Thursday, May 19, 2016

Everyday Sun Kissed May Peachy Copper Makeup Tutorial

                                When it comes to everyday makeup there is two types of women, those who get up an hour earlier and those who slop on the foundation in a rush.  I am here to tell you, this is one of those looks that will require your patience, and experience otherwise you'll be sitting there all day trying to blend products out! The warmer months, although it feels like fall here in New York, truly do pose a challenge to some beauties such as myself.  As being someone allergic to SPF products (face wise) I must work around it in terms of using less product OR mixing it in with a stronger priming base, besides the SPF your makeup application must be set otherwise melt city will begin! Yes, most view the Summer as a time to shed the layers back, but honestly speaking, I want to be fabulous all year along, even if it means I must spray my setting spray on twice over :). Beauty, is pain. My previous "everyday" tutorials have consisted of copper hues as well as rosy cheeks and lips, this differentiates out due to the peachy tones used contrasting off of orange's with yellow shifts!  When the tutorial goes up on YouTube towards the end of the week you loves shall see this as a "first impression" of some products such as the Urban Decay Alice Through Looking Glass eyeshadow advance since the pallet is SO BEYOND expensive, please save your money, it lacks pigment so hideously there is no saving this pallet, it just makes a beautiful display.  I opted in thankfully for shades with at least build-able qualities, embarrassing to say it's even an Urban Decay pallet to be real!  Be sure to check out my recent Everyday Looks: Everyday April Glam, Dewy Coral March Makeup, Rustic BH Cosmetics dramatic makeup (if you tone down the pigments, it is VERY wearable).  Do be noted this combination of makeup is SUPER easy to pair with multiple lip colors, purple included just look above ;)!

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, Medium Tan (Havana, Espresso, Peaches & Cream)
*Nars Blush, Orgasm
*Nars Liquid Illuminator, Copacabana + Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, Bubbly (That Glow)
*Dose of Colors, Bare With Me

                    Ahhhh my skin, it has never felt and looked so good!  Prior to applying ANY makeup, that includes a priming base, you want to ensure your skin is completely ridded of dirt, that includes blackheads and dry patches.  A quick fix for me was to apply my Perfectly Posh Apricots Overnight mask, I literally applied it in the AM and wore it straight through the day up until it hit 2PM, the clear consistency helps a ton! The interesting part about this mask is ANY dry patches you might have scab over instantly making them easy to peel off, hence why I said my skin has NEVER looked and felt so good, harsh exfoliants hurt  and tear sensitive skin such as mine :(. It's safe to assume at 2PM I washed off the face mask with warm water and pat dried my face using a clean towel, to finish up the process I applied a light layer of my Fresh Seaberry Oil all over my skin, usually a beaker full amount satisfies! The Fresh Seaberry Oil DOES take a few minutes to dry, if not hours so I just went on my merry way to the priming base of my choice, Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Face Base. This container yields a different form of application, rather a pea-sized amount being squeezed onto the back of your hand, opt in for light dashes of the product onto the high points of your face (cheekbones, and bridge of nose)! These distinctive areas will prevent an OVER usage of primer and will help the base sink into your pores MUCH quicker.  Once you have the placement set simply take your ring and middle finger together and gently blend in the primer using gentle circular motions, be sure to evenly disburse the product out towards your hairline for the most natural finish!  Hehe I finally got the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation, this product is TRULY amazing (view my previous post) and blends out just like skin, but better.  Using half a pump of product onto the back of my hand I gently went into the foundation using the fat side of my Beauty Blender Pro and began bouncing it off my skin starting from the center of my right cheek! There really is NO specific area to start blending when it comes to the Beauty Blender, just make sure you continue the beating/stippling/bounce motions and disburse product out towards your hairline and under your chin.

                Highlighting and contouring is VERY optional, especially for everyday makeup! I prefer the process simply because it boosts my complexion and allows my skin to be as flawless as possible, plus the fact for those with dry skin creams are a godsend.  With that being said, first using a pea-size amount of the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer in Y23 onto the back of my hand I gently applied it to my under eye areas in inverted triangles, down the bridge of my nose shooting up to my forehead, and on my jawline for a brightened highlighted effect, as you can see the shade I chose is VERY close to my actual skin tone! As for the contour I took Cinnamon by ABH and brushed it across the hollows of my cheeks, on the exact angle of my jawline, and on the sides of my nose using a Sephora Concealer Brush. Before getting into blending I flared the product upwards for a seamless effect by simply flicking my brush upwards starting from the base of the contour line up! Nooooow using my Beauty Blender Pro I began to stipple the product in, I stuck mostly to the big fat side however when it came time to blend in the cheek contour I used upward brushing motions, this gives the illusion of higher pulled up cheekbones.

