Saturday, May 14, 2016

Milk1422 Instagram Inspired Theatrical Fruity Vibrant Strawberry Chick Makeup Tutorial

              Milk1422 as we all know is flippin' amazing! From his intricate face charts to more sultry pigment throws, he truly is an artist.  Recently Milk has posted a face chart that REALLY caught my attention (view the photo to the right), it is inspired by strawberries, one of my FAVORITE fruits :)! Do excuse my completely awkward posing-- it's extremely difficult to position a strawberry in one's mouth the way it is drawn on the face chart, but that's what innovating is, we perfect to our OWN needs and wants. If you happen to be taking on this look as well a few things to keep in mind are; vibrancy is key, sharpness and precision IS NOT needed, just accuracy and patience! The surprising factor is the makeup took all of a half hour to complete, probably the quickest look I have done yet, sans my everyday tutorials. Speaking of "everyday" tutorials sit tight for later tonight love! I will be editing my everyday May makeup tutorial tonight with a blog post included this way if you miss any details in the video, all can be recouped here :), a hint for you is the look is warm in tone and features a TON of new products I purchased a few days ago with Birthday money. Be sure to check out my previous Milk1422 inspired makeup tutorial, it's a tad more blue on the spectrum!

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, Medium Tan (Havana, Espresso, Peaches & Cream)
*Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, Sunburst (That Glow)
*Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick, Carina (topped w/ Cake eyeshadow from UD pallet)

                      I dunno about you guy's but waking up at 6:00 AM randomly REALLY set my mood, so I decided to do a quick rinse and wash using my Perfecetly Posh Pore-fect big face bar cleanser.  This cleansing bar lathers up rather quick so I simply wet it with lukewarm water, then smudged it across all zones of my face. After I had a good amount of the product disbursed onto my skin I proceeded to wetting my hands and scrubbing the foamy texture in! Once I felt satisfied my skin was clean I rinsed the product off and followed through with a skin patting on a clean towel to dry off my damp face and light coating of my Fresh Seaberry Oil to hydrate :)! The next step up is primer...something I should of remembered when it came to the eye makeup BUT C'EST LA VIE. I have fallen in LOVE with Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Priming base, not only is it amazing for my dry skin it works long-term as i've noticed a major improvement in scalelike skin! Due to the product being sold in glass jar container it's best dashing the primer across the high points of your face such as the cheekbones this way you use LESS product, and the formula blends out evenly across your entire face. Once the primer was evenly blended out, from the center of my face out towards my hairline I then did a tiny girl scream as I finally made the investment in Makeup Forever's Ultra HD Invisible Foundation, back in April I was raving about how amazing the sample was for those of you a tad confused! Using exactly ONE pump of the product onto the back of my hand, I picked up a freshly cleaned Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush and gently went right into the dewy foundation.  I began to "downward" stroke the product onto my skin starting from the center of my left cheek down to my jawline-- the only time stippling motions were even a thought were when dry patches came into the picture, other than that this is a very easy to blend foundation not requiring much movement! 

                       Contouring is my favorite part of makeup! It might transform your face in terms of adding depth to area's you never though existed, but the actual placement process is SO relaxing and peaceful to me, primarily one of the reasons i've been akin to the makeup artistry! One thing to know before getting into the cream contouring process is EVERYONE has different face structures, some of us like myself even have two face shapes melded together, try working around that.  My point is, do what works best for YOU and know makeup has ZERO limits, other than yourself limiting your potential :). Okay enough with Lillee pep-talk, the first product I applied to my skin is N0 by Cover Fx, their cream foundation version that is! Using a Sephora Concealer Brush I firmly brushed the product onto my under eye area in inverted triangles as well as on the angles of my jawline, down the bridge of my nose, and a tad on my forehead/chin.  To apply my contour placement I then switched to N100 and once more with firm stokes applied the product to the hollows of my cheeks, the direct angle of my jawline, under my lips, and on the sides of my nose connected at the tip! For blending purposes I took my all time holy grail brush, an Elf Ultimate Blending Brush, and proceeded to gently stippling in the creams using clockwise motions.  Some beauties prefer spraying their skin with Mac Fix+ to moisten up the product, but I am here to tell you Cover Fx is 100 steps ahead, no moistening is needed, in fact extra drying time is recommend...although I don't listen hehe!

                         Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in Medium to Tan is one of my recent purchases, as you probably suspected it arrived last night SO I am a kid in a candy store right now trying to experiment with all the shades! Now, originally I purchased their light pallet and I was going to do a tutorial with it a few days ago, until I realized the shades were WAY too cool toned for me and looked very unhealthy against my skin, so we make do and try once more.  As bronzer I took the shade Havana and using a clean Mac 168 brush gently blended it across the temples of my face, down to the hollows of my cheeks, and around to my jawline nearly touching my under chin area! Bronzer's are JUST as important as a good contour, without the natural gradience of light to dark a contour would look COMPLETELY harsh and very displeasing in natural light-- I strive to make all my makeup looks as perfect in photos as in real life, I know a ton of beauties have issues with this type of makeup looking odd up close, thing is this is recreational SO GO ALL OUT SISTA! To add some drama to my skin I took the shade Espresso and proceeded to applying it onto the outer three of my face, excluding the nose because Peaches & Cream was then taken upon. As you can see from the face chart the model drawn has VERY high cheekbones that also mimic a bronze to vibrant reddish pink blush shade, I chose Stila's Watercolor Blush in Poppy primarily because the same effect was achieved! Using my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush I stippled the center of my bristles right onto the container cap and proceeded to effortlessly stippling the product onto my cheeks starting from the apples up to my hairline. Try to stick along with the elongated blush application, it'll form the illusion of higher pulled up cheekbones while also pulling your features together!

                        Nars has always been my go to glow spot, so using their Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana onto the back of my hand in a pea-sized amount, I gently patted the product onto the high points of my face followed by a dusting of Sunburst UNDER the eye makeup as well as down the bridge of my nose! Keep in mind the focus here is NOT an intensive glow, work around the eye makeup, not the face makeup. I decided to make my lips a tad more vibrant than the photo present just because I REALLY wanted to test out Carina- the shade was coated twice over my lips followed by Urban Decays's Cake eyeshadow patted right onto the center for that "purpled" magenta hue!  By this point the upper makeup was completed as well as the lower makeup, so I proceeded onto setting my face using the Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder. I took the powder onto any area's I highlighted such as my under eye area using a  Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush. I finished up completely with a light spraying of Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray to all zones of my face, including under my chin-- everything MUST be coated as this will remove a powder like finish AND enhance the already vibrant pigments!
*BH Cosmetics 88 Cool Shimmer Pallet: Vibrant neon green C3.R4 (lid, dots), Frosty yellow C2.R1 (inner corners, brow bone), muted teal C6.R5 (waterline, dots)
*Sugarpill's Burning Heart Pallet, Love+ (crease, dots), Flame Point (crease, dots), Buttercupcake (dots)
*KoKo Lashes, Goddess
                            The Anastasia Brow Definer has been on the TOP of my list for quite some time, thought I am not a fan of pencil like eyebrow definers, this is QUITE the exception! The unique shape really makes it simple to fill in and go-- for example, with the Brow Definer I simply brushed the caramel stick upwards mimicking actual brow hairs then I followed through with long strokes to line my upper and lower brow, the spoolie can in handy to evenly disburse the product as well! The goal here is to have feathery yet defined eyebrows, just as pictured in the face chart, luckily Milk chose a warm toned shade so the brow's looked identical :). Though I SUGGEST a priming base I was so fixated on strawberries I forgot to even smudge on the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil I had right beside me! As long as you focus on strategic application motions, the eyeshadow applied should look identical to if a base was used, you just have to work in packing on more pigment.

                    Speaking of packing on pigment, the first shade applied to my lid is a gorgeous vibrant neon green, specifically C3.R4 from the Bh Cosmetics 88 Cool Shimmer Pallet! Using my Mac 239 brush I gently began to pack on pigment starting from the inner third of my lid out towards the outer third, do be aware as you apply the other pigments this shade WILL fade, so be sure to "keep up" on adding pigment as you go, also keep in mind a glitter in applied directly on top. Straight from the gecko vibrancy is written, switching to a fluffy Sephora #27 Brush I picked up a tiny amount of Flame Point and lightly blended it right into my crease using side to side motions! Every time I got the pigment to fully disburse outwards I then picked up more of the eyeshadow and proceeded on to intensifying the color, concentrate it mostly towards the INNER parts of your eye adjacent to the sides of your nose.  For added depth and dimension I then took Love+ and swished it into the inner V of my eye using circular and windshield wiper motions, try to avoid making this a smokey eye, the point is being ELECTRIC! Before setting down the fluffy brush I took a tad of C2.R1 and dusted it right onto the high point of my brow bone, this is VERY vivid in the face chart so be sure to choose a shimmery yellow, any excess product was dusted onto the inner corners of my eye. 

                        Switching to a flatter eyeliner brush, specifically a Sephora #20 brush, I smudged the vibrant neon green shade under my lower lash line followed by a lining of C6.R4 on my waterline! Try to get all the "liner" mechanisms out of the way SO you can accurately place the dotted gradience on your eyes :). Now wetting the brush in a fresh bottle of water (sanitary purposes) I went into Love+ and began pressing the tip onto the outer part of my eyes, the dot formation was brought inward up to the beginning of my brow (two dots to be placed under this area)! To REALLY intensify the dotting effects up I went into Flame Point and disbursed it on my under eye area as well as on any sparse areas provided on the crease, the same process followed with Buttcupcake-- the neon green begs the ONLY difference as it was applied onto the tips of my brows (like the leaves of a strawberry). To begin finishing up the makeup I smudged my finger into Mermaid Lips glitter by Glitter Injections and applied it all over my lids, excess was taken onto the tops of my brows! I then moved along to giving myself medium thick wings using Mac's Creme Eyeliner in Black, you don't want to upstage the rest of the eye makeup, you simply want to enhance and darken. To completely finish up the eye makeup I took the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and gently smudged it heavily against my lower lash line, I didn't have lower lashes equipped SO this is the next best thing! To top it off I applied my KoKo lashes in Goddess, they seamlessly fit in with the aesthetic of the lashes drawn on the face chart :). I HOPE you beauties at home enjoyed, stay tuned for further tutorials to come!