLAYING. Albeit Covergirl NOT listing or disclosing ingredients rather used to develop this lipstick, though they should for sensitive skinned people, I had NO NEGATIVE REACTION with these colors! That includes no burning, nor random bumps occurring, something I face with some brands, sadly. 

                 Here are the swatches, each shade posing beautifully beside a melody of other colors! Normally drugstore brand lipsticks are NOT lilac, nor black, that just shows me Katy Perry REALLY spent time choosing this colors.  They not only represent herself, but numerous everyday options are available along with funnies such as Perry Panther, a straight black! If you're unaware, most blacks, lipstick wise have NO pigment or are completely sheer, this baby shocked me.  The two shades towering both the top and bottom happen to be Pink Paws AND Cat Call, two stunning shades of pink with heavy undertones of red! If you plan to purchase these online, you can rest your head on the pillow tonight knowing the online shades are IDENTICAL to what you receive in real life, something rarely notable by drugstore brands, they auto enhance moreover. Covergirl advises one to apply the lipstick formula, or lipsticks, in the following manner "Step 1: Start with clean, bare lips, then apply lip balm. This will help create a smooth base; Step 2: Define the shape of your lips with a concealer, like TruBlend FixStick; Step 3: Fill in your lips with lip liner, like COVERGIRL Lip Perfection. This acts as a base to help lipstick last longer; Step 4: Apply lipstick either straight from the tube or with a lip brush. Blot, then reapply for a gorgeous, full color lip look." Although they recommend lip liner AND a concealer to fade away harsh lines, I personally DO NOT believe you need it with this lipstick collection, each shade DOES NOT FEATHER (tested the deep red for 4 hours outside) nor wear down to a displeasing under-shade-- the least that will occur is a beautiful stained effect!

                                Next up are the Colourpop Cosmetics lip products I purchased :)! Pictured above is their Lippie Stix in Jeneration X (true orange with a hint of red), Cami (neutral mauve pink), Skimpy (soft pale nude), Peacocky (sheer blue red), and Barely There (neon warm toned coral). As mannnnnnny of you know I HORD these little lipsticks, at $5.00 a pop, they're addicting...not my fault. The original reason of purchasing was the try out a few new formulas such as the "matte X", "sheer" and "glossy" lines, all of which shocked me and were individually STUNNING! According to Colourpop their new Matte X formula, which I have been curious of, does the following key claims, "...was created to provide high intensity full coverage pigment with one stroke application. This long wearing formula has the smoothest, most velvety glide without any uncomfortable dragging or pulling- it literally melts onto your lips…. With a SUPER matte finish...It contains a super special silky powder that gives the lipstick a light weight feel, flexibility on the lips, prevents cracking and drying out. Lips stay looking fresh and vibrant all day! This formula is the MOST matte of any of our Lippie Stix babies! Like our other lippies, it contains Vitamin E, Shea and Avocado Butter (And NO Parabens!)" Sounds promising, right? Well LET ME TELL YOU, the first shade I tried, Barely There, WAS NOT Barely There, it was like a punch of pigment that felt lightweight on my lips and NOT cracky nor dry! 

                        Probably should of reswatched these babies, but I figure Colourpop is light and airy, the swatches should follow through. You can really see that "powder" almost chalk like formula with the Matte X's, the difference between these and Colourpop's typical matte's is less of a sheen follows, it's pure pigment in ONE swipe, no shine, nor tugging! As a reference point here are the ingredients for my favorite shade hehe, "CYCLOPENTASILOXANE, CAPRYLYL METHICONE, CYCLOHEXASILOXANE, STEARYL METHICONE, PHENYL....POLYETHYLENE, LAURYL LAUREATE...PARAFFIN, GLYCERIN, C12-16 ALCOHOL, HYDROGENATED LECITHIN....GROSVENORI FRUIT EXTRACT, MANGIFERA INDICA (MANGO) SEED BUTTER, PERSEA GRATISSIMA (AVOCADO) OIL, HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL, BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII (SHEA BUTTER)...RED 28 LAKE (CI 45410), RED 6 (CI 15850), RED 7 LAKE (CI 15850), TITANIUM DIOXIDE (CI 77891), YELLOW 5 LAKE (CI 19140), YELLOW 6 LAKE (CI 15985)]." Moreover it's a melody of synthetic ingredients with vegan options, this isn't much of a stress point to me since NO BREAKOUTS occurred and EACH COLOR lasted 4 hours+ before reapplication was needed, the Matte X's pulling through the longest! The only shade I am not so fond of happens to be Peacocky, the sheer blue red just doesn't compliment me and look as if I just removed a heavy red lipstick, not so cute if you ask me, however might work for some :). 

                     Bye bye Lippie Stix, hello Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks!  As being one who was NEVER a fan of the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks from Colourpop I was prepared for one of three things-- the same shit formula that cracks; a new formula that impresses me; OR ultimately falling in love with the Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks... two of these are correct, cheers for the formula improving.  I purchased three Ultra Satin's: Dohee (mid tone warm coral), Cozy (orange red), Petit Four (charcoal grey), two Ultra Matte's: Sundae (vibrate magenta with blue violet reflects), and Succulent (neon orange red)! You might be curious of what separates the Satins from Mattes if both happen to be a liquid. From my findings the Ultra Satin formula is MUCH creamier, almost identical to Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks before they dry down, and doesn't completely matte down, a staining might be left behind! Colourpop claims the following, "Our Ultra Satin Lip is a lightweight, bold lipstick with a Satin finish. A super comfortable feel and healthy satin look for you lips. Ultra Satin Lip has a crazy high percentage of pigments for extra intense colour saturation. This lipstick is extremely long wearing, although not completely kiss proof..." all of which is true!  

                            Yesterday I went out to eat and wore the shade Cozy, kudos to my Retro Periwinkle Blue and Electric Orangey Red Summer Makeup Tutorial, pictured here is a glass of water with a lipstick stain! This gives you beauties and idea of how much pigment you shall loose within a day, STEER CLEAR OF OILY FOODS.  While this might be a turn of to some, the benefit's outweigh using a typical lipstick! For example, a typical lipstick NO MATTER how amazing it is will kiss off within the day and stick to whatever touches it-- the Ultra Satin's ONLY wear off a tad, it's not a major impact and the color still remains vibrant, even after the 5 hours I was out, talking and laughing away :). This is truly a product you MUST judge for yourself, reading reviews wether good or bad shouldn't alter your perspective, at $6.00 each salvaging one is no biggy!

                         Photo stolen from my review video, don't judge me! Pictured above is the Colourpop Cosmetics Creme Gel Liners, something I noticed they're REALLY pushing the public the purchase, understandably so as the Summer calls for vibrant pigments.  I purchased the stick form in the following shades: Puppy, Cry Baby, Teaspoon, Boots, Prance as well as the potted form in Maybe! Perhaps none of you loves have experienced this (hopefully NOT) but I noticed EACH of the stick liners besides Puppy fell apart, I believe this is due to the manufacturers putting 1/2 inch pieces one on top of each other, I just can't see how Colourpop would sell a weak product.  To the right is another screenshot from my video showing a 1/2 inch piece of Teaspoon that slid out of the container-- not fun getting that creamy pigment all over my hands! Colourpop claims their Creme Gel Formula has the "precision of a liquid [and] ease of a gel based formula", once again they're CORRECT.  Despite my mishap with the product falling out (if you keep the twist tube down as opposed to twisted in full length this should not occur for you), I noticed EACH color had such a beautiful one stroke pigment color! What truly shocked me aside from the vibrant pigmentation is the longevity of ware.  I kid you not, Prance lasted 5 hours with CONSTANT blinking and still looked remarkable...I so want to call this Prancer, AHHH! The question you should be asking yourself is, "do I purchase the stick or pot, LILLEE COMMAN?!", simply put, purchase the pots. Despite the sticks having easy application, it's NOT WORTH the stress of feeling like your product might fall out from a slight tipping of the container! Besides the fact, I noticed Maybe had MUCH STRONGER pigment than the sticks and had less of a budge against water, good job Colourpop for waterproofin' these (I tested it under water, don't ask). 

                      Last up for Colourpop is their limited edition Birthday Boy Super Shock Shadow Pigment! IF you were lucky enough to snag this gorgeous taupey brown with violet reflects, you know how special it is.  Not only did Colourpop have a limited stocking of this product in specific, they included a special hashtag for those who received it free #CPBirthdayBoy! This honestly is one of my favorites-- looking past the GORGEOUS deep purple container with a crowned Colourpop logo due to their celebration of 2 years, the shadow itself is worth the extra processing days (literally 14 process days, 3 to ship, can you believe that LOL). It follows through with the same Super Shock eyeshadow formulas which as many know works best with your fingers, HOWEVER when tested using a Mac 212 Flat Definer Brush I noticed the same amount of pigment was achieved, rare for these shadows, perhaps a formula change making way?

                           The laaaaaaasssst product's of purchase are Wet N Wild's Wild Shine Nail Color's. I absolutely LOVE this brand because not only do they have a separate section for the description, an ingredients AND key claims paragraph follow---no finishing through needed.  Let's get to those key claims, "purse pride! New improved formula and packaging; High-shine finish in every color imaginable; 3-Free: No Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Phthalates..." To summarize, harsh chemicals are NOT used in this product, not sure if you loves know but Formaldehyde is found in cigarettes, AND it is super simple to stick in one's back due to the curved shape! A wide range of textures, colors, and formulas are available however I decided to buy two glitters (Sparkled and Kaleidoscope), two pinks (Casting Call and Tickled Pink), and two vibrant warm shades (Nuclear War and Red Red). Though I have NOT put on any of the colors, thus I cannot confirm a non chip formula, from observations the brush applicator is VERY long (might pose an issue to some) however picks up a "just right" amount of pigment to disburse evenly on one's nails :)

                   I HOPE YOU BEAUTIES ENJOYED! It was super fun doing this video, and blog post, hopefully that exudes out when you loves view it. Be sure to drop by a like if you haven't already as well as a click on the 'Subscribe' button this way you'll always be updated when I publish a video! Also for frequent updates be sure to follow my Instagram, if you don't have an Instagram DO NOT FRET.  You can view the right side bars on my blog, there you shall see updated Instagram posts, I periodically change it to whatever is new :). Have a good weekend, cheers to the end of June trundling behind