Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tropical Mint Glitter Vibrant Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

                     Bright and sunny spring mornings, that's my kinda day ;)! Although I told you lovies I would post my previous drugstore/high end brand video makeup tutorial Wednesday night I decided to spice things up a tad-- the drugstore tutorial will go up Friday with this tonight (how cool, yes thank me later). I noticed there was an extremely positive reaction to my Duo Chrome smokey eye makeup look, this inhibited a ton of clashing hues! With that being said I took matters into my own hands and worked around the idea of "green" eyeshadow, a recommended tutorial by a close companion.  A few things throughout this tutorial will be VERY important, you'll have to listen close cutie! For example, I make mention of blush colors, "nothing too purple or too pink, this will create a clashing effect between WAY too many shades." The tinniest of details will make, or potentially break your look, so pay extra close attention to those sharp lines and clean cut glitter applications! By the way, I will being doing a Posh review PART 2 blog post (click for the first part) in a few days.  Leyna was kind enough to let me try out a few more products (some of you might prefer this review as the products pertain to the masses; beauty, hair, cosmetic purposes), which meaaannnns you beauties better get your butt's to her link and shop (discounts with free samples will apply through the link, just email here and let HER KNOW THAEYEBALLQUEEN sent you, or Lillee whichever you prefer).  In case you don't feel like switching between posts, here is her link https://www.perfectlyposh.com/leynakee/.

               Guy's i'm telling you Perfectly Posh has been a godsend to me, my skin has cleared up TREMENDOUSLY--that tells ya' something since most of it is hormonal breakouts, or in some cases hives (super stubborn since it's not really puss filled pimples)! This morning I simple washed my skin with the Pore-fect big face bar cleanser and set my skin with a dollop of Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins overnight moisturizer (my skin needed an extra oomph of hydration today).  Some of you miiiight be curious as to why I did not record the priming process, something I always do! The answer is actually quite straight forward, the tutorial would of been over 15 minutes since I kept blabbing a mile a minute, you shall live without hearing a full blown story on this unique priming base HAHA.  With that being the case, I gently dotted on Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Primer to all high points of my face, the cheekbones; forehead and chin; bridge of nose, then proceeded to gently blending it out starting from the center of my face moving outwards toward my hairline!  This is quite identical to my BELOVED Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer, the only difference is this primer contains more hydrants to work for long term benefits.  Due to the nature of heavy contouring in the next step (I already had my mind set on it) I decided beforehand to use a lightweight buildable foundation such as the Marc Jacob Genius Gel Foundation in 14 Ivory Medium! This not only surges instant moisture to my skin it seamlessly blends in, I prefer using ONE pump on the back of my hand with a cleaned Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush to blend.  I stuck to downward stroking motions to ensure the product coated on top of any uneven skin textures such as scabs (see my previous tutorial for information on the scabbbbs!), the only time stipples were used was on my forehead, it makes for a quicker application!

                   YES, N0 is back baby! Not sure if you loves were aware but I have been out of it for two weeks straight, when you love highlighting so much this is what occurs. This time around I actually went more "practical" on the area's of concern! For example, rather HUGE extended triangles under my eyes for brightness I only filled the triangles up to my under eye circles, I found it blended out MUCH better anyway. I also used the technique of "flicking" the contour upwards before blending to create an illusion of higher pulled up cheekbones, it makes blending 10x easier! Anyhow, using a Sephora Concealer Brush I gently highlighted my features using Cover Fx's Cream Foundation in N0 along with contoured my features using Cover Fx's Cream Foundation in N100.  If you view the photo depicted to the left you'll be able to clearly see the placement, contour on the hollows of my cheeks, on my jawline/nose/under lip, and highlight under my eyes, above my brows/forehead/chin, and between cheek and jaw contour! To blend the products out I picked up my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and firmly stippled the products in starting from my jaw line up-- as explained in the tutorial I fancy upward strokes for my cheek contour and stipples for the rest of my face, the stippling motions firmly "pack" together the pigments and create fuller coverage.

                  It is up to you wether you'd fancy allowing the cream contour to set, or not! For me it was dry within minutes due to using very THIN amounts of cream product, thus I went right along to the powder section :)!  A super important pallet throughout the facial work happens to be Makeup Forevers Pro Sculpting Duo, the shade you choose is not a bother just make sure it accompanies your skin complexion. Generally speaking after cream contouring you should follow the layout of bronzer<contour<blush<glow powder<setting powder<setting spray, this will offer you the CLEANEST cut finish, plus it is practical!  Using my Mac 168 brush I gently picked up pigment on the gel bronzing shade provided by the Pink Beige Duo by MUFE, the color was blended from my temples down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jawline, this is better known as the outer "3" of one's face.  I then took Sombre from the Kat Von D Shade & Light Pallet (as pictured above hehe) and recontoured my features for a more dramatic appearance, the only different is I took the contour shade onto the sides of my nose as well! Try to avoid applying shimmering bronzes to the sides of your nose, this will simply widen your features NOT do what you'd expect...sadly. You proooobably know the deal with blush by this point as I explained it in the introductory paragraph, keep it light and shimmering! I opted in for Becca's Soufflé in Guava/Moonstone, the shade was stippled from the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline using an Elf Ultimate Blending Brush!