                   Powder contouring is NOT something you can pass up for this makeup look, without the different hues present your skin would simply look flat, and dull! The purpose of setting the cream contour WITH powdered contours, blush, and illuminizers is to bring warm and dimension back to the skin, regardless IF you opted in for the more glam route of this tutorial.  With that being said the first shade applied to my skin is Havana provided by the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in Medium to Tan! This color will act as a bronzer, so using my Mac 168 brush I gently brushed it along the temples of my face down to the hollows of my cheeks and around my jaw line's, the placement here is better known as the "outer three" since those three areas, make a three shape :). To really bring the drama I then went into Espresso and gently smudged it across the hollows of my cheeks as well as under my chin, to soften the color up I took Peaches & Cream and brushed it RIGHT ON both shades in the hollows as well as on the sides of my nose to slim down my features!  When it comes to blush make sure the shade at hand has some sort of gold reflect, it'll help enhance the glow applied in a few steps ahead.  I chose Nars's Blush in...Orgasm and firmly brushed the peachy pink from the apples of my cheeks up to my hairlines using that same Mac 168 brush from prior usage- they come up with such bizarre names for blushes huh? Anyyyyhooo, the glowing step should be rather simple as it entails applying Nars's Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana onto the high points of your face followed by the dusting of Bubbly from the ABH That Glow Kit, I layered Bubbly on TWICE by the way. 

                                Just as said in the beginning of this blog post, ANY lip color will suit the eye makeup presented in this tutorial, however the best combination in my opinion is applying Bare With Me Liquid Lipstick by Dose of Colors as it'll accent the orange tones well! The other combination is applying Madison liquid lipstick by ABH with Orchid gloss to top it off, this is obviously the MOST extreme combo at hand and more than likely not the most favorable.  Ahhh onto setting powder! Using a cleaned Sephora #74 brush I firmly "PULLED" the Nars Light Reflecting loose setting powder onto my skin starting from the inner part of my under eye area out towards my hairline, the same method was used for my jawlines with the exceptions of a light dusting across my nose/chin/forehead.  After around 2 minutes I gently blended in the product and was left with a flawless finish...unfortuently I forgot to blend it off my chest OOPSIE. To set all the makeup and to ensure it stayed in place all day, even with treacherous heat, I sprayed on Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray to all zones and angles of my face, this way the makeup wears off evenly and looks as natural as natural can be!
*Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow Pallet: Paradox (lid), Reflection (transitional shade, crease)
*Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Pallet: Truffled (inner V), Butter Pecan (tear ducts, brow), Puddin' (upper lash line), Peanut Butter (lower lash line)
                        As most of you know this WHOLE entire video is based upon the foundation of trying out new products!  One of those new products happens to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, in my color Caramel.  I was QUITE surprised on how quick it took to fill in my brows, literally all I had to do was flick the slanted stick upwards with minor pressure and BOOM, brows set!  This makes for the perfect alternative for not only those new to the brow business, but for those in a hurry, especially for the morning hours. Speaking of those in a hurry, ALWAYS try to slip in a priming base, you might find that some can double up on many other things such as literal eyeshadow! I chose my favorite Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt simply because it's a gorgeous pinky champagne shade that fits with ANY eyeshadow combination. I simply smudged the product onto my eyelids from the stick then using my clean ring finger blended the product up towards my brow bone, as well as lower lash line.  

                            Now to the tell all step, actually using the raved upon Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow Pallet! Now, I'll be honest with you loves the first few shades were spectacular UNTIL I did swatchings of the fact I even had to alter the original look due to such poor pigment. Anyways, the first shade applied to my lids is Paradox, I actually used the brush provided in the pallet to gently pat it across both my eyelids! This will require some pigment build up, so try to be patient and work the shade in. Now switching to a fluffier brush, the Sephora #20 brush, I smudged into the color Reflection and blended it right into my crease using side to side motions, I really worked on evenly disbursing this shade out as it was the transitional color!  The last shade added in the crease is Truffled, this gives for a more defined crease that is NOT too intensive but will give you the drama all of us beauties love. Using that same Sephora #20 brush I firmly swished the shade into the inner V of my eye using side to side motions and occasionally circular motions this way I got a substantial amount of pigment that blended out in a gradience! Using my Mac 212 Flat Definer Brush, I then went into Peanut Butter and smudged it right across my lower lash line followed by the shade Butter Pecan in the tear ducts of my eyes. LASTLY for the shadow I wet my 212 brush and took Puddin' right across my upper lash line using smudging motions, later this was deiced with Kat Von D's Trooper liner, however the definition added by this dark brown made a HUGE eye opening difference...literally! 

                                 As a quick tip, if you strive for that super doe eyed look apply a stronger tear duct highlight along with brow highlight, obviously the most popular option is to apply a white on your waterline BUT I found for me applying a dark black such as Smolder by Mac gives tons of drama and definition to my eyes. Another trick for eye widening is LASHES-- I suggest to first use the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara across both your upper and lower lashes a few coatings in then apply your favorite natural falsies, this'll alter your eye shape quite a bit as the longer lashes enhance EVERYONE'S features!  PLEASE do not choose lashes overly long for your eyes, this will simply close them up and look like child play, if you must trim away.  I chose my Kiss Looks So Natural Shy Lash packet simply because they apply beautifully and require NO trimming on the outer + inner rims!  Hopefully you loves enjoyed this tutorial, do be FULLY aware the video tutorial version will be up in just a few hours, there IS a minor delay due to some lady issues which I addressed on my Instagram a few days ago.  I want to thank ALL of my supporters for standing by me and waiting a few days, your loyalty makes me strive to improve even more :)!