Sunday, May 8, 2016

Plum Vixen Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial- Drugstore AND High End Products

                 A full out drugstore tutorial has been MY MOST requested video yet, sadly not all of us beauty bloggers are made of money SO rather completely drugstore I decided to compensate what I did not have with higher end (yet cheap) products! This sexy vixen makeup look is not only PERFECT for Spring nighttime parties but with the change of a lip color (light nude, or hues of pink) this can be a perfect on the town smokey eye.  Do keep in mind A TON of blending techniques were used, this is aimed for the more intermediate to pro beauty lover, HOWEVER if you take your time I personally believe anyone can ace this tutorial! It actually was kind of sweet to be reunited with my drugstore products, some of them I haven't used since November, tis' a pretttttty long time.  For the eyeshadows I tried to stick under the range of 20 dollars, mainly Makeup Geek was used with the exception of Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows for added pizazz, you can find dupes in the MG spectrum, I just was going for what I had rather making a full shop to the drugstore! OOO and lastly before getting into details, I just edited my March haul for the simple reason ONE of the products used here I have fallen in love with, my first impressions were simply impressions. After using this product (you shall find out below) I can honestly say it is top notch quality!

*Cover Fx Cream Concealer, N-EXTRA LIGHT
*E.L.F. Bronzers, Golden Bronzer

                  First things first, EXCUSE MY FACIAL EXPRESSION HERE HAHA! I was so fascinated by a dry patch...wasn't even funny.  Generally when drugstore products are added into the picture clean skin is what one should strive for!  To clarify, NO I do not mean completely perfect skin without blemishes, I am referring to the skin texture! Drugstore products are notorious for being well...not the best, however there are ways around that barrier.  For example, if you cancel out the effect of skin conditions (oiliness, dryness) perhaps the product could live up to it's full potential! I personally just scrubbed my face down with my favorite morning wash,  Perfectly Posh's Pore-fect big face bar cleanser, then set it with a light coating of the Fresh Seaberry Oil, running low on this boooooo :(.  I have BEYOND stubborn dry patches right now so I just let them be, peeling them would cause a bleeding effect since they're actually scabs, it would be VERY unsanitary to apply makeup to an open wound, essentially! The good news is both products I had handy are PERFECT for dry skin like mine, the exception being Dr Brandt's Pores No More Primer. I have NEVER bought a drugstore primer, and like I said in the beginning of this blog post didn't feel like going out, so I compensated the low end with an alternative that works for me! With a pea-sized amount of the primer, I gently moistened the product between my fingertips and moved forth in disbursing it from the center of my face out towards my hairline, be sure to NOT neglect the hairline girl. After doing so I then moved along to my Maybelline Dewy Foundation and using ONLY a quarter sized amount onto the back of my hand and a Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush I firmly stippled and blended the shade across all zones of my face for the most even coverage! On areas needing a bit more coverage OR perhaps a coating to make dry patches less visible I worked in two light layers of stipples, this builds up fast :).

                 In my video I explained a little bit on WHY I opted in for two different types of creams, one foundation and the other a concealer!  The real reason is not deep at all other than I wanted a change in surroundings, or in this case makeup. It get's a bit tiering to use the same exact products every damn time, ya' feel?  With that being said to highlight my features, or in some cases to "enhance/perfect" my features,  I took a pea-sized amount of Cover Fx's Cream Concealer in N-Extra Light onto the palm of my hand.  This is SUPER creamy, which means it might require you loves to warm it up beforehand! With a cleaned Sephora Concealer Brush I went into the light shade and applied it under my eyes in inverted triangles extended up toward my hairline, as well as from my forehead down to the bridge of my nose, and from my left jawline to my right jawline.  These are areas I PERSONALLY prefer highlighting, everyone is different, contouring/highlighting should abide by YOUR rules not someone else's! To finish up the placement I then went into Cover Fx's Cream Foundation in N100 and promptly drew firm lines down the hollows of my cheeks, aside my jaw lines, and on the sides of my nose connected at the tip. To blend out the creamy substances on my face I used my beloved Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and gently stippled in the products starting from the bottom of my face (jawlines) up! Everyone is different in their blending-- some prefer to start from the center of their faces, some prefer using a sponge, do what works best for you. 

                    OOH MY GOSH I WAS SOOOO EXCITED TO USE MY ELF BRONZER FINALLY! It has been tempting me for quite some time to use the bronzer I just never really got the will power to go for it...until today that is. Using a Mac 168 brush I gently swirled into the Golden Bronzer and proceeded to blending it across the temples of my face down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jaw line! AVOID applying shimmery bronzers to the sides of your nose, unless you're aiming for a widening effect.  A quick trick for bronzing that can eliminate the use of contour powder is applying the bronzer light at first then gradually building up pigment, this will form a beautiful gradience that'll define your features well! Next up is the blushing process, try to stick with muted roses AND avoid anything poppy or purple in tone, it'll clash TOO much with the lips and eye makeup.  My perfect shade happened to be Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush in Rose Petal, I gently stippled to blush across the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline using an Elf Ultimate Blending Brush! When it comes to being a glitter bomb I knew I had to pull out my BEST products, one of which I actually grew a love of.  Before we get into that new found love, the first step I went through to get that perfect sheen was taking Elf's Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach across the high points of my face using a Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush. This product does NOT take much for one to glow so use it with cation, you could end up shimmering like a disco ball! Now, the admirable Physicians Formula Translucent Pearl Powder, two words- my goodness.  This gives such a luxurious glow without being too overpowering, I cannot believe I gave it such a poor review! With that same  Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush from prior I gently smudged into the pan and followed through with smudging/blending it across my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose.  Excess product was taken onto my cupids bow as well as on my forehead/chin! 

