Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nailed It! by Katie Pink Sparkly Gradient Acrylic Nails Review

                             I have been thinking for QUITE a while on expanding my blog to other sections of beauty such as the nail department-- what better way to introduce it than a review of some fabulous falsies!? Just around a week ago a lovely lady named Katie Instagram direct messaged me about her innovative nail creations, not only does she HAND PAINT each design, custom one's are welcomed such as the one featured above.  Some key keen points Katie Calderbank likes to make about her brand, Nailed It! happen to be, "cheap and affordable nails..whether it's a simple manicure or an elaborate pop art design, we have you covered...can't see what you're after?...Email me directly and I'll create your very OWN bespoke nails..." Speaking of that email address don't be afraid to message her at, she replies within hours :). A super important factor YOU MUST be aware of prior to ordering or emailing her is all nails are sold in packs of 12, thus variety sizes are available! She does not include nail glue in the purchase, however she was such a sweetie and stuck it in there anyway for me.  Each of the nails provided on her website,, are $4.99 GBP OR $7.16 USD, the custom nails are to be determined based on your design! That's a pretty damn good deal considering how expensive manicurists can be on creating elaborate deigns. In case you're interested (OFC YOU ARE) some staple nail art designs Katie has up currently include Ombre Geo (orange to teal fade with white sripes), Ocean Pearl (blue to darker blue gradience with white embellishments), Henna Shine (golden bronzy nail inspired by henna artwork), Candy Floss Sparkle (pink to white to blue gradience with sparkle-- this is the SAME design on my nails above just in pink), Neon Blood (yellow base with pinkish blood effect on the tip), One In A Million (pink base with rosy designs), She's Got It! (pink with white intricate designs), and finally the custom selection!

                             Before getting into my actual reviewing I would like to introduce her terms and conditions, it's best to get this out of the way so you beauties are well aware of how she does business :)! According to her website it says, "You have 14 days to return an order after receiving it; If you change your mind, or the product you received is not what you expected, please contact us before returning the item; Unless arrangements are made with us, you cover the cost of the return; Please note that exceptions may apply for the return of certain custom-made, hygienic and other products." After the concise terms and conditions policy, followed up is the instructions for returning goods-- as muuuuuch as I'd love to bore you all with the return manual, WHO THE HECK WOULD RETURN THESE BABIES?! I mean honestly speaking they not only arrived in lovely bubble wrap, a cute note was left behind that read "hope you enjoy your claws, Katie XOXO", most small business DO NOT indulge in this specialized treat.  Pictured to the left is the nails on their plastic prongs prior to removing them, presentation is surly everything, these claws DEF make a statement!  First things first, I asked Katie to replicate her Candy Floss Sparkle permanent design just in pink with a bit of extra glitter added, and that she did too perfection.  One striking characteristic I noticed is Katie really loves her line of work, it shows through the artwork and time put into each false nail! The only downside is these babies required a bit of filling down on the edges to fit my nail bed, other then that they popped right on and dazzled :).  As you loves know I prefer giving the pros with the cons, along with that comes blunt honesty, which I feel is the best way to go about things! If you're asking me straight (which you should be hehe), Nailed It! by Katie is a spectacular new line of products that EVERYONE should have a chance to try it-- trust me, it's nothing like the MORE expensive products you buy at the drugstore.  These false nails are sturdy, natural looking, and long lasting thanks to her expert nail polish application!

               Plllleaase disregard my misshapen finger! Long story short I burnt it on a flat iron when I was 6 and the bone sorta "grew around" the bump left behind! Here is another view of the nails just in a flat lay version. IF you were concerned about the packs of 12 concept, fear not each nail is identical and corresponds to the larger-widen fingers! Please do give the very talented Katie a follow on her Instagram, as well as a like for her Facebook page, you'll receive CONSTANT updates on both pages. Ooooh lovies I will be editing a new video tonight as well speak as well so stay posted, a TON of upcoming events will be streaming your way! From another Perfectly Posh review to a possible giveaway mid-June, the stars are in your favor ;).  Be sure to check out my two previous blog posts to send some loooove: Rosy Pink Blown Out Smokey Eye, Classic 1950's Barbie.