Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sparkly Red and Electric Pink Birthday Makeup Tutorial

              Just as explained the other night on Instagram, I have decided to post my birthday makeup look now just so you guys are NOT left waiting! Yes, you cuties may commence saying happy birthday tomorrow, April 18th ;).  This look basically consists of ALL my favorite colors, from bright coral to royal blue (the outfit), this is defiantly a glittery look anyone can rock for special occasions! In total the makeup look took me an hour and 4 minutes, which is considerably good being most of my looks range anywhere from half an hour-two hours. Be sure to check out my Aries Fired Glitter Makeup Look while you're at it, after all it tis' Aries season!  That look just like this one features red HOWEVER it is a bit more "wearable" in terms of the tones presented--fire engine reds are not a go to for many, so be sure to alter this look to fit YOUR needs.  Ooooh, also YAY!  I finally found a way to configure my YouTube video to upload fluently, it's been quite some time however it was worth the wait! Just as I described yesterday, I'd rather give you loves 100/100 than 50/100 quality wise.  Do be aware, before you actually read this through, a TON of products were used, all flow together however I will be explaining some steps that can be skipped OR to be made more versatile! 

*Stila Watercolor BlushWater Lily
*Nars Liquid Illuminator, Copacabana 
*Makeup Forever Matte Setting Powder, #12
*ABH Liquid Lipstick(s): Spicy + Dose Of Colors, Coral Crush

                      Between you me and the four walls I did nada when it came to cleansing my skin, bad Lillee, I know, however I had relatively good conditions so I figured the method I used would be less harmful then harsh cleansers!  I like to toy around with my pores often, in other words I'll use heat, steamed water, to open them up then gradually go up to cold water to close them, this method helps to unclog and purify the skin extremely well as opposed to popping and scarring your skin.  After doing that method I then applied Fresh's Seaberry Oil to ALL zones of my face, including out towards my hairline and under my chin! This oil in particular works amazing for my sensitive skin, dry patches seamlessly fade AND a radiance is given, something all of us beauties strive for.  Speaking of a given radiance, once the oil starting to absorb into my pores I moved along to the priming stage using my ALL TIME favorite Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer! This happens to come in a jar so I simply "dashed" little amounts of the product onto each zone of my face (tops of my cheeks, center of my nose/forehead/chin).  I then proceeded to blending the primer in with fluent outward tugging motions, moreover starting from the center of my face I blended the product out towards my hairline!  BE SURE to not neglect the hairline as this area is often neglected.   Next up is the foundation, being this is a totally glam makeup look it's acceptable to use a fuller coverage product!  I went for Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation in 1N1 primarily because it maintains a certain "skin like" appearance while covering any redness that steps in its way.  With exactly a quarter sized amount of the foundation poured onto the back of my hand and my Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush, I gently yet firmly stippled the foundation onto my skin starting from the center of my face.  I gradually built up product on any area's needing more coverage by working in SUPER light layers, there is no rush :)!

                 Nowwww onto the fun part, cream contouring!  I really went all out for this portion of the tutorial because a flawless complexion is what I was striving for, these creams help to "brighten" and "bronze" my skin more so than contour.  Pictured to the right is a screenshot from the tutorial and a depiction of the full placement of each product on my face-- use this only as a guide, everyone has a different face with DIFFERENT needs/wants!  With that being said I first stated off with cream highlighting using the shade N0 by Cover Fx.  With my Sephora #20 brush I took the light neutral shade under my eyes (accenting the sides of my nose) in inverted triangles, on the bridge of my nose in one straight line, on my forehead in a sprouting shape, and from my left jaw line to right jaw line!  I then went into N100 and bronzed up the hollows of my cheeks, my jaw line, sides of my nose, under lip area and crease with singular lines-- for the "hollows" I did a thick line across the bridge of my cheekbone and a thin line in the actual hollowing for added depth.  To blend allllll the creams together I took my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and gently stippled them in with clockwise circular motions, I prefer to start from the bottom up, in other words I blended from my jaw line up to my under eye area (both sides), then finished up with the forehead/chin!

                     Now onto greater and better things in the world, more contouring and bronzing woohoo :')!  This process was actually NOT so painful to sit through simply because my Makeup Forever Sculpting Duo is a two in one compact, thus less products cluttered my work space.  Speaaaaking of the duo, right after my cream contour matted down a bit I picked up my Mac 168 brush and swirled right into the bronzy shade provided in the MUFE Pink/Beige duo! This was blended from the temples of my face down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jawline, moreover the "outer 3" of my face sans the nose.   To add some drama back to my face I then went into the Kat Von D Shade & Light Pallet, specifically with the shades "Sombre" and "Lyric"!  Sombre was blended right into the hollows of my cheeks and on the sides of my nose using a 168 brush AND a Mac 239 brush for precision.  Lyric was then taken right on the "outer sides" of my nose and down the bridge to highlight and direct light in a straight line, in other words to make my nose appear smaller!  Yes, this is the first time I have used highlighting powder in foreeeever. 

