Sunday, June 19, 2016

Glittery Sea Foam Blue and Vibrant Deep Green Summery Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

                                  IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER IN EXACTLY ONE DAY! If you're not squealing like I am, you simply are not eyeballqueen worthy.  JUST KIDDING, welcome back my lovekins! Before getting into the normal lowdown, I'd like to thank everyone who continues to support my growth, as well as those who've thickened my skin. Makeup is an artistry that should be based upon talent, not the amount applied nor the final outcome; art, and beauty is all around us, to all my followers messaging me privately (seems to be a makeup epidemic oops) EMBRACE who YOU ARE. DO NOT be afraid to wear that vibrant pink eyeshadow, or those dramatic lashes, if it makes you feel darling go for it-- by the same token, KNOW what looks best on you and realize what clashes correctly/incorrectly! This concept heavily flows into my newest tutorial being blue and green can be quite the clashing duo-- fear not, Lilz has you covered :). A few things to keep in mind prior to the makeup application are: take your time with blending, vibrant shadows don't come easy to most; have a clean paper towel handy, residue from your bristles will be in great quantity; and lastly have a water bottle handy, a few shadows and liner products crave the thirst aspect!  BY THE WAY, my apologies for having literally NO selfies accompanying this makeup look... other than one gold shining star of a photo.  Hoppppppefully the screenshots following a step-by-step manner can make up for the downfall, cheers!


*Tarte Water Foundation SPF 15, Fair Light Neutral 
*Cover Fx Cream Foundation(s), N100 to contour, N0 to highlight
*Too Faced Love Flush, Love Hangover
 *Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit: Dripping In Gold + Sun Burst (That Glow Kit)
*Nyx Cosmetics Butter Lipstick, Sandy Kiss 

                             Everyone and ANYONE who has a passion for makeup knows the importance of keeping one's face in pristine conditions! This doesn't mean burn your skin to not have acne, it simply means keep a clean and smooth canvas. Trust me, the difference is unbelievable between dirt ridden skin and clear pores, plus the fact you use less product in the long run.  Being I currently have a slight outbreak due to hormonal acne (thanks mother nature) I scrubbed up my skin with my Murad Time Release Acne Cleaner, haven't used this baby in quite some time! Once lathered in a foaming texture I gently washed off the cleanser using steaming hot water, this helps open the pores up, then set my entire face with Fresh's Seaberry Oil, only a beaker full is needed :). After around give or take 5 minutes of allowing the oil to sink thoroughly into my pores I moved forth in priming my skin using Marc Jacobs Coconut Water Primer, leaves a lovely radiance! With exactly ONE pump of the product poured into the palm of my hand, I gently disbursed the primer evenly across all zones of my face starting from the center blending out towards my hairline. This baby takes NO TIME to dry, so I quickly transitioned into applying Tarte's Water Foundation (contains SPF 15, perfect for Summer)! I prefer working in pumps, however being this product has a beaker like product tube I decided to go for a half a quarter sized amount onto the back of my hand. Once I had that tiny sized amount set, I picked up my freshly cleaned Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush and gently dipped into the product.  I began downward stroking the product across my skin starting from my left cheek moving downwards toward my jawline-- stipples were used occasionally for areas needing extra coverage, try to work in layers!

                                          Ahhh contouring, boy did I miss you! Today I went full out and reintroduced my beloved N100 back into the picture frame, keep in mind I use it more so as a bronzing hue as opposed to slimming product, this is a glowing look after all ;). If you have a look at the image provided to the left of this paragraph you can see the placement of both Cover Fx's Cream Foundation in N0 (light neutral ivory) and N100 (neutral deep brown)-- I like to toy around with different shapes and artistic structures, so rather the typical straight lines I flare my contour out with upward strokes, it helps create the illusion of higher cheekbones as I've discovered recently! To blend the full coverage cream foundations in I used my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and gently stippled along my jawline to begin for softening purposes, keep in mind without an oil OR setting spray creams can be tough to blend; soften then disburse. To ensure my bronzed up glow would remain prominent I took Mac's Mineralized Skinfinish in Cheeky Bronze and brushed it across the outer three of my face using a Mac 168. The outer three references the temples, to the hollows of ones cheeks, and the perimeter of one's jawline to under chin area. For an extra contoured effect I finalized the snow bunny glow with the deep bronze shade provided in the Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powders Mirage Filter Pallet, as always I used my Mac 168 and followed the same outer three pattern :)! As many of you know, I despise using powder blushes, however I realized I've been on quite the streak of cream's that I haven't adhered to the oily skin community!! With that being said, today I opted in for the Too Faced Love Flush in Love Hangover. This warm pink pumps up the radiance and adds a stunning flush to any beauties face. With my Makeup Geek Stippling Foundation Brush I blended the blush from the apples of my cheeks up towards the tip tops of my hairline in fluent streaks back and forth!