               Ahhh boy did I get my glow on today, the best part about it was the glow was kept subdue, it just acted as a natural enhancer! Using a tiny bit of High Beam by Benefit Cosmetics onto the tips of my finger I gently patted it across the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and a little bit on my cupid's bow.  I then went into the pink highlight shade from the MUFE duo with an Elf Concealer brush and lightly blended it onto the area's High Beam originally touched, with the exception being my forehead and chin!  By this point I moved along to the eye makeup, however for the sake of order I shall play it like it just poofed on my eyes ;). The next step up is lips! Coral to light pink lips is the BEST combination for the eye makeup, it adds an essence of "fruitiness"to the look thussss relating back to tropical.  I took Makeup Forevers' Aqua Lip liner in 15C and lined my lips fully followed by Marc Jacobs Cora Cora smoothed right on-top! To finish up I took MUFE's HD Setting Powder and HEAVILY applied it to all highlighting zones of my face, mimicking the baking method I then allowed it to set for 4 minutes until I dusted the product off using a Sephora #74 blush and contour brush (view the image to the left, it exemplifies all the zones).  FINALLY, I sprayed on Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray and allowed my skin to set before selfieing away :)!
*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Strawberry Milk
*Urban Decay Electric Pallet, Freak+Trash (lower lash), Savage+Jilted (transitional shade)
*Mac Eyeshadow(s): Sketch+Kelly (crease)
*Bh Cosmetics 88 Color Matte Pallet: Column4.Row8 (inner V), Column4.Row1 (lid), Column5.Row1 (inner corners)
*OCC Glitter: Mint
*KoKo Lashes, Goddess
                  Now is the time to pluck and tame those brow's girl! Whenever you do eye makeup containing strong pigments or glitter it is best to aim for STRONG and defined brows, it'll even out the makeup well.  To get this sort of look I gently lined my brows using ABH's Caramel Dipbrow Pomade and a clean Morphe G11 brush then I proceeded too lightly filling them in with upward stroking motions, try to play around with the brush you use for the most natural brow hair appearance! Once I had my desired arch and fill in complete I then moved forth in priming my eyelids, I opted in for Nyx's Strawberry Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil, as you an tell the shade you use DOES NOT matter, unless it is dark. The strawberry sheen was smudged onto both of my lids then blended up towards my brow bone using a clean ring finger, excess product left over on my finger was dragged down to my lower lash line! 

                  From the start this look is all kinds of POW! With a mixture of Savage and Jilted from the Urban Decay Electric Pallet I VERY GENTLY eased it into my crease using a fluffy Sephora #27 Brush along with side to side motions and occasional circular motions. I recommend building up pigment with this shade mixture, otherwise you'll be there all day trying to evenly disburse the color as a transitional shade! Here is where it get's funky, bare with me. Now using a mixture of Sketch+Kelly by Mac and a denser blending brush, a Mac 217 brush, I gently smudged this shade onto the outer third of my lid into my crease using side to side motions, be sure to have the fluffy brush used prior handy this way you can smooth the crease out after applying the plum/green mixture. I find it best to follow the natural creasing of my eye socket when it comes to shades closer to the inner part of my eyelid's! Speaking of shades closer to the lid, to finish up the crease as well as add some drama, I took a TON of C4.R8 from the Bh Cosmetics Pallet and followed through with the same smudging motions.  DO NOT be shy on this shade, it'll simply enhance and darken up the rest of your eye makeup, go to town :)! Before doing anything else I quickly went into Eggshell by Makeup Forever and with a fluffy eyeshadow brush by Sephora (#12), I brushed it across my brow bone slightly into the transitional shade, this added a gradience to the crease. When it comes to the lid shade try to stick within the "key lime" green spectrum, I went for Column4.Row1 and gently patted it across the inner third of my lid using a Mac 239 brush! DO NOT STRESS if you cannot built up decent pigment, this shade will simply be covered with glitter. 

                 Ahh yes, the anticipation for glitter is increasing! Fear not, it shall come soon once we finish up the shadow play.  The last few shadows to add include Freak+Trash from the Urban Decay Electric pallet as well as Column5.Row1 from the BH pallet, both will be added to the lower lash line! Start off with smudging Freak on the outer third of your lash line, then follow through with the shade Trash, and finally the minty green C5.R1, Makeup Geek's Shore Thing is an INSTANT dupe! NOW TO THE GLITZ AND GLAM, WOHOO.  Using the Too Faced Glitter Glue I lightly squeezed out a pea-sized amount onto my Bh Cosmetics shader brush, I then proceeded to gently patting it onto the inner third of my lid! Using a lash glue works just as well loves.  With the same brush I then tilted my head back and patted on Occ's Glitter in Mint, one of my FAVORITE shades as it not only is vibrant it lasts all day with minimum fall out! Go crazy on packing up glitter, you can never have enough. Begin finishing up the eye makeup with SUPER thick wings, I chose to use my Sephora #27 brush along with the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink primarily because the duo trudges through glitter without making it fall out everywhere! I also lined my waterline intensely and followed up by smudging it slightly under my lower lashes for added drama. 

                 After completing the eye makeup itself the rest seems seamless honestly, especially when it comes down to the easier parts of just applying mascara and falsies! I chose to use the Charlotte Tilbury Big Fat Glossy Lash mascara primarily because I haven't in FOREVER, and it gives such a flawless nymphette like lash appearance. As you might of guessed I smudged a butt load of it across both my upper and lower lashes :)! I then finished up with my all time favorite KoKo lashes in Goddess, these accent the look so damn well, try to stick with spikes, feathery cuts will take away from the intensity. Hope you cuties enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to check out the video for a more in depth take on the makeup :)! OO and also click these links to catch up on some blog posts: Mildew Green Spring Smokey Eye, Everyday Simple Coppery Glam Makeup, Exotic Peacock Smokey Eye (this is closely related to the look presented here).