           I have taken such a fondness to Stila's Watercolor Blush in Water Lily, not only is it vibrant as could be it blends like a dream! To the left is a image of the blush in full bloom, though not an actual "application" photo I feel it shows off the color best.  To apply the shade I took my  Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and stippled the product on from the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline!  Then with a dollop of Nars's Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana to the back of my hand I gently began disbursing it onto the high points of my face with a Tarte Swirl Powder Bronzer and Contour brush, the high points are the tops of ones cheekbones, the bridge of ones nose, ones cupids bow, brow bones, and center of ones forehead/chin.  To set the liquid I then went into the pink shimmer product from the MUFE duo and dusted it over any areas Copacabana originally touched!


             To start finishing up the look I mixed Anastasia Beverly Hills Spicy Liquid Lipstick with Dose Of Color Coral Crush and applied it all over my lips in two coatings! This is literally my FAVORITE red lip combo, its sunny, happy, and so me. I then took a Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter and graced Makeup Forevers Matte Setting Powder across all highlighting zones of my face, this powder is no longer sold which literally makes me cry internally :(.  To ensure my makeup would last all day long I then sprayed on Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray to every angle of my face, this is a SUPER important aspect because without the spray the makeup would appear powdery and dull!

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow(s): Mango TangoVanilla Bean 
*Urban Decay Electric Pallet: Savage, Slowburn
*Violet Voss Glitter, Rose
*KoKo Lashes, Goddess
                   To begin this extravagant eye makeup you must have Lillee brows, yes Lillee, brows.  What are Lillee brows you might ask? Well currently over fuzzed hairy muppets BUT THATS OKAY, the point is soft arches that have a dramatic input towards the entire eye makeup! The next question you might be thinking of is, "what in the hell, okay Lillee, how do I get "soft dramatic brows?" It's quite simple actually, using my Morphe G11 brush and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Caramel I FIRST lined my upper and lower brow with two smooth motions, the brush makes it very easy to get sleek curves for arches.  After connecting the two lines at the tail end of my brow I then began filling it in with light upward brush strokes to mimic actual eyebrow hair! See, easy p-z :).  After the brows were complete I then went along to priming my eyelids with Bobbi Browns Cream Eyeshadow in Bone, this is one of my FAVORITE priming bases as it works splendidly with vibrant shadows!  I spread the shade all over my lids, blended up towards my brow bone and under my lower lash line. 

                    Avoiding the lid is a good idea at this point in the game, that shall all be saved for glitter later on!  The first color you should add to the crease is Makeup Geek's Mango Tango, this acts as a gorgeous transitional shade and really sets the stage for the following crease colors.  I blended the color in fluently using a fluffy Sephora #27 Brush, try to work in light layers with the color rather a huge lump sum of product, it makes blending MUCH easier! Drama really starts picking up with the inner V shade (view the image to the right), you MUST pick up the color in this order: Slowburn, Savage, Slowburn, if you don't it will either lean too orange or too pink, we want a reddish coral to form.  After the mixture was set I then with my Mac 217 brush blended it right into the inner V of my eye using circular motions and occasional side to side motions, this is a very vibrant color so it will require some muscle to ease into the crease smoothly! After you have the vibrancy down go into Muse from the Lime Crime Venus Pallet and gently ease it into the outer third of your lid, from that section of your eye drag the color into the crease following your eye socket, this shade is the PERFECT brick red without being too overpowering.  Before adding glitter or anything of that nature  pick up the fluffy blending brush again, in this case Sephora #20 brush, and dust Vanilla Bean across the brow bone and slightly against the crease, this will form a light pink hue which adds to a more "blended" appearance! 

               Excuse my funny way of applying glitter but I'm tellin' you it's the BEST way, it helps too prevent fall out! First, with a tiny amount of the Too Faced Glitter Glue I patted it across the inner third of both my eyelids, this will just help the glitter stick much better as opposed to no glue usage.  I then picked up my dense  Mac 239 brush and firmly patted Rose glitter across the INNER THIRD of my lid, avoiding the outer edges! The outer edges are revered for Bh Cosmetics Deep Red, this just forms a dramatic smokey effect without the actual shadow, just glitter :). Since I had the 239 brush out I gently cleaned it off against a paper towel and smudged slowburn+savage under my lower lash line, the shades met at a light pink shade provided by the Bh Cosmetics Foiled Eyeshadow Pallet!  Switching to my Sephora #20 brush I then started to finish up the look with INTENSE eyeliner, I suggest using Mac's Creme Liner simply because it charges through thick glitter like nobodies business.  The eyeliner was taken onto my upper lash line in one thick flick and on my water line, the waterline color was then smudged slightly for a darkening and dramatic effect!

               The last and final steps include applying your favorite mascara (try to stress smudging it on your lower lash line most, this will form a more smoked out effect AND will look as if eyeliner was placed there already) and favorite falsies! You all know I'm a stickler for my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and KoKo Goddess lash duo, keep in mind  this is everything I LOVE, this look can easily be altered and changed up to fit anyones needs.  Wether it be a lip color change to a nude OR a glitter change, as long as you're happy thats all that counts! I really REALLY hope you guy's enjoyed this tutorial, missed all of you deeply :(, but thats alright getting back into the hang of posting.  Be sure to check out my previous looks while you're parooooozing around cuties: Everyday SIMPLE Makeup Look, Princess Adora Glittery Lilac Smokey Eye, Tangled: Rapunzel Golden Cut Crease