                       Start finishing up the face makeup with a light dusting of setting powder, powerful red lips, and a spritzing of setting spray (probably the MOST important feature of this makeup look)! I DO have an ELF HD Pressed Setting Powder compact however it was literally half empty so I didn't bother with trying to apply it (yes, it is amazing BUY IT), instead I dusted on Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Setting Powder over all highlighting zones of my face with a Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush. The highlighting zones include the under eye area, from your left jawline-chin-right jawline, and your forehead/chin, moreover area's you'd typically cream/powder highlight :)! I then went along to applying Loreal's lipstick in British Red with two light coatings, this is the PERFECT red for this look primarily because it has a ton of pink tones to it thus making it not as intense as most reds. I finnnallly finished up the whole shebang with spraying Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray over all angles of my face, including under my chin! This will refreshen the makeup previously applied as well as cover over any "powder" like appearances, something we ALL dread. 
*ELF Smudge Pot- Gotta Glow
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans: Bitten (lid),  Cocoa Bear (crease), Shimma Shimma (brow bone), Corrupt (inner V)
*Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow(s): Rosette (lid), Deep Plum (crease), Pink Champagne (inner corners), Birkin (lower lash line)
                            As you can see I need to pluck and shave terribly, oh well :').  Eyebrow formulas are tricky, just like eyebrow colors! About a month or two ago I TRIED finding my perfect shade in the drugstore and just couldn't find anything with the perfect undertone and hue! That left me to compensate with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Caramel, a product MANY beauties out there have.  I defined and shaded in my eyebrows using a Morphe G11 brush, personally I prefer lining the upper and bottom brow's first (connecting them at the tail end), and then I follow through with the step of lightly brushing the sparse areas in! The next step up is applying a priming base, I opted in for Elf's Smudge Pot in Gotta Glow primarily because it is SUPER easy to blend and holds pigment well.  With that being said, using my ring finger I took a tad of product out and then proceeded to smudging it across my lid areas up to my brow bone! The shade you use on your lid as a priming base DOES NOT matter, unless its super dark and makes you look like a panda ha...

                       The eye makeup begins with a bang from the start! With a dense shadow brush, specifically the Mac 239 brush, I gently packed on Bitten eyeshadow by Makeup Geek.  This shade is SUPER pigmented so make sure you disburse it evenly across your lid while avoiding blending upwards, do not stress over-building up the shadow as this will be soon covered up! Speeeeaking of soon, now going into Rosette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I gently brushed the shade DOWNWARDS on the center of my lid using the same Mac 239 brush.  It helps using downwards strokes simply because it maintains the foiled finish and really shimmers off when in natural lighting as opposed to disbursing it across the entire lid! Nooooow onto the part where you must focus, blending.  The first shade up is Cocoa Bear by Makeup Geek, using a fluffy Sephora #27 Brush I gently blended the color into my crease using side to side blending motions! As you blend you shall see that Rosette+Bitten will sorta mix together with the warm toned brown, thus making for the perfect transitional crease shade. To add some drama to the crease I then began patting in Deep Plum to the outer third of my lid up to the natural creasing of my eye socket using a Mac 217 brush, the denser brush, the better! The last shade added to the crease is Corrupt, this is CLEARLY optional as Deep Plum really brought the fire, however I prefer a super smokey finish.  With that being the case I smudged corrupt right into the inner V of my eye using gentle side to side blending motions! 

                 ALRIGHT, now to the finishing steps that really seal the deal-- before going into the liner/mascara dust over Shimma Shimma shadow by Makeup Geek onto your brow bone, this will add a gradience to the crease as well as a charming glow that'll bring attention forth to your eyes (I used a Sephora #27 brush)! Switching to a tinier brush I then began blending Birkin across my lower lash line followed by Deep Plum eyeshadow for added depth and dimension, PLEASE do not skip this step, if anything choose a darker shade if you cannot opt in of both gradients. Finally, with that same tiny brush I applied Pink Champagne metallic eyeshadow onto the inner corners of both eyes (my personal fav shade) :)! Eyeliner is a very important part of the eye makeup presented here, YOU MUST smoke it out otherwise it'll look odd and obscure next to the smokey shadows. To get that perfect smoked effect I took my Makeup Geek Immortal Gel Liner and gently winged out my eyeliner with medium think lines, I made sure to use a cleaned Sephora #20 brush for precision! I then took the excess product onto my waterline smudged slightly down to my lower lash line, keep it close to the lash line! 

              Yay, I cannot wait to tell you loves about this mascara! Okay, so once my liner was slayed, I then coated my lashes with Elf's Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara in black, this actually surprised me because most drugstore mascaras SUCK BOOTY, this on the other hand really gave me nice thick fluffy lashes. I finished up with my all time FAVORITE drugstore lashes, Kiss's Ritzy True Volume falsies! Try to aim for eyelashes that WILL NOT hinder the eye makeup, simply enhance if...if that makes any sense hehe.  Hopefully you beauties at home enjoyed this different take on classic makeup! This will be categorized under my "Gothic" section just for the factor it mimics darker tones :)! Be sure to stay tuned for the makeup tutorial (video wise) coming out over the course of this week, currently I am loaded with homework SO be content with this fabulously typed blog post.  Some current postings I have done this week that you should check out: Lizard Duochrome Makeup, Perfectly Posh Review, Soft Glam Prom Makeup.  OOO and lastly be sure to follow me on Instagram for SNEAK PEAK photos/videos along with looks I post exclusively! Have a good and relaxing Sunday cuties :).