                I've only mentioned glowing 50 times that's it tis' fair to enact the glow effect! I was BEYOND stoked to try out my new Nyx Cosmetics Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam, I recently picked this up at the drugstore a few days ago. SOOO naturally I just had to use it! With exactly a pea-sized amount of the product squeezed out onto the back of my hand, I took my Mac Duo-Fibre 132 brush and brushed it gently against the high points of my face. These high points include: the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, on my cupid's bow, and a dusting on my forehead+chin! To set the glow I took a mixture of Dripping In Gold and Sun Burst from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit and brushed it across those EXACT area's Nyx's Liquid Illuminator was originally applied with a cleaned Morphe M143 Deluxe Soft Fan brush. Don't be afraid to pack up the pigment on either glow powders, the more reflective, the better! The lips MIGHT confuse some loves out there so let me list it out straight: In the video I wore Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in Orange Shot. In the final photos I wore Nyx Cosmetics Lipstick in Sandy Kiss.  Both looked stunning, I just preferred the browned pink best! To ensure my makeup would last ALL day long I dusted Nars's Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder across all highlighting zones of my face (under eye area, jawline, sides of my nose, forehead, and chin) using that same Makeup Geek Stippling Foundation Brush as used before and gave my skin few sprays of my beloved Urban Decay Setting Spray in All Nighter :). 

*L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Pallet, Neon: Shade 8 (crease), Shade 11 (inner V), Shade 1 (inner corners)
*Morphe Single Eyeshadows: Nature's Calling (inner V), Tokyo Tea (lower lash line)
*L'oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow, Endless Sea (lid)
*Glitter Injections Pressed Glitter, Baby Tears
*Colourpop Gel Liner Stick, Teaspoon
*KoKo Lashes, Amore
                             Although it seems as if mounds of eye makeup products were used, each in reality ties into one another! For example, without the crease products the lid shade would not be as dazzling, same goes for the added addition of glitter to the inner corners :).  To begin this fabulous sea foam explosion I picked up my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Caramel and gently brushed through my brow hairs using the spoolied side followed by a light filling in with strong defining lines! Once I had my desired brow shape in tact, I then took Mac's Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study (try to stick with medium beiges with slight shimmer, whites will be too overpowering) and using a cleaned ring finger firmly smudged the shade across both my lids and disbursed the creamy shade up towards my brow bones + under eye area.  Normally I prefer working from the lid outwards towards the crease, however being I've NEVER used L'oreal's Infallible shadows I was weary on the pigment output, so for today we shall work backwards! Picking up a Morphe E22 Pointed Blender brush I gently went into shade 8 from the L.A. Girl Neon Eyeshaodw Pallet, the deep blue was gently blended in my crease with fluent side to side motions, I tried my best to not only work in layers, but follow the natural creasing of my eye socket as a blending guide. To intensify the pigment at hand as well as add drama I then moved along to shade 11 and began by patting it lightly onto the outer third of my lid followed by a firm brushing INWARDS to really work the product in! Though it might seem bizarre having a dark to light gradience, for vibrant looks it helps keep up the definition WHILE forming a more pigmented outcome.  Speaking of a "more pigmented" outcome, I switched to a M433 Morphe Brush while picking up decent pigment on Morphe's Nature's Calling shadow and gently blended it into the inner V of my eye socket, this will take some time to build up pigment wise SINCE it is a shade meant to be worn alone, however once you get there it is simply stunning!

                                 Being I already have the thin fluffy blender handy I stopped the crease development for a few minutes and took care of my lower lash line! With that SAME M433 brush I picked up Tokyo Tea, an iridescent green, and smudged it across my lower lash line FOLLOWED by Nature's Calling.  This duo will form a beautiful smoked out effect, if done correctly that is! By the way you can also go ahead and highlight the inner corners of your eyes using shade 1 from the L.A. Girl Neon Pallet, frosty whites are in loves :). As far as the lids go, I smudged on Endless Sea Infallible Shadow starting from the inner third of my eyelids pulling straight out towards the outer third of my eyelids-- these work sorta like Colourpop Eyeshadows, just with the benefit of being able to apply wet! Speaking of wet, I dipped my finger into a bottle of water and proceeded to reapplying Endless Sea, this time with a more metallic outcome. Being I LOVEEEEEEEEEE glitter, I then took a tiny amount of Glitter Injections Pressed Glitter in Baby Tears (discontinued) and patted it onto the inner thirds of my eyelid, it helps draw light to these areas and make one's eyes appear larger :)! Liner is a staple cosmetic item for the eye makeup presented above, to enhance that green lower lash line I smudged Colourpop's Teaspoon liner across my waterline, and defined my upper lash line using Mac's Creme Eyeliner in Black.  To complete everything I coated my lashes in the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and sealed the deal with my favorite new KoKo lashes in Amore! If you loves have ANY requests, wether it be to do a blending video or contouring video, let me know by commenting below OR giving me a ring at, I always reply!