Thursday, May 19, 2016

Smokey Blue Glittery Hues Makeup Tutorial FT. Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Pallet

                                  The first thought that might pop into your head is "damn, that is quite a long title you got going on there Lilz!", and indeed it is. I decided to combine a demonstration of the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Pallet with a mini review weaved in, though this is NOT my typical style of doing tutorials it was an extremely fun break from my more structure works! What you can expect is all eyes, on eyes.  A few months back a beauty requested me to do JUST an eye makeup tutorial featuring some blending tips, I am here to say, we're in action and ready to go with this brilliant request, hopefully I fulfill your wants love ❤️! Blue is def a tricky shade to manipulate as it is primary and often times referred to as "clown" shadow, the good news is ALL the blues provided in the pallet are very sultry and unique on there own- fear not no clown makeup will be in store, hehe.  The foundation of this look statutes around blending, nothing more but side to side motions and minor smudges! The only time you will delve into pat's is during the face makeup AND glitter application, for the record the glitter is not optional, how could you NOT want to add glitter anyway?! Let's get to the tutorial, hopefully EVERYONE out there enjoys and has the luxury and blessing to purchase this pallet, although it is a tad overpriced. 

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, Medium Tan (Havana, Espresso, Peaches & Cream)
*Nars Highlighting Blush, Miss Liberty 
*Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick, Truffle

                                   Whenever you choose to do a completely dramatic makeup look you want to ensure your base is as CLEAN as possible, we're talkin' your actual skin underneath all the layers, without an even complexion the makeup becomes a cake disaster! Simply put make sure you cleanse your skin very well prior to the makeup application, even prior to the priming stage, this way in the long run you'll actually apply LESS product as opposed to more for coverage purposes.  My route of attack was to use my Perfecetly Posh Pore-fect big face bar cleanser, this stuff is absolutely AMAZING and has truly helped clear my hormonal breakouts up! Once I had entrenched my skin in the foamy product, I gently washed it off using warm water then I followed through with drying off my face using a cleaned towel.  To hydrate I simply took a beaker full of my Fresh Seaberry Oil into the palm of my left hand and gently began disbursing the product onto all zones of my face starting from the center outwards towards my hairline and in some cases my lower jaw line down to under my chin! Nowwwwww we can talk makeup ;).  With exactly ONE finger scoop of Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Face Base primer on my ring finger, I gently dashed the complete amount onto my left cheek, by that point I proceeded to closing the container THEN from the larger dash transcended tinier dashes throughout the high points of my face; the other cheek, my chin, forehead, and nose! Once the placement was set I began blending in the primer with soft circular motions, just like my face oil this was blended out towards my hairline as well as under my chin and jawlines.  Honestly speaking I had ZERO intentions of using my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, however something struck me to have a bit more coverage! With exactly ONE PUMP of the foundation squirted onto the back of my hand I firmly picked up the foundation with my cleaned Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush and gently started downward stroking the product onto my skin starting from the center of my left cheek brushing downwards towards my jawline-- I prefer working from the OUTSIDE in when it comes to heaver foundations.  
                     Contouring should NOT pose as an issue to any of you beauties because by now you know my motto-- know your skin inside out, and do what works best FOR YOU and the brush will guide ya', simple enough, no? Speaking of brushes, the brush you use for placement purposes has NO effect on the actual contour, in fact I used am Urban Decay Naked 2 brush, that's how multi-purpose these things of the such can be. First thing first, to highlight I used my classic N0 by Cover Fx and with firm streaks I applied the unblended product to my under eye area, down the bridge of my nose, from my left jawline to right jawline and a tad on my upper lid since I had a hormonal breakout there! I then swirled the fluffy brush side into N100 by Cover Fx and brushed it right aside the hollows of my cheeks, down the sides of my nose, and direct lines on the angles of my jawline. ALWAYS keep in mind highlighting is to brighten and contour is to slim and define, I feel as time goes on we begin to LOSE the purpose of the arts presented to us, a little reminder hurt no one ;)! Using my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and a spritzing of Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray to help to blending along, I gently began to stipple in the contour products starting from the jawline up.  When it came time to blend the cheek contour I switched up the motions to upward stipples this way the illusion of higher pulled up cheekbones was formed!

                                          I am beyond happy I winded up purchasing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, I have been contemplating it for QUITE some time! The interesting part is this pallet does not classify JUST as a contour kit, it's a bronzer and blush in one, let me explain.  Right after cream contouring I picked up my Mac 168 brush and swirled into Havana, this will be the bronzing shade since it is a russet bronzy shade! Havana was taken from the temples of my face down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jawline, moreover area's the sun naturally hits SANS the nose.  For added definition I then took Espresso and began the contour process, the product was mainly blended into the hollows of my cheeks followed by Peaches & Cream to soften up the contour! Peaches & Cream is a PERFECT nose contour for me, which is totally bizarre because this is actually the highlight shade provided in the pallet, a bright peach...go figure.  The blushing shade I used is provided in the Bh Cosmetics Floral Blush Duo in Lilac, obviously speaking I used the more opaque pink shade and brushed it along the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline using that same Mac 168 brush! To get my glow on I took a pea-sized amount of Nars's Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana and with my ring+index finger together gently tapped it onto the high points of my face followed by a dusting of Nars's Miss Liberty Highlighting Brush on those exact areas.  DO NOT be afraid to let this product shimmer, that's to point darling :)!

                                   Truffle in all honestly was a last minute shade choice, I actually was going to opt in for a peachy pink, until I realized this would take away from the eye makeup! I highly recommend topping the lips off with a shiny gloss such as Mac's Lustreglass, sadly the shade I purchased AGES AGO is not longer in stock however if you click the pink link above it'll take you to other options.  The facial makeup was completely set using Make Up Forever's HD Setting Powder, by the way I literally just realized it's "Make" "UP" NOT "MAKEUP", please excuse my previous blog posts with the incorrect name! The powder was dusted under my eye area as well as on other highlighting zones to not only remove fall out glitter BUT to ensure the facial makeup would remain matte and oil free for the remaining hours I wore it, warmer weather truly does pose a challenge to how good at makeup you are. To completely set my skin I sprayed upon ALL zones Urban Decay's All Night Spray, this acts sorta like Mac's Fix+, just in my opinion MUCH better sans the clogged pores, oh yeah I'll get into that in a few days!
*Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow Pallet: Heads Will Roll (lid), Bandersnatch (crease), Time (inner V), Gone Mad (inner V), Metamorphosis (lower lash line), Royal Flush (brow bone), Looking Glass (softening shade)
*Violet Voss Glitter, Teresa Glitter (soft teal)
*KoKo Lashes, Marilyn 
                               I legit went brow crazy like NEVER before! Let's back track to the verrrrry beginning, I first started off with defining my brows using the ABH Brow Definer in Caramel.  I then had the bright idea to accent the brows more by highlighting them with concealer or in my case Cover Fx's N0 cream foundation, yeah-- long story short it took 10 minutes to blend out, in the long run it actually WAS worth it however my brows should not of taken that long! After that painstakingly long and irritable time I then moved onto smudging Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Strawberry Milk all over my lids straight from the stick, once I had a decent amount of product present I then gently blended it in using a cleaned ring finger.  The base shade you use DOES NOT matter, however I wouldn't choose anything completely matte as this look requires some extra shimmer power! The interesting part about the eye makeup is not a lot was done that required much movement, all you need to know is blending motions and you're set, each shade falls into the next :). For example, the first color brushed onto my lids was Heads Will Roll, I patted and smudged the shade on using a M433 Morphe Brush.  Don't be afraid to pack on the pigment with this, the more you pack on the more your focus should be towards easing the shimmering teal in the natural creasing of your eyes, this will double as a lid-crease color! Here is where the "seamless" effect comes into play, with that same M433, I then took Bandersnatch and just like applying eyeliner, starting from the EXACT outer third of my lid I dragged the shade inward towards the center of my lid using firm strokes, I then proceeded to blending it in following the natural creasing of my eye.  For softening up purposes I took my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender and using Looking Glass smudged it right above the crease for an even gradience followed by Time in the inner V, the pointed blender is AMAZING when it comes to intensive pigment! Be sure to evenly disburse this shimmering navy without encompassing the whole crease, to do so work in light layers, and stick with circular blends. 

                        By this point leave the crease ALONE, start working on the lower lash line for added dimension! I chose the shade Metamorphosis simply because it is STUNNING and quite unique as it has violet reflects.  The shade was smudged from the outer third of my lower lash line into the inner corners leaving an inch space for the following step.  Pull out the glitter girl! NO glitter glue is needed simply because that is HOW GOOD the Violet Voss' Teresa glitter is staying power wise, I simply patted the shade across the inner third of my lid along with the inner corners of my eyes using a Mac 239 brush, try to stick with flat shader brushes as they pick up a buttload of pigment! Switching back above town, I smudged Royal Flush across the tops of my brow bones for a eye widening effect using the fluffy side of my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow and flat shader brush. Although I probably should of applied Gone Mad prior to the glitter, I didn't, such as life, right? With the E22 brush I firmly placed the matte purple into the inner V of my eye just to ensure some drama was added to the crease, I wasn't diggin' the all glitter effect.  Liner is VERY important for the eye makeup look presented here, and to the image above located to the right of this typed paragraph! Before getting into details be sure to have a good precise eyeliner brush on hand that is CLEAN, dirty bristles widen laden with previous eyeliner WIDEN the brush thus making lines not as clean cut.  Anyhoo, using my Sephora Precision Eyeliner Brush I gently lined my waterline using Makeup Geek's Immortal Liner then applied tiny dashes of the product under my lower lash line (as close to the waterline as possible) and using a clean pinky finger smudged it along, this will REALLY amp up the makeup!  As for the upper lash line I took Kat Von D's Trooper Liner and gave myself medium thick wings that extended out rather far. 

                              Start finishing up the look with some smokey lashes and intricate falsies! When it comes to having a super dramatic lash line I highly suggest using the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, I also suggest smudging the brush against your lower lash line numerous times this way it gives for the illusion your lower lashes are "lined" and much darker than they were previous to the scara' application. As far as falsies go I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with KoKo lashes in Marilyn, these easily are my SECOND FAVORITE, such a beautiful intricate cut they have! Try to avoid any lashes that'll hinder the shadow application, seek out windowed lashes that flutter...hopefully that makes sense :)...Anyways this is the end of this blog post, I hope you cuties out there enjoyed. If you happen to recreate this look for a special occasion such as prom feel free to send my images, I'd be more than happy to shoot you a shoutout on my Instagram!  As a matter of fact, if you have ANY questions concerning makeup my email is always open, please give me around 2-3 days to reply however as this is not my main email, thus notifications come in slow ( To end on a good note, check out my beautiful friend Leyna's Perfectly Posh Link ( ), once you purchase an item (anything 0-infinity) you'll be included in our party we set up, which means you COULD receive a few free full sized products! Try it out loves